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  1. Maffi

    PRM 150

    New Drive Plate installed. Engine re aligned and new starter battery on order.
  2. Maffi

    Audlem Flight

    by design it wouldn't have given any issues, but remove the vertical and see what happens!.
  3. Maffi

    PRM 150

    So here I am at Tooley's and so far no signs of the drive plate or the R&D drive. Once upon a time it was next day delivery!
  4. Maffi

    PRM 150

    David I have no plans re-installing it. There is a new one on its way.
  5. Maffi

    PRM 150

    Ok I have had a look at the Drive Plate and the central disc has a good 1/4 inch rotational movement without much effort. and an 1/8th or more side to side. Looks like a new drive plate then! Thank you guys for your help. Saved me a few bob there.
  6. Maffi

    PRM 150

    Couple of thousand or more. Sort of 600 a year but I have been moored up at Tooley's for nigh on two years.
  7. Maffi

    Audlem Flight

    Not now Brian, its almost flush! Had it trimmed when I had the thruster tube welded up!
  8. Maffi

    PRM 150

    New 5 years ago when they took the gearbox out to replace the clutch. Engineer said it needed changing RCR said it will last a few more months. I bit the bullet and got a new one.
  9. Maffi

    PRM 150

    I just got back from a few weeks away. During my trip I experienced a weird noise from my gearbox. At about 1700rpm it it made a sound like a highspeed football rattle, which disappeared when the revs were backed off. Increasing the revs again allows trouble free cruising for anything up to an hour. It must have happened about 20 or 30 times from Kate Boats to Wigram's Turn, but the last leg from Braunston to Banbury it only happened once just coming out of Braunston. So it is intermittent and very irregular, but nonetheless disturbing to hear. The Gearbox has done about 16,000 hours since installed. Never so much as hiccupped with the exception of a clutch change about 5 years ago when, on putting it in neutral, the prop shaft continued to turn very slowly. Now I have actually taken the Box out of the boat to get it serviced and am having trouble finding someone that services 150s close to Banbury, but upon reading some comments here and other places I am not so sure it needs such a costly service. I would like to hear anyone's comments on this situation. Should I go for the service or just do an 'oil change' which seems to be the favourite recourse.
  10. No just realized I had commented on an old post.
  11. When we passed you the other day, I couldn’t hear what was being said, so, I ask are you okay? Just being nosey. Maybe concerned.?

  12. Then dont buy it!
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