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  1. That's interesting. Has it always been like that? I am trying to remember how many years ago it was but we were certainly told that boats had allocated moorings and we were told the name of the boat whose mooring we were on and that they were on their way. Can't remember it now of course πŸ™‚ . haggis
  2. We now avoid Braunston at boat rally time since we were passing through during the week before the rally one year and needed to do a bit of shopping (not overnight, just an hour or so) . We saw all the signs but really needed some food shopping. We asked the occupant of a moored boat there for the festival if they thought it would be OK to stop for a short time and were told that yes it was but if the boat whose allocated mooring it was arrived we would need to move. I went shopping while Iain stayed with the boat and we moved off smartish as soon as I came back. We felt very much like second class citizens who shouldn't have the temerity to want to stop on the hallowed moorings πŸ™‚ haggis
  3. haggis


    Quite a common occurance on boats πŸ™‚ . The bowl on cassette loos and pump out loos is no where as deep as the bowl in a domestic loo and there is therefore more risk of splashes. For this reason I believe that many men sit down to pee on boats πŸ™‚ .I must admit though that I have not conducted an in depth survey on the subject! haggis
  4. haggis


    You will find that on this site (and probably among boaters) there are those who swear by cassettes and those who swear by pump outs and every time the subject crops up both sides repeat what they have been saying for years πŸ™‚ . I'll include myself as I have extolled the benefits of pump out systems over cassettes for years, having used both. Then of course, we now have the composting loo brigade saying their bit too πŸ™‚ haggis
  5. If it is true that CRT are "widening" the access under the bridge to let this boat through I find it unbelievable . That is not the only narrow bridge on that canal and will they do the same every time the boat gets stuck? Why did they not insist that the boat reverse back and get craned out where it was craned in? . Does the boat belong to some one "high up" in CRT perhaps? Haggis
  6. I use Flogas in my caravan but I had to get a new regulator to fit the cylinder. I use the 7 kg size and I get it delivered for Β£16 a cylinder!. The price has been the same for the last few years. Amazing service although I appreciate that it might not help boaters - but it might! I presume that the Flogas company is not confined to Scotland Haggis
  7. We went through Middlewich on our way to the Llangollen on a Tuesday then we came back though on the Friday. haggis
  8. The "problem" was that the weir was quite close to the top gate and when kelpie was out of the lock most of her was parallel to the weir. At no time was she in danger as she was longer than the weir and wouldn't be pulled over but she took some shifting! With all those folk pulling on ropes it was amazing that only one ended up on their backsides πŸ™‚ as the ground was wet and slippery. I have never seen a canal weir running as strong as they were on the Llangollen and the flow down the canal meant that some boats were struggling against it. We flew back down the next day despite CRT running a lot of water off to protect the banking where the canal bank had been overtopped. haggis
  9. Well, not sure it was interesting πŸ™‚ At a flight of locks, I went ahead to walk the dogs and set the next one while Iain closed up. We both noticed that the weir above the lock was pretty lively but didn't think it would cause a problem. How wrong can you be ? When Iain didn't appear at the next lock, I walked back to find kelpie stuck on top of the weir and Iain and a guy from the following boat pulling on ropes. When Iain had got off to close the top gate, Kelpie was pulled sideways onto the weir and as the lock gate was now closed, she couldn't be pulled backwards. My feeble pulling didn't help much so I walked back to the next lock and made it ready in case another boat came down and could pull us off. off course, one didn't. As more boats arrived below the lock the number of people pulling on ropes and coming up with good ideas increased and we eventually got kelpie moving but as she was pulled back towards the lock (we had the gate open now) she caught on the lock mouth but more rope hauling saw us free. The incident showed us, if indeed we needed to be showed, just how supportive of one another boaters are and we were very grateful for all the help we had. haggis
  10. haggis


    The secret is that you not only rock the boat while the loo is being pumped out but you have filled several pails with canal water and when the glass in the pump put hose shows that things are coming to an end, you empty the pails down the loo and rock the boat some more. This successfully dislodges anything which might want to stay in the bottom of the tank. Having worked with a cassette loo, I would never willingly go there againπŸ™‚ . It is not the hassle of having to empty it with monotonous regularity but the stench you usually find at Elsans. I think we will stick with pumping out the loo after about six weeks of use by two of us! haggis
  11. I am so glad that kelpie got caught on a weir on our way up the Llangollen and that it took a lot of people about an hour to get her free. if we hadn't had that delay we would have been past the location of the stoppage before the canal was closed and we would still be up there! As we never saw the boat which had been ahead of us from Hurleston again we assume they got past. haggis
  12. I would prefer anti clockwise as that means you are coming down both Ashton and the Rochdale nine. You go up the Cheshire locks and Bosley but they are both easy flights. Haggis
  13. No, I hadn't realised!. Sorry, not awake yet obviously πŸ˜‚ Haggis
  14. I am confused πŸ€” You mention having cancelled your CRT licence as you have moved to the Bridgewater and that you have applied for a licence there Then you mention wanting to cruise in the Norfolk area. To get there from the Bridgewater I think you need to be on CRT waters again but you have cancelled your licence. I think you might want find it helpful to have a look at the various Web sites for the waterway organisations you will be on and that will tell you what you need for each one. Haggis
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