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  1. We have a 5 month old puppy who is at the stage of everything going into his mouth. Yesterday he extracted a book from the bookcase and started to demolish it. The book was "Fruit Flies Like a banana" . He obviously didn't rate it very highly either 🙂 The book is now in the bin. haggis
  2. There was a Sea Otter on the GU which had been/was in the process of being repainted from blue to green. Founds thanks to this forum haggis
  3. Northwich Dry Dock on the Weaver. Not only can you live on your boat but you can do the base too if you wish. haggis
  4. I was going to say that I didn't find the proximity of the A38 a problem but then I realised that I take out my hearing aids at night so wouldn't hear anything anyway 🙂 . One little down side of the A38 is that the boat roof tends to get grubby with dust form the road but Nick had no objection to us washing the boat (using the end of pontoon tap) on our moorings. haggis
  5. Well done Streethay. We moored there for many years and they were always so helpful that I am not surprised that they have fitted a ramp for easy access to your boat. We will probably go back there at some point. Haggis
  6. Don't think the mooring was free! The price, if I remember correctly, included mooring fees as well as the work which was to be done. At that time, OwnerShips used several marinas for winter maintenance with each place taking the number of boats they thought they could handle. I think Otherton overestimated what it could do . haggis
  7. I don't know if it still is, but Otherton marina used to be owned by Phil Dorrington who had the farm across the canal. Many years ago our shared boat was there for winter maintenance . Not a great success and in fact the standard was so bad that they didn't charge us. That, however, was many years ago and things are probably changed now. haggis
  8. I seem to remember Roger Murray when he owned Monarch complaining bitterly that they wouldn't let him through harecastle under steam and I think he had to turn back. haggis
  9. The most frightening experience I have ever had! Even with the tunnel through draft and the front doors open the "dust" from the smouldering engine insulation and smoke reduced visibility at the other end of the boat to about three feet. Fortunately the flames were put out with the large extinguisher we had in the engine area but being stuck in the middle of harecastle in those conditions was really frightening. We were so glad when a boat eventually arrived behind us and pushed us out. It will take a lot of courage for me to go through that tunnel again. Haggis
  10. Can't be Dr Bob. Doesn't mention the duck. haggis
  11. I don't THINK I was dreaming although I read the article while I was in my bed so who knows? haggis
  12. I think Dr Bob may have been the author 🙂 haggis
  13. I saw the article too but wasn't sure which mag it was in as we get both Waterways World and Canal Boat. It made reference to the discussions on here on the subject haggis
  14. Thank you, Matty, I enjoyed reading that again. It reminded me that we were sitting on our little Sea Otter, GAMEBIRD in Crinan basin when John arrived doing a reccie for Ocean Princess. I think he was a bit surprised to find another narrow boat there! We had trailed her up to Ardrishaig, launched into the sea and I cruised round to the lock at the entrance to the Crinan canal while Iain parked up the landrover and trailer. We then cruised the Crinan and when we got to the sea lock at Crinan when the lock was being used for a sea going boat we took the opportunity to go out to sea, cruise out a bit and come back into the lock. The second time we cruised the Crinan, (as part of an event when the Scottish Inland Waterways Association welcomed the Irish Inland Waterways Association) we then trailer GAMEBIRD north and cruised the length of the Caledonain canal. A couple of fun trips and we were told that we were the first narrow boat to cruise the Crinan. Ocean Princess was the first to do it after a sea journey. We actually met Princess Anne on her boat at one of the locks on the Crinan - and we thought everyone had come out to see us 🙂 haggis
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