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    Helming our 60ft semi trad Colecraft, oh and drinking ale of course

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  1. For Tigerr Richard 10002 Graham Davies Refer to the post No 6330 by Wotever who I thank. So now I shall duck out of this discussion and you can sleep soundly in the knowledge you again managed to bully yet another contributed off this thread. Phil
  2. They were still going strong where I lived as a teenager but hey don't believe me as I am obviously lying Phil
  3. All I have to say is that there were a lot of imposters, never the less tell me why you feel it necessary to keep banging on about Moseley, it's almost as if you take pleasure in rubbing my nose in it which I (on a very personal level) find vile and abusive, Why do you need to harp back to what for me and my family was a very dark time. But hey I guess it's OK after all the only thing that matters to you is point scoring, all of the bile you have cone out with has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit. Phil
  4. Offence was taken on my behalf, check out my surname and though I'm only 73 I can assure you my memory is in perfect order so just stop peddling your vile abuse Phil
  5. You ask the question but you know the answer so why ask in the first place Phil
  6. A mate of mine lived on a 26ft Sea Otter and fitted a small Refleks with a day tank and it was a toasty boat. Phil
  7. What a waste if energy expended on this thread all for the sake of what? £4.00 Phil
  8. I seem to recall being taught about this at school a loooong time ago (60) years ish so not new. Phil
  9. Go on, live on the wild side and refuse to pay then you can report back to us on the outcome 😊 Phil
  10. Stretching my memory and yes 1952 would be about right as I recall being about 6 years old. The smogs however lingered on till the 60s, inbetween street lights you could see nothing, bus conductors would walk in front holding up burning newspapers for the driver to foĺlow. We had an in and out drive and one day when my dad came home from work a line of cars followed him in. Phil
  11. I take offence at your constant reference to Mosley personally your remarks that members here are allied to Fascists are distasteful in the extreme. I lived through the time of the Blackshirts and in the area of London where they peddled their vile ideals. You should be ashamed of yourself for bringing this discussion down to gutter level Phil
  12. I too remember the London smogs, mum's net curtains rotted due to the sulphuric acid content of the smog. However I don't recall using trams as the last tram in London ran in the mid 50s, I remember being taken for a ride on the last one . Phil
  13. I don't believe legislation will stop the practice, the use of the term "chlorine washed" is highly emotive when all that happens is an application of Milton and then washed with clean water. Think about it, what do many people dose their water tanks with? Phil
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