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  1. Although very very few of the widebeams moored in the marinas at the top of the T & M venture out they could ,( when the lift is working ) go down onto the Weaver. Most , I think, are liveaboards and they don't even need to move to get water ( on the pontoons) or pump outs ( Halsall calls every two weeks ) . There is certainly a lot of them !
  2. That's the Irish one, Brian.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Yes, it looks like we are getting into soup weather and with it getting dark so early I think most meals will be eaten on board. It is good to find out though if some of the places where we have previously enjoyed nice meals are still open. One of the joys of canal boating it sitting in the evening , glass in hand, with a good book at a cosy fire.
  5. Thank you! Have you made it back onto the Macc yet ? At least when you get there you are not too far from your mooring, even if you can't get there yet.
  6. We'll look out for you . We plan to set off on Thursday and we have arranged for a couple of bags of coal to be delivered to the boat. Beer stocks will be replenished so things are under control !
  7. Ah, we will be there before then . Our first plan was down the T & M and back up the Shroppie but we like many others have to change our plans.
  8. Yes, something like that :-). Sadly it seems to be closed . A pity as we liked to eat there
  9. Thanks folks. Very helpful
  10. We are setting out on Kelpie next week heading to Birmingham As the T & M is going to be closed again it will be down the Shroppie and hopefully back up the T & M. What is the eating out situation in Audlem ? I read that the Shroppie Fly is closed and that the pub/hotel up the road ( Lord something or other ) was changing hands . Is it closed or has it reopened ? Or is a visit to the butcher's in the village on the cards ?
  11. If they are consistently hitting you hard, I would speak to the marina owner/manager and ask them to speak to them . They can threaten eviction whereas if you speak to them and they are " tanked up " it may lead to a worsening of the situation.
  12. With only a few inches between us and the next boat in our mooring it can be tricky getting in without a slight touch. We go in nose first and I step off with a rope as soon as the bows get to the pontoon then I can hold the bows in . We are extra careful as they have a fish tank on board ! Might be worth suggesting to your neighbours that they do something similar.
  13. Park farm is within walkable distance from Northwich station , or a short taxi ride. In fact there are several taxi drivers moored in the marina.
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