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  1. From the Bridgewater Canal Company T & C's you are not allowed to live aboard on any permanent moorings on the Bridgewater nor is it allowed to be sublet without their written permission. The exceptions appear to be Preston Brook Marina and Stretford Marina where an additional residential licence is required on top of marina fee's. With regard to End of Garden moorings there are further criteria. 1) The owner of the land must also be the owner of the boat that wishes to moor 2) There is a fee of £40 per metre + VAT (2017 prices), per annum, payable to the Bridgewater Canal Company 3) If a mooring is approved then a full Bridgewater Licence will be required. 4) No residential mooring without written permission and if allowed possibly subject to an additional fee.
  2. Just paid mine on th 24th, 6% increase on last year so cannot complain when you look at the general cost of living increase.
  3. Same with me , a full set of the old ones. Useful for seeing pubs which are no longer😒 Also a a full set of the current ones, some well worn. Just recently picked up 3 of the current ones from a charity shop at £5 each, unused.
  4. They must be nipping off very early. Apparently the guy at the office and his staff start around 6am in peak season with the first job to visit the moorings.
  5. Highly unlikely as Star Inns do not own the land. It is owned by an investment company and recent failures have not been helped because of arguments between Licensees, Star Inns and the investment company over things like land and sewage drainage. I also supect part of the land is also owned by CRT.
  6. Would highly recommend the Aqueduct Inn, went there in August, Mine Hosts were very friendly, good food and excellent ale.
  7. That is the one, since replaced by a footbridge (48A) in 1998. There is a picture of the pontoon on its death bed on the Macclesfield CS website - https://www.macclesfieldcanal.org.uk/oldsite/br48a.htm
  8. If the price from Stanlow is 123.55 and excludes 52.95 duty, please explain how D A Roberts sell fuel for 151.9 when based on your observation and Stanlow prices it would cost them 176.50 before adding on their profit margin. It does not add up.
  9. Not always the case. Cheapest I know is the independant D A Roberts (Essar) petrol station at Grindley Brook on the Llangollen, last week I saw petrol was 150.9 a litre, I believe it went up to 151.9 today. Beat that if you don't mind the queues. As an aside, it appears that the current wholesale price from Essar Stanlow Refinery is 125.33 plus delivery charges, although D A Roberts have their own large tankers so probably collect their own.
  10. Spoke with the new Licensee of the Bridge about 10 days ago. He was hoping to do basic food for the transport festival (don't know whether he did) and at the time the kitchen was having a deep clean (not been used recently), he said that he was hoping in the coming weeks to slowly build an extensive menu. The Lord Combermere should have new licensees soon, it is to good a pub to have closed. Shroppie Fly has been a disaster for a few years mostly because of the pub company (Star Inns) who have screwed every licensee.
  11. jam

    Emily Anne

    Emiley Anne was moored at Barbridge yesterday, no doubt on a jouney south on the Shroppie.
  12. Another example would be Croxton Aqueduct on the Trent & Mersey although narrowed prior to 1945, now makes Big Lock at Middlewich redundant as a wide lock.
  13. Overwater on the Shroppie has a wide entrance with planks available alongside, they were used quickly last year (January 2021) as a nearby breach developed at Bridge 80
  14. Bathroom City (online but based in Birminham with a huge showroom) do a large number of styles in 1750 height size.
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