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  1. Farey

    Prop damage

    Thanks for the various answers. To clarify, it is a Volvo Penta cutless bearing, and the prop has 3 blades, and although I don't post very often, I've been a member since 2005.
  2. Farey

    Prop damage

    I discovered some damage to my prop (it's an Axiom, fitted in 2011, but I'm not looking to start another discussion on Axiom props). A small chunk, about 1 x 3 cm, is missing from one blade. I haven't noticed any significant vibration, but am concerned that it may unbalance the prop and put extra strain on the prop shaft and bearing. Any views?
  3. Here's a few photos showing the situation this morning: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LwzCz7XRQQCGySPs8
  4. It's a while ago now, but I had my boat at Saltford until I moved away 12 years ago. While there I used Mark Loveday - he did a service and BSS examination, and seemed quite knowledgeable. You could try giving him a call - 07768 474581.
  5. I've had a Thermotop C for 14 years, and it's very prone to cutting out if the battery voltage drops slightly (despite having good, well charged batteries). I talked to the dealer, and was told this was a problem using it on boats, but that the newer models had fixed the problem.
  6. I prefer aluminium, because they do less damage if you accidently knock something, such as the paintwork on the boat or a camera.
  7. Farey

    Shroppie Fly

    We went there for a drink last week, and it was ok - a lot better than a few years ago. But we didn't eat, so I've no idea about the food.
  8. We're sitting in the Fountain Inn. No trouble at all on the N Stratford. Down through Wolverhampton and on the Shropshire Union tomorrow.
  9. We're at Tipton, came up today from Hatton via the North Stratford and through Brades locks without incident (apart from having to clear the prop several times). Very quiet - saw very few other boats on the move.
  10. My boat's due for another BSS examination in March - has anything changed since last time? Looking at the BSS site, they seem to want a CO detector now? Seems like a good idea... Also, can anyone recommend an examiner in the Napton area?
  11. So that fact that it's passed 3 BSS inspections by 3 different examiners would seem to suggest that the flame pattern is ok.
  12. I don't have a test point in the system, just a bubble tester, but was thinking of adding one.
  13. I fitted out my 60' narrowboat myself 13 years ago. I have a 4 burner gas hob and a gas grill and oven, in the galley, and no other gas appliances. I used 3/8" (external diameter) gas pipe and fitting, and took advice and had the installation checked by a boat safety examiner. It's also passed all its subsequent BSS checks. Recently I've been thinking of replacing the hob, and looking into it, I'm now wondering if 3/8" pipe is adequate. The total KW rating is 9 (4 x 1.5 for the hob, and 1.5 each for the grill and oven). Looking at pipe sizing calculations, e.g. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/propane-gas-pipe-sizing-d_830.html it looks as if I need pipe with a 3/8" inch internal diameter, corresponding to 1/2" external, given that my total pipe run is around 5 metres, with several 90 degree bends. Am I correct? If so, I would expect this to apply to most narrowboats to need 1/2" pipe, but 3/8" seems much more common in the chandlers, and 1/2" fittings seem few and far between. If this is the case, then my preference would be to just replace the long, 4 metre pipe run and keep the rest as 3/8".
  14. I've got a Vetus bow thruster (12 years old now). One problem I've had is the brushes sticking causing a poor contact with the commutator. You can take the brushes out and clean them up, whcih solves the problem. Or the brushes could be worn and need replacing, but even after 12 years mine don't show much sign of wear. To check the battery you could check whether the voltage drops under load.
  15. We moored up overnight by the Manor Arms pub at Daw End a couple of years ago. The moorings were very secluded, and it was a very nice pub.
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