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  1. I do some paddles and gates. We share them. I don't want to be considered greedy 😀
  2. We share lock working with Iain getting off and winding paddles and moving heavy gates as well as driving the boat in and out of locks. This method works well for us and that is how we have done locks for years. I must admit I am a bit surprised at how many males just stand there holding the tiller and never stepping off the boat at locks. I always think how badly trained they are 😀
  3. Sorted! It was a bit lump of submerged wood.
  4. Three boats came up the flight this morning then we went down but that is as far as we have got so far . There is something stopping the off side bottom gate of the next lock closing and the C&RT volunteer is not having much luck finding what it is and moving it. He has the longest keb and a strong magnet has been tried but no joy. My suggestion that one of the many gentlemen should strip to his underpants and go in and look for whatever is down there didn't go down well. Lots of boats waiting in both directions. Haggis
  5. It didn't happen where the skippers couldn't see one another because of overhanging trees, by any chance? 😀
  6. There are parts where it is worse than others and the bit going west from Ellesmere was particularly bad. Haggis
  7. As you know we are on the Llangollen just now and to be honest we are appalled at the trees growing on both sides of the canal in places.. These trees greatly reduce the line of sight and are making it so difficult for first time boaters ( and others) that screw ups are occurring because of the situation. I was chatting to a couple of C&RT guys and mentioned it and I was told that the work has been in the last two winter maintenance programs but has been postponed both times. The guys said that if they get a lot of feedback about the trees from boaters the management might see it as a
  8. At the locks coming up we met a boat going down with what they said was a stag party BUT there was a female on board. A bit unusual I thought.😀. We have just come back from Llangollen and it took us two and a half hours to Chirk marina. A bit quicker than going up and we were following a not particularly speedy hire boat. Haggis
  9. It was certainly " interesting" coming through Chirk! We found a lovely quiet mooring a bit further on. We only had a short wait at grindley Brook so not too bad. I think the fact that the canal twists and turns so much and has overhanging trees on both sides reduces the line of sight and makes things more difficult than it needs to be for new boaters. Haggis
  10. The notice today gave the times for 4 horse drawn trips. Don't know if they went the fill distance or not. We walked to horseshoe falls and it felt a long way in the heat Haggis
  11. We came from near Chirk marina to the basin at Llangollen today and it took over 4 hours. We were behind a deeper drafted boat who went very slowly from the aqueduct - in fact he went aground in a bridge hole at one point - and the flow against us seemed to affect our progress more than previous. We didn't get held up at the aqueduct or lift bridge . This timing might help you plan your route. The canal is amazingly busy and i I think the basin at Llangollen is full tonight. Just go with the flow and enjoy ! Haggis
  12. Exactly. And all the boaters we have spoken to are enjoying their trip whether it is their first or they are old hands. A really nice atmosphere and I haven't heard anyone getting upset at the delays and overcrowding in places. Haggis
  13. If you want to have fun playing boating dodgems, come on up the Llangollen. I have come to the conclusion that hire boats ( and I have nothing against hire boats) are a bit like sheep. If a couple moor on rings then others just moor behind/in front and knock in pins. The result is a very long continuos line of moored boats with sometimes room for one and sometimes room for two to pass along side. On one long stretch I had to pass the moored boats so close that I could read their paper or join in their conversation. The situation is not helped by a lot of overhanging trees on both sides of the
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