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  1. To move or not to move.

    Sun is shining this morning but the wind is still freezing. Both fans whizzing round with the Sterling out performing the Ecofan. If this weather is to continue we might head back to our mooring rather than go further down the Oxford as we planned Haggis
  2. To move or not to move.

    We moved today too from the Folly to Fenny Compton doing 9 locks. Although there was no ice on the canal it was very cold and when we set off after a pause to have lunch the ropes were frozen solid. Glad it's to be a wee bit warmer tomorrow Haggis
  3. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    Bitterley cold at Napton Staying put till tomorrow when it will hopefully be better Every cloud has a silver lining - we are near the Folly Haggis
  4. Boats were allowed to pass very slowly from about mid day. I know this as kelpie was one on them ;-) Haggis
  5. Forth and Clyde Closure

    That was the one I was told had had none of the manufacturers servicing so it is hardly surprising that SC are reducing the days it is operated in the hope that it won't fail too Such a short sighted attitude by SC but of course they are property developers and not canal maintainers It is all so sad for the many who put so much effort into getting the lowland canals reopened. Haggis
  6. We're through!!! Arrived about 11.30 and moored at the end of a line of moored boats. Some occupied and some not Walked down to have a look and on our way back heard that we could go through very slowly So we did Haggis
  7. ,yes just phoned CRT and got the same info so that is reassuring Haggis
  8. I know, Brian ,and that worries me which is why I asked the girl in the office to contact the guys on the ground which she said she had done as so many boaters had phoned Haggis
  9. We are pressing on (with fingers crossed :-). Plan is to stop in Newbold tonight (hopefully there is space) and review the situation tomorrow Haggis
  10. The buying process and timescale

    I saw our boat on a brokers site on the Sunday and bought it the following Saturday. Mind you we knew the seller (a friend from Canada) and we had seen the boat a couple of years before In that week emails flew across the pond and when we looked over the boat I phoned our friend in Canada with our offer which he accepted and told us the boat was now ours and we set off in her on the Sunday We paid by BACS when we got a WiFi signal in pubs This was the third boat we bought without a survey! Haggis
  11. Hi Cuthound, I did wonder if it was you and your hound at Alvecote this morning That was our young dogs Meg who was out the front if it had been ryan he would have been the instigator of the barkng but fortunately he was havig a nap. Came up Atherstone in a reasonable time and heading for the Anchor now Haggis
  12. Thank you That would be helpful Haggis I like many others phoned CRT and the young lady said she had had so many calls that she had checked with the guys on the ground and they told her that they were not aware of any delays and expected the canal to be opened at 4pm on the 16th. We have our fingers crossed! Haggis
  13. River level Sawley

    We will or we might meet somewhere en route Possibly in a pub :-). Not that we drink or anything Haggis
  14. River level Sawley

    We are hoping to go down the south Oxford too. If we can get past the stoppage near Hillmorton Kelpie has just passed her BSS We thought she would but you never know what an examiner will find Haggis
  15. That would be most helpful thank you Haggis