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  1. I thought all canal narrowboats were self certified
  2. That have a slightly bigger problem with Drinkwater on the S Oxford,
  3. Are you going to remove all the posts on the manchester pusher as well
  4. VDO is the make, the alarm wont be on the gauge but a lamp similar to the low oil pressure or ignition lights
  5. Also look to see what make the gauge is and do you have a high temperature alarm
  6. I wonder if there is an hydro engineering solution to this recurring problem
  7. New bridge, what about the heritage
  8. It would help if the OP tells us the make of the gauge
  9. That is how I did mine. If you have three lengths of ply the same width as the flue you can fix them together with a single nut and bolt at each joint, That way when the angles right you just tighten it up. From that you can even get the angle of the cut for the pipe ends
  10. It could even be a hi temp alarm and a temp gauge sender combined like Beta fit
  11. Top gates are effectively very light when the lock is full and they are quite buoyant
  12. Do you need that bow at 3 mph. Last time I saw this boat it was moored between Chester and Ellesmere Port
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