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  1. bmp

    June holiday advice please

    I am only new to the canal world myself so I am not an expert .... but doing the locks etc all adds to the fun of the canals.
  2. Not sure it is appropriate of me to add this or not for a bit of balance .... I have only bought one boat so can not profess to be an expert but I bought my boat from Great Haywood in August and I couldn’t fault them. The marina staff were also very helpful too. BMP
  3. bmp

    Sign Posts

    Haha - I know .... I realised that after I had posted it. Hoped nobody would notice !
  4. bmp

    Sign Posts

    Really ? It seams weird to me. Maybe I am just used to road signs. It seams odd to look back over your shoulder to see how far it is to where you are going. I wasn’t sure if it was the same everywhere or not.
  5. bmp

    Sign Posts

    I was on the Trent and Mersey the last few days and their signs appeared to be the same as you say. That is why I asked really as it appears to be a bit daft. Thanks for the reply. BMP
  6. bmp

    Sign Posts

    Hi Everyone. Apologies if this has been answered before. I have tried to search. This is more of a canal question rather than a boating question. Why do the sign posts or mile posts show the distance to where you have been rather than where you are going? By this I mean that as you are walking towards a sign post it shows the miles to the place you have just come from. On the other side of the post it shows the distance to where you are going. e.g. when walking on the Leeds Liverpool canal by where I live ..... as I am heading towards Liverpool the sign post says Leeds 46 miles and when I pass the post and look back it says Liverpool 6 miles.... Hope that makes sense !! Not important - just wanted to know why it is done that way. Thanks BMP
  7. bmp

    Syncing texts on iphone to imac

    In Messages... Top menu - Click Messages - Prefences Click on the Account tab In the "you can be reached for messages at" bit make sure there is a tick in the box along side your phone number as well as the email addresses. Give that a try. BMP
  8. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    Apparently if I reach in from above - where I open the hatch, it is right in front of you. I have been looking from inside the boat with all the access panels removed.
  9. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    I know !! The whole engine bay is lined with it. And all the panels that lift off to get access to the engine.
  10. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    That is very true ! And here is a good place to get help👍
  11. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    Afternoon all First of all in my defence ...... This is where I was looking and tracing the pipes .... And the tap is hiding behind the insulated pipes that you can see. I know I am stupid !! It is easy to get to now I know where it is. I have a few labels ready to mark it up !!
  12. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    I know - I am thinking that too. Probably in massive letters marked clearly too. I promise I will admit my stupidity if it is !!
  13. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    Thanks - I will. 👍🏻
  14. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    I managed to get hold of the previous owner today. He said exactly what you said above. The BSS was not needed but he had it done anyway. Regarding the fuel tap..... He assures me that it is there and I must have missed it. I am going back to the boat later in the week and I will look properly this time !! Apologies if this has wasted everyones time !
  15. bmp

    Fuel Taps

    Thanks for your help. I will update you all next week.

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