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  1. It's an interesting one. My friend wouldn't dream of driving through a red light but when he is on his bicycle he does if he thinks there's nothing coming. When I asked him why he explained that if he stopped he had to get going again which required extra effort compared with rolling on through. It sounds like he's an ideal customer for an electric bike.
  2. I think that 1500 eggs a year is a drop in the ocean. Just thinking about numbers of birds spotted whilst boating I would say the Mallard population seems to be static. Given the size of their clutches the attrition rate must be very high so neutralising 1500 eggs isn't going to have much impact on the population as a whole. It might have a significant impact on the ecology of a particular location if the birds are causing a nuisance. A friend had a mallard hen choose his garden to raise her brood. What started off as little darlings quickly transitioned to monsters that denuded his plants dug up his lawn and turned the pond into a black cesspit. This was the result of a single breeding pair. The garden did recover but only months after they had flown the nest and just in time for the mother to reappear the following spring. The battle continues. Round four has just ended. I have some sympathy for Canada geese. I know they crap everywhere but they didn't ask to be imported.
  3. Fan failing on positions 1 & 2 is a known issue that was carried forward into the 25 and 45 range. The resistor used wasn't beefy enough for the job. Upgraded parts are available but it's hardly worth the expense.
  4. 8" floppies were still being used in the mid eighties. The whole of my career is in the computer museum at Bletchley Park
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Our shared boat had a tiller that was never straight ahead, To make matters worse as you moved it laterally there would be a metallic thunk as it moved from one wear pattern to another
  8. It took a bit of digging on Cheshire East Council's website but no, the plans were withdrawn in 2014. Interestingly, one of the reasons for refusal given by the planning committee was damage done to local roads by the vehicles used to remove excavated soil in the construction of the marina. I. can't see that holding much sway with HS2
  9. There are two pubs adjacent to the marina. The Dusty Miller is a Robinson's House that had a good reputation for the standard of its food. Unfortunately the chef who was behind the reputation has moved on. No idea what the replacement is like. The other pub, The Cotton Arms is the other local pub and has had a change of licensee over the summer. Food and drink were acceptable when we were in there in August. The standout pub in the immediate vicinity is the Bhurtpore Inn at Aston. Numerous Camra awards and decent meals including curries. It's around 1.5 miles from the Wharf. There are visitors moorings at Wrenbury but when we were at Wrenbury Mill on our shared boat all the shared boats were moored stern against the Wharf along with all the hire boats. Loading and unloading couldn't have been easier although setting off was sometimes a little tricky.
  10. Perhaps he dives in to remove the tyre from your prop. According to the article the number of boats on the system has risen from 5391 to 6306 this year!
  11. I met one of the River Weaver lock keepers whilst out boating last month He told me The Daniel Adamson struck Marsh Lock because the captain asked for Hard Astern and was given Full Forward.
  12. Ours has water above it and rattles sometimes when I don't tighten it enough. I have never used a hammer on it though. I've never done 1700 rpm underway.
  13. I remember one syndicate spending ages discussing maintenance and soft furnishings. They'd just about finished when the call came through to say the owners on board had sunk the boat. Oh well back to square one!
  14. It's readily available on Ebay. I've got a big tub of it and can vouch for it's ability to get rid of black stains.
  15. And it looks just like sugar. What could possibly go wrong......................
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