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  1. So many great chippies, mostly all down to taste. Two I would mention are 1) Congleton, Hightown Chippy, close to the canal at bridge 74 and 2) Chippy opposite Kings Lock, Middlewich.
  2. The ones I have seen are a tapered fit and seal quite adequately with water pressure.
  3. And it appears they have partially resucitated the old winding hole between bridges 77 & 78.
  4. I have read this thread with some interest although it appears a number of posters are getting het up by CRT T & C's and the meanings of such. What nobody has clearly pointed out, although Captain Pegg did brush upon it, is that the detail of GDPR compliance is not actually in the T & C's but is enshrined in CRT privacy policies and the last paragraph of the policy for customers actually covers this scenario.
  5. Pat testing is for individual appliances and not electrical circuits so in your scenario such faults would not necessarily show up unless the fault is from an appliance.
  6. Doubt it with enhancements made over the years and certainly not by the percentage drop in insurance.
  7. Must admit this is the one that surprises me, my boat insurance has gone down year on year for the last 4 years, all the other insurances don't.
  8. I would suggest in all probability once the water had been drained out, it is the result of the bed drying out during the hot summer and will take a period of resealing.
  9. How do people like Cloudflare get away with issuing SSL's to anyone who requests it for their website (via redirection) and for free. There does not appear to be any fitness examination of a website that applies for such.
  10. Saw the same guy at Hurleston in September, he stayed on the bench there for a couple of nights. He appears to be a friendly happy soul and I would consider that his radio is one of the main comforts of his travels.
  11. I would add that not all my oil changes, I am the second owner. Having said that they do get a tad easier😁
  12. Unless of course your face fits
  13. 13,500 hours on my 2005 Isuzu 42 engine and it still runs as sweet as a nut, oil & filter changed every 250 hours or so, fuel filters whenever.
  14. jam

    tank cutter

    In my early days of drilling and cutting we used a home brew concoction nicknamed Mystic, basically a mix of oil an water in the right proportions,also tallow for thread cutting. A vote from me also for Starret, to my mind simply the best. I still have a selection of rather old Starret hole saws, even though they have been extensively used as good as the day they were purchased.
  15. Knockin in Shropshire and the village shop is called 'The Knockin Shop'
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