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  1. Doesn't that depend if you come from the Severn/Worcester area
  2. But they wont be able to see where you have pumped your bilge out
  3. Not in the area you want but there is a stretched glass fibre boat at Lyons yard on the N Stratford
  4. How do you retrieve your mooring chain or hook?
  5. When you look at some of the basic things that come up on here, Fridge and water pump wiring too small and plumbing pumps in solid pipe, no expansion of calorifiers etc
  6. Its not the current carrying capacity that is normally the problem on boats, its usually down to volt drop. Very few cables on boats have their size limited by the current carrying capacity
  7. I live in Suffolk my boat was near Anderton four and a half hours away by car
  8. Tax, I know I have to pay it Continual cruising I know I have to move to a new place every 14 day on a bonafide navigation. Tax Avoidance, I don't want to pay a penny more than I have to but I don't want to break the letter of the law but I don't mind the spirit. Continual Cruising, I don't want to move an inch further than I need to from one spot but I don't want to break the rules but I don't mind the spirit of them,
  9. I met him last year, he introduced himself to me, gave me his card and was a perfect gent, but I wasn't taking the Pee
  10. Maybe they will second Sunny from the Bridgwater to sort it out.
  11. The bit above is not meant to be here, wrong click How long is that black 2 core flex, I was just thinking about volt drop as it doesn't look very thick
  12. I dont find it a problem, not hardly any more work than making a double each day especially if you cant reach the far side
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