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  1. Congrats! That was quick and we are all looking forward to photos when you get a chance to draw breath! haggis
  2. I drive a Kia Sorento (fabulous car!) and the salesman was telling me that Kia are working on getting the weight down to bring out the electric version. Like Cuthound, I am sure I will have an electric car at some point but it won't be till the range is vastly improved and it tows well. Although we could easily charge it at home, if we drive to the boat, for example, a 300 mile journey with no charging facility in the marina, it would be pretty useless. haggis
  3. Thank you, Tumshie, I just kept a low profile and only ventured out in disguise . The haggis hunting season is now officially over :-). Re defusers, the one we have must be about nine inches in diameter and I have never had a problem with a pot sliding off it. No idea where it came from and as I don't need it with the gas cooker at home, it made its way to Kelpie where it is used a lot. haggis
  4. Ah, that is what it is called, thank you ! Mine has a wooden handle though so I don't burn my fingers moving it 🙂 It is a very useful bit of kit and hangs on the wall behind the cooker. haggis
  5. I have the same problem on kelpie - not being able to simmer stuff at the lowest setting - and I solved it by using a thing which I put on top of the burner with the pan on top. I have no idea what it is called but it is a sort of double metal mesh circle with a wooden handle. Works a treat! haggis
  6. I was saddened to read on Bruces blog that he lost his fight with cancer yesterday. Bruce and Sheila had shares on two OwnerShips boats before having Sanity built by Braidbar. As the family increased, they had the 70 foot Sanity Again built and they also took ownership of a chalet at Mercia. They had just started planning to have another shorter narrow boat built when Bruce was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year which sadly progressed quite rapidly and he passed away yesterday, He was a member on here and talked a lot of sense! My thoughts are with Sheila and the family at this sad time but as Sheila said, Bruce is no longer in pain and for that we must be thankful. RIP Bruce. Ann.
  7. When we go to the boat after it has not been used for a while some doors have expanded a bit (but not the main doors) and we find that heating the boat shrinks them back to size in a few days. If your stove is near the front doors, they might get back into shape if you have the fire on for a while then you can seal them by painting haggis
  8. I'm keeping a low profile for a few days.😃 Haggis
  9. Thank you for posting the address to the haggis. I enjoyed reading it again. haggis
  10. kelpie has a trad stern with a normal sized hatch but you don't have to go round a dog leg to get into the cabin. You go straight down (a few steps) into the back cabin and arrive facing the bottom of the bed. You then have to turn round it to go to the front of the boat. It is much easier to change direction when you are standing up straight than having to bend down and turn at the same time. haggis (this is not a good time of year for me as I have to keep avoiding the haggis hunters )
  11. I have never heard of 70 foot working boats going up there and I think it is a bit doubtful as I don't think there are any 70 foot boats, working or not, up here. Google maps is the best (probably only) guide . haggis
  12. I sort of thought that too but on reading the rules if its own spot is occupied, the ball is placed on the highest available spot. In this case it was the black. It made an unusual break as it was yellow and red and was therefore very low scoring. haggis
  13. I have found the answer!! It was the green spot which was free not the yellow one so the yellow ball was correctly put on the black spot. I got the position of the yellow and green spots the wrong way round - and I have watched snooker for years too! Sorry 🙂 haggis
  14. Thanks, Tumshie for pointing me in the direction of the rules - I had failed to find them 🙂 but I can't see them mentioning the situation which puzzled me. haggis
  15. Sorry, nothing to do with boating but I an't find the answer and I am sure someone on here will know! I was watching the match between Mark Selby and Ali Carter and I was a bit puzzled and wondered if the rules have been changed. The yellow ball was potted and as it's own spot was occupied, it was put on the black spot as the black ball was on the side cushion. I understand this. However a few shots later, the yellow spot was free and when the yellow ball was potted, instead of being put back on its own spot was put back on the black spot. I thought it would have been put back on its own spot which was now free. The break continued with the yellow ball being potted several times and every time it was put back on the black spot. Have the rules been changed ? I don't think I have ever seen this happen before. haggis - who enjoys watching snooker!
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