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  1. When we had the engine fire in harecastle we were jolly glad we had rcr membership. Okay we could have no doubt found someone to help but being in a poor signal area didn't make searching easy. Ok there was a bit of a delay which we probably noticed more as Iain's mum had a stroke and was in hospital and we wanted to get on our way but in view of what was involved the end result was acceptable
  2. This (people turning in driveways) I can't understand! We have a driveway which we have to maintain but by far the most traffic on it is people turning. The aggravating thing is that there is a proper vehicle turning point 20-30 yards further on . We don't have any "no turning" signs up but it is tempting πŸ™‚ haggois
  3. We renamed out boat KELPIE because we are Scottish, live near the Kelpies and have moored our Sea Otter there often. We are quite surprised how many boaters in Englandshire have no idea what the kelpies are. We have had "something to do with fish" . that would be kippers, "Seaweed". that would be kelp. "After our dog" He does look a bit like the kelpie breed. We had one chap at Stone who when he saw the boat name as it approached the lock proceeded to tell me what the Kelpies are. It was a load of mince and he took some convincing that perhaps we actually knew what the kelpies are. Its a good talking point and we have a vinyl of a kelpie head (from one of Iains photos) on the side and folk seem to like it. haggis
  4. Our pump out loo only needs emptying every six weeks or so so not much difference. Some people who install what they call composting poos (which do not compost) say they do it to save pump out costs. How much do suitable poly bags cost, bearing in mind that the stuff has to be double binned? haggis
  5. Sorry, this is nothing to do with radiators but every time I see the makers name (Elton Moss), i immediately think of a very nice dessert -) haggis
  6. Well spotted! I don't see any sign of a chimney on the roof either. Haggis
  7. Not sure I agree with these words of wisdom πŸ™‚ I agree that the cupboards etc are old but to me it looks as if the doors, drawer fronts etc have very recently been given a coat of paint. Hard to tell how new the white paint it without seeing it but the whole boat looks to me as if it has been titivated to sell - not refurbished but given a lick of paint. I don't see any scuff marks or fingers print marks which you tend to get on older paint . haggis
  8. Another point I noticed when reading the ad. It says that the boat has a sliding roof over the front bed. make sure this is really watertight. haggis
  9. From a fairly quick look, I couldn't see any other access than from the stern doors. Is there any other fire exit? I noticed that the shower tray doesn't extend all round the are where shower water will fall - like where the loo is - and the sealant looks new. Might be worth checking that water hasn't been getting below the shower tray or vinyl and that the floor below is not "spongy" from getting damp. if you are going to be cruising and away from shore power, you might like to think about putting in another battery, or two. Tidy looking boat though haggis
  10. If they are vinyl, heat from something like a hair drier will loosen them enough for you to lift them off. haggis
  11. I am glad you had a good experience at Streethay. We moored there for more years than I care to remember and we always found the staff helpful and accommodating in our dealings with them. Whether it was a complete repaint on our shared boat or bits and pieces on our own boat, they were always helpful and kept us in the picture - we live a long way from Streethay! Our only reason for leaving was to renew our acquaintance with the canals further north but I wouldn't be surprised if we return to Steethay at some point. haggis
  12. Ah, the best time to chuck a few pails of water in is when the pump out is near the end . It stirs up what is left and gives the tank a bit of a wash. haggis
  13. and the ones which are working are stinking! An owner can do something about any smell from his boat loo but there is nothing he can do about the stink in most Elsans. Unless he wants to clean it out and fumigate it before he uses it. As Mrs Smelly can be relied on to tell folk to get rid of their pump out loos and put in a cassette, I think he must have his own non smelly private Elsan and doesn't need to use any that other boaters use πŸ™‚ haggis
  14. Reading this thread reminds me why I phone ahead when we know (ie the skipper says) where we are likely to stop for the night. We have too often found that a pub has closed, or is no longer doing foood etc. .The phone numbers in Nicholsons are often out of date (,our copies might be old πŸ˜€) but Google is your friend. Haggis
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