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  1. But is it a genuine one? there are a large number of reproductions around at the moment., they look good but the decoration is too garish. I should add that I have what I believe to be a genuine pot and also what is definately a reproduction.
  2. It may be easier if you gave a clue as to what area you are looking at. Charges, as others have said, vary wildly around the country from £0 to in excess of £20
  3. Think you will find the CRT machines are the price of a card i.e. £16, the cards of course allow you to use other CRT services at a lesser price such as laundries.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. You mean someone who only works on a Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday 🤣
  7. Just for information, BCMB boat share have a number of craft moored at Overwater Marina, so the facilitiies must support this.
  8. I would be asking for my money back. Did ours by hand two years ago and just flatted out the existing paints before covering with new. Not perfect but certainly ok and i don't worry about passing trees trying to remove it😁
  9. If you don't want to use the Lion Quay moorings, just moor on the towpath side opposite, depth is pretty good and Armco to tie up to.
  10. Recently used Rob Dickinson from Audlem, he is good and and Gas Safe, covers all of Cheshire. 01270 812810
  11. Pretty quiet, took the boat out for an amble after some major works, busy around Nantwich over the weekend with a few traders doing good business but in general between Hurleston and Audlem there is very little moving. Suprised me how quiet some of the popular weekend mooring spots were.
  12. Same spot as in 2018 when it was supposed to have had an extensive repair during the winter closures.
  13. My marina states that in low temperatures they may switch off the water to the pontoons but they maintain a working supply at the service dock, although in a deep freeze boats would have difficulty navigating to it. That said the on board occupancy during the winter is no more than a few dozen at any time.
  14. The route you would take, T & M to Middlewich, Middlewich branch To Hurleston, would not be affected by any stoppages on the Shroppie. The current stoppages are Bridge 80 near Audlem which should be completed by Easter and the other major stoppage is between Whartons Lock and Beeston Lock which is expected to be in place until Summer. Neither would affect your proposed trip.
  15. I believe the breach near Chas Hardern will not be completed until summer. The other stoppage is not Hack Green but Bridge 80 near Audlem, this is expected to be completed by Easter.
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