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  1. haggis


    Just pondering. While it will.be easy for checkers to find that a boat which has been licenced as a continuos cruiser is in amarina it won't be so easy to check that someone who has said they moor on the marina is not there and is out continuously cruising. The boat could just be out for a trip. the only way would be to cross check the marinade records with the C&RT ones. A time consuming job which I don't think.is done at present i think all that the checkers do in a marina now is go round and check that each boat is licenced.
  2. haggis


    I think we all know this and while thread drift I don't see that this post has anything to do with composing stuff being put in an elsan .
  3. haggis


    And block.it with the partially dried stuff from the compost bin ?
  4. haggis


    Sorry. Just trying to be helpful in case some members didn't get the email.
  5. haggis


    Anne from NABO has just put up a link on FB showing the results of the consultation at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/48477-appendix-b-boat-licence-consultation-summary-report-board.pdf?v=a355c2&fbclid=IwAR0iSIYteo3im_l1nkBhQL3ycFta0rS4930edH4195yRfgk-Xt8Ewa0J8xQ Sorry don't know how to make a short link 🙂
  6. Ah, sorry, I thought you planned to replace the work surfaces with black glass looking stuff not just have a cooker with a glass top which I agree is quite popular. On Kelpie we have glass tops over the cooker and sink and I can't remember ever putting either one down but I do remember trying to clean them and the little bit of work surface behind them 🙂 .
  7. haggis


    It says they will be "reduced" but not by how much. I think they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they make these discounts less attractive as folk will probably stop paying their licence on time.
  8. Just had an email from C&RT telling us that licences are going up on 1/4/2024 and that they will go up more than inflation for the next five years. Figures will be announced in November but boats without a home mooring and fat boats will have their licence increased. It looks like all the discounts will be retained. Although this is pretty much what was expected, it will be bad news for a lot of people.
  9. This going to be an expensive galley refit! I am assuming that a black glass top will be expensive and will it not scratch easily? If you plan to sell your boat in the next few years the price is very unlikely to be increased by as much as you spend on the galley. Just a thought as you often imply that you think all your improvements will increase the selling price by the same amount. I would think that is unlikely but it would be interesting to hear from anyone on here who is in the boat sales business.
  10. You often say that you plan to sell your boat in the next few years and with this in mind I think you need to install burners, grill and oven. This may be your plan but I wasn't sure in view of this post 😀
  11. Thank you for explaining how things look from your perspective but I think part of the reason why you may get what you think of as adverse comments is because of how others on the forum "see" you. Since you joined, there have been many instances of topics where you have given us the benefit of your wide knowledge at great length and this gives the impression that everyone else is wrong. I am sure this is not what you mean but that is how it comes over. This and the fact that you seem to be so knowledgeable on so many subjects does perhaps make those of us with lesser knowledge of many subjects react a bit to your posts.
  12. Mink are afraid of nothing and will stand up to a person or even a big dog. When we leave kelpie in the marina we always leave the tops of the windows open for ventilation and I have often worried in case a mink got in. No evidence of mink in the marina but they do move around a bit.
  13. I thought stern bands were the bit below the counter, not above it . Like our boat, the stern is low in the water and two stern bands are not visible so a bit pointless painting red or white
  14. Just had a stoppage notice for Colwich. Closed till further notice
  15. Would it not look better with two short fenders rather than a long one which .may well sag. I know two short ones will stick.put further than a long one but might be a better answer
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