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  1. Never had any issues along that stretch. The footpath is a public right of way, so shouldn't be blocked. Richard
  2. When I had a PRM120, I gave up trying to get everything perfectly adjusted in both forward and reverse. I made sure that the forward adjustment was best as it most used. I also got into the habit of taking the control beyond the idle position every time I put it into gear, so that all the slack was taken up, and the gearbox lever was against the stop. I still do it even though I have changed the box for a 150! Richard
  3. The system does rely on boats having a light that can be seen from the far end. I followed one through Preston Brook tunnel yesterday which just had a small bulb on the end of a piece of wire, no proper headlamp. Richard
  4. I'm pleased I made it through about 1.45 then! Richard
  5. Depends on whether there is a blending valve on the calorifier to limit the water temperature to the taps. If there is, you don't have a problem! Richard
  6. I didn't bother trying to fix to the cabin sides. I built out from the below gunwale battens to secure the bottoms, and used a ceiling batten hard up against the tops. I think if was doing it again, I would do the same but add PU40 sealant as well. I wouldn't like to rely on sealant and the primer, it relies on both the primer bond to the steel and the sealant to the primer. Richard
  7. As you have changed the oil, have you turned off the valve on the sump pump? Mine can pass some oil if it's not turned off. And has the little cap on the pump outlet been replaced? Richard
  8. But you have to find a suitable bit of pipe for the valve with the flow in the upward direction, so the flap valve closes by gravity and stops the reverse flow. A flap valve is not the same as a (spring loaded) check valve. Richard
  9. I've never had to bleed my 38 after a filter change. Just crank it until it starts, then it will stop again. Crank it again, until it starts. repeat as required! Soon ends up running. Richard ETA Need to prime the filter with the manual pump on the engine first.
  10. I have heard today from someone who has had his prop with Crowthers during the lockdown, that they will not be reopening again. What sad news from such a good company. Richard
  11. I really would't use white undercoat. I think it won't give any depth to the red. Grey is usual undercoat colour for red, though I have been able to buy red undercoat before. Sorry can't remember what brand. Richard
  12. IIRC the correct tapping drill size is 4.2mm, 4.5 won't leave a lot of thread. Richard
  13. Veneer pins, pin hammer, then punch below surface and fill holes. The filler will never be the same colour, but with veneer pins the holes are so small it doesn't notice. Richard
  14. 25mm Celotex/Kingspan will bend quite well. Richard
  15. I did say BEFORE FITTING, so when you fit them the tape is already trimmed. Richard
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