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  1. Oh, we're on the ball this morning ! . I remember one of the canal mags many moons ago having a photo of a narrow boat with a crane on the roof (might have been the April edition) and I thought what s good idea it was 😊.
  2. That's why if we are leaving the boat for a short time (shopping or pub visit, we leave the cratch open as a shut cratch is another indication of an unoccupied boat. Don't think I would ever leave our boat on the towpath for more than a few hours though.
  3. Ah yes, on our trip to Liverpool. I knew we would meet you and when I saw the name of your boat going past the window I was entrenched in domestic duties - doing the washing up!
  4. I think some of the fans of composting toilets lose sight of what actually happens to human waste which comes out of pump out tanks or cassettes. I know there are exceptions when the waste goes into septic tanks but most of it makes its way via huge sewers to treatment plants. At these plants, there are numerous processes to extract what is usable from what comes in and this is deployed in numerous ways. I watched a program on the subject a while ago and I was amazed at the uses extracts from human waste could be put to. The human waste from composting toilets doesn't make its way into this process and while a few uses have been found, like growing vegetables, I don't think it can compete with what happens to stuff which finds its way into sewers. I think the traditional method is more environmentally friendly but each to his own.
  5. One wee point. Dog waste is bagged before being put in a dog poo bin but I understand that human waste from " composting toilets " is put into a composting facility or compost heap unbagged. I don't think you can compare dealing with the contents of dog poo bins with the handling of waste in human poo containers. Ok, we hear that composted human waste is not unpleasant to deal with but what about the period from production till it gets to that stage?
  6. We don't find that. At the bows, the rope is attached to the T stud and after going round or through something on the bank ( bollard, ring, nappy pin, morning pin ) it is tied off on the extra cleat in front of the cratch. Similarly at the stern the rope forms a triangle and boats can go.past as fast as they like but Kelpie never moves in any direction . The extra cleats are painted the same colour as that part of the boat and are unobtrusive but they are very effective.
  7. This weekend sees us celebrate 200 years since the Union canal opened. Details of the event can be found at https://online.fliphtml5.com/qipi/zgbx/#p=1 .We will be taking part on GAMEBIRD, of course 🙂 haggis
  8. Can be slippy when wet ans rugs can slide along it
  9. Are you sure ? Can't be bothered going back to check but I get the impression that the couple already have a boat so advice about what to buy is a bit late :-). I think checking the RYA web site which I presume will give a list of places which do the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsmans training and examination would be more useful than looking at motor boat courses. Different environment, different shaped boats and they don't have to cope with strong bywashes going in and out of locks.
  10. Ok thanks. I should have liked at the photo on my pc and not my phone . I now see that it looks more like a vent than a chimney.
  11. Is it my eyesight or has it got two chimneys suggesting a cut and shut . Orr is one a vent? Hard to tell on my phone
  12. Maybe it doesn't affect Englandshire but farmers are permitted to use red diesel for clearing roads using snow ploughs etc on their tractors UNLESS they are contracted to do it by the local council in which case it is white only. This will have a big impact in a lot of rural areas in Scotland.
  13. I liked the advice to phone C&RT if you break down in the middle of a tunnel. How many tunnels have phone signals? Ok he goes on to say to let someone know you are going into a tunnel and if you don't phone to say you are out, they contact C&RT. You would be making a lot of phone calls at the top of the T & M 🙂
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