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  1. Probably one of the best eateries on the Macc.
  2. We moored there for a couple of years, more for convenience, the owner was not a people person and the facilities are dire. The owner has now semi retired and installed a manager who apparently is ok although the marina is now long overdue for major investment, it is just about ok for somewhere to park your boat. Should be noted that the OP also is looking for a marina that has a boat repair person which would rule out Lyme View.
  3. Also many filmed at Ellesmere Port with CGI backgrounds
  4. Unsinkable - Just ignore the arses, its their only outlet on life, probably small man syndrome in many ways😂
  5. Out of water survey would show signs of twattery Unless you buy from a company such as Norbury wharf
  6. Happened to my Eberspacher a couple of years ago, was quoted nearly £1000 to repair (as it was buggered) or £1700 for a new Webasto. The Webasto is far more forgiving 😁
  7. Passed through there in August and the Graham Palmer lock was one of the worst I have encountered in recent years. The planking of the top gate leaked like a sieve and took ages to level off for such a shallow lock, the consolation being for the future in that it is due a refurb this winter. I to walked the recently built section and was impressed with the mooring rings and huge winding hole, different. Not quite sure what is planned for the section from Gronwen to the newly completed section as just after Gronwen it looks as if it was started with the profile of the canal, then abandoned.
  8. jam


    Different, will watch again next week.
  9. Not so sure about that. Pete.j did not say he had hid it just that he was not bothered whether it showed or not. It is a management decision, not all donors get shown. From what I remember annual donations give you a little star and the word patron, regular monthly donations are just ignored as of no consequence.
  10. jam


  11. Dipping tanks is old school, especially if you have a tube of white inserted in the filler neck. The modern way if there is any suspicion is to drain a sample from the fuel pump.
  12. I have a G & J Reeves hull and the weed hatch is a similar design where any leakage goes down a shute above the rudder and none into the engine hole. Never had a problem reaching down to the prop, especially when I captured a long pipe fender when entering the bottom of of Grindley Brook staircase 3 weeks ago. Thos damn things should be banned or at least the boaters who leave them down in locks.
  13. If you have a fear of meeting the trip boat in the narrows time it so you don't. During the week the first trip leaves LLangollen at 12.15 earliest so an early start from before the aqueduct is guaranteed to miss him.
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