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  1. Hi, yes have 3 quote requests out, conversations with them resulting in me asking the question. One is calling around, another says they have it sorted but has not given details (or quote) and third has a preferred site 3-4 days away. All were recommended but seem unfamiliar with thois part of the network.
  2. Hello, hopefully this is the correct place for help. trying to find on site facilities to move a 57 ft narrowboat from lorry into canal. Is there a list of boatyards/marinas which have on site cranes to lift from lorry onto canal? Are local knowledge if no list, looking for one close to Staffordshire (so Trent and Mersey or Staffs and Worcester or Coventry Canals in first instance) Thank you
  3. Hello, does anyone have any history for D A Narrowboats from Spilsby, searches are drawing a blank. Thank you in advance.
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