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  1. Bloomsberry

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Has anyone mentioned 'Fan-y-Big' in the Brecons,'Waun Fach' or 'Lord Hereford's Knob' in the Black Mountains ?
  2. Bloomsberry

    Mad Cow Found in Scotland

    Joking aside , I was suprised to hear how common it is in this country, I remember the outbreak in 2000 and it was quite devestating. "There are understood to have been 16 cases in the UK since 2011, with the last in 2015 when farming officials confirmed a case of BSE in Carmarthenshire, Wales. "
  3. Bloomsberry

    Drive Plates, how long do they last?

    There is a rattling noise from the gearbox/driveplate area on my boat, I've had the noise for 2 years now. Gearbox is a borg warner 71C and acts as the front engine mounts so taking it apart in situ is not an option, I think the engine will need removing. I have parts replacement cover with RCR but they will only attend on a complete failure so have the choice of either sorting it out myself or waiting until failure and contacting RCR.
  4. Bloomsberry

    Epoxy Two Pack Blacking

    I've used interzone 954 and their data sheet just specifies a hard dry time of 18 hrs @15C and 8 hrs @23C it doesn't mention any additional time to cure apart from this For the record there were 24hrs between coats and immersion in water.
  5. Bloomsberry

    Beta Marine 43 lifespan..

    I read a book once that states the lifespan of a narrowboat engine is between 10 to 20 years. I suppose it all depends on amount of usage and maintenance.
  6. Bloomsberry

    Which 2 pack for blacking??

    Ok, thanks for that. It does say ' continued cure under immersed conditions' which I assumed would be full immersion but it does state tidal which obviously isn't relevant to my situation. It states 18 hours for hard dry at 15C so will stick to this next time. Thanks again.
  7. Bloomsberry

    Which 2 pack for blacking??

    My local chandlery only had one 2 pack epoxy in stock, interzone 954. Read up on it's performance and it was quite encouraging so decided to use it on my boat. I did the preperation myself as the dock doesn't allow blasting, it was quite time consuming but got the important areas covered in the end ie. waterline, weld seams, badly pitted areas etc. It's been on 2 years now and there are no visible signs of any failure. It's going back in the dock in July so I should have a better idea of it's performance and treat some of the areas that didn't get done last time. No need to worry about drying times with 954, it cures underwater so a coat can even be put on prior to it going back in the water.
  8. Bloomsberry

    River level Sawley

    Up to date river levels can be checked here https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels
  9. Bloomsberry

    Duck repellant

    I used a recording of bird distress calls off youtube to get rid of noisy starlings on the roof of my house. Not sure if you're neighbours will appreciate it though !
  10. Bloomsberry

    Touching Up Bodywork

    I've done similar with jars from a pound shop and store them upside down. When opened the paint was as good as when the paint was transferred to them. But if you use them again and paint gets in the threads and the jars become impossible to open. I think tins are the best way to go as they can be prised open.
  11. Bloomsberry

    Blacking paint recommendations

    I did mine in interzone954 after a number of very dissappointing results using bitumen, it's evil stuff and even cures underwater. The surface has to be prepared down to bare metal using a rotary blaster or similar, very time consuming. In 3 days I only had time to do the waterline, weld seams and pitted areas . It was done 16 months ago and is still intact with no trace of any failure. It's coming out again next year to inspect it more closely and tidy up any dodgy areas and treat areas that weren't got to the last time.
  12. Bloomsberry

    blacking in cold weather

    Can you cancel though ? It's very short notice and I'd have thought you'd at least lose a deposit ?
  13. Bloomsberry

    Touching Up Bodywork

    how good is the paint he left behind ? if the seal on the tins wasn't too good it could be a bit 'lumpy' and not produce the finish you might of liked. Might be best to get new tins with good quallity paint in. Anyway, it's a bit late for painting this time of year so would be best to leave this till the spring ?
  14. Bloomsberry

    boat painter

    A decent paint job tends to cost around £100 per foot so that costing must be for a 15 foot boat
  15. Bloomsberry

    Stove air gap

    Silver foil fixed to the sides of the hearth immediatly to the sides of the stove do a great job of reflecting the heat. I tried it and couldn't believe how cold the tiles were behind it , it doesn't look too great but it works very well. Could be a solution if you're concerned about the hearth of your own boat.

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