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  1. This depends on the dimensionality of the surface ....
  2. Bother, I should have thought of that. It might even work. ....
  3. This is Brandon Lock just after Christmas. (Not my photo). I was quite tempted to take advantage of this to get my 57' boat up to Brandon, but~ 1) The EA issued a notice advising against navigating this stretch 2) I might have got stuck the wrong side of the lock. 3) Turning the boat at Brandon would have been "interesting". There is now a rather large sandbank there (yes, I do mean sand), further restricting navigation.
  4. I guess I am surprised there was not a narrative verdict, for example some findings relating to the ?reckless behaviour of the crew, briefing for the skipper on handover etc. Like others below, MOB drill is I think the second thing I brief novice steerers on when I let them have a go on my boat, after I have explained how the morse control works. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inquests_in_England_and_Wales#Verdict_or_conclusions
  5. Obviously, we haven't seen/heard all the evidence, but on the basis of this I thought the coroner was quite gentle on the skipper in charge of the boat. Ho hum.
  6. PS Welland, Nene and Great Ouse are all managed by the Environment Agency and so covered by a gold licence.
  7. This is the only blog I am aware of, by VERY experienced boaters. IWA Lincoln branch have organised trips I think. A non-trivial trip, for the reasons explained in the blog, and you are out in open water for quite a long time, pretty similar to the other Wash crossings. The Welland (Fulney lock) and the Glen are not well used. So I would agree with @Alan de Enfield comment! http://www.tuesdaynightclub.co.uk/Tour_01/fen8.html
  8. Ah yes, I forgot that. (It's amusing that the Old River Nene now flows uphill). The reassurance re Ely is that the EA manage the levels to keep Ely at a more or less constant level. It got over 1.0m just before Christmas, the highest I have ever seen it. Many of the boats at Denver and on the Little Ouse are sitting on the bottom. https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/1671/1812/2020-12-15/2021-01-15 Here's a fun video that Paul Burrows from the EA made over the Christmas period.
  9. That's good to hear, though people at Foxes seem to be getting a bit nervous on Facebook. The flow has risen rather sharply on the Bedford Ouse - here's the gauge at Offord (which seems to have hit its maximum reading of 138.537 (why that number) cumecs over Christmas. https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/13346/8754/2020-12-15/2021-01-15
  10. Tell us about the jokes at your older daughter(s) weddings, and we might understand the reason for this ban.
  11. 400 cumecs in Shrewsbury earlier today, I think the largest in living memory? Meanwhile, the land in the Fens is so waterlogged that all the rain is running straight off into the watercourses.
  12. No commentary, just some gloopy lift music.
  13. I find the main challenge on the tidal Thames - and I am now pretty experienced - is the huge variety of boats that you will encounter, some much bigger than you, some much smaller, and working out the safest way to avoid collisions! As well as the trip boats, the Met Police can generate a bit of wash ...
  14. I know of three boats that did this trip with one pilot between them, last summer. They would have all been careful about their insurance etc.
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