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    None, gave it all up to go boating
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  1. ditchcrawler

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

  2. ditchcrawler

    Marque Narrowboats

    I think that should have been Eccleshall, not Eccles, sorry
  3. ditchcrawler

    Steel or GRP?

    I have done it one and a half times in an old Folkboat, not mine but crewing for a friend who as soon as we left Lowestoft he had his head in a bucket so I did all the sailing. I say one and a half, at the first attempt we only just got past Birds Eye against the flow and went back to try another day.
  4. ditchcrawler

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    There is a container like that on the GU
  5. ditchcrawler

    Steel or GRP?

    Chris Coburn I think went that way. I have been told that hire companies use to take boats from Gt Yarmouth to Lowestoft
  6. ditchcrawler

    Charging problems

    Possibly my mistake
  7. ditchcrawler


    My best view is when the water is clear like the Thames or when the boat is out of the water
  8. ditchcrawler

    Narrow boat slipping trailer

    I like the floating back end so it doesnt need such a long underwater slip
  9. ditchcrawler

    Marque Narrowboats

    I have a Marque hull, I think he and another chap only ever fitted out one at his yard at Eccles .
  10. ditchcrawler

    Charging problems

    I have just read on Facebook a boater with a single alternator, 12 volt this time feeding his domestics and the started being served by an A to B charger. can you get a 24 to 12 A to B ?
  11. ditchcrawler

    Lister ST3

    Thats what I thought, so it could well have been badly maintained for several years
  12. ditchcrawler

    Lister ST3

    But did he buy it from them or has someone else owned it for 10 years and if he did buy it off them and its well maintained why is it smoking?
  13. ditchcrawler

    Lister ST3

    Who's boats are?
  14. ditchcrawler

    Upware Marina

    Did you see the article about a couple who bought an old Narrowboat there and hauled it out to black. the got complaints from the management about the noise of grinding on the hull, they left after a week on the slip.
  15. ditchcrawler

    Upware Marina

    I was at Little Ouse moorings for a time. http://www.littleousemoorings.co.uk/

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