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  1. MAIB report: https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/grounding-of-general-cargo-vessel-lagik-at-port-sutton-bridge-river-nene-england-resulting-in-total-constructive-loss-of-the-vessel
  2. An alternative theory is that the engineer who built these two locks had a sense of humour, and thought "This will fox them in 200 years time, trying to work out why I did this. I bet they come up with all sorts of weird theories. A similar argument may explain why the Oxford switches from single to double bottom gates at Banbury (though construction did pause there for a few years).
  3. Sorry to hear that. I may well be cruising past at some point this year.
  4. The legal situation is different on EA rivers than on CRT waterways, so worth checking if you really don't plan to move the boat. (The marina may well require BSS and insurance anyway, of course)
  5. Ah, well spotted. We moved from there in 1988.
  6. Uh? I don't think the choice of biscuits tells you very much.
  7. That's very fine (does it correct for BST/GMT?!) I got mine from an Australian website, which needed a bit of twiddling to get it to work in the Northern hemisphere.
  8. Here's one of my favourite gadgets, a sun compass. Only requires a watch to operate it. Oh and some sun.
  9. I enjoyed this talk by Skip Novak at the recent RYA AGM, some strong views on boats getting over-complex and having too much equipment. (the link below jumps over the intro remarks by the RYA's CEO).
  10. You bounce around on Albert Bridge too. Useless fact: the central pillar there was added in the 1970s to strengthen the bridge.
  11. Daily licences for the ML are 10-15 a day, the detail is on the link. If you buy an EA visitors licence for the Nene and Great Ouse, then: you are not able to buy an Anglian pass. It is only available for someone who has an annual licence (from EA, MLC, Camcon, or EA/CRT gold); there is no way to buy a visitors licence for the Cam above Bottisham Lock
  12. The bodge was that the bearings were needed at all, to get around the foundations of the old bridge. To be fair the sewers are coping fine, tthe issue is STW capacity and problems with storm water and concrete rather than grass. Did you see the excellent recent bbc documentary on the science of sewage? Good shots of Minworth STW....
  13. The film we had at school had a line in the commentary something like this: "Note the engineer, who is sensibly walking along the nodal line, rather than the antinode."
  14. The plan is that it will support the weight of the current bridge, as the chains and bearings will need to be removed for maintenance etc. There's a nice description of what is going on (including the way Bazalgette bodged the orginal design) in the Aecom report here. It's the sideways (shear) force on the pedestal that creates the risk of sudden failure. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hammersmith-bridge-engineering-reports
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