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  1. I only have a single skin tank, a good size one, the water flows from the engine to the skin tank and then back to the engine via the hydraulic oil cooler. Or do you pass your oil through the skin tank?
  2. If you require more cooling could you perhaps combine the two skin tanks?
  3. I get off anyway much to the displeasure of one at Fradley. But to often I have seen them open paddles then wander off talking to passes by.
  4. I also suspect you have an oil cooler for the hydraulic oil
  5. Last time I had that was coming out of Coseley towards Tipton
  6. If you are going that route you may care to read this blog http://derwent6.blogspot.com/2019/04/day-one-of-our-upgrade-solar.html
  7. That voltage is a bit low, its probably the regulator fitted to your alternator. You really need to be 14+ IMO
  8. How about this then https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/business/derbyshire-firm-goes-back-using-2786848
  9. This is where the solar scores as it can keep charging for as long as the sun shines
  10. I have a 300A one, if you want to run a 3Kw inverter you will need bigger than the 100A one
  11. I would suggest a minimum of a digital volt meter and a digital ammeter, unfortunately your theory above is not quite correct because as a battery reaches full charge the current falls dramatically, this is know as tail current and with your single battery you need to look for a charge current of 1 amp at about 14.4 volts. Also check that the previous owner didn't change the regulator in the alternator. what voltage are you charging to at the moment? I have seen worse, A stainless steel high bar stool just stood in that position with the steerer sitting on it
  12. There are more photos of the boat on Facebook now so you have been spotted
  13. The drydock is under cover so you dont get wet if it rains all week
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