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  1. jam

    tank cutter

    In my early days of drilling and cutting we used a home brew concoction nicknamed Mystic, basically a mix of oil an water in the right proportions,also tallow for thread cutting. A vote from me also for Starret, to my mind simply the best. I still have a selection of rather old Starret hole saws, even though they have been extensively used as good as the day they were purchased.
  2. Knockin in Shropshire and the village shop is called 'The Knockin Shop'
  3. jam

    Fake news on NBW

    Cannot agree with you on that. The fact it is already under the Winter stoppage listing indicates that the canal is closed. It is just an addendum that now the towpath is closed. Winter stoppages are never issued just for towpath closures. Trying to nitpick makes you look stupid.
  4. jam

    Great Canal Journeys. New series

    Must admit I was also disappointed with it. I thought I had nodded off and missed a bit, they could have easily made two episodes of the trip and shown a little more of the Bridgewater, along with perhaps some of the Shroppie to Chester and beyond. I'm sure it would have been interesting to boaters and non boaters.
  5. jam

    Lock 92 Castlefield padlocked

    Must admit I have been along there many times over the past two years and never seen him. Note to self: Must try harder to encourage him😁
  6. jam

    Lock 92 Castlefield padlocked

    From the lack of news about Sunny these days I wonder whether he is now in shackles 😁
  7. jam

    Lock 92 Castlefield padlocked

    Looks like it may be Aytoun Street bridge to me. Bit of a concern when the trams run on it.
  8. jam

    Lock 92 Castlefield padlocked

    Sounds a reasonable stoppage to protect boaters and walkers. Just a shame the third party owners (city council) are dragging their heels
  9. jam

    Philip Green surprise surprise

    I am not sure that Peter Hain was doing a public service in outing Philip Green. It now turns out that Hain is a paid adviser to Gordon Dadds, the law firm who are representing The Telegraph in their fight to overturn Philip Green’s injunctions. This is going to spectacularly backfire on Hain.
  10. jam

    Winter Diesel Additive

    Never had a problem with waxing in the boat which tends to get a bit of a run, winter stoppages excepted also no problem with an aging Mondeo Turbo
  11. jam

    Canal Etiquette

    Must admit in the years I have been cruising I have rarely had to use spring lines and certainly have not been unduly disrupted by passing boats. I think some boaters see a problem where none exists except in the mind.
  12. jam


    I noticed on Facebook today that Greyhound Gap (Rescue Centre) have announced they are quite willing to accept boaters.
  13. jam


    Our Rottie will quite happily disembowel a squeaky toy within hours and then play with the remains for many months😁
  14. jam

    Discoloured Diesel in engine

    The fuel or the boat? 😊
  15. jam

    Farmers Field Moorings

    Strange comment when CRT did not come into existence until 2012

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