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  1. Thanks! It is a lovely spot. I am ashamed to say not been there by boat since 1985, when it rained all the way to Godalming, but I did walk that stretch recently. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2018/06/30/pyrford-river-wey-2/
  2. Flood lock on the Wey, near Pyrford? I don't remember a house there... But there is a house in the photo that follows
  3. D- shaped: St Ives, Hemingford, Houghton, Godmanchester, Brampton, Eaton Socon (6) Straight: Brownshill, Paper Mill, Offord, Cardington, Bedford (5) Twin mitre: Roxton, Barford, Willington, Castle Mill (4) I don't think Denver counts, as the Ely Ouse is a separate river system (it should be called the Cam .. .). And its only had guillotines since three 1980s
  4. Cardington, I think? One of the few guillotine locks that is not D shaped....
  5. Lots of photos of the Fenland waterways here (I've had my boat here since 2015). Happy to answer any questions: https://scholargypsy.org.uk/contents/ I would particularly recommend a diversion to Wicken Fen, accessible via Upware lock (not Upwell!) on the EA part of the Cam. The blog also includes a couple of posts about the New Bedford River, if you go that way. Last time I went to the head of navigation I turned here (57' boat). One side of the island was too shallow, the other side had too much vegetation. I don't think anyone has yet mentioned the Abloy key that you need to access the lock control panels, water points etc on the Nene and Ouse systems. Not as easy to find as a CRT key... The Imrays guide to the Great Ouse is being rewritten, I think the new edition should be out soon. Get advice from the EA lockkeeper at Denver if you want to try the NBR, it can be tricky on weak neap tides. Make sure you subscribe to the email alerts for the Nene and the Bedford Ouse. There is at present no such system for the Ely Ouse but it's not really necessary. On both the Nene and Bedford Ouse there are at the moment several locks where the V doors are open at one end (what are known as mitre gates on the rest of the system!) and the guillotine is up at the other end. There are quite lively groups for both rivers on Facebook. If you like flags then I would encourage you to fly the Fenland flag ....
  6. The EA have appointed a consultant to look at just this question. I attended an open meeting he held a year ago at Denver. Some interesting ideas
  7. A couple of relevant EA notices - Denver and Dog.
  8. Amazingly, I have found the tide tables. High tide at KL was 6.1m at 1030, so midway between the previous spring (7.3m on the 18th) and the next neap (4.8m on the 26th) https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2015/05/27/scholar-gypsy-crosses-the-wash/
  9. Daryl the pilot said the boat handled very comfortably. Two of the crew got a bit green, but I wasn't worrying about them. There was a bit of spray at the bows, but (I think) the exhaust outlet didn't go underwater. If you want some local advice about Stowbridge, I would join the "Spotted on the Wash" group on Facebook. A couple of local boaters have done some drone surveys, and put up some home made markers on the bank to show you which side you need to be on. We left Denver an hour before local high water, to arrive at Stowbridge bang on high water. The lowest reading on the depth sounder was 1.6 metres (90 cm under the keel) which was quite a long way north of Kings Lynn (i.e. in the buoyed channel) and rather less than I was planning for! It's not unknown for boats to run out of water on the way out to the Wash...
  10. You are right to focus on the weather! On our trip from KL to Boston it was a bit marginal - wind forecast at 12 mph from the NE. It got quite lively on the way out (wind over tide) but much calmer as soon as the tide turned and we turned the boat to have the wind behind us. To avoid having the wind and waves on our beam we took a rather indirect course (see chart in video). This pretty rubbish video gives a flavour - maximum roll was 12 degrees which felt more than enough! Daryl said the forecast was right at the limit of what he would accept. I meant to add that there is some hanging about if you come from Denver as you need to leave there before high water in order to get over the sandbanks at Stowbridge and be sure to be in the Wash before you run out of water. Less critical on the Nene.
  11. An alternative is to find a permanent email address, which you then set up to forward to your actual email address. That way, after your next round of changing email addresses with online shopping etc, you will never need to do it again. You just need to change (once) where your email forwards to. You use your permanent address to register with websites, give out to people, etc. At least two ways of doing this: * set up a gmail address with Google, and then set up a fillter to forward all email somewhere else * buy your own domain name (cuthound.org.uk is available for £9 a year from names.co.uk) and then forward all email somewhere else. I do both, for rather complex reasons!
  12. Certainly not the Perch, as that is well set back from the Thames.
  13. This video gives a nice idea of the scale of the new barrage at Boston - still surrounded by coffer dams. You can see Black Sluice lock in the distance about half way through,
  14. Useful information for anyone planning a Wash crossing this year.
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