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  1. That's just reminded me that I used one of these for my cooker top. May be useful for the OP. Toolstation 44251. Richard
  2. I've had Treadmaster for 11 years now on top of paint with no problem. It is however the plain type not self adhesive, fixed down with a high quality clear paintable sealant, probably polyurethane. I forget now what it was, but it was removable when wet with white spirit, so easy to form a nice fillet seal around the edges which helps to keep the water out. Richard
  3. I had my shell at home, outside my workshop and store. I spent 5 months say 6 days a week to get it to a basic stage of completion, still lots of trim to be fitted, no stove etc. I too spent lots of time thinking about how to do things. Richard
  4. Another vote for this style of Dahon. I've converted mine to electric as well. Obviously more difficult to store but so much better to ride. Richard
  5. My mppt controller actually regulates the negative connection and the positive is just linked through. If this controller is the same, the panels are actually just connected straight to the batteries! Richard
  6. There is one pond at Berko notorious for emptying overnight. I ended up letting water down at about 3.00 am, and we were already several feet away from the bank out into the channel. Can't remember which pound now, but it's below the usual moorings. Richard
  7. IKEA? I've just used diy-kitchens.com at home. Really good quality, normally come as rigid, but they are happy to supply unglued so you can modify the carcasses. Good company to deal with, and and worth a trip to their showroom in Yorkshire, where they are just very helpful, and don't try to sell you anything. Just one online price, no stupid discounts. Richard
  8. Checking the coupling with feelers gauges gets the engine and prop shaft in line, as the cutlass bearing end of the shaft can't 'flop about'. How old are the engine mounts? They could have lost their stiffness. I have Beta38, PRM120, R&D coupling, cutlass bearing. My vibrations and noise improved tremendously when I had the prop reconditioned by Crowthers. Not cheap but worth every penny. My shaft was worn, and I also replaced it and the bearing, along with the engine mounts, but it was the prop that made the difference. Richard
  9. A good way of using a choc block with different sized cables is to use one capable of taking both cables together. Strip enough on both cables so that they sit under both screws, with the smaller one trapped under the larger. Richard
  10. Yes, it was a dog walker who mentioned to me that he hadn't seen anyone on the boat for about 6 weeks, and about the smell. I hadn't noticed anything when I was there last week. Richard
  11. Reported this today due to the smell coming from the boat, the information above explains it. Very sad. Richard
  12. Hole in each end, one end on the battery terminal bolt, the other on the shunt terminal bolt. All cables to the other end of the shunt as usual. My shunt fits neatly in the 'gully' formed between the tops of two batteries. Richard
  13. My connection is a few inches of 1" x 1/8" copper strip. Probably available on Ebay or from a lightning conductor supplier. You only need something big enough to carry the current, whereas your inverter cables will probably be sized for volt drop. Richard 150mm of copper bar on ebay £4.99. Other sizes available.
  14. Depends what you are trying to do! For fitting out, I found the 5 and 30 minute polyurethane adhesives very good as you don't have to wait for hours for something like PVA to dry, and can move on to the next stage. They are also slightly gap filling. The various grab adhesives are useful for fitting panels to battens. Richard
  15. I'd second that, but be prepared to make do when mooring as few rings and of course never in the right places. Next safe place in my view is well out of the city. Richard
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