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  1. Thank you very much for all the helpful information. I have all I need to go forward. Thank you.
  2. I thought sea toilets weren't allowed on the canals?
  3. Thank you Tony, I cannot find a breather on the tank. I had assumed such a thing would have an opening on the hull but there is nothing there. Can this be fitted? the boat was built in 1998 as a hire boat. The toilet bowl seal is fine - it's when it opens to release into the tank that the pong emerges.
  4. Hello, we got our first boat recently. It is second or third hand. We have used it for a few weekends. The toilet has a drop through into a holding tank. This was very smelly from the outset, so we had it pumped out and rinsed. We put in new Odourlos stuff. But it is still smelly, though not as bad. It's not even a poopy smell (mainly cos there's no poop in there, only pee.) more like mouldy cabbage. Can anyone tell us how to clean the tank? Please don't say change to a different system! Oh and by the way, hello! We are on the Rufford Branch just now, moving onto the Lancaster in August.
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