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  1. haggis

    Guns - what's the law?

    Just as well he is not in Scotland as up here you are not allowed to own a firearm unless you have a licence. haggis
  2. haggis

    13/10/2018 - Major outage

    Thank you, Rich, for taking the time to sort out the problem and keep things running for us all to enjoy. haggis
  3. haggis

    March of the Widebeams ll

    We were surprised at how many wide beams there are at the top of the Trent and Mersey between Middlewich and Anderton. It is a fairly narrow canal with some tight bends and we wondered how a wide beam would get round. Fortunately, we didn't see any moving :-) haggis
  4. I think Mac on Cygnet should also post his plans as closures have been a regular occurance for him this year - and last! Haggis
  5. haggis


    The overheating alarm was going off good style when I went to the back and what was emerging from every opening from the engine area was like a very fine dust and they whole boat quickly got full of it to the extent that visibility was about three feet at the front of the cabin with the doors open. This was perhaps the sound proofing on the underside of the engine board reacting to the heat. I was never so glad to see anyone than when a boat appeared from behind and pushed us out. We were trying to progress by poling at that point. It was interesting on chatting to the tunnel keeper later to hear that when he gets the emergency horn signal from a boater and responds he then has to summon a couple of guys to drive the work boat in and they could be anything from five minutes to an hour away. It was an experience I never want to repeat - and we still have to get the bill from rcrs sister company. Haggis
  6. haggis


    They couldn't pull back as we were behind them and there was another water point in front then othe bridge to the lock. Mind you they didn't have an engine problem when they moored in front of us yesterday 😉. They're might have moved now on as rcr got their's engine running. We are on our way as iain fitted one of the alternator s the guy brought. going to moor at rode heath for a iain to give things a check over and have a bite to eat Haggis
  7. haggis


    This is becoming a boat hospital. The boat on the water point is also awaiting rcr Haggis
  8. haggis


    Thanks Nick. Awaiting the rcr guy with alternators. If all is well we will get genny collected and pull back to the water point if the boat which has been moored on it since yesterday afternoon moves 😊. Having been here since Friday kelpie has an itchy prop! Haggis
  9. haggis


    Hi Cuthound that is extremely kind of you, thank you. I will send you a pm. We had thought of retrieving the car while we have been here but decided to stick to our original plan of iain going from park farm marina to Streethay by two trains and bringing the car up. Doing it from here involved trains to Lichfield and then train back to kidsgrove and he wanted to be here if an engineers was coming to the boat. That was before his mum went into hospital when we had stacks of time. I think our plan now is to head for park farm when we get the boat fixed and retrieve the car then depending on the situation at home go home or have another few days cruising. Iains brother is going up from Kent this weekend which buys us a bit of time. Decisions, decisions! But what a wonderful offer to make, cuthound Haggis
  10. haggis


    We haven't mentioned that bit yet 😊. Parts arrived this morning and were fitted and all was looking and sounding great BUT the alternator was not charging the batteries and it was getting hot. Just as well we didn't ask for the genny to be uplifted today! Rcr are sending over some alternators for iain to fit one and I have everything crossed that all will then be well. Just to add to our problems, iains elderly mother was taken to hospital this morning with what sounds like a stroke. We will go home as soon as we can but we have to get to park farm marina then retrieve our car from Streethay. And this was going to be a longer trip than we have managed this year 😉 Haggis
  11. haggis


    Things are getting better! Stephanie phoned me yesterday and arranged for her top Beta engineer to visit us (on his day off) and he and iain gave the engine an in depth inspection including a pressure test and they even had the engine running. The conclusion was that the overheating (which was the first indication that the all was not well) was caused by a small water leak under the engine. The engine does not appear to have suffered damage and when some new parts are fitted all should be well. This was excellent news as we might have have been looking at a new engine if there was damage. Hopefully Chris will come back today with the parts but if not the sun is shining Haggis
  12. haggis

    New Moderators

    I sometimes pop into the thunder forum and although the language might be toned down a bit I often think that's If it wasn't for "mocking" a thread on this site there wouldn't be much content. Not much technical stuff and it all seems very shallow. Just my view though. Haggis
  13. haggis

    Some thoughts on fire extinguishers.

    Well we were glad we had a powder extinguishers in the engine area on Friday. Being in the tunnel we couldn't get off the boat. The powder has now all been washed off Haggis
  14. haggis

    New Moderators

    And from me! Haggis
  15. haggis


    Thanks Boater Sam . I did ask to speak to Stephanie today (I met her when she and an engineer came up to Scotland for our canal society boat) but she wasn't in today. Or so I was told 😕 Haggis

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