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  1. I have no idea, but if they don't then definitely nothing will happen
  2. I hope you fed that back to BSS management
  3. I think he may have been wrong
  4. Bit like keeping the old water pump that only leaks a little bit in case the fitted one fails completely, OK to fit to get you out of the crap, but not the way to go if your at home
  5. Take great care if you are considering doing a private rental of a narrowboat to live on, it will probably be an illegal rental.
  6. Mine is identical to a waterpump, probably Jabsco but its over 20 years ago since I fitted it, the only difference is no pressure switch
  7. I don't think I would want to rely on one
  8. I don't see how you can even guarantee the welded nuts are 100% square to the shaft.
  9. They dont do a hangover much good but the shaking use to send me almost instantly to sleep,
  10. I would think Calcutt Marina would be able to help with all that
  11. Or hooked up to a shore line for 17 years with leaky electrics, this one or someone else's
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