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  1. Cheshire cat

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    It will probably be down to local authorities to enforce. They haven't got the staff to do it. My defra approved stove also comes in a non-approved version. The only difference is the slide that cuts off the air supply. On the approved one you can't cut off the air supply to the extent that the fire just smoulders. It's impossible to keep it in overnight but it's no hardship to build a new fire each morning.
  2. Cheshire cat

    Flue Supplies

    Interesting construction. The lack of hearth would be a building regs failure in the UK though.
  3. Cheshire cat

    Unusual Issue

    What guarantee is there that the dog will behave any differently with a cocooned diesel generator. Just because you can't hear it doesn't mean the dog can't hear and feel it. Could be a waste of money and massive disappointment. I think Haggis and Mac have the answer
  4. Cheshire cat

    Brexit 2019

    I got my wife a vanity plate with the number 666 🙂
  5. There was an article in The Times last week to the effect that beggars in Sweden are now carrying card readers because Sweden has become a cashless society.
  6. Cheshire cat


    I drained our Calorifier today. The weather is getting colder. It's fairly simple to hook up a piece of hose and drain the calorifier in to the shower tray. The cost of a replacement calorifier motivates me to do it. On our shared boat we used to have a new waterpump every year because it froze solid at some point during winter.
  7. Cheshire cat

    Chop saws for DIY uses

    I'm sure you will enjoy it. I used mine today to make some skirting board for around the fire place. The mitre angles are consistent top to bottom. I was going to use my table saw but the fence tends to drift as the wood moves past the blade.
  8. Cheshire cat

    Chop saws for DIY uses

    I made the mistake of buying a large proline saw which was B&Q's own brand. Accuracy was awful but it is really good at cutting up logs. Parts availability is nil and spare blades are hard to come by due to the odd centre hole diameter. I ended up getting a friend to make some inserts for me. For my DIY I have a smaller Bosch PCM 8 which does what I need accurately enough.
  9. Cheshire cat

    Rusty water tank on sitting on damp ply boards

    Everyone seems to be assuming the pumpout tank is the source of the damp but the OP has said there is no smell. Believe me when it starts to leak there is a smell, a very strong one. You have given up on finding the leak in favour of a pumpout versus cassette discussion.
  10. Cheshire cat

    Rusty water tank on sitting on damp ply boards

    You will get more detailed advice from othersbut my first concern would be to find out why the floor is damp. That is a large area and you need to find the source of the damp otherwise any new flooring will become damp in the near future. How much water is sitting under the floor at the back of the boat? It could have come in through the windows or leaking mushroom vents. It could have come in through the stern gland and might have come in through a hull fitting that is leaking. I'm sure there are other possibilities. It looks to be more than just condensation. That tank might have years left in it or might start leaking next month. Usually they rot from the inside out because the inside will be unpainted steel.
  11. Cheshire cat

    Where's Gibbo?

    I always assumed he was one of the younger members of the forum. Mind you if your talent is up to it and you can make your fortune why not?
  12. Cheshire cat

    Triangular wood for corner of windows

    On our boat the triangular pieces are fitted in front of the window frames and are held in place by silicon sealant. Fairly simple to produce and install
  13. Cheshire cat

    Dog Friendly Pubs

    The Borehole in Stone is dog friendly. Every dog gets a dog treat.
  14. Cheshire cat

    Graceless and contemptuous modding

    I am constantly humbled by Bizzard. So many adventures packed in to a single human life
  15. Cheshire cat

    Graceless and contemptuous modding

    There is a world of difference between two blokes abusing each other and a moderator posting a photo of their motorbike albeit a Yamaha

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