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  1. Never watched the 60's classic, 'The Bargee' then
  2. Only 29% turnout, the other 71% did not want an elected mayor and voted with their feet by not walking to the polling stations. Andy Burnham is a photo opportunist, shame he was not as on the ball when he was health secretary overseeing all the deaths in Stoke.
  3. Potter Heigham is a favourite to catch a few unwary boaters who do not take note of the tide tables.
  4. I recollect a series of articles in 1971 published in Motor Boat & Yachting featuring the journeys of Arthur from Yorkshire and down the Trent, in fact I have just found a scan of the same. A good article at the time.
  5. jam


    58' ex hire boat (narrow) with two toilets. Aldi pink bowl cleaner and I'm sure it also keeps the sludge level down.
  6. jam


    Think you have hit the nail on the head with your comments. We have a 1200 litre tank on ours and it lasts forever. I have also reduced the water flow hence less fill up of the tank and saving on water. Lets not forget the other golden rule to save the tank, if its wee let it be, if its brown flush it down, all helped with a regular dose of bowl cleaner😁
  7. jam


    I think you will find that expensive, is still the same product from China.
  8. jam


    Picked one up a couple of weeks ago from Aldi, considerably cheaper, reduced to £6.99 and very robust.
  9. Anticlockwise, as others have said taking the water with you especially on the Ashton which can be notorious for low pounds.
  10. Now I'm curious, how does having a name painted on the boat prove ownership?
  11. Both restored on a shoestring budget and now it shows.
  12. For what they are, they should be gold trimmed. I should add that expensive does not always mean quality just good PR and a big hook 😁
  13. Must admit once I saw the prices all I could think of is - a fool and his money etc.
  14. My mistake, I had to read that twice😁
  15. It certainly is, as stamped on the tube😁
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