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  1. Fantastic job. Turned out well in the end Wayne.
  2. Massive amounts of EU money have been spent over the last two years. It was all supposed to be finished by spring but work is still going on. We have moored in the park in the last couple of years and had no trouble. We usually moor down at Etruria and haven't had any problems there either.
  3. You was lucky. RCR charged £1500 for a replacement 260 box.
  4. We live in Manchester and moor in Stone. I'm often asked why we moor the boat so far from home. The answer is simple. The weather. often is miserable in Manchester but an hours drive south and the weather is much drier. Scarisbrick may be OK because it's away from the hills so may work for you
  5. Congratulations Wayne. What are you going to do with that big empty space at the front of the house? 😀
  6. Put some clean stones in to displace the air before you put the top on.
  7. I was wondering how much worse it was than any other form of transport. If a car does 40 to the gallon with two people on board the plane doesn't look too bad. Planes usually fly fairly full.
  8. How many litres of fuel does it take to fly a plane from Gatwick to Malaga? I've no idea.
  9. Glad you are OK again. You need to set the level correctly now so that the expansion tank doesnt overflow.
  10. When you took your thermostat out it should have been at least half submerged in water. If it wasn't you should have topped it up via the thermostat housing. If the waterpump empeller isn't surrounded by water there is not going to be any water flow. It's got nothing to pull through.
  11. Definitely an airlock. Are the hoses to the skin tanks also cold? If you follow Bizzard's advice and the water level doesn't drop over night I'd pull a hose off the waterpump or thermostat housing and see whether you get water or air. If it's air wait for the water to come through and put the hose back on. Top up and try running the engine again.
  12. All of the suggestions come as liquid which will just run off your vertical surfaces. The suggestions do work but they have to be in place for at least a few hours which requires a horizontal surface,
  13. Well I got there in the end. The first attempt involved talking to Beta Marine and being sent an Injector pipe instead of the return pipe. I was passing Gloucester on Friday so called in and got the right bits. Using the tiller arm as a former I was able to bend the new pipe to the right shape onlt to discover that one of the new unions has the wrong thread. Both connectors are 8mm but clearly different pitch. Consequently I had to cut the olive of the flexi pipe so I could use the olive and connector supplied in the new kit. Eventually it all came together and so far no leaks.
  14. Does Lakeland Leisure still own other marinas?
  15. Ego in Stockton heath is good if you like Mediterranean. Costello's next door sells good cheap beer. Across the road there is another good Italian restaurant opposite the polucestation
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