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  1. They leak like sieves when it rains round the door seals. It looks as if the top has been chopped off where the steerer sits
  2. IMO its pig ugly bow, It looks worse in real life than in photos
  3. I just clicked that link and have downloaded 580 MB to my computer so far, Glad I am not mobile Now hit 1.3 GB
  4. You only need to do 1K every 14 days, you could pull or pole it that far
  5. I just don't like change, good or bad 😈 Anyone found the edit button yet?
  6. The aerial shots when you can compare the was from the power boats following compared to next to nothing from the foils
  7. That was my first thought, but they say they have sold it, but at the bottom there is a link to Airbnb
  8. One in the Mirror now https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/i-sold-400000-house-live-23337509?fbclid=IwAR0-9lFjHTVyz4hcsJA3RoXXuuEemRkk5Xv_q85P7-gtqCgSJUV9_8HABXw
  9. Never mind what the voltage is, are they ALL THE SAME? (you can argue about 19 120 or 96 all day)
  10. That connector could be the problem you are trying to get down to.
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