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  1. ditchcrawler

    brand new boat survey?

    And what if it fails the BSS inspection "badlly" 4 years later?
  2. ditchcrawler


    I reblacked in 2017 and was breaking ice less than a month later, I now have a naked bows
  3. ditchcrawler

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    They also have proper chimneys
  4. ditchcrawler

    Boat scam

    You catch on quick, I am surprised no one else thought about it earlier before I posted.
  5. ditchcrawler

    Boat scam

    Maybe sitting in the lounge of the boat having a cup of tea and maybe taking a photo of the seller
  6. ditchcrawler

    Prop shaft problems

    I was thinking more of where they were with the Americans with the Russian boats shadowing them and at action stations for so long. With the risk of chemical weapons I was surprised they were not all clean shaven to wear respirators.
  7. ditchcrawler

    Boat scam

    Just to reiterate, the boat is not missing, they are all aware of its location, maybe it would be better to say the Money is missing.
  8. ditchcrawler

    Bridgewater boat crime

    The K&A are also having problems, there is a reported theft most days on their FB page.
  9. ditchcrawler

    Blind Run Professionals Episode

    Was there
  10. ditchcrawler


    I was looking for the vireo of Victoria ice breaking. Here is Spey a wooden boat doing it
  11. ditchcrawler

    Prop shaft problems

    A bit tense at times
  12. ditchcrawler

    Boat scam

    The boat is not lost, its still moored on the Middle Level, it just never got taken out and sent to Sussex or wherever the buyer came from. I have no idea who own the boat but there are photos of its interia with the "seller" sitting there.
  13. ditchcrawler

    Long Term Mooring on the Coventry Canal

    I think your last paragraph could be the problem. Fitting the boat out in a marina. You may do better to find an online farm type mooring, they may be more relaxed
  14. ditchcrawler

    Oil light warning

    Well said
  15. ditchcrawler

    Boat scam

    That's because you come over as very trustworthy, but then so do con men

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