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  1. Yes, looking at my photos again I suspect it is the channel below the lock that is new, not the lock.
  2. Abington lock is new, but Weston Favell is as built in the 1930s. (It has a new barrage above it.) I think the lock under the M1 on the Northampton Arm is new - relocated as part of the construction no doubt. I will find out more about Bottisham.
  3. I'd need to look at the book again but yes they were used for navigation. It is thought the stone for Ely Cathedral came by stone from the Crowland area, and the river was moved nearer to the site to permit that, to its current route. Some of these waterways are part of the scheme to connect Boston to Peterborugh by non-tidal waterways, as part of sorting out drinking water supply in Cambridgeshire. Chris Howes did a rather good talk about this a year or two ago. You may mean Little Thetford, just south of Ely?
  4. The weather is improving in Ely, though the moorings are pretty full. (Queen Adelaide EA moorings are still out of use).
  5. This is a fine map of the system as it was in about 1080. Source: Anglo Saxon Hydraulic Engineering by Chisholm. You can see the original Nene that (obviously) went round March (to the North) not through it in a cutting (as the Old Nene does...).
  6. River Nene, an unofficial mooring near Oundle. This was even nicer (near Wadenhoe)
  7. Yes, that's right, folds in. The profile is no higher than the upstand on the inside of the side deck. I decided to put it in front of the step that I use to get up to the side deck. I never walk that part of the gunwale, not least as there is nothing to hold onto!
  8. The relief channel could be even lower. It's worth noting that the Old River Nene used to flow in the direction you are travelling, ie downhill towards Upwell. The lock at Marmont shows how much the bottom section was lowered in 1850 or so when the main drain was built. I do think Mullicourt muist be the lowest aqueduct on the system ... PS the stretch to the south west of Lode End lock is lower than the main section when the lock is in use, but is not at a lower level below sea level if you see what I mean!
  9. It folds flat when not in use, and the trip hazard is I think less than taking the line to the T stud.
  10. Apologies if someone has posted this before, but I find my folding cleats very handy, especially for spring lines (like this one).
  11. They look like posts for securing the gates in a closed position ?? There are paddle bars I think in the centre of each of the four gates. The top ones appear not to leak at all ...
  12. Does this count? https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/115051-belfast’s-first-new-navigation-lock-in-over-250-years-opening-gates-on-tuesday/
  13. The last time I saw a Nene lock reversed the headroom under the fully raised guillotine was about 2 feet, so (even with strong ropes!) this would have been a very dangerous manuever! I had a similar experience as you at Ditchford, that was when the weir alongside was being repaired (after a narrowboat sank) and so most of the flow had to go through the lock.
  14. I regularly call out (on the Cam) "Ahead scull", or "Take a look" which are recognized signals and one that rowers often use to each other. I also have a horn that I blow into, which is useful for alerting boats behind you (sounding the horn at the bows is a waste of time, as noted). It's a while since I did any sculling, I found it rather difficult. Turning round to look is not good for the balance. Here's a photo I use sometimes when talking about the Thames tideway. The boat with the hole in the transom belongs to the coach !! Not really. Usually the cox is much smaller than the hulks in front of them, and leaning out to have a look disrupts the balance when racing. Hence there's quite a blind spot dead ahead...
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