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  1. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Not a big fan of spiders !! Will gladly evict any I find in there !
  2. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Thanks Jen for the detailed reply 👍🏻 I am am glad I asked the “stupid” question now.
  3. bmp

    Dolly Question

    No - it is just the photo not showing it up very well. It is still silver and not painted. But good advice for the future. I am sure I would have just painted over it !
  4. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Will try that next weekend and see if I can turn it around. Thanks again for the help and advice.
  5. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Looks like mine is pointing backwards. Can it be turned around? If not I will take your advice on the detergent bottle.
  6. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Just checked a photo and yes mine does have a hole / vent in it. I hadn't noticed that. Thanks for your help.
  7. bmp

    Dolly Question

    No mine just looks like a nut on the top and can't see any holes or vents. I will have to look closer when I go back at the weekend.
  8. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Glad I asked now - I would never have worked that out !! Thanks both for the quick replies.
  9. bmp

    Dolly Question

    Morning all ... I have searched through the old posts but can't find the answer to this..... apologies if I haven't looked properly. Why do some dollies have a nut or a stud on the top and some dont? I have 2 on the back of my boat and one has a nut or a stud on the top and one doesnt. What is the stud bit for? Sorry if that is a stupid question !! Not important - just wondering what it was for. Thanks. BMP
  10. I am new here so apologies if I give you wrong information. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago and after reading some old posts on here decided to check the pressure on the accumulator. There is an air valve like on a car tyre. When I pressed that no air came out. I used a car foot pump and put some air back in it and it has worked fine since. I also noticed that the taps now run more steadily without pulsing - which I assume is how it should have worked in the first place. BMP

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