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  1. It happened several years ago but it comes to mind every time I hear the gentleman being recommended on here. When challenged, he said it was quite normal:-) At the end of the day I don't suppose it made any difference but we hadn't had a claim (the "policy" ran for several years) but it struck me as being dishonest. haggis
  2. If he can, might I suggest that when you get the insurance certificate you phone the insurance company and confirm that they are actually covering the insurance. I say this as our canal society had an instance of Mr Stimpson covering the insurance himself but giving us a false certificate which said we were covered by an insurance company. Haggis
  3. He certainly was! It is sad that with Covid we can't give Ronnie the send off we would wish but I am sure we will have an event , hopefully next year, when we can remember all he has done for the Lowland canals over the years.
  4. haggis

    Washer dryer

    I thought for a minute , Nick, you were going to say you ironed things but that was averted 😃. I think we have an iron somewhere too, probably last used on a Police shirt. I don't use fabric conditioner and as my washing gets a good (Scots) blow under the car port it is never hard and nasty. In fact it often dries lovely and soft even when it is raining ! Having been brought up with six brothers and being married to Iain I am not used to the male of the species being domesticated. I think I went wrong somewhere. Haggis
  5. haggis

    Washer dryer

    I'm impressed, Nick! You seem to be very domesticated and I have learned a lot about washer/driers just from reading your posts. We are still on the wash only machines and at home the washing dries under the car port (which has never had a car in it) and on the boat by hanging it in the cratch. haggis
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Thank you. When it was explained what a cabin block was I looked back at these photos and saw them.
  9. Thank you! That is my "something learned today" 🙂 haggis
  10. I am showing my ignorance here, but what is a cabin block? Whatever it is, it looks beautiful. haggis
  11. I thought we had all already explained this one. Re lock keeper warning the skipper about the gates leaking, surely the skipper could see for himself as he came into the lock that the gates which were just in front of his boat were leaking? of course if he was chatting to the skipper on the other boat he may have missed it.... . Also, I know you haven't done the Bingley locks or probably never even seen them but they are very deep and for the lock keeper up on top to speak to the skipper of a boat in the bottom of the lock, is not easy, especially when that skipper is too busy chatting. They may very well be a very pleasant couple who have been boating for all of three years but there is no way they are experienced and lack of attention is no excuse for blaming anyone else for their perceived problem. I think you need to get yourself off the Chesterfield and experience a bit more of the canal system for yourself and not take as gospel what you read on blogs 🙂 haggis
  12. A very sad day for everyone involved in the canals in Scotland. Ronnie Rusack MBE, passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. It was thanks to Ronnie that interest was rekindled in restoring the lowland canals and over the years he was our leader in so many projects as we sought to get the canals back to a navigable state. He will be sorely missed by so many people .
  13. I must admit I had a smile at the thought of a speeding tractor!! All the ones on the roads near here seem to have an upper speed of 20mph . haggis
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. A much maligned breed! Some of the softest dogs I have known have been staffies but unfortunately, a lot of owners seem to allow them to become obese and they are unable to run around and play like a "normal" dog. Mind you allowing your dog to be obese is not just confined to staffie owners and it is such a shame to see the likes of labs so overweight that they waddle along and their back end action is affected by carrying too much weight. haggis
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