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  1. Duck repellant

    I used a recording of bird distress calls off youtube to get rid of noisy starlings on the roof of my house. Not sure if you're neighbours will appreciate it though !
  2. Touching Up Bodywork

    I've done similar with jars from a pound shop and store them upside down. When opened the paint was as good as when the paint was transferred to them. But if you use them again and paint gets in the threads and the jars become impossible to open. I think tins are the best way to go as they can be prised open.
  3. Blacking paint recommendations

    I did mine in interzone954 after a number of very dissappointing results using bitumen, it's evil stuff and even cures underwater. The surface has to be prepared down to bare metal using a rotary blaster or similar, very time consuming. In 3 days I only had time to do the waterline, weld seams and pitted areas . It was done 16 months ago and is still intact with no trace of any failure. It's coming out again next year to inspect it more closely and tidy up any dodgy areas and treat areas that weren't got to the last time.
  4. blacking in cold weather

    Can you cancel though ? It's very short notice and I'd have thought you'd at least lose a deposit ?
  5. Touching Up Bodywork

    how good is the paint he left behind ? if the seal on the tins wasn't too good it could be a bit 'lumpy' and not produce the finish you might of liked. Might be best to get new tins with good quallity paint in. Anyway, it's a bit late for painting this time of year so would be best to leave this till the spring ?
  6. boat painter

    A decent paint job tends to cost around £100 per foot so that costing must be for a 15 foot boat
  7. Stove air gap

    Silver foil fixed to the sides of the hearth immediatly to the sides of the stove do a great job of reflecting the heat. I tried it and couldn't believe how cold the tiles were behind it , it doesn't look too great but it works very well. Could be a solution if you're concerned about the hearth of your own boat.
  8. Non slip tape for the gunnels

    It looks nice but I'd be happier if the sanded surface went right to the gunnel edge. Personnaly I prefer to have the whole gunnel surface sanded to provide the best grip possible.
  9. Jabsco pump running on

    http://www.mmbalmainauto.com.au/PDF/State_of_charge_12_volt_batteries.pdf Chart shows batteries at 12V only have only 25% capacity which is very low indeed. 11.8V means that they are completely discharged which indicates that the batteries appear to be shot.
  10. Is overplating really that bad?

    So if the significant hull work in 10 years didn't get picked up in a recent survey then who decided it was necessary ?
  11. Is overplating really that bad?

    I think if you're boat sinks due to the condition of the hull then insurer will reject any claim due to lack of maintenance
  12. Insulating the engine space?

    I've put insulation on the ceiling of the engine bay of my trad, more to keep the engine room insulated during cold snaps than preventing condensation.
  13. New livery

    Very nice, looks like you got a great finish. A couple of questions, did you use any thinners with your paint and whose paint did you use ?
  14. Inverter Will Not Shut Off

    If the switch on the unit won't turn it off then can only assume it's knackered and none replaceable. IMO options are 1) Fit an isolation switch on the 12V in 2) Replace the inverter
  15. Ting ting...

    And some people have that ting sound configured on their mobile phones when they receive a message so people on the towpath think the ting noise is someone receiving a text instead of a cyclist approaching. So bringing back the "brrrring brrrrring" noise is a good idea IMHO.