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  1. haggis

    Pump out prices

    Streethay charges £18 (£16 for moorers) but we consider that OK as our loo tank is big enough to last for over 6 weeks for two of us so we only need a couple of pump outs a year :-) . They do an efficient pump out including a good rinse. Before anyone comments about travelling around with six weeks s*** on board, it doesn't smell!!! Haggis
  2. Do you not think he would find something else to ask F of I requests or complain about? I can off the top of my head think of three people who seem to spend their time looking at something which they believe to be wrong with the canals and/or their management and I think they must have very boring uninteresting lives if that is what gives them "kicks". OK all is not perfect but what in life is? and to my mind we should work more with than against organisations to improve things. Haggis
  3. haggis

    Wee beasties

    I knew that spelling was wrong but at the time I couldn't think of the correct one. Surprised no one commented before 🙂 Haggis. Ps didn't moor at shadehouse last night in case the wee beasties were still around
  4. haggis

    What a depressing read!

    I know. I should have more sense 🙂 Haggis
  5. haggis

    What a depressing read!

    In an idle moment I popped over to NB world and what a depressing read it was. The main moaner seems to be out for a few weeks and I don't think he has said anything positive at all yet It is all moan, moan and have a go at CRT What about all this beautiful weather and all the new greenery on the trees and the new wildlife on the canal?? It makes me wonder why he has a boat and goes boating if it is all so terrible Sadly, there are those who will read his rubbish and think that's is what the canals are like Haggis
  6. haggis

    New Crew

    Who said border collies are clever? One of mine jumped off the wrong side of the bows this morning,swam round to be hauled out then instead of doing the decent thing and moving away from me to shake, she did it right beside me Wet dog and owner 🙂 Haggis
  7. haggis

    Wee beasties

    That looks very similar. It was only when I managed to buy calamine lotion a few days later that the itching stopped and the swelling went down Haggis
  8. haggis

    New Crew

    I think it is fair to say that most folk who start agility training do it for fun but they then get bitten by the bug - it is very addictive There are basically two types if agility shows Those held under the kennel club rules and "fun shows". The KC ones are much bigger and tend to be held over two days with hundreds of dogs competing Fun shows are much smaller and more relaxed and often competitors starting out with a new dog will do a few fun shows to give the dog ring practice Also agility training is reward based and at some fun shows you can compete with your dogs favourite toy and or treats in your hand. This is not allowed at KC shows. In Scotland there are agility shows on almost every weekend from April to September then there are a few indoor shows over the winter As I said it is very addictive and is probably the fastest growing dog sport and it is non ageist sexist or any other ist. You get folk competing from primary school age to over 80, often against one another Us oldies just teach our dogs to work and take commands when they are a distance from us Haggis
  9. haggis

    New Crew

    Agility does tend to be fast and furious and yes most of the participants are collies However often a dog is so focused on agility that it is oblivious to what is going on around. At training if a reactive dog is crated and the crate covered with a blanket they seldom get wound up One of my dogs is reactive but never when he is doing agility. It might be worth giving agility a try with zeus but make sure you find a trainer who will encourage you to continue using the building blocks you are using in obedience Haggis
  10. haggis

    New Crew

    I know that a lot of rescue centres insist on early neutering probably as the risk of joint problems in later life is more acceptable than more unplanned puppies Doing dog agility I am perhaps more conscious of the effects of joint problems than I used to be. Good grief, I never knew that Canine physios existed but now my competing dogs get regular check ups Haggis
  11. haggis

    'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out'

    We have had a new stove fitted to Kelpie but we haven't had a chance to try it out yet Been up on the Weaver and had some super days Haggis
  12. haggis

    New Crew

    Sadly not all vets are clued up on the effects of early neutering but a good guide is when the dog is fully mature. I am not at home but I think it was Chris Zinc who did an excellent paper on the subject. In ignorance I had two bitches done too early and they both developed arthritis at about six years old. Haggis
  13. haggis

    New Crew

    I am sorry but you are so wrong. Neutering a dog should not be done at an early age as hormones are required to ensure that the animals growth plates develop properly and early neutering can often result in joint problem's in later life I would hardly call any op requiring a general anaesthetic a minor one I was brought up on a farm and I am well aware of the barbaric methods of castrating lambs by sharp knives or rubber rings Haggis
  14. haggis

    New Crew

    In the circumstance it is best to get him done then although his interest in bitches will probably continue 😉 Haggis
  15. haggis

    New Crew

    Why are you having him castrated? I have mixed views on this op If he has shown signs of "bitching" I would have him done although the op is unlikely to stop the behaviour it wil make it ineffective If he hasn't shown any inclination to pester lady dogs I don't think I would have him done. It is quite a big op for the wee fellow. Haggis

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