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  1. The letters on the name on the bows are normally of different heights to suit the change in height of that bit of the boat. If the letters are all the same height the name looks a bit "odd". Was this perhaps what the seller meant? haggis
  2. It's quite unusual to have the builders name on a boat unless it is someone like Braidbar who will have it painted on themselves, Haggis
  3. You are probably right. I honestly couldn't remember if I diluted the washing up liquid or not but I remember being told to use "thick" washing up liquid so I assumed that we didn't dilute it. The important thing was to make it thick enough to slide the vinyl into place. Haggis
  4. haggis

    Boat rage

    It is indeed and I think it is the only topic I can think of where almost everyone is of the same opinion. Haggis
  5. We used vinyl lettering on Gamebird in 2002 and it still looks good. The Kelpie head on KELPIE (from a photo Iain took) was also done in vinyl. We were told by the chap who made the vinyl to put some washing up liquid on the area where the vinyl is to go and then it is easy to slide the vinyl into place and then smooth it out from the centre. This gets rid of any bubbles of washing up liquid and you don't get wrinkles. It worked perfectly! haggis
  6. I wondered who "Dog" was but I am sure those smarter than me would have said something if it was a Judicious chap haggis
  7. The guy on the GRP boat also said on FB "That’s my video. It was me that he rammed! 😱 You should have heard the “conversation” afterwards too when I found him moored further downstream. He demanded I turn my phone OFF so I couldn’t record what he said. Not a whiff of an apology from him either. Just an arrogant idiot making out it was all my fault. Everyone that witnessed it (and there were quite a few) knew he’d done it deliberately and backed me 100%. So glad I’d (accidentally) filmed it! 🙏🏻😂 haggis
  8. Yes, I accept that ropes can stretch and work loose over time but when the rope at one end is at right angles and the one at the other end is at a wide angle the boat is going to move when even a duck goes past. Quickly losing interest in the boats themselves I paid particular attention to how they were tied and what I have described was fairly common at most lines of boats on that type of mooring Then, of course, there were the boats tied with springs - metal ones. It is almost as if some boaters tied their boats so that they will move then they can shout at the boats going past 😀 Haggis
  9. Mention of 2mph reminded me of a sign we saw on a boat telling us to travel at 2 mph.. Iain thought he had better speed up :-). Haggis
  10. Yes! Moored in barbridge tonight and don't usually see it this busy even in summer
  11. No, this is not a complaint about moored boats but a question which came into my mind today as I passed over 130 ( might be more, might be less, it was a bit like counting sheep and I may have dozed off ), on our way back from Chester. I presume that these are not CRT moorings but are privately owned. Is there any restriction on the length of moorings or can the owner of the land extend them as they wish? Hopefully CRT get paid handsomely for allowing such moorings ? If the same number of boats were in a marina CRT would be paid so much per mooring - or that is my understanding. If CRT get lots of pennies from the provider of these moorings then I will continue to crawl past knowing that my licence fee might be higher if CRT didn't get such money 🙂 Haggis
  12. As Brian said folk crossing the top gate is an accident waiting to happen. When we came through a few days ago one of the crew from an all Male hire boat where alcohol was being consumed got caught on the far side and rather than wait till the next boat came in and the gates were shut, he walked a cross the bottom gates. Those of us watching held our breaths as he wavered on the bit with no hand hold. The bridge was so well used and the risk of crossing the lock gates are so high that j would have thought it would have been fixed by now. Haggis
  13. haggis


    I have just heard that the weaver has been declared open and the water levels will be checked during those mornings lift maintenance and hopefully the lift will open today. We might actually get to do some boating now! Haggis
  14. Midland Chandler's used to sell foot square rubber things which had small feet. Your could clip the squares together. Don't know if they still sell them Haggis under
  15. We are moored on the pontoons on the river near the lift. Lift closed again today as apparently when there is too big a difference in level inside and outside the caisson, the wedges don't work. The trip boat is coming down and going back up without leaving the lift. Lovely sunny morning Haggis
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