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  1. In that case I would remove it and just cap off the vent and pumpout pipes.
  2. I know one who has 3 buckets on the go. and another with this https://www.hotbincomposting.com/
  3. On Narrowboats the top of the diesel tank is also the stern deck so they just cut a hole in it and then seal the top ring to the deck with 4 screws drilled and tapped into the deck. The neck just hangs inside the tank.
  4. I take it you originally purchased a 6 month licence?
  5. Well here is one case Warning after man injured tackling narrowboat fire in Nottingham - BBC News I think a bowl of water would have been better than 1Kg of dry powder on hot cinders on a wood floor and rug
  6. I run a 240 volt fridge through an inverter and I have put the actual usage numbers on here in the past, but that was 20 years ago with a cheap LEC fridge with ice box so I expect the efficiency has improved by now.
  7. I think he may be a bit bias selling invertors and not fidges. I am sure Shoreline would say the opposite
  8. That is how we use ours. Terribly inefficient things pumping out as much heat as they use to cook. I looked for a cool touch one with no luck
  9. Yes you could moor outside with slack ropes
  10. And how many lives have been saved by having 3 X 1Kg DP extinguishers against how many have been put at risk trying to fight fires with inadequate equipment and training.
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