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  1. I think you can buy old car tyres with one already in place I have seen magpies going back and forth taking pheasant chicks
  2. That is what I heard from the Trent and Mersey Canal society
  3. When they have gone carefully remove the nest and put it on E bay as mooring equipment for CMing
  4. This week I have found the programs changed and the schedules still standing even when they have been new amended schedules
  5. I used it regularly when I was at work, Mind you we would be measuring perhaps 2 foot of it in the bottom of a storage tank. we used a steel measuring tape with the cream on the last 4 or 5 feet. a weight on the end all fed through a small hole it the roof of the tank. Periodically we would drain the water off. This was from un processed hydrocarbon known as Condensate that fell out of the natural gas. This was done both offshore and at the gas terminal. On shore in was in Bonded tanks inspected by HMRC so you didn't want them taxing water.
  6. Two people on FB have spit the dummy out when told what someone thinks of their title/video with the attention grabbing headline. As for Robbie Cumming he is now a full time Youtuber and that is how he makes his living.
  7. We nearly did but some clever people developed a vaccine in double quick time
  8. But that's the problem isn't it. even with 96 pages people were still looking for loopholes
  9. Have they moved the Kelpies to England now ?
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