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  1. Plenty of headroom all the way up the Great Ouse and along the Cam. We cruise the main river with the canopy up all summer, nothing low until getting on for Bedford way. it has to come down in places for the tributaries though. Be aware resi moorings are like hens teeth on the Cam, and unlike the canal system the concept of constant cruising is also incredibly difficult to do without flouting the law or at the very least annoying other boaters.
  2. 😯 I had my friends following in their Freeman, they hadn’t been through before, it’s a ball ache to get the screen off the freeman as it doesn’t fold, they had been fretting about whether they would clear the bridges with it up. As we are slightly taller than them with our screen up I went first, knowing they would get under everything we could Il knew it would be tight through Upwell and Outwell, all our previous trips the screen was dropped at Marmonts Priory and left that way till Salters lode, no real need to push the envelope! This time I thought I’d give it a crack. Bridge 35 confirmed my suspicions! I didn’t have anything like the conditions you had to deal with - there is next to bugger all flow on Well Creek anyway 👍
  3. I was a bit confused for a moment there! Kings Lynn and you are on the Great Ouse. Nene is in at Wisbech - I wouldn’t fancy commuting to Cambridge from anywhere on the Nene, you won’t find any live aboard marina mornings Peterborough way either. Trawling up and down the A45 is about to become a nightmare at Chowns Mill so that knackers anything above Thrapston, A14 commute has always been crap to be honest - jury is out if the works at Huntingdon have helped or not. However If you are talking about commuting to Cambridge from the Great Ouse and its tributaries take a look at Little Ouse Moorings http://www.littleousemoorings.co.uk/ easy reach of the A10, or a short drive to Littleport and catch the train. Link route is basically <1.9m we can’t get under bridge 35 at the 5 Bells Upwell with the screen up (fag paper under 2m) it’s listed as 1.96m but slopes downward at the staithe side, I got in initially but needed a bit of smart reversing to stop the screen becoming matchwood and a 1000 piece glass jigsaw! last but one farm bridge as you head to Salters lode is similarly tight.
  4. The op looks to be in danger of bringing something that can’t get all the wayup and down the river. Fine if you don’t mind being very restricted on your cruising range, not so good if you want to get out and about! The bridge height chart does not take into account the amount of clearance at locks and also misses out a couple of road bridges. To give a good example it need not be a particularly big boat that gets thwarted by air draft. - a Shetland 4 + 2 with a hard top based at Titchmarsh will not normally be able to cruise any further downstream than Aldwincle road bridge near Thorpe Waterville, and up until a couple of years ago get no further than Middle Nene Sailing Club at Thrapston, a former member found this out to their cost. They are by no means the only ones to bring unsuitable (in terms of air draft) craft onto the river, there are plenty dotted about stuck with a very small cruising range. This is also before any mention of high flows/impending SSA, summer levels (what they used to be!) mean an achievable air draft of <2.1m (be that folding screens or partial dismantling of the damn boat!) is the only way to ensure you don’t get stuck/disappointed
  5. A vey rare visit for me. The Nene depth varies from <3’ to > 14’ how deep it is depends on where you are, mostly it is somewhere around the 5’ mark, we have an accurate depth sounder. As Simon mentioned shoaliing is an issue in certain locations - often below a lock backwater where there is invariably a sluice controlling the amount of water that bypasses the lock, a few that instantly spring to mind:- Woodford Denford Cotterstock Perio mill backwater Wansford Water Newton Alwalton 10’ beam is fine. 2.45m air draft is not. You would basically be restricted to cruising from the city centre up to Alwalton and back you need to be <2.1m to cruise the river in its entirety - even 2.1m can be a struggle at places like the road bridge on Barnwell Road just upstream from Oundle Marina, along with water newton and Yarwell lock footbridge/guilotine gate - not forgetting Fotheringhay bridge which will be a bit of a squeeze at that width and height. ETA, with our canopy up we have 2.4m air draft - we can’t get through the above list with it up. What boat is it?
  6. I'm breaking my rule of refusing to contributing to this forum. It's a pity many of you pedaling this nonsense about thunderboat members causing disruption didn't get a mirror for Christmas - if you drop the agenda and look at the facts the cause of all your angst lays at the feet of a few high profile cwdf members, the moderation team (what's left of it) and Daniel. Several people who post on here and thunderboat have tried to point out the error of this forums ways, the wailing and gnashing of teeth have come from your own membership - many of whom called for Lady G head, now they have it on a stick the same people are patting her on the back and telling her it was the rough kids from the wrong side of the street that did it - do me a favour! The fact this forum and it's members are the butt of many jokes on TB speaks volumes of just how badly wrong things have gone here. 32 months ago Daniel had the opportunity to think about how things had got out of hand, 32 months later nothing has changed - two mods go rogue and Thunderboat gets the blame rather than those involved from here who don't post on Thunderboat. If you don't believe any of the above, hold your nose so you can't smell the stink, jamb some matches to hold your eyelids open and have a gander at the copy and pastes on TB NBLola thread and see what really went on rather than what you want to believe went on. I would have liked to have stayed a contributing member on here, but, the narrow minded group think that is the mainstay has killed it for me - that and the downright lies some of the more prominent members (be that staff or otherwise) make. Particularly when called out for it on Thunderboat - it's a shame the major problems this forum has can't be discussed in the open here - good job it can be done over on Thunderboat and those that choose to can see it on Thunderboat - for the little good it may do. What a pity after 32 months I still feel this place is a shadow of its former self.
  7. Just about the same as you I guess? The similarities between your perceived wrong and those that were expunged from here are striking. The difference is you can air your views on here without censure - they can't. Me? I'm saddened by the whole affair.
  8. As you are well aware I can only go on what others that where involved have said, along with copy and paste and screenshots of the various discussions about people you and others felt the need to talk about 'for the good of the forum' something which it turned out to be about as far from as you could get. I draw my conclusions from what is available. That you don't agree with my thoughts is totally irrelevant - I feel Alan is totally wrong to take the stance he has, he's a big lad and can answer for himself without the CWDF lynch mob sharpening their pitchforks. The word all of you involved in this sorry mess are looking for is SORRY. You reap what you sow I'm afraid.
  9. OK Alan, from that I take it you felt justified in participating in THAT conversation because it was for the good of the forum? What a shame your moral compass had lost its bearing then.
  10. It's a minefield, social etiquette of a forum. There are others way more qualified than me on that subject!
  11. i thought Athy was being comically mischievous, hence my chopping up of his request for a similar comic effect, I failed by the look of his subsequent reply!
  12. Oh, I was kind of hoping you were having one of your scholarly play with words posts - hence my buggering about with your post to turn it from a request/question into a demand. Joke's are obviously not that good when they need explaining. I must try harder next time!
  13. Yes, sorry. Typed in a rush with no allowance for what my phone thought I wanted to type rather than what I actually wanted to type! Like that you mean? Your post has gone from a polite question to a demand. Oh how the English language can be bent to one's will.
  14. Credence?! Who ever said you'd be doing that?Where as over here the vocal minority win the day by hiding behind draconian rules that treat members like kids. The irony is somewhat delicious! PS what happened to the etiquette of not selectively quoting a post?
  15. Almost nothing. Is that better? Maybe so, but do you not see the rank hypocrisy of complaining about exactly the same thing when you happen to be on the receiving end?
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