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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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  1. Er oil based paint is the proper stuff. Phil Er oil based paint is the proper stuff Phil
  2. Near the truth, during the WW2 there were many airfields built in Lincolnshire overlooking Lincoln Cliff. The idea was that fully loaded bombers had almost instant altitude as the took off over the edge of the cliff instead of labouring to get height. Phil
  3. When I sold my boat I provided a paper trail including original invoice, insurance docs, EA registration invoices for all extras bought for the boat and work done, all bearing my name this backed up by proof of ID by way of passport, driving licence etc etc. Fairly positive proof I thought Phil
  4. This so difficult to call, for example my 30 year old Colecraft had a hull survey which the surveyor said had the best bottom he'd ever seen , you just don't know, peace of mind is everything. Phil
  5. I had given some thought to this issue when I upgraded to a 90amp alternator and concluded that the engine was using a large volume of air just to run so my thinking was the engine was using hot air in the engine bay replenished by air drawn from around the deckboards. I simply fitted a clamshell vent to allow a lot more cool air to be drawn in. I coupled this with a computer fan directed onto the alternator. This arrangement seemed to work OK. Phil
  6. I must be exceptional because I guess at 73 I would be classed as aged but I do use other media, Huff Post ,YouTube, Up day etc and dont rely on the BBC. Phil
  7. Regarding ventilation in the engine 'ole, I fitted a "clam shell vent" in my deckboard and mounted a computer fan to cool the alternator. I think this helped because if you think about it, the engine itself draws a lot of air in just to run so it will draw in cold air, the clamshell vent just makes it easier. Phil
  8. I was working when you were born, so what it isn't a competition, and as far as forefathers is concerned I reckon it's simply those who went before. Phil
  9. You have a problem with us oldies? Phil
  10. Well if it was me, I'd be looking at my father and most of my uncles. How far back is not relative, it's more about when. Phil
  11. When I read that heat was an issue due to the limited space for the controller I immediately thought "computer fan" with a ready source of power what's not to like, fans are as cheap as chips. Phil
  12. Never had any issues, PV array appears to give precedence to shore power charger when plugged in, but guess there may be a case of which ever voltage is better being selected, perhaps, maybe, possibly (Who knows because I don't) Phil
  13. David, I've used P section both in my house and my boat to great effect, never had an issue with sticking or deterioration. I think that they are in fact PU "rubber" not actual rubber made from latex. Phil
  14. Readily available on eBay. Phil
  15. Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Brian, have a good'un. Phil PS more greetings elsewhere.
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