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  1. I checked the header tank was full and pulled the pipe off the Webasto and put it back on again within a matter of five seconds. I would guess I lost around half a pint of water but the air was purged and the Webasto then operated as expected much to my reief.
  2. I was talking to a canalside business in a city not too far from where we are moored and the proprietor claimed he sold more red land side than he did waterside. At the end of the day I think it will be a case of grin and bear it. At the moment we use around 300 litres a year and any alternatives aren't going to make a huge difference. It's just not worth humping the cans around.
  3. I think Tony may have something there. I changed my radiators and ended up with an airlock in the webasto. It fired up and heated up water in the immediate vicinity but couldn't pump it around the system. I can't remember the symptoms in terms of whether it shut itself down or not but the solution was to pull one of the water hoses off the webasto allowing it to back fill from the header tank. Once I did that everything worked as expected. Be careful not to get scalded. The water "trapped" in the Webasto was very hot.
  4. Did the plans to put towpath access restrictions under Piccadilly ever come to fruition? There was talk of padlocked gates.
  5. As above. They are undertaking a repair which is going to be reviewed Tuesday morning. Water levels didn't go down over night so I don't know what there is to review. All the boats have moved off the long term moorings above the locks. Presume they have gone down the locks but I haven't walked that far.
  6. Canal closed due to a suspect culvert between bridge 52 and 53 on the Maçclesfield canal. Awaiting examination in the morning.
  7. Actually the article finishes by saying "No arrests have been made" Personally I think the cyclist will be recognised and deserves a custodial sentence. He obviously believes he's above the law
  8. I'm trying to where it could have been built in Stoke on Trent. There used to be a boat fitter out between Festival Marina and Middlewood Pottery. Latterly he was doing boat safety certificates but even that appears to have fizzled out. I don't think there was any facility to build shells. I can't think of anywhere else.
  9. It looks like Wayne is in the market for a sandblasting kit
  10. LOL. I had the same issue. The new silencer does it's job and now I get to listen to the engine valve gear!
  11. I had a few quotes before getting ours done last year. £130 - 140 per foot is more realistic. It is normal for boats to be taken back to bare metal. If the boat has serious rust then some form of blasting seems necessary for which you can add another £1500 - £2000.
  12. All it is missing is Japanese Knotweed
  13. The very fact that they are focused on other boaty things means that they are distracted to some extent from looking at other towpath users. You did mention 2 or 4 mutts chasing a stick. That sounds like out of control to me. I'm going to drop out at this point. I do understand your issue with a minority of cyclists but I don't think they are going to change anytime soon and any changes to the law won't be enforced so unfortunately that leaves us to look out for ourselves
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