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  1. Maffi


    Mike I find it useful to be able to turn around just about any where I choose.
  2. Maffi


    Sorry to worry everyone but I am alive and kicking. I am spending the summer on the river Thames. I find it very absorbing. I currently am moored at Kingston awaiting the return of my camera from the repair shop, after which I will be heading up to Oxford (it might take a few weeks). I had my lap top repaired a few weeks ago and lost a years worth writing, about 100,000 words. Please don't mention backups or I will have to kill you. I was nearby Nipper. Sorry I missed you.
  3. People are very protective of their blacking in a lot of cases this is unwarranted. If your blacking is going to come off in ice there are a few factors to consider, The thickness of the ice the speed of the boat the ability of the blacking applier to do a good job and further what the blacking is applied to. Basic blacking 'seems' not to stick well to red oxide paint. I have had two boat painters confirm this. I ice break often. After ice breaking through some inch plus ice for about 12 miles a few years ago I was surprised to see in the dry dock that the blacking was virtually intact bar the stem post. Places where the blacking had been removed were well above the waterline and just a bit well below it. So based on my experience it is my opinion that putting blacking on is not an easy task, but done right it will not come off in ice below one inch. A millimetre or two will have no impact on blacking unless the blacking is not properly adhered to the hull.
  4. Do you know this for a fact?
  5. The Wendesbury Oak Loop. Its a short canal only a couple of miles long. Shallow and the locals use it as a tip. And probably the No1 must be the Croydon Canal. It hasnt seen a boat in years.
  6. My boat was built in 2006 with 4 Squadron 110a/h AGM leisure batteries. I know where they are and on one occasion I actually had to tighten one of the connectors. Other than that I do not even have to bother looking at them. They are now 10 1/2 years old and still going strong. Yes they were expensive (£200 ea) but I think that is money well spent. Yes I could have used cheapo flooded batteries and spent just as much over the ten+ years but I would have had to lift them out and lift them back in several times not to mention topping up with water every so often. AGMs can't beat them on my boat. On average I use a land line 2/3 days a year.
  7. Some years ago a chap on the Scottish canals pleaded that boats were exempt from the Clean Air Act to which the courts agreed. However the local council then prosecuted him for causing a Public Nuisance and won.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Can any one shed any light on a story I have just heard. A teacher, possibly in the SOWERBY area, with a damaged rudder bow hauled his boat to comply with the CRT regs, but was given a section 8 for returning for water. It sounds a bit made up, but I am open to anyone who has a link to the truth of the story!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. It depends how many locks in front are set.
  12. Milly M was sprayed with 2 pack. It has, however, a lot of paint on it. The steel was treated prior to delivery with an acid bath (mill scale) and boiled in oil.
  13. I always start my fire with Zip lighters. There are, however, lots of trees at Billing.
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