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  1. Just been passed by Arley Hall heading south through Stone. It looked like it was out on hire.
  2. Not a straightforward answer then thanks.
  3. A question in response to someone having a rant on another forum. In the days of horse drawn boats did horses meeting each other pass each other on the left or the right?
  4. Claymore boats could often be seen travelling the Cheshire Ring. Day One Preston Brook to Manchester etc. Day two or three was the Marple flight and it has been out of action for a long time. I think the last time I went to Preston Brook Midland Chandlers was January and I did notice the boatyard was looking unusually tidy. I hope it's not terminal.
  5. I'm sure it wil be very nice. Well done. I took my driving test in Worksop a very long time ago.
  6. There might be something in that. There used to be a pub with a flat roof opposite the shroppie / middlewich arm. It was bulldozed about six years ago.
  7. I think that is down to the short swim on the Pat Buckle boat. It's also why they are unsteerable in reverse 🙂
  8. I'm sure there's a book in him somewhere
  9. There is an online forum for members within the CAMRA website and there has been heated debate regarding AutoVacs. It seems to be the case that they are only to be found in West Yorkshire and pubs around Edinburgh these days. Unsuprisingly the views expressed were polarised, some supporting their use to generate a creamy head and the detractors almost vomiting as they typed at the thought of what they might be coming in to contact with as a result of poor training and execution by the bar staff. It was suggested that pubs using autovacs should be identified and flagged up in the good beer guide but I think that idea has been dropped. A pub that I won't be in a rush to revisit is the Olde Peculiar at Armitage. It had four real ales on. The first two I tried were on the turn. I had planned to sample the Old Peculier but noticed no-one else was drinking it so guessed that it was possibly going to be past it's best too. There's little point in having multiple beers on if you can't shift the barrel before it starts to turn.
  10. Sorry to get your hopes up to no avail. Obviously the gates are in place because they haven't even started dismantling the lock yet Sigh!
  11. I made anothor visit today for Quaysider's benefit. It's difficult to see what is going on because they have put sight screens up and its not possible to get anywhere near the work. Nevertheless, you can see that the bottom gates are on and there is plenty of activity on site. Plenty of workers in high vis. You can see from the site compound that they have thrown everything at it presumably as a result of learning lessons from the rebuild further up the flight.
  12. Aquaduct marina on the Middlewich branch offer similar
  13. B&Q have a lady CEO who will be getting the sack in the near future. The share price is on a downward trajectory and has been for some time.
  14. Indeed. The last time I was in The Navigation Inn at Stoke Bruerne they were advertising Craft Ale. It turned out to be Marston's Pedigree. That's a beer that used to be a bitter before it became an English Pale Ale and is currently marketed as an Amber Ale. I had a cracking pint of Abbot in the Dog and Doublet on the Coventry last summer. It took me by suprise. Normally it would be way down my list.
  15. No idea who owns it but what about the one at Middlewich halfway down the locks.
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