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  1. Good stuff. I was wondering why I am a bit sort of sitting space at the moment. I should have added 8 ) Fill in the maintenance record if any parts have been replaced.
  2. The annual maintenance (or after deployment) is 1) weigh the gas bottle. If it is less than the weight stamped on it then replace. They can't be refilled. 2) check the expiry date on the salt cartridge, and replace as necessary 3) inflate the LJ (using a footpump) and leave for 24 hours to see if any leaks 4) check webbing, clips, buckles etc for wear
  3. Here's why. I buy my spare parts (DIY maintenance is very straightforward, if you buy some decent digital kitchen scales) from here: https://www.lifejackets.co.uk/ They also have some good videos on maintenance. I would go for those with the simple United Moulders mechanism, not Hammar as they are rather fiddly. About 150N if you are of, er, average build.
  4. Rarely. Occasionally use a mud anchor on the Great Ouse system where I can't get a line ashore at the stern.
  5. This blog gives you a flavour - plus the following two posts for the Nene and the Grand Union. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2019/05/05/easter-cruise-1-ely-to-peterborough/
  6. I wouldn't go much before Easter. Boston to the Great Ouse via Kings Lynn is perfectly doable, with a pilot (your insurance may require this anyway). The main issue is the siltation at Stowbridge (a few miles north of Denver), which may mean it's not possible to make the transit on all tides. Here is my record of the Denver to Boston trip. You go quite close to a buoy called SUNK so not for the superstitious! https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2015/05/27/scholar-gypsy-crosses-the-wash/
  7. Yes, I think that was a 2008 photo.
  8. See the post on the far left of this photo ...
  9. And note that the email today from CRT about the lockdown in Leicester has moved that fine city to the "North West".
  10. In general, no. Some busy flights have volunteers, some of the time, who can help you. Only a very few locks on the canals are manned (usually where a canal meets a tidal river).
  11. I think you are right - although the locals say the port authority (ABP) are not really bothered if you stay above Keadby ....
  12. Indeed so. It's a pleasant walk up from the basin in Welford to walk around the reservoirs above the village.
  13. Just to add there is a lot of freight traffic on the river at the moment - the usual rubbish barges (to Nine Elms and Wandsworth) but also a lot of traffic (various sites, up to Putney) for the Thames tideway tunnel (see my photo above). Personally I worry more about these boats, either overtaking you or meeting them at a bridge where they have priority, than about the passenger boats and RIBs -- which are much more maneuverable. The PLA link is https://www.boatingonthethames.co.uk/Cruising, but also check the notices to mariners on the main PLA website.
  14. Anyone is allowed to single hand on the Thames. I would not advise it for a novice. As you imply there's quite a lot to worry about on the tideway, in particular closed bridge arches and big boats (example below). A mud anchor would not meet the PLA's recommendations for cruisers. https://www.boatingonthethames.co.uk/Cruising
  15. Just to add a point on boxed in engines. Our was done in such a way that all of the box can be dismantled in about five minutes (two screws, lifting out five panels and two steel beams) whic gives good access to the engine, as you can see here
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