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  1. haggis

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    I must admit, I take a pride in my car and my boat and I don't really like either of them to be grubby so I suppose I fall into the "shiny boat brigade". Doesn't bother me one little bit in fact it is quite nice when someone asks where we had the boat painted as they think it is newly done. The last owner had it repainted and we have had the boat for 4 years now so it was a few years ago since it was done. Each to his own, I think. It doesn't bother me one bit if a boat is not shiny. Haggis
  2. haggis

    Middlewich Lock 73 stoppage

    Kelpie will be queueing too 🙂 Haggis
  3. We did that when the Forth and Clyde reopened after being closed for about 40 years. The flotilla started at lock 16 in falkirk and went west to Bowling but we thought that was a bit of a cheat so we launched gamebird in the river Carron, which was a bit hairy, and cruised into the canal via the new Sea Lock. The next day us and sea going boats which were taking part in the flotilla went through the locks up to falkirk and it was a memorable occasion! We were one of 4 boats in the first locking and people were cheering us on and giving us glasses and bottles of whisky to celebrate the fact that boats were going through the locks again. The flotilla set off the following morning and chaos reigned (it was like herding cats) but we all got to the drinking establishments for the evenings. At Auchenstarry, one of the overnight stops, the drinking went on far into the night and there is a photo somewhere of gamebird at 2am with bottles lined along her roof and lots of merry boaters. That trip earned us the accolade of the first ever narrow boat to boat from end to end of the Forth and Clyde canal as they didn't have narrow boats up here before then. What a trip that was! Haggis
  4. Hey, watch what you are saying about our bagpipes! I love hearing them (except in a confined space where they can be a bit overpowering). I come from a big family and no one is the least bit musical until a great nephew at the age of 3 said he wanted to play the bagpipes. He is now a lawyer and is the Pipe Major for the Scottish Youth Pipe band. He and his sister (who plays the drums) were "poached" by one of the top bands in Scotland which has won the World championship. We don't know where the wish to play bagpipes came from but it has taken Andrew all over the World. For a Scot there is something very stirring about hearing the pipes played well in the open air (and I do not wish for Independence!). haggis
  5. It will be! The boaters in Scotland know how to party and we will make the most of our canals being open again. Mind you, I hope they don't do what they did at the event to celebrate the reopening on the Forth and Clyde canal. we were wakened each morning at about 6am by a piper. Not good when you have been partying the night before 🙂 Haggis
  6. haggis

    Slightly Stunned

    I hate peanut butter but I have found a use for it! I recently picked up scrapes on the "rubber" wheel arches of my car in a car park and my two nephews, who have a haulage business, both told me to rub peanut butter in and the scrapes would disappear 🙂 . I think it worked. Seemed a good use for peanut butter 🙂 Haggis
  7. haggis

    How fast did flyboats go?

    This prompted me to read the chapter on the Glasgow, Paisley and Johnstone canal in Jean Lindsays excellent book "the Canals of Scotland". Thank you for raising it! haggis
  8. haggis

    Enforcement action in Wigan

  9. haggis

    Enforcement action in Wigan

    If Bonny Prince Charlie left a busker behind, he must be pretty old now 🙂 . haggis
  10. haggis

    Enforcement action in Wigan

    I am sorry it has taken so long to respond but I and my extended family have been so busy staying out of the way of folk trampling us and trying to catch us that we are a trifle tired at the moment. We will be back running round the hillsides shortly and don't believe all this talk of us being genetically modified so that our legs lengthen and shorten depending on which way round the hill we are running. It is all lies!!! haggis
  11. Does Claymore run the dry dock at Dutton now? I felt quite sad when we went past a few months ago , the first time since Tim died. Haggis
  12. haggis

    Boat Hire for 2020

    I think you should take the opportunity to explore some of the narrow canals which you will not be able to do on naughty Cal. You really should experience Harecastle tunnel and some big flights of narrow locks like the Cheshire locks (heartbreak Hill) Audlem, Tardebigge etc. make the most of the opportunity and go exploring! haggis
  13. haggis

    Smart Meters - do they kill people?

    We are not with Scottish Power (we change our supplier fairly regularly) and if we have a power cut we just go onto their web site , put in our post code and get an update. The service is not only for their customers, apparently 🙂 We had cheap/free electricity for a few years after the solar panels were installed and our meter started going backwards. We told them (once) but they obviously didn't believe us till we sent in a lower meter reading than the last one. The solar panels had been installed by the company we had our power from. They apologised profusely, which we of course magnanimously accepted and they changed our meter. It was agreed that we would send in a meter reading after a coupe of weeks and they would base our bills for the last two years on what we used during those two weeks. No problem with that as it was in a sunny July and with having the solar panels we hardly used anything. We gladly paid the pittance they asked for. haggis
  14. haggis

    Favourite Flight of Locks.

  15. haggis

    The Clyde Puffer

    We have just watched a super program BBC Four on the history of the Clyde Puffers and it is on catch up at https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06s5n0f/scotlands-vital-spark-the-clyde-puffer A most interesting program for anyone with an interest in those amazing boats. Some nostalgic bits about the program The Vita Spark were included. Sorry don't know how to shorten the link 🙂 haggis

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