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  1. But I wonder if they will have the cash to maintain it. It looks a very nice job they have done. It has an interesting history.
  2. I am happy to get a bacon butty regardless of how its made, a egg is a bonus
  3. Should have been at Napton, he would also covered you in cow shit, borrowe next doors spreader but it threw it twice as far as his, over the hedge, towpath and canal
  4. https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/bellows-1-1-2-bsp-m-m-18-o-a-length-e324 https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/exhaust-flange-bowman-1-1-2-bsp-ea-045 My exhaust system has two of these in it https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/pipe-union-black-2-11340-09-ea-123
  5. Yes red hot then unscrewed the pipe, I think mine had a female coupler welded to the flange.
  6. What about if you dont carry a smart phone
  7. I removed the flange and took it to my local garage who got it cherry red to remove the pipe sub. Used a new gasket when I put it back using the old flange. You may be able to get a new one from Beta if you need it.
  8. Several years ago we were moored up and saw lots of flashlights on the towpath, I cant remember which canal, but to was 2 lady Ambulance crews walking up and down about 3 miles of towpath looking for a boat. They had the access point for the towpath on their sat nav, after that they were on their own. With this thy could have looked at their smartphone and it would have taken them straight to the boat.
  9. We have just come down the Stratford Avon and nearly all the locks have re named or maybe that is re-re-named, maybe they are now the originals.
  10. Well that's another new member who made a slight slip up in their first posting jarred off. People taking the pee before they even say welcome
  11. Same here, I will settle for just the pontoon and somewhere to park the car
  12. forget how long the guarantee is unless buying from Halfords, its no indication of battery life, just manufacturing failings
  13. Have you checked the water levels in the battery
  14. But this is the Canal World Forum, not the open sea forum, I don't think many of us would advocate taking a Narrowboat out on the open seas. Horses for courses.
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