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Phil Ambrose

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    River Lark
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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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    Amber Rose Too
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    United Kingdom, Isleham

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  1. Phil Ambrose

    Calcious deposit. :-)

    We get the same deposit on the river Lark which is a "chalk stream". Phil
  2. Phil Ambrose

    Another Lithium battery thread

    Nick, have a word with Peterboat or JohnV Phil
  3. Phil Ambrose

    Big Boat or Small boat? FAO Liveaboards...

    We spent 10 years on a 40x12 Broads cruiser and 10 years on a 60ft NB both had pros and cons so a hard one to call, would happily live on the cruiser again, sorry this post isn't much help Phil
  4. Phil Ambrose

    Rust along water line?

    Alan you , Bizzard and I know this fairly standard practice, it ain't rocket science to get a boat to heel over. Phil
  5. Phil Ambrose

    Unusual Issue

    If you are serious about going electric you could do far worse than speaking to Peterboat, he has gone Lithium Ion batts and electric drive. Phil
  6. Phil Ambrose

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Well no not in the case of Riverside Island Marina. The moorings are in a narrow basin, in a couple diches/dykes and along the riverbank. As the name of the place indicates it is an island. The lake is reached by a rather tight shallow arm which leads to a lake, around the lake are lodge homes and are all privately owned. Off the lake and the arm leading to it are arms along which are more lodge homes . The lake is only used by boats too long to turn in the basin. Of course the lodge owners do use it to moor their boats but the marina and the lodges are separate entities and thus the use of the lake is granted just for turning purposes Phil
  7. Phil Ambrose

    Phone direction. Voip answering. What sounds nice.

    I would be happy with either A or B if it keeps cold callers at bay then that's great. Phil
  8. Phil Ambrose

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Ref Mildenhall, sadly for the local economy the base is earmark for closure in the next couple of years, the traffic does consist of mainly tankers plus some fast jets and of course the Osprey along with a few Apaches. Traffic seems heavy because a lot of the transport and tankers do a lot of circuits and bumps just to keep their hand in. Reminds me of when I was due to fly home from Shannon, driving to the airport I was amazed at how many Jumbos were landing and taking off. When I got nearer it proved to be just one........ doing circuits and bumps LOL 😊 Phil
  9. Phil Ambrose

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Strange, we have a lake in our marina and a massive terrapin has been spotted in it, can't be the same one though as it's too far. Phil
  10. Phil Ambrose

    £50 off Simba. and it's changed my sleeping ;)

    We tried a memory foam mattress topper but failed to notice much difference, we bit the bullet and bought a memory foam mattress and found it great, no regrets. Phil
  11. Phil Ambrose

    Rudely woken by the CO Alarm

    I've posted praise for H cowl before, no ingress of rain, not effected by down draught and unaffected by wind causing fire to overdrawn H cowl very common on fishing vessels and they have plenty of wind to cope with Phil
  12. Phil Ambrose

    Flue Supplies

    Just think of the metre or so of flue inside the boat as a round radiator. Phil
  13. Phil Ambrose

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Fascinating to watch them swing the rotors to switch from vertical to horizontal, consider myself lucky to be able watch them operating. (Keep expecting to see Alice) Phil
  14. Phil Ambrose

    River Great Ouse in winter

    The Whissey is my all time favourite river. Phil
  15. Phil Ambrose

    A grim New Year.

    I think it's called closing your account ( a bit too radical) Phil

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