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  1. Thanks guys for all your comments and it seems we are thinking the same way about this boat. I don’t think it’s a South West Durham Steelcraft shell because of the square stern mainly (which I would prefer not to have). It’s just the unusual layout that has encouraged me to look at it. I also will find it hilarious if GHBS has reduced the price because if this discussion. They, along with a number of other brokerages, know me rather well now because I am rather discerning and one has even stopped responding to my enquiries. The fact that I have the readies and am a genuine buyer seems to pass them by. So, I would be delighted if any of you can point me in the right direction of a decent boat 50ft - 58ft AND not at an extortionate price for what it is. When I am asked by a broker what my budget is I say “Whatever I think the boat is worth.” If you know of anyone who is after a shortish boat then I recommend them to view Fidra, a Mel Davis 41ft trad, advertised on Apollo Duck. I have unfortunately worked out I cannot fit on it all the standard liveaboard kit plus my crafts stock for trading. She has good steel, the bilge is dry and pretty well rust free, the fit out is well done AND has the boat has been looked after which makes a refreshing change. It’s more than many other late 1990’s boats but I’ve seen some shocking boats for nearly the same price.
  2. Good idea, Tony. I did wonder whether they might just be the fitters. Here's a link to the boat and you, too, can balk at the price! https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/narrowboats-of-stafford-57-semi-trad/616995 What I am wondering about with this boat is that it looks like the current owner needs to improve their steering skills or the boat is difficult to handle!
  3. Hi. I’m after feedback from anyone who has a narrowboat built by Narrowboats of Staffordshire Ltd on the quality of hull and how she handles. I usually find the information I need on narrowboats by doing a search on this website, but this time I’ve failed! The question results from my quest to find another boat for me. PS. I know a brief history of the company.
  4. If I said Gardners, Russell Newberys, Listers, BMCs & Kelvins, what would your answer be? I'm guessing some models within the same engine manufacturer require different maintenance, so I'm leaving it up to you to be more specific if appropriate. Oh, I know they all require a daily routine, but as a newbie to vintage engines, there may be some that are harder to work with than others? Do some or all require a man's strength to get started, nuts, bolts, two-handed jobs, etc?
  5. Hi OldGoat. You misunderstand me. It's not a quiet/silent boat I am after, but an engine that won't rattle in my ears whenever I switch it on. A 'proper' engine is music to my ears and I could quite happily fall asleep to it. Now, having said all that, it may be that I just wasn't ready to hear how much noisier an engine is inside a boat rather than 'under & outside'. For this reason, I think I should give the JD3 the benefit of the doubt and not exclude it in my boat hunting. I may even go back and have another look at the boat I saw on Friday, but I don't think that it is the one for me irrespective of the engine sound.
  6. I don't know whether you guys recall me saying early on that I'm not fussed if the JD3 is a bit clattery? Well, I AM fussed. I might just be able to feel calm if there were 2 doors shut between me and it, but how can I say to any visitors staying over "Just have a lie in whilst I get underway in the morning."? Or what's the chances of me ever taking a photo of any wildlife whilst cruising? AND I never got to do the coin check cause I just put my hand on the cylinder head in prep and decided my precious 2p coin I'd got ready was going to disappear amongst the engine ina matter of seconds . I also didn't want to look a mug. As Dave (dmr) will have done, I used the coin instead in the pub and found the visit worthwhile cause I got chatting to an old stager who said I should consider Gardners. Providing I stick to the routine simple maintenance required he said the engine should last & last with very little problems (Now where did I read that earlier, Dave?) So, I know I've discarded a couple of boats on my internet search because they had Gardners and I'm now just going to have to find them again. PS Why do I bother going out for entertainment when all I need to do is log on to the Canalworld forum? Made me splutter eating my dinner, cuthound, with the Araldite reference.....
  7. Hi All. I didn't log on to the forum yesterday so have missed all the banter! Sorry for the confusion about what I've got/am after. I have a 57ft narrowbeam DB with cruiser stern and want a 'normal' NB. Love the coin video. Seems as though there's a lot of plusses about having an engine room. Off to see the JD3 boat now. I'll see what my coin does on this boat's engine. The broker will think I've gone bonkers! Will report back later.
  8. Like the terminology, Athy. I think I need to go see the JD3 boat & ask for the engine to be switched on!
  9. mattlad, Enlighten me about my lack of experience! (I'm just teasing) In what area? Are you referring to driving a boat on a tidal river? I'll have to assume that if the fitout has been done by a reputable firm then the engine will have been installed properly. Bet someone's now going to tell me that I can't even assume that! Now here's probably a stupid question (because I think I know the answer), if I had a Gardner put in front of me is it going to give me a massive headache in learning and maintenance terms? I'm liking the idea more and more of learning about an engine where I am able to see all parts easily and in the dry.
  10. Hi! Sounds promising. No real downsides? I've read they're a bit clattery, but I'm not fussed. Are they OK on tidal rivers? I like the thought of not having to be a contortionist in order to gain access to all the engine. Sorry to be thick, but what does PM stand for? I'm a newbie to this forum and haven't got the jargon yet.
  11. My search for a replacement boat has led me to look at a boat with a Beta JD3 (3 cylinder?) tug engine in its own engine room. My current boat has the modern Beta 43hp 4-cylinder engine. I know very little about marine engines so am wondering how much extra maintenance, if any, there is on a Beta JD3 over the Beta 43hp? It also must be useful having easy access to an engine sitting on a floor rather than in an engine bay?
  12. Hi Keith & Klim 1. Thanks for the thoughts. I know I need to get a grips on electrics & the engine bay. There's 3 alternators on the boat - one for the starter battery & bowthruster, one for the leisures and another for the travelpack. Not understood yet what an alternator does, so why they are needed. Would you be so kind as to give me an explanation in simple terms? I was told when I started as a boater that using the built-in inverter (2.5kw) uses up battery life when I put it on to use the 240v sockets for charging my laptop, etc, so I bought a plug-in 300w inverter for the 12v sockets thinking this would be better. Logic, to me, says that the 300w inverter uses less electricity than the 2.5kw inverter, but maybe it is the other way round? As extra info, I have 300w of solar panels which should top up the batteries easily but the boat lives most of the time in the shade of trees, so they don't bring much charging, particularly now the colder shorter days have arrived. Yes, I do monitor the SOC regularly as the solar panels came with an MPPT - the most useful piece of kit on the boat as far as I am concerned! So, am I correct in thinking that charging my equipment using the 2.5kw inverter, rather than the travelpack, with the engine running means that I need to run the engine for longer, but not excessively longer?
  13. Hi there. I live on the cut and my current boat has a travelpack (built-in diesel generator) and whenever I need to recharge the batteries I put the travelpack on and charge my laptop using a 240v socket. Also charge phone etc at this time. I also have a 300w inverter that I plug into a 12v socket to charge my laptop at other times. The boat also has a built in inverter but I don't use it. I run the engine for about 20 mins twice a day and charge my laptop once or twice in 24 hours. Unfortunately I need to replace the boat and have seen a suitable boat but she doesn't have a travelpack. Now my question is, what difference would it make, if any, if I didn't have a travelpack for my current electricity usage? Hope I've given you enough information. Thanks. Annie
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