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  1. jam

    Maintenance Fails

    My taste was for Muffin The Mule that may have been Mondays
  2. jam

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Works fine for me on Firefox and is quite a good variable 3 dimensional view of the breach taken from the drone footage. Had no issue in escaping from it.
  3. jam

    Marple Lock 15 update

    It looks as though they have managed to repair the spread of the lock wall with the foundations now ready for the replacement of the stonework. I understand that the original stonework was found to be crumbling and CRT have had to source new stone which has caused the delay from March until May for reopening.
  4. jam

    Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    It could be closer to home. Remember David Kelly, the jury is still out on that episode despite what successive governments have said.
  5. It is highly likely that a majority of deaths are alcohol induced and within the central area of the City of Manchester the canals are now just one linear public house. The city licensing appear not to be looking at the risk factor here.
  6. jam

    CRT Licensing Review final report

    Incorrect. It is 2.5% for using the online system and 2.5% for payment in full. Paying by direct debit only gains 2.5% discount if using the online system.
  7. jam

    Polystyrene insulation

    Aah the new asbestos, should be interesting in years to come. What most of the replies seem to have avoided is ensuring cables have an adequate air gap. It is generally a big no no to install cables embedded in high density thermal insulation on the majority of electrical installations as the cables would have to be derated by as much as 50%. There is no excuse on boat designs not to use conduit or preferably trunking.
  8. jam

    Celebrity Five go Barging

    The thread is about the one in France and the narrowboat was on the last episode shown tonight
  9. jam

    Weird Insurance renewal!!

    They seem to do the job for me. Year 1 - £178 Year 2 - £167 Year 3 - £173 Year 4 - £139 Must be some logical reason for such a drop this year but I'm not for complaining.
  10. jam

    I wonder what the deal is with this boat.

    1+3+4+5 This is a busy prime mooring area and very busy at most times of the year. I pass there many times over the course of a year and have only been able to moor once. After so many months it is the responsibility of CRT, they are quick to jump on the average Joe for a 15 day stay in most locations.
  11. jam

    Metric rules

    Looks reasonable to me and BA sockets are easy enough to come by
  12. jam

    CRT Licence Auto Renew

    Same Here
  13. jam

    Worst "Bargeware" ?

    Your examples are embarrassing to the art, I tried a little in the 70's and it was far superior to those. Must have another go although my hands are not as steady.
  14. Most of them have been on regular deployments of 6 to 9 months during their life with the normal 6 to 12 months or more for retraining of crew and modern upgrades. There have been hiccups with propulsion but the majority have been sorted. Certainly when I spent a short time on HMS Daring it was an incredible ship. That said this ship is now 8 years old so there will be regular upgrades of weapons, marine systems and comms across the board.
  15. jam

    Brexit 2017

    I would go even further than that. In theory there will be no additional cost for changing the colour as the contract for production expires in 2019 and therefore it is out to tender. Part of the tender is to change the colour, along with adding additional security features which would increase the cost under any circumstances. The tender, worth around £490M (previous contract 8 years ago was worth £400M) including other security documents has already been released. Tenders could be from the existing contractor which is the De la Rue Group alongside contractors from Europe following current government procurement regulations.