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  1. At least its still there so you are in with a chance, when did you last see a line and lifebuoy in an urban area. Its just the same system they use for defibrillators
  2. A have also worked with ammonia refrigeration but that was 50 years ago, well before I had a beard also that companies H&S was not so hot
  3. We use to smell it when it drifted over the road when they lost a bit while trying to inject it. H2S was a big danger when drilling as it tended to be a lot shallower than the natural gas so you could hit it unexpectedly, That was the only time I shaved my beard off. You could also get it in Natural Gas and when we opened pipes and vessels we had to test for it before inspections. Note after 100ppm you dont smell it any more https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/hydrogensulfide/hazards.html
  4. When you have fully charged your batteries with the engine that panel will continue charging it a bit more
  5. But he was prepared to put it up for sale for £80k more than it was worth. Its a case of offering what you think the boat is worth and walking away if its not accepted, I am sure you wouldn't have paid £80K more for your boat
  6. 16.4 volts its gassing and a CO detector will pick that up.
  7. Lots of things are selling fast, Hot tubs, Bikes and even dogs
  8. But did you detect CO before you sealed it
  9. Its not the rating of the breaker, Its ether a dodgy breaker or one of the connections you disturbed changing it was dodgy, Breakers don't limit cuttent they just sometimes open on overload
  10. Well we all know one who didn't and has said it was the right thing to do on National TV It wasn't a reply to anyone really, just a statement of what I think
  11. Whenever I have been in a position of making decisions I have taken advice from others, depending on their point of view that advice would often conflict, at the end of the day I had to make my decision on what I had heard. without doubt at least one of them would say I didn't follow advice whatever decision I made
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