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  1. Now I'm curious, how does having a name painted on the boat prove ownership?
  2. Both restored on a shoestring budget and now it shows.
  3. For what they are, they should be gold trimmed. I should add that expensive does not always mean quality just good PR and a big hook 😁
  4. Must admit once I saw the prices all I could think of is - a fool and his money etc.
  5. My mistake, I had to read that twice😁
  6. It certainly is, as stamped on the tube😁
  7. It may be a tad larger after we passed through a couple of weeks ago and shaved a few millimetres off ?
  8. Apparently he was veggie
  9. I'm away from my Bradshaws at this time but will have a look soon. It is interesting that across the country Bradshaws appears more concise than some current dimensions. It could well be that 7' was just a generic size.
  10. The Llangollen (and I presume Hurleston) is listed as 6' 10" in the 1904 edition of Bradshaws guide
  11. Similar at Audlem, the volleys appear to favour lock 13, none on the rest of the flight. To be fair lock 13 is closest to the pub?
  12. jam

    Shroppie Fly

    Went in last Wednesday lunchtime for a drink and see how it looked. Went back in the evening for a meal and cannot fault it. Yes it currently has a limited menu but the food was good and a decent selection of ales. Apparently the new licensee had only been there since earlier on on the year and it is improving day by day. They appear to be there for the long haul. It may now improve by the fact that the pub co, Punch Taverns have been removed from the equation and it is now run by Star Inns, a subsidiary of Heineken who seem to be more receptive to the business.
  13. Went through last week, touch and go at the gauge but just made it. I think it may be a few millimetres larger now but was worth it. There were 4 boats in the basin when we arrived. Shaved another few millimetres off on the way back. I should add that I had to drop the Ariel before entering ?
  14. For some months recently it has been hogged by C&RT work boats.
  15. So many great chippies, mostly all down to taste. Two I would mention are 1) Congleton, Hightown Chippy, close to the canal at bridge 74 and 2) Chippy opposite Kings Lock, Middlewich.
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