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  1. We had a good trip up the Rochdale 9 and I was impressed with how much they have improved since we did them last. 4 if us got 3 boats up 8 locks in just over 2 hours. Not bad, I thought. However the trip up the Ashton was a bit of a slog with three boats but we made it and we are all now safely moored on the Peak Forest. Day off tomorrow which will give us a chance to recharge our batteries before we head up to Standedge. Haggis
  2. And make sure it doesn't get on the perspex (?) Windows as it discolours them
  3. As expected we had a lovely meal in the Leigh Arms and the next morning set off for Lymm which was a tad busy as there is a festival there this weekend. Met up with a couple of the boats taking part in the Standedge cruise and enjoyed a nice meal in Elma's. Not sure if an anchovy pizza was a good idea though as it increased my water consumption. The boys went to the pub ! A good trip up the Bridgewater saw us work through the first lock and moor up. An event in the arena has closed the visitor moorings there. After mooring a couple of the guys helped other boats up and down the locks, including Daphne which is on its way to lymm. We had a short shower which if course stopped as soon as I got the front canopy down. Up the Rochdale 9 -1 and Ashton tomorrow . Haggis
  4. When we bought Kelpue the cratch canopy ( black ) was pretty green and over the years since I have given them an occasional treatment of Wet and Forget which has not been entirely successful. This year we were given the tip of spraying on white vinegar the after a bit washing it off. This was more successful but as Iain rolled up the canopies as soon as we got to the boat, I have no idea what they are like now and I won't find out unless we get heavy rain and the canopies are put down. When they are rolled up, I just forget them 😀
  5. We have clever ropes 😀. It must be my inability to take a photo as the rope was straight and tight Haggis
  6. No idea but if they find a lot of boaters not booking they might get tougher in the future. Peel Holdings seem to be a law unto themselves and they probably don't think they have much to gain by allowing C&RT licenced boats free passage.
  7. We travel with the cratch cover rolled up most of the time and as time goes on it is getting harder to make it reach the studs . I suppose nothing lasts forever although I don't think the canopy is as old as the boat.
  8. Interesting and it will make it a wee bit easier to reach although I don't have a problem with ours being in front of the cratch . Is that a flap in the cratch cover to give acces ? .
  9. The Leigh Arms is a short walk down a path from here and they do food tonight ! Last night it was the emergency rations as the Stanley Arms don't do food on a Monday. Wish the web site had that info !
  10. It's the sun ! Of course it is 208 😊
  11. That's Kelpie out for another cruise and this time we will ( hopefully) be on s bit of water we haven't travelled on before - the Huddersfield Narrow and Standedge tunnel - as part of the Explorer cruise . We are enjoying the good weather and having a slow trip to join the others later this week and in fact we only came from Anderton to bridge 108 ( Acton Bridge ) today . We are moored under the only tree in this stretch sitting watching the world go by. Haggis -
  12. Yes, it's just a case if adjusting your mooring procedure to suit the conditions.
  13. I think these moorings are closed just now because of an event in the arena and with the other visitor moorings being made long term moorings, I don't think there are many visitor moorings left at Castlefield. Remember you need to go onto the C & RT site and book your passage on the Bridgewater. You have to make the booking before the day you expect to go into the Bridgewater.
  14. We never have any need for a rope to chafe on the cratch board ( or be a trip hazard as someone else suggested) . The ring, nappy pin or mooring pin is not normally as far forward as the one we used tonight but our system is flexible ! Haggis
  15. The ropes are tight but the boat doesn't lean. The angle is not always as long as that but we position the boat as well as possible between rings etc and I tightly tie the front. Iain then ties the stern tight. Tonight because if the angles the stern rope is tied to the dolly furthest away from the tow path but it is usually tied between the two mooring dollies on the same side. As I said before we never move an inch. A big plus for me is that I can reach the extra mooring thing easily from the bank ( for tying up ) or the well deck ( for casting off ). The extra cleats are I think welded on and don't look obtrusive I love them. Haggis
  16. Thanks. Here it is, hopefully
  17. There was a thread a week or so ago about mooring and i said I would take a photo of Kelpies extra mooring thing at the bows which ensure that we never move when a boat passes. This is tonight's mooring where the distance between rings was not ideal and the stern rope was tied to the off side dolly. Several boats have gone past and we haven't moved an inch. Ah, the file is too big and I don't have any editing software on my phone. Can I send the photo to someone who can edit it for me please? Haggis
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  22. I come out in big lumps if I get an insect bite and after trying every potion on the market I now use After Bite. I apply it as soon after the bite as possible and if the itching and swelling still occur, I do more applications. It is a sort of pen thing and smells of ammonia. I keep After Bite on the boat, in the car and caravan as well as in the house so I always have it to hand when the little blighters find me.
  23. Engine things are Iains responsibility! He is away driving the trip boat this evening but I'll mention this to him when he comes home haggis
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