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  1. That is a good idea. I literally have an inch or 2 below it. Might suck as much oil out as possible first and then drain the last bit using something like that.
  2. thanks.... will give that a try.
  3. That makes me feel better !! I did my oil change on Friday and all went reasonably well. The issue I had with the gearbox was not being able to get anything under the gearbox to catch the oil. There is a bulkhead directly below the gearbox and no way of getting anything under it. I had to use the pump out (or suck out) option to get the old oil out. I would have preferred to drop it out of the drain but couldn't. I then had the same issue as others on here have found ..... not being able to see where the new oil is on the dipstick as it was too clear to see. I eventually could make out where it is up to so hopefully I am ok with that. I will keep checking each time I use it over the next few weeks to double check. Thanks everyone for the help and advice in this thread.
  4. Thanks for that... This is what is recommended in my Canaline manual .... https://www.enginesplus.co.uk/product/engine-oil-api-cc-10w-40-5-litres/ Thanks.
  5. I meant to ask .... Do you use the same oil as the engine oil?
  6. sounds like a good plan to me.
  7. Thanks... I will see what he has and stock up for next time. Thanks again for the info.
  8. Thanks for that . I feel better just using the engine oil now. I have the engine manual and a copy of a sheet out of the gearbox manual. It says the bit about mineral oil 15/40 and every 750 hours. I will do it each time I change the engine oil I think - especially if I am using the same oil anyway. Thanks for your help.
  9. Timing is good this weekend. I have already bought my new oil. Is taking the old oil something that he is interested in? I will gladly use his services if he will take the old oil. I will keep a note of his facebook page for future use. Thanks for that.
  10. Thanks.. The engine oil I have is from Engine Plus and it is ... "Multigrade Diesel engine Oil API CC SAE 10W/40". - I cant see anywhere if that is mineral oil or not. I know it is not 15/40 Richard (and others) have said to use the same as the engine oil. I know I am being a bit thick here, but I really dont want to use the wrong stuff and damage the gearbox.
  11. It will be around Great Haywood area. Thanks for that. I have my car so can drive to the recycle centre in Stafford or Rugely.
  12. Hi Richard Thanks. Will be dropping it out of the drain plug - hopefully.
  13. Thanks... I wanted to keep a few containers for next time so that sounds good.
  14. Afternoon everyone.. Just a quick question... I know I can get rid of my old engine oil in the local council recycling centre but I was just thinking about how to do this. Do they have somewhere to pour the old oil into or do you have to leave it there in containers? Sorry if that is a stupid question !! BMP
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