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  1. haggis

    Time to go

    The C&RT web site has a page about how to contact them at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/contact-us which you might find helpful. There is a lot to get to grips with for a new canal boater and the C&RT site often has the answers under their FAQ s. good luck! haggis
  2. haggis

    Time to go

    Good grief! We are in the middle of a national crisis and you expected C&RT to respond to you apparently almost immediately at the weekend!!!! Why the need to "scream and shout" at them ? You have repeatedly complained of not getting emails etc from them but you have never acknowledged or replied to the many messages on here telling you how to register to get them . Why?? Folk on here have repeatedly given you advice and asked what questions you want answered as they might be able to help but you ignore these messages. Why?? I think it is time for us to scream and shout at you to stop being such a diva demanding attention and for you to give C&RT some slack in these difficult times for them as well as us. haggis
  3. Not being on our boat, we are just trundling along trying to walk dogs and shop as carefully as we can. However, tonight we are having a wee (or not so wee!) dram as if we were boating that is what we would probably be doing. Not sure when we will see kelpie again as this years plans, like everyone elses have gone on hold but hopefully we will all survive and enjoy the cut for a few years more. Stay safe folks! haggis
  4. Hopefully C &RT will make a statement soon allowing the current BSS to be extended for a few months. It has been done for vehicles and caravans, why not boats? haggis
  5. How did the Police know you had food at home? haggis
  6. I don't think many folk will be house hunting at the moment - essential travel and all that haggis
  7. haggis

    Time to go

    I would think your health/survival is more important than being popular with folk who are breaking the rules. haggis
  8. haggis

    Time to go

    Could you move to another mooring within the marina away from the boat next door whose owners seem to be paying little regard to the corona instructions ? haggis
  9. I wonder if your queries would be answered by the emails we are getting just now? I think we have to bear in mind that C&RT will have staff off sick, staff working form home or not considered essential (and therefore been advised not to go to work) so they will be functioning on reduced staffing levels. We need to give them some slack, I think. If you raise your queries on here, someone might have the answer (not a guess, but a proper answer). I know you are a very experienced boater but are still learning about canal boating and perhaps others on here may be able to help. Why not give it a go? Haggis haggis
  10. Was it stoppage notices you got for the Aire and Calder? They are a bit different from what you get if you register on the link given above. By registering there, you get regular boating updates and in the current Corona virus pandemic, you get emails giving the latest situation telling you what do do and not do on the waterways to comply with the national instructions. In the current ever changing times, they are very useful. The same information will be on the C & RT web site but you would have to keep checking to see what the latest advice is rather than have it sent to you. haggis
  11. Yes, that's right but the point was that with resources being scarce you might deprive a local person of , say, a ventilator. In other words stay at home and use your own NHS resources Haggis
  12. I saw a good argument against canal boating recently. It applied to caravanners and day trippers too. It said that by going into another area unnecessarily you could possibly introduce the virus and local people could be affected. Also, if you get the virus and need hospitalised you are using NHS resources which could be used for local people. That was enough to make us decide not to go boating and to stay at home. Haggis
  13. If I read that correctly it is aimed at walkers and not boaters. Will there be a statement about boating, I wonder. From other threads boaters are concerned about what effect the virus will have on their mooring and boating in the next few months. haggis
  14. haggis


    Nor can I in all honesty and the antics of a lot of people today who went to the seaside and beauty spots in their droves and completely ignored the distance advice will probably hasten the announcement. Apparently the advice from the Caravan and Camping Club was initially to keep sites open but shut the loos then a day or so later the advice was to close the sites. haggis
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