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  1. Maffi

    Replacement Starter

    So I ordered the motor yesterday and surprise surprise it was delivered today (Llandudno to Banbury) cant fault that. What I can fault is it's the wrong one. Big enough to start a double-decker bus, Ho um!
  2. Maffi

    Replacement Starter

    Thanks for everyone's help I am just waiting for the owner to cross my palm with the sovs before I order the motor.
  3. Maffi

    Replacement Starter

    Thanks for that Paul. I am fine hows you? I have 7 tabs open on Ebay but as yet haven't found the right one hence, why I asked here.
  4. Having trouble finding a replacement Starter for an LPW54A042. The Part number on the unit is 47920170. Can anyone help?
  5. Well there are people who know this stuff and you have to trust them. Otherwise, you would spend your life trying to replicate other people's work and be a very boring boy. If you think I should be doing a whole pile of research to make you feel better then I suggest you put your hand in your pocket and pay me!
  6. If you just want to move it to a dock talk to CRT. They have an explorer licence that's valid for a month. PS why didnt you just say what you wanted to do?
  7. The problem is that the Dukes cut is in between Shuttleworth Lock going North and Wolvercote Lock going South. It may raise the water going south but not the water going North which is higher. It turns out that either is OK, but in my mind farther is not as sweet as further.
  8. But at least you know that at one time a driver has read the Highway Code.
  9. Was the problem the supply or the size of your tank? Do people even know they exist?
  10. What do you call 'relatively deep draughted'?
  11. How is stating a fact, "blatant virtue signalling"?
  12. No mine are actually Biodegradable! The bags you are talking about were made from materials which have been in the environment for millions of years. When the sun absorbs the earth such materials will just melt into one big blob! We cant possibly know that they dont, but it is only an educated guess that they do!
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