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  1. Bless. if it makes you feel better I had paint to watch while It dried.
  2. The great Athy has spoken therefore it must be true - let’s face it, your track record for seeing the wood for the trees ain’t great. I’ll copy and paste these here for you so you can jog your memory - I suppose it’s a bit like the COVID rules, all in the interpretation; if you choose to interpret the posts in such a way that you think there is no issue with Arthur’s Ad-hominem attacks then so be it, that you also choose to be a bit cute about a post I wrote without proof reading but was more than clear enough to get my point across is par for the course I guess. To ensure we provide an enjoyable and safe platform for everyone, it is expected that members be respectful and civil in all communications on the site. CWDF provides an inclusive online waterways related environment suitable for all ages and the nature of the language and images used must reflect this You will not use CWDF to post or reference to any material anywhere on the site that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, aimed to deceive or ridicule, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, disruptive, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy Any user who contravenes the Forum Rules & Guidelines, or who otherwise incite disruption will be acted upon accordingly and will receive notification via the warning system, personal message or both. We strive to ensure that CWDF is a safe and enjoyable place for all and as such, these Forum Rules and Guidelines are subject to change. The last line is a corker ?
  3. I’ll quote this. Abuse? Nope. Thin skinned? Nope. Who cares it brings nothing to this forum whether ther is or isn’t praise for CRT on TB Never said there was or was not balanced option on CRT over at TB The rift exists exactly because of people like you - to deny it is nonsense. Chip on my shoulder - pull the other one! Grew up - must try harder Childish response? - you need new specs. You are aware your most of your post is pretty close to breaching your beloved forums rules and guidelines aren’t you?
  4. Why do people like you persist in peddling untruths like that? You are about as wide of the mark as can be. The rift that existed has been doing a fine job of being left in the past until people like you decide to poke the hornets nest once more. What do you get out of behaving like this? a weird sense of moral superiority? A pat on the head and a biscuit for towing the fake news party line? Im genuinely baffled, your picture shows you to have been on the planet long enough to know better.
  5. gazza

    DC-DC Converter

    A degree in Bullsh!t! well I never......
  6. And then I suddenly remember why I don’t post here very much.
  7. Knee deep (1 1/2’) at Peterborough yacht club. all of the middle Nene has suffered extensive flooding from Thrapston to Orton All boats safe at PYC, Orton Sluice is wide open - levels have peaked but a fair amount of water to shift yet. All of the fields on higher ground of the Nene valley are absolutely saturated. Thoughts to all who have been flooded (including my Mother In Law - first time since Easter 1998)
  8. No issues with flooding in Northamptonshire ??‍♂️ Take your pick from any story in the ET https://www.northantstelegraph.co.uk/.
  9. Anyone thinking this is something to be laughed off - think again. we have ad a prolonged period of rain, at times heavy leading up to today’s vertical bummer. Grafton Underwood stream feeds into the Nene at Islip, the stream is very nearly at Easter ‘98 levels and continuing to rise. There has barely been a let up in the rain all day. I walked the MIL’s dog at 11am, by 3pm the dog would have been swimming rather than walking the same route, Driving home we made it around the back of Boughton House in to Geddington, one dead Mini was the only casualty. No way that route is passible now, the stream hadn’t made it onto the road through the village at that time. By 5pm it was well over the road. My wife had 40 minutes added to her normal 15 minute drive from work to home, in the hour between 15:30 and 16:30 the old A43 became impassable between Geddington and Stanion at the Little Oakley junction. I wait with baited breath how we get on at Tier 4 Peterborough when this lot makes its way downstream at a rapid rate of knots. Anyone on the road - if you don’t think you can get through floodwater don’t! Your best off stuck with a working car rather than stuck with a dead one!
  10. The houses still stand Simon - Barky dogs reside at both - my old dog used to set them off when we went wandering down the 100' waiting for the tide!
  11. And so the seed of mistruths are set...... You’ve been knocking around fenland long enough to use it’s correct name - don’t dumb it down for the sake of the ditch dwellers on here ? Canalplan is not the oracle either!
  12. Since when did the Little Ouse become known as the Brandon Ouse?
  13. Plenty of headroom all the way up the Great Ouse and along the Cam. We cruise the main river with the canopy up all summer, nothing low until getting on for Bedford way. it has to come down in places for the tributaries though. Be aware resi moorings are like hens teeth on the Cam, and unlike the canal system the concept of constant cruising is also incredibly difficult to do without flouting the law or at the very least annoying other boaters.
  14. ? I had my friends following in their Freeman, they hadn’t been through before, it’s a ball ache to get the screen off the freeman as it doesn’t fold, they had been fretting about whether they would clear the bridges with it up. As we are slightly taller than them with our screen up I went first, knowing they would get under everything we could Il knew it would be tight through Upwell and Outwell, all our previous trips the screen was dropped at Marmonts Priory and left that way till Salters lode, no real need to push the envelope! This time I thought I’d give it a crack. Bridge 35 confirmed my suspicions! I didn’t have anything like the conditions you had to deal with - there is next to bugger all flow on Well Creek anyway ?
  15. I was a bit confused for a moment there! Kings Lynn and you are on the Great Ouse. Nene is in at Wisbech - I wouldn’t fancy commuting to Cambridge from anywhere on the Nene, you won’t find any live aboard marina mornings Peterborough way either. Trawling up and down the A45 is about to become a nightmare at Chowns Mill so that knackers anything above Thrapston, A14 commute has always been crap to be honest - jury is out if the works at Huntingdon have helped or not. However If you are talking about commuting to Cambridge from the Great Ouse and its tributaries take a look at Little Ouse Moorings http://www.littleousemoorings.co.uk/ easy reach of the A10, or a short drive to Littleport and catch the train. Link route is basically <1.9m we can’t get under bridge 35 at the 5 Bells Upwell with the screen up (fag paper under 2m) it’s listed as 1.96m but slopes downward at the staithe side, I got in initially but needed a bit of smart reversing to stop the screen becoming matchwood and a 1000 piece glass jigsaw! last but one farm bridge as you head to Salters lode is similarly tight.
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