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  1. The access from the back deck to the cabin depends on where the access to the cabin is. If it is to one side, you have to bend down to get under the roof at that side, turn through 90% and step into the cabin. The alternative is for the step down into the cabin to be in the middle where all that is required is a straight few steps down . I know which my old back prefers 😀
  2. There is no vehicle access or parking at the locks. Just footpaths in both directions. There is (or was) parking in what was the C&RT yard which is across a footbridge across the river from the island but to get to it you would need to know the combination on the gate then walk round the dry dock.
  3. Oh, I hadn't noticed it but having spent a lot of time in the area I don't think there is a road there. Just paths.
  4. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/149708363... This has just appeared on FB. Lovely location beside Hunts lock but although the advert says parking, I don't think there is road access.
  5. maybe its because they get money from canoes but not from boats 🙂
  6. Ah, lovely memories! We have taken our little Sea Otter round the headland on the left and into Ardrishaig lock then later we went out through the sea lock at Crinan . We went about 100 yards before turning and coming back into the lock. We had quite a crowd watching us at Crinan and I gave my camera to someone and somewhere I have photos of Gamebird in great big sea! On our way back to Ardrishaig we met Princess Anne on her boat in a lock pound. And we thought the folk on the towpath had come out to see us 🙂 .. The first narrow boat ever to cruise the Crinan. Ocean Princess did it a few weeks later.
  7. I have found the post from Johns son on facebook and given him a link to this thread where he can read these lovely comments about his dad.
  8. Yes, I think it was Stan. From memory Stan was disabled and John helped him keep boating by travelling together
  9. I read on facebook earlier that John Sloan has died but I can't find the post (from his son) now to ask if I can copy it here. Many here will remember John who cruised extensively on his boat and was responsible for setting up "Save Our Waterways" all those years ago. He left the canals to do voluntary work at Calais (I think) helping refugees. I used to enjoy Johns posts about his travels and I missed him when he left the canals. Condolence to his family, who I think he lived with latterly.
  10. Gosh. How young we both look there 😀.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Almost at the end of our short Weaver trip. Up the lift tomorrow then home on Thursday. I don't think we have ever moved less on a canal trip. It was just so hot and as we both burn easily we spent lot of time moored ( under a tree if we could find one) . A big change from our last trip at Christmas when it rained almost non stop 😀.
  13. I was chatting to a lock keeper yesterday and the subject came up about boats being left on visitor moorings preventing other visiting boats stopping to do a quick shop and he said enforcement in C&RT was a joke The pontoons at Northwich were mentioned. 3 apparent unoccupied boats have been taking up almost all of the pontoons for some time. Can't all be emergencies, can they ?
  14. Ah, sorry we didn't introduce ourselves but as you saw I was worried that we were going to miss our turn on the lift. We ,as always, are enjoying the Weaver, even if it is a bit warm for us folks more used to the frozen north 😀. I like lymm but decided that a trip on the river would set me up for my op next Monday.
  15. We had an excellent Indian meal in Relish Tandoori which is about 2 minutes walk from our mooring. This used to be carry out only but had been extended and tonight was banquet night Did some googling and found that the Red Lion is closed tomorrow and the Bowling Green is closed Monday and Tuesday. That snookers our plans somewhat. Being retired the days of the week don't really register with us so we hadn't realised that tomorrow was Monday 😄
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