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  1. I think your USB charging could be well OTT unless you are constantly charging loads of things, 2 shower pumps?
  2. Bit like the K&A coming down past the Rowbarge
  3. Start here http://www.tb-training.co.uk/
  4. Use Fairy Snow, it keeps your hands soft. Or the one I got caught on as a boy, "I will show you a shilling at the end of the week" no mention of giving it to me.
  5. How many batteries does the boat have?
  6. A similar thread running on FB about painting base plates and reports of them covered in mussels which lead to the question, do the mussels have an adverse effect on steel ?
  7. Maybe the hire company will pre-book enough spots for ALL their hire boats just IN CASE they decide to go that way, lets face it, its free to book so they lose nothing if the boats go the other way
  8. It will probably help a bit stopping some of the crap he is about to breath going down his lungs as well
  9. When we were last there I walked to the tunnel and there was I think 3 boats moored at the tunnel mouth overnight.
  10. I have heard that a vertically mounted mirror on the boat works.
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