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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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  1. Today is a good day

    That's good enough for me Phil
  2. Today is a good day

    How so? . Phil
  3. Ignition barrel failing

    As Del Boy said.....You know it makes sense. Phil
  4. Ignition barrel failing

    Like I said in my earlier post, invest in a new ignition switch, not expensive and all the clues are there that your switch is failing. It could fail completely when you are miles from anywhere Phil
  5. When we moored on the Broads on a 40' x 12' GRP we never had her out in 10 years that we owned her. She never had any fouling issues I know because I checked under water. On the other hand we also had a 21' cruiser which fouled terribly with Zebra mussels and needed regular scraping off. A similar sized day boat we had never had fouling issues. My dinghy was always fine but Chris's would produce 2 builders buckets of Zebra mussels every year. I can only gather from my observations that the degree of fouling depends on the type of antifoul used. Oh and don't get hung up on Osmosis, it's not the killer some would have you believe, it has been said that a boat with Osmosis will outlive it's owner. In fact the Navy has quite a few GRP boats so they must be OK with the stuff. Phil
  6. I Hate Boats and Plumbing.

    Brian, I'll just stand there while you read my T shirt. Phil
  7. pru tim

    Grumpy Phil
  8. Ignition barrel failing

    Go for broke and fit a new ignition switch, could be the best £15-00 you've spent. Phil
  9. Pressure release valve

    No more than a glance from time to time just to check it has water in it at an appropriate level. Phil
  10. New service to boaters.

    I can see some people using this service. People fail to realise just how busy London can be . I lived there for 40 years and can remember my local supermarket which had 40 checkouts having queues 20 deep just to pay . Another supermarket had walkie talkie wielding security who controlled the numbers going in. " hello Fred; let two more in as two have just left" Phil
  11. I Hate Boats and Plumbing.

    Today I'm hating my calorifier as I've found it is leaking. Not a major job to replace but for the fact the boat was built round it , need the demolishion man. It was the same when the washing machine died, had to dismantle it to get it out of the boat. That reminds me of the C/H pump which I had to re-pipe working blind with my face pressed up against the Ellis gas boiler and my arms around it Why anybody thought any of this was a good idea needs shooting Phil
  12. Fair justice for all ?

    Clearly a case of major cockup, he deserves a medal. Phil
  13. I think i am going to give it a go but ?

    Wayne, just to give you an idea of how it can pan out. Our marina out in the Fens has a moorer who was a kitchen fitter who set himself up as a boat handyman. For the last 6 years he has been able to get enough work to keep himself busy He does anything from small fitting jobs to full fit outs plumbing work and paint jobs. So if he can do it from 86 liveaboards I'm sure you can. Phil
  14. Selling a home to live on a boat - does it really stack up?

    Thinking about it, owning B&M is a very English thing, on the Continent renting is the norm Phil
  15. Selling a home to live on a boat - does it really stack up?

    That is exactly how I greet the day, no finger mooring for me or for many others here too . You seem to be fixated on the notion that a marina has to be all finger moorings, well that is not the case. Our marina occupies a 80 acre island and many boats are on bank side and quite a lot are like me....bankside with a private garden complete with lawn, hedge and gate with our own address and mailbox to which the postman calls . No collecting coal or gas because it's delivered to my door. So all marinas are not the same Phil