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  1. Hi Jim. All my trips are short at the moment anyway so short trips up and down the L&L should be fine.
  2. My boat is fairly new and not much needed yet in the way of repairs or changing anything. It is probably just the “chill” bit I am looking for. Once retired the distance won’t be an issue. I need to visit there and have a look. It appears to be a good option. Thanks for the update.
  3. Yes I think you are right. I have been to Tattenhall Marina a few times and it takes about an hour from here so could be a good compromise. Hi Rob ... What you have described is what I have now - the 2 hour bit and maybe what I think I want in the short term - somewhere nearer to pop to in the evenings and maybe take family etc out. I think I want the best of both worlds !! As I said in one of other replies I think I need 2 boats !!
  4. I think while I am still working this would be an ideal solution and probably one that is making me consider my options. When I retire it could be further away. There has been a few days this week when the weather has been ok and when I finished work and was at home about 6 o'clock it would have been lovely to pop over to the boat. But then at the weekend it is not such an issue.... Maybe I need 2 boats !! (Only joking !!)
  5. Will take a look at that option. Was preferring a marina because of the facilities etc but this could be an option. All those places are actually nearer too. Maghull is 10 minutes from where I live. That is a good point !! What do you think of Scarisbrick Marina and the area around about it?
  6. I think it will be very similar weather to where I live now. We are quite sheltered here and dont get any extremes of the weather so not really an issue - but as someone else has pointed out it is often warmer in the midlands than it is here. The trade off bit is exactly it.... Just trying to way up the good and bad points of each location. What I am looking at here is only for the short term while I am still working. Once I retire the distance won't be as much as an issue.
  7. Thanks. Distance wise they are just another 10 minutes from me. The main issue I have with them is that they are on the Rufford branch and that looks a bit more “locked in” than the Scarisbrick Marina but would welcome any ones opinion on that.
  8. Thanks - that is good information and advice. I agree about the mooring and distance bit ..... I really like the marina and area it is moored in. I need to do a bit more homework about Scarisbrick to see how that compares to where I am now.
  9. Hi Jonathan Probably with living near here I don’t appreciate what is on my doorstep !! Do you mind me asking where you keep your boat? Is there anywhere else around about you would recommend? That sounds like a great way to do it.
  10. Haha. Yes. I know exactly what you mean.
  11. Hi Neil Thanks for the reply. I take your point about fettling v cruising. I could see that happening !!
  12. Evening everyone.. I know this is probably impossible to answer but I am just looking to see what other people think. I am relatively new to boating having only got my boat at the end of August last year. I bought it as an early retirement present to myself and hope to retire in the next year or 2. I am trying to reduce my days down to 4 days this year, 3 next year and not sure after that.... will have to see how it goes. My boat is currently moored in a marina in the Stafford area. At the moment I am only managing long weekends but hoping to get a week or 2 down there through the summer. I have been limited to 3 or 4 day journeys maximum but have loved just cruising up and down the Trent and Mersey between Stone and Rugely or down the Staffs and Worcester from Great Haywood to Penkridge. Not very long journeys but good practice. I live in Liverpool and the journey to the boat takes me anything from 1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours or more. Not a difficult journey but can be a pain if the M6 gets busy ! Scarisbrick Marina is only 20 / 25 minutes from where I live. If my boat was there I could just go there after work for a couple of hours if I wanted to just go and relax on the boat for a bit. I have walked along that stretch of canal quite a few times and it is quite nice - but I have never cruised along that bit of canal to really see what it is like. I know there is not as much choice of routes there. My dilemma is this ... Would I be better moving my boat to Scarisbrick for the next year or 2 until I pack in work so that I can make more use of it and spend more time on it or do I keep it in the Stafford area and just get there when I can every few weeks? I have considered some of the other marinas in Cheshire etc but most of them take over an hour to get to anyway. Thanks for any thoughts or advice. BMP
  13. That is a good idea. I literally have an inch or 2 below it. Might suck as much oil out as possible first and then drain the last bit using something like that.
  14. thanks.... will give that a try.
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