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  1. haggis

    Bilge pollution

    Yes, thank you for that info. It looks like the diesel could hang around on the surface for a couple of months and it could be harmful to fish etc. It is not nice to see a diesel slick and the smell seems to linger for a long time. haggis
  2. haggis

    Bilge pollution

    I've never heard that before and it sounds a little bit like someone trying to justify letting diesel and oil get into the canal. If it is true then I have learned something today Haggis
  3. haggis

    Ribble Link Query

    When we did the Ribble link in Copperkins several years ago there had been no indication form her years on canals and rivers that she wold overheat the way she did! We left Tarleton and the boat in front came to a halt with something round the prop fairly soon and we had to slow down behind it and as we were pushing the tide, it took a lot of power to get us going again. The engine started to overheat big time and we spent the journey with two of us hauling pails of river water in through the side hatch and throwing them over the skin tank. For the return journey, Iain connected the hose to a bathroom tap and we sprayed water on the skin tank for most of the journey. Iain steering had a sauna :-) We later had the skin tank investigated and it was found to have no baffles. The tank was extended and baffles installed and the boat never over heated again. It was fun when we came out onto the Ribble for the return journey. We were second last boat out and all the others were being swept backwards up towards Preston. By the correct use of acceleration and steering, Iain did a beautiful run out into the river and right hand turn with no backward movement at all. I and all those on board were impressed! haggis
  4. haggis

    FAO LadyG/all moderators/admin.

    yes, she has and well done lady G. It will have been a learning curve being new to the mod job and I think we are all allowed little falls from grace. I am sure she will be be less "not impressed " now that it has been pointed out that she was being a wee bit over enthusiastic 🙂 haggis
  5. haggis

    FAO LadyG/all moderators/admin.

    Ah but an off the cuff comment by an ordinary poster is one thing. From a mod is is/can be construed as some thing to do with the rules Haggis
  6. haggis

    FAO LadyG/all moderators/admin.

    I think there is a lot to be said for mods having "ordinary" log ins which they use if they want to pass comment on a post where the comment is absolutely nothing to do with the site rules. It is one thing an "ordinary" poster indicating that they are not impressed and a poster doing the same but using a mod log in. With the mod log in, it is all too easy to jump to the conclusion that the "not impressed" was because it contravened site rules when that is probably not the case. To me "mod" or "staff" should only be shown when the post is actually as a result of the person doing their modding duty. Just my thoughts Haggis
  7. haggis

    Car insurance.

    There are no secrets in car insurance now :-(. I shop around every year (although my current company, Esure has given me the best deal for three years now) and on speaking to one company who phoned me after I completed an on line form, they mentioned a claim I had had which I hadn't mentioned it on the form. I thought it was now "out of date" but my memory was playing me false and checking back the insurance company was right. They could tell me more about the claim than I knew - I had been hit by another driver at a roundabout. I was surprised that the company I was speaking to was able to tell me about the claim with another company when I hadn't told them who I was currently insured with. I assumed form this that there is a big central database of us all with all our claims there for another company to see. I think I had been with two other companies since the claim too. We are being watched 🙂 haggis
  8. haggis

    Toilet Paper

    OK but then I just drop the paper into the loo. if I had to carry it to the fire, I would have to fold it over or something 🙂 This is not conjuring up a nice image! haggis
  9. haggis

    Toilet Paper

    You would have to get the paper from the loo to the fire before you could burn it. This means handling it at some point. Reminds me of the sanitary arrangements in Greece where there was a container (not often one with a lid on ) where the used paper was put. I found it pretty disgusting and I would rather dispose of used paper as near the source and as quickly as possible ! haggis
  10. haggis

    Read the rules

    It was a clinker built boat with oars which was used by my grandfather and I believe my mother also sometimes was the ferryman. When I visited the island as achild, it was lying upturned just up from the ferry. I remember McSporran and his many jobs! Captain Horlicks was a great owner of Gigha as he put a lot of money into it and invested in the farms and the creamery etc. and the whole island was well maintained. sadly when he died, the new owner did not share his interest in the island and things went downhill till the island was eventually bought by the residents. I was so disappointed the last time I was there to find so much of the island overgrown with bracken and briars and walks I had enjoyed as a child were no longer possible. Still a beautiful place though. haggis
  11. haggis

    Read the rules

    Ah, was this on the island of Gigha or is that what your croft was named? My mother was born on the island and I have very fond memories of going there as a child and more recently for a family get together. My grandfather was the ferry man and rowed back and forward between Tayinloan and Gigha. haggis
  12. haggis

    That boat on the A9 ...

    A turnip or even a Tumshie 🙂 Haggis
  13. haggis

    That boat on the A9 ...

    As far as I could see from the photos when the boat fell off the trailer, it wasn't secured in any way to the trailer. When we tow gamebird she has ratchet straps across both bow and stern and secured to the trailer. We did this after my brother drove behind us one day and noticed how much the boat "bounced". Also, when we towed, we had huge stabilisers to reduce the swing. Perhaps the driver didn't have those. When we have hosed through the water ballast tank (when the boat was on the trailer) there was never any weed or mud came out. When the tank fills, I think it stays filled with the same water till the boat is taken out of the water so I don't think there is much chance of mud or weed getting into the chamber. haggis
  14. haggis

    That boat on the A9 ...

    No he vent cap has a small hole in it. I hadn't thought about the boat being craned onto a trailer and being nose down but from memory, the hull slopes slightly towards the stern so any water would probably find its way out. The opening in the hull through which the water comes in and out is about half way along the boat but she floats level when the tank is full haggis
  15. haggis

    That boat on the A9 ...

    Yes there is a ballast tank and when launched she floats high till the tank fills when the level drops about 6 inches. Haggis The water will still drain out even if the vent (on the bows) is left shut it will just take longer. Same with filling with water when launched. If the vent cap is closed, it just takes longer for the ballast chamber to fill. haggis

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