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  1. The only thing is, if you have an engine like that you have to have the engine room doors open all the time
  2. As the volockie said to me "do you mind passing him in the pound" and was right put out when I replied "We will be here all day if I don't" Told the misses I was a smart ass.
  3. If the bank is that bad why are people trying to moor there
  4. Seems a lot of trouble for a few miles, I think the best bet would be to walk the tow path or take the boat and then target those properties that suit your need. The odds of one coming up on here must be quite long
  5. Mine came in at 12 ton with just spray foam, stern gear and empty tanks if I remember correctly my cabin sides were 5mm
  6. Yes Terry said that this week to me. As I dont use a photo for pictures I don't have a clue what he should use. Piece of cake on the laptop
  7. Only had one boat past in the last 4 days
  8. ditchcrawler


    Most would fail to start at that voltage
  9. And you are physically running the tank empty and filling to overflow ?
  10. And you still see people recommending them on Facebook because they have had them 2 years almost and they are great, they even point out videos where they are featured
  11. The page has opened now, It wasn't what I was thinking when you said blockboard, I was thinking the ply sandwich stuff. That looks pretty good I would say
  12. @Izz are you OK and have you moved well away from him?
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