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  1. Yes, I've already noted it Richard
  2. I have a PRM120 d2 which you are welcome to have if it's any use to you. Ahead clutches gone but otherwise OK. Located near Gloucester or could take to Hatherton marina in the next week. Richard
  3. I found that the way to solve the problem was dual vents, one at each end of the tank. These provide an air flow through the tank, which encourages aerobic bacteria. They break down the contents. Anaerobic bacteria cause the smells. I just use bio washing liquid pods, two after a pump out. Richard
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Beware, I suspect that the Dyson power supply is in fact a lithium charger, and replacing it with any old 26v psu wouldn't do the battery any good. My Dyson charges happily during our cruising time with the inverter on. Richard
  6. What made the biggest difference for me was to seal the edge of the engine cover board when it is down by a strip of butyl rubber foam. Richard
  7. All my Caldwell windows are fitted with m4 countersunk head brass machine screws into drilled and tapped holes. Takes a bit longer but makes a good job. You can nip them up easily if any leaks occur due to the butyl rubber strip losing it's 'springyness'. Richard
  8. Teddesley do have a crane. Richard ETA the name of the company is Bourne Boat Builders
  9. If its a Caldwells window they don't hold stock glass, and its a long way to Wigan! The last time it happened to me, Calwells gave me the exact dimensions, and a local supplier made the new glass in a couple of days. Richard
  10. When you say Red Owatrol, which Owatrol product is it exactly please?
  11. A hardwood wedge in one side. Sized to hold the glass roughly half open. Richard
  12. It's simply that there is a theoretical possibility of an issue as you described, so why not just remove the possibility of the situation occurring? I do think that sometimes we over think things! Richard
  13. Just put some plastic sheet between the aerial clamp and the pole, and stop worrying! Richard
  14. A bath trap on the sink will get the pipe as high as possible, higher even than an elbow. Richard
  15. I have used Anderson connectors, and the contacts have been tinned copper, so I soldered them. Richard
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