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  1. Andy H did say it would be quick once the part is back from Leeds . I spoke to him on Friday lunchtime.
  2. It's normally not too weedy. If you can get through the lock, you can wind at the end of all three Lodes.
  3. 65' would be very tight, but you might make it with fenders up and at an angle. The interlocking system on the guillotines prevents you opening both gates at once, even if the water is level. Fall is normally 6-12". If the river Cam rises too much then the pumping station ķicks in and the lock is not useable.
  4. I just spoke to Andy Hall, one of the river inspectors. No promises as they are in the hands of the specialist contractor in Leeds. But he hopes will be one day towards end next week. That matches Wadenhoe which was nine days.
  5. I have just popped in to Foxes at March. They knew no more than what is in the published EA notices. I may try calling or texting one of the inspectors.
  6. I designed my own to hold all the key data. There is also a hardback exercise book inside (currently on volume 14) for a more discursive record, poems, sketches, the occasional pressed flower etc etc.
  7. When a group of boats stayed in Dartford lock for a week or so (back in 2018) we always had a skipper on duty to make sure the boats floated off on each rising tide. The latter third of this blog gives a bit more detail (I was rather pleased with the inclinometer...) https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2018/05/29/fc3-dartford/
  8. Interesting. I can understand that if one end of the gearbox is going around (connected to the motor) and the other end is not (a seized guide etc) then something is going to fail.
  9. Thank you. I will stock up on WD40...
  10. Thanks! I'd be very interested to know what the problem at Islip was.
  11. This stoppage is also affecting my voyage this year. But i am not sure EA will read your message here?
  12. Six manual guillotines, plus about the same number with V doors at both ends.
  13. This website is the one to subscribe to for alerts. There is an active Nene FB group too. https://teamup.com/ks42748cc81f4df974 https://teamup.com/ks42748cc81f4df974/events/969950864
  14. And now there is a similar problem at Irthlingborough. Early rumours suggest might be fixed by 6 August. My current plan is to remove the newly fitted part at Wadenhoe and carry it up river by boat, and install it at Irthlingborough. What could possibly go wrong??
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