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  1. I don't know if this is any help at all but on our shared boat we had a dump through loo and when it was being pumped out, I was inside pouring pails of water (from the canal, usually) down the loo and Iain was outside rocking the boat from side to side. This had the advantage of getting a good fall of water on top of where "stuff" landed and the water sloshing around helped to stir up the contents and get them pumped out. We only stopped the pails of water when the glass in the pump out hose showed that what was coming out looked like cleanish water. haggis
  2. If the tiller arm sweeps below your seat you must have quite long arms to reach the tiller comfortably when you are seated and will your legs not be hanging down and could possibly be hit by the sweeping tiller? The tiller hitting your dangling legs hard could perhaps unseat you. haggis
  3. When we are thinking about where to moor overnight, if there is a water tap near bye, we fill up with water before moving to a mooring. That way we don't feel we are using boating time filling the tank. I agree with others that filling up fairly frequently saves having to spend ages at a tap filling the whole tank. I think hirers are still told to fill up every day πŸ™‚ haggis
  4. Please keep us posted, Brian as kelpie is booked in for late September. I realise that that doesn't give long enough for a proper result but if you see signs of good or bad it would be helpful to know. Haggis
  5. You didn't expect me to use a real photo did you? No one else does πŸ˜‰
  6. I have, like all haggii, got four legs and yes my right ones are shorter than my left ones to aid my escape from male haggii with evil intent. Haggis
  7. I think my real name is known by a lot of people on here but I stopped using it when I was sexually targeted on line. I chose Haggis as it doesn't indicate that I am female. Haggis
  8. It is unlikely to happen to me as I would have wandered up to the lock and chatted and offered to help if they wanted me to. I don't think on the very few occasions when I have done this I have been childish, unpleasant or petulant. One time which sticks in my mind where I feel my action may have had a positive result was at shade House lock many years ago. We were following an elderly couple up the locks and when I got to the lock the lady was struggling and her equally elderly husband was unable to get off the boat. Between us we managed to to close that heavy bottom gate and work the lock. Sitting outside was a private boat with a father and teenage son sitting in the front watching the lady struggle. When their boat was in the lock and the son and I were working it together we chatted and I mentioned (nicely) that it would have been a nice gesture to help the old lady. He agreed and it was good to see that he helped the boat coming up at the next lock. Haggis
  9. I have been known to close a lock gate when we leave if the younger fitter folk on the waiting boat just watched me. When they say/shout that they are coming into the lock I smile sweetly and say "oh, I πŸ’­ you had moored up for lunch" and I still shut the gate. Oh I am naughty doing that 😊but it might make them think a bit about locking Haggis
  10. The problem with what you envisaged is that if you want to have the use of the boat for an extended period this might well be in what is seen as "summer" boating and you might have difficulty finding someone to share the boat with you who could only use the boat during the "winter" months when stoppages may restrict the boating opportunities Haggis
  11. Good plan and for good measure no more mentioning bad workmanship haggis (and I wasn't going to say anymore πŸ™‚ )
  12. I think you are being a little harsh on folk who have tried to help you since you first told us of your problems selling your flat. Having read the whole saga, I am of the opinion that folk have been trying to be helpful by suggesting ways you might be able to sell and you don't need to live in Irvine to find out what flats in the same street are being sold for . It was you who first brought up the problems with selling the flat and the problems you were/are having with tradesmen and you have kept the threads open by "going on about it" . People are trying to help, even if we are not saying what you would like to hear. If you really want us to "forget it" I don't know if you can have comments turned off but perhaps all that is needed for you to gain your wish is for you to say no more on the subjects and they will just stop. haggis
  13. I have friends who live in Largs and oddly enough I don't hear the same stories about the local workmen from them. It doesnt matter where I live (and I have moved around a bit) I would still look for recommendations. A good way to get to know your neighbours. However, you are in the situation you are in and I hope you can get it resolved Haggis
  14. I must admit to still being puzzled. OK the insurance company paid you and you employed the tradesmen then paid them. Perhaps you should have delved a bit deeper before employing them. For example, we would never employ a tradesman unless we had either a recommendation from a friend or they provided names of people who they had done work for and we could check up. Having employed a tradesman we don't pay until we are satisfied the job has been done. Because we have done our homework before hand we have never had a major issue problem and we always pay the tradesman right away. This system has served us well for many years. I just can't understand how you could have so many problems with so many workmen Haggis
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