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Phil Ambrose

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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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  1. Phil Ambrose

    Led spot light query

    Personally I would go for Bedazzled LED lamps. Yes I know they are more expensive but have a wide operating voltage, they are internally fused and I've never had a failure. Also no problem with interference etc etc. Phil
  2. Phil Ambrose

    Replacing Flooded Leisure Batteries

    Ref the magic eye, being of a curious nature I removed one once to find a plastic cage holding a green ball, simple as that. Phil
  3. Phil Ambrose

    Top up Orange PAYG phone

    Of course not having to worry about data costs etc does add another dimension to life. A pal of mine went out to Canada to drive Big Rigs and I had the pleasure of video calling him and seeing in real-time where he was, what his truck was like along with his load . Yes having a contract gives you a lot of freedom Phil
  4. Phil Ambrose

    Top up Orange PAYG phone

    Chris and I have always been on contract and when we found out what people we worked with were paying for top ups we were convinced our contracts worked out cheaper. We both can and do happily chat for literally hours with no worries about running out of credit We both call our families and friends freely with no thought for cost. Guess like all things...... horses for courses Phil
  5. Phil Ambrose

    Chinese diesel heaters........dont attack!!!

    I would try Goodwin Pastic tanks. They will make one to your exact spec, any shape and volume plus baffles if you desire and whatever fittings for pipework to suit your planned installation . I used them when I wanted a tank for a drip feed heater I was fitting. They seem happy to advise over the phone. Phil
  6. Phil Ambrose

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    Interesting to read comments about landfill site. I lived at Hayes West London for a while in the early 80s. Near us was a mahoosive gravel pit, it became depleted so the owner was left with a empty hole in the ground so he thought " I know what I'll do" and opened a landfill site. Over time his empty hole was now full so seeking a further profit centre he then sold the site destined to become a Science Park. To achieve this the huge full hole had to be excavated, the very smelly spoil transported to who knows where and the fresh hole tanked out with clay and refilled. The whole site was surrounded by the world's biggest air freshener by way of spray heads all along the perimeter which sprayed out a lemon scent when the wind was in the direction of the houses near by. And woe betide anyone passing on 2 wheels!!
  7. Phil Ambrose

    Adding a Cleat/Bollard to the gunwhales

    Verniers and micrometers make very expensive tap wrenches 😁 Phil
  8. Phil Ambrose

    Adding a Cleat/Bollard to the gunwhales

    Taps have a square end to fit a Tap Wrench , a tool specifically designed for use with taps, they give superb control over the tap in use enabling the tap to be held in a vertical position. Most apprentices make a couple of tap wrenches as a starter in engineering and a start on their own tool kit. Adjustable spanners do not come into it Phil
  9. Phil Ambrose

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    Interesting to read this thread with so many different opinions. all insisting they are right so I thought I would throw this in just to add to the range of "options" available. My marina is on EA waters, it's on a private island and we pay NO council tax and yes some residents claim housing benefit. It seems that it's all a lottery. Phil
  10. Phil Ambrose

    Adding a Cleat/Bollard to the gunwhales

    Tap wrench Phil
  11. Phil Ambrose


    Huh autocorrect again; my bad , try Robbo Phil
  12. Phil Ambrose


    Hells Bells Robbie is getting 300Mbps!! Thats 6 times faster than my fibre optic landline connection. Phil
  13. Phil Ambrose

    Accumulator & Expansions Tanks

    I've always bought EVs and accumulator from eBay best prices and value for money. Phil
  14. Phil Ambrose


    So you've posted and said precisely nothing. Phil
  15. Phil Ambrose

    Great Canal Journeys. New series

    Nothing wrong with your education. Phil

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