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  1. haggis

    Housing Benefit ending for Canal License.

    I think the rate for the second child was £20 a YEAR and it was taxable. haggis
  2. haggis

    Housing Benefit ending for Canal License.

    Wandering slightly off topic, I have never really understood the reason for child benefit. Surely, a couple will have decided that they can afford to bring up a child before they have one so why should they be given a benefit? Housing benefits and other benefits for people with low incomes I can understand but why pay a couple to have children? I am sure someone will be along to tell me why child benefit is necessary. haggis
  3. haggis

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Don't think he needs to take his trousers down to flash :-) haggis
  4. haggis

    Historic Boat Insurance

    Whatever, it struck me as fraudulent to issue a certificate of insurance from a company which wasn't covering the insurance and when I spoke to him about it at an IWA Festival he didn't seem in the least bothered that he had acted fraudulently. The insurance company on the certificate Stimpson sent me had never insured our boat. I was sufficiently concerned that when he teamed up with Towergate, I made sure the insurance for another boat i was involved with moved away from that company. This all took place a long time ago now, haggis
  5. haggis

    Nervous dog on board

    Having had a nervous dog in the past we found that the best way to deal with it was to ignore any signs of being nervous and in fact we used to go as far as telling the dog not to be so stupid. If, when the dog shows signs of being nervous he gets reassurance and cuddles it seems to teach them that the more nervous they are the more cuddles they will get. At locks etc, I would shut the dog inside and ignore him. If the dog is crate trained so that he sees his crate as a safe place to be, could you fit a crate in somewhere and put him in it when your wife is off doing locks? I know it is not easy to find room for a crate on a boat and we found the loo was a good place :-) At first we thought we were being very hard hearted but it didn't take long for the dog to stop being so nervous. She still showed signs of nervousness when encountering anything new but we just ignored her. Good luck and I hope you solve the problem haggis
  6. haggis

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    yes, Tony seems to give the impression that he knows his stuff :-) . Really good at reincarnations too ! haggis
  7. haggis

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Hardly a 50/50 division of labour! You need to get that windlass working. On narrow locks, going down, I open the gate and close the paddle on my side and when iain has the boat in he lock, he gets off, closes the other top paddle and opens the bottom paddle on that side and if I am not there yet, he crosses and opens my paddle too. When the lock is ready, he opens gates, closes paddles gets back on the boat and leaves the lock, stops and shuts gates. I meanwhile have the next lock ready. On broad locks, I often just work the paddles on one side. When Iain brings the boat in he hands me the centre rope which has a nice loop on the end and this I put over the bollard nearest the top gate. With the boat is slow ahead she comes in and sits obediently at the side while Iain gets off and opens the paddle etc. I have shut the top gate and walked to the next lock. It helps if you have an obedient boat :-) . In narrow locks she is always positioned against the gates and we open the paddles about 4 inches, pause a second or two while she gets herself into position and then whack up the paddles. Just a suggestion but more paddle winding by you will no doubt make Jeff a lot happier :-) haggis
  8. haggis


    yes, I saw that suggestion earlier and have seen it done. Must acquire a belt :-) haggis
  9. haggis

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    The answer is obvious! Jeff steers and you do the locks! Or if you are steering, you tear yourself away from the tiller and do your share. I don't know if you do or not but if Iain stayed at the tiller going through locks he would be looking for another wife :-). I am always amazed by how many men stay holding the tiller while their good lady does all the work. OK if the are physically unable but what is to stop them getting off and doing their bit? haggis
  10. haggis

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    We did the Rochdale several years ago and although it was hard work in places the scenery was wonderful. Go for it! Haggis
  11. haggis


    Thank you again. I will stick with the aluminium long throw with the jubilee clips for now but if we encounter anyone with a gowindlass on our travels I will ask if I can try it. I know I could get a windlass belt and I did try Iains (which he never uses, preferring to carry his windlass on his shoulder under his shirt) but the hanging windlass seemed to get in the way crossing gates. Ever since the back flip off a top gate on the Wolverhampton 21 I cross gates with care 😊 Haggis
  12. haggis


    Thank you!! That is most helpful and all I have to do now is convert it to a weight I understand 😊. Thank you for measuring it the old fashioned way! Those measurements sound about the same as mine. Now all I need is the actual weight of the Gowindlass. Not that it is heavier than an ordinary windlass. Haggis
  13. haggis

    Hidden market

    I'm with you on this Nick. Same layout as kelpie. I have been on a few boats with portholes only and even with prisms etc in the roof, they always seemed dull inside to me - I like light! I remember being on one port hole only boat during the day in the summer and the owner had to switch on a light. I accept that portholes are safer than bus windows agianst break ins but if someone wants to get into a boat, they'll get in. haggis
  14. haggis


    That's very kind of you, Jo but I am in Scotland and the boat is at Streethay and the next time we are out, we will be taking it to it's new abode further north so our paths won't cross. Several years ago we were at the IWA National at Wolverhampton and a ratchet windlass made it's (I think) debut. I thought about it but never really got round to doing much more. On our way away, we got into a queue on the Staffs and Worcester and a lady on a boat in front had one of the new windlasses and I asked if I could try it. It was great on the paddles but I reckonned I would need a wheel barrow to move it from lock to lock :-). That is why I am asking about the weight of the Gowindlass. haggis
  15. haggis


    That would be helpful but as my aluminium long throw is on the boat six hours drive away, I can't weigh it :-) . Anyone got one they could weigh for me? The Gowindlass seems to be a lot heavier but until I have both weights, I can't really tell if it will be too heavy for me. When doing a flight of locks I seldom get back on the boat until the end of the flight and that is sometimes a long time to carry a heavy windlass. Atherstone for example, can take hours depending on the traffic. haggis

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