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  1. If you fill up regularly before it gets anywhere near the bottom of the tank I think you can get away with some water in the bottom of the tank for quite a while. You won't know how much you've got though until you try to drain it off.
  2. Off topic but the prop shaft doesn't protrude much at all on Blackroses boat
  3. I'd say it depends on how good your cut and shut skills are. I'm having a love hate relationship with mine but that's down to fuel supply rather than electrickery.
  4. I did do a CRT questionnaire recently about the state of central manchester canals. Unfortunately, I think it is not down to CRT to improve things. Biggest potential for improvement is in the Castlefield area but Peel have shown little interest in exploiting their assets. It would be even better if boats were routinely allowed down on to the section of the Ship Canal above the Lowry / BBC.
  5. From a boater and resident's perspective the city centre boating facilities are an embarrassment. Stay where you are and then move on through when ready
  6. I didn't have a problem with the Pela getting blocked with crud this time but I have on a previous boat. A bicycle derailleur cable available from Wilko's for £1 is a good tool to unblock it.
  7. It's generally oK. I've done it many times by boat and bicycle. The grim bit is next, under Piccadilly station.
  8. It's worth giving your boat a list to cause any water to roll down to the lowest point. If you can arrange it so this is below the filler pulling it out with a pela pump is easy.
  9. Using a pressure tube to monitor usage is unreliable and has the potential to create a huge margin of error. The vast majority of locks will self empty if no boats come there way.
  10. I on't think its that simple. It depends on fluid dynamics and where the prop is in relation to the various other bits of metal around it, Each boat is unique in that respect. I think it also depends on how much metal there is in the prop and when harmonics kick in.
  11. Not always true Mike. The Marina we have departed from charged according to the pontoon length and no you weren't allowed to put a 57 foot boat on a 30 foot pontoon.
  12. Thanks for the update. I hope it all works out for the replacement licencees. And indeed the chip shop. One of my favorite places to visit. A shame about the music festival.
  13. The Combermere is changing licensees shortly I have been told
  14. Indeed. Sad news. We have used them many times too.
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