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  1. Yes good for every type of cleaning you could think of
  2. Here is the latest speeding issue on the Broads https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/river-yare-speeding-boat-1-6122441
  3. I have read several bad reports on them
  4. Well if you can get it at 1.5% then you can invest it and get more back
  5. Next you will be telling me busses dont run on Corn Flakes
  6. It will probably be 2013 before they reach the far end of the K&A the way the water levels and stoppages are on there
  7. are they metric or imperial inches
  8. I have a double garage but obviously have twice as much junk as you
  9. I think so. I wonder how many times you would go round in say 5 years
  10. I sometimes stop at Star City and then just reverse to the junction the next morning. I have also stopped between the top of Aston turn left and moored after the second bridge. I can't remember stopping between Aston Junction and Farmers bridge.
  11. I dont pay that much in the marina I am in and most CC pay a licence anyway.
  12. I think Halsall was one of their boats
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