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  1. He does mention mile markers so it could be the GU or T&M he should be able to manage more than 2MPH, I was doing a little over 3 on the Ashby most of the time and actually got to 4 on a bit of the N Oxford,(only a little bit) Today I have done 12 miles in 4¼ hours from north of Ansty to just north of Hillmorton
  2. Hopefully it will be several years before you have to make your case to poor old Syd
  3. Well a railway turntable is basically a swing bridge and one man and a boy can turn a large Loco
  4. OK non flammable fluid, is that better
  5. I think the same thing has happened with some of the stoppages
  6. I do, good takeaways near by and the Fountain for a pint, its fine mooring ether side, towpath or grass
  7. When I was an apprentice boy we went to do some work in a block of flats being built in Norwich in the winter time. The builders had a fire in a drum on one of the floors at the windward end of the corridor for heat and as we came onto that level one of them peed against it sending a cloud of stinking steam the length of the corridor. there were no windows in the building
  8. And the wee is 100% water and stinks when its boiled, does steam come out of the vent in use?
  9. Around our way you need to ring around as the price can be almost 50% between best and worst
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