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Phil Ambrose

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  • Birthday 01/20/1946

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    River Lark
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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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    Amber Rose Too
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    United Kingdom, Isleham

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  1. Phil Ambrose

    Oops, more new build woes...

    Are we to believe this is a new build? Shocking truly shocking Phil
  2. Phil Ambrose

    Moderator Vacancy

    We were rather hoping you would tell us. Phil
  3. Phil Ambrose

    What Length of Ropes and is there a best type

    Cauterise? Surely that's a Butane splice. Phil
  4. Phil Ambrose

    Pump out toilet

    I too suspect furred up pipes. The first time I descaled mine the bore was reduced to about the diameter of a pencil Subsequently I stripped the pipes each year and as the pipes were flexible I beat them with a rubber mallet and made good use of descaled. Phil
  5. Phil Ambrose

    Fitout "good ideas"

    Ref Zombie threads. It's often better to start a new thread than to dig up an old thread to post on. Saves the reader wading through pages of old and possibly irrelevant stuff. I started reading from the beginning thinking "this seems familiar and then came to a old dead friend of mine which confirmed it was a very old thread.......the date does not stand out too well. Phil
  6. Phil Ambrose

    Brexit 2017

    He is.
  7. But......he doesn't appear to be learning at all, he is fixed on the fact he is right and everyone else is a numpty Phil
  8. Every post you make just demonstrates your ignorance of all things boat related. Phil
  9. No it's not all about computers. Phil
  10. Silly question to ask a Colecraft owner. Phil
  11. Phil Ambrose

    Fitout "good ideas"

    Or to give it it's correct title.. a Zombie Thread Phil
  12. Phil Ambrose

    12v appliances when on shore power

    To be honest Nick, I can't be arsed to fanny around nit picking about what is best and what isn't. Let's face it, no matter what anybody said to you , your opinions are so entrenched that nobody would ever sway you.......a bit like me really. Phil
  13. Phil Ambrose

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Er isn't that what you did with your assertion that combis are best? Phil
  14. Phil Ambrose

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Show your working? Nah I'm retired. Phil

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