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Phil Ambrose

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    River Lark
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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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    Amber Rose Too
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    United Kingdom, Isleham

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  1. I was not TELLING you or anybody what to discuss but merely requesting, Phil
  2. We are out, Brexit exists, it's done and dusted one way or another, so pretty please can we all stop the infighting and bickering and not mention Brexit again ? Phil
  3. Another use for a mud weight is to drop one off the off side and if you find that some scrote has loosen your lines during the night the mud weight will be sufficient to hold your boat where you moored up. Phil
  4. Really don't see what the problem is .. ............just pay for your license, registration or whatever you choose to call it , job done I hate any kind of Dodger Phil
  5. My attention span is good............. for things that matter
  6. Frangar, that makes no sense whatsoever Phil
  7. Ooh you will upset Graham with talk like that Phil
  8. If you've got a willy worth waving just go on and flaunt it Phil
  9. I've already looked and came to the conclusion that compared to the volume of traffic the CWDF sub sec has very little and not all the comments are in anyway aimed at CWDF, you have to remember that for those who are banned it's a way of keeping upto date It is not in anyway a form of support, we have stood on our own 2 feet for the last 4 years (is that right?) I really can't see why it bothers you so much, why not regard it as an accolade? Phil
  10. Not sure if anybody uses that part of the forum, the problem is that everything ever posted stays around for ever, would suggest looking at the dates would bear this out Phil
  11. Sad really that Frangar should endeavour to put down someone who has been a member since 2009, has a greater post count, has a greater community reputation, and a greater days won count. Phil Small wonder I don't visit very often now
  12. Rusty, you know you don't need a sock puppet. Phil
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