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  1. It says in today's Times that the property market has stalled pending Sunak abolishing stamp duty in the autumn. They must have got it wrong.
  2. We went out Sunday afternoon to judge the lie of the land. The pub we chose is privately owned by a small brewer. He's got three outlets. The owner is following all government advice, PPE for staff, sanitiser for all customers, table service only. It looked really good until the regulars turned up. Crusty old men who hadn't seen their mates for ages. Much shaking of hands and slapping of backs whilst reflecting on how good it was to get back to normal. Wandered down the road and things were much different. No sign of PPE and we were free to wander up to the bar if we wished. Speaking to one or two people they said they wouldn't be going back to the first pub because things were too strict. I noticed that you leave your name and phone number and they no what time you arrive but there is no record of how long you were there for. Potentially, hundreds of people could be asked to isolate for no good reason.
  3. Some polishes are designed to fill the dents and pits to give a shinier finish. One thing I have found with wax is you can't help getting a small amount on the gunwales and then it turns white after a week or so as it dries out. It will clean off with white spirit but you never get rid of it all especially if the gunwales have been sanded or similar. A couple of hours? That's speed work. It usually takes me the best part of a day.
  4. Our neighbour took his van for a service last week. I wondered what they would do other than pump the tyres up. It's only two years old.
  5. Just going off at a slight tangent, what happens re council tax in the case of holiday caravans. I'm asking because we seem to have been lumped in with them as second homes as far as Covid-19 is concerned
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Iwas confused by that and rationalised it as being a newsletter for people in the north west
  9. Message from C&RT Following the announcement from the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care (29 June 2020) regarding the reintroduction of lockdown measures in Leicester, we are issuing new guidance on use of the waterways in the city and surrounding areas during this period. In line with Government advice we are asking leisure boaters to stop all non-essential travel into and through the city with immediate effect. In order to help those who live-aboard, the Trust is suspending the requirement to move every 14 days on moorings between Wanlip (Bridge 18) and Newton Harcourt (Bridge 52). The suspension will be kept under review in line with revised government guidance. In addition leisure boaters with a mooring in the affected area who do not liveaboard will be unable to visit their boats during this period. Hire boat bases, which are due to begin operating again from 4 July, are asked to direct their customers away from the affected area. Angling and paddle sports have now been suspended on the River Soar/Grand Union Canal between the locations identified above. Whilst towpaths in the city will remain open, use of them should be limited. We are asking people to please stay local, avoid any stretches with moored boats and strictly observe social distancing at all times. In particular, cyclists should go slowly and take care around other users. During this period of lockdown we will be working to ensure that vital boater facilities and services are accessible to those that need them. Work in the city will be focused on those roles which are critical to the safe management of the waterways, for example managing water levels, carrying out statutory inspections of canal structures and ensuring essential facilities for boaters are available. All volunteering, including work done by partner groups, in the affected area is now suspended. We ask everyone to be considerate during this period of extended lockdown and to enjoy their local waterway responsibly. Throughout this crisis waterways have provided an important lifeline and will continue to do so over the next two weeks as people in Leicester look for local green open spaces for their daily exercise. We will be doing whatever we can to support our customers and protect the waterways so we can return to enjoying them fully when restrictions can be eased. The situation will be kept under active review and updates provided in line with the latest Government guidance. Stay safe, Damian Boating communications manager
  10. Just realised I left mine out last time we were on board. I hope it's still there tomorrow. I got mine from here after a recommendation from someone else on here I think dabonwheels
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. The Holy Inadequate is currently having work done. They are going for a soft opening some time after 17th July.
  14. There is a restoration society. I think they were hoping to explore the possibility of tapping in to Sankey Brook
  15. Stainless Steel is a pain to work with. Ordinary drills will work harden the steel causing the drills to go blunt very quickly unless you use carborundum tipped ones. Brass is far easier to drill.
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