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  1. I can check my shoreline manual tomorrow if that helps, but I think it is very much as the Bugsworth Tippler says, with a rather surprising common +ve terminal. I installed two fans, and a ridiculous rotary switch that enables me to choose between no fans, fan A, fan B, or fans A and B. Some of my crew say the fan keeps them awake. I also added a LED indicator light to show when the compressor is running, and second one (with the neg to one of the other terminals...) to repeat the low voltage warning light which is quite hard to spot in its current position.
  2. Indeed. This was an interesting and unusual maneuver, as we were heading downstream with the tide, but had to give way to the inbound boat that was going flat out (normally the barges go with the tide). Of course it's quite hard to stop in these circumstances, so we just drifted for a bit and that gave the inbound tug enough time to clear the arch so we could use it. If necessary we would have turned around to starboard to stem the tide.
  3. Two days is fine for that trip. My best advice re river moorings is to start early, moor up early, and then enjoy the glorious summer weather. There are a number of places where you can just tie to a tree, and/or drop the anchor/mud weight, if you are not bothered about getting ashore. For example in the backwaters below some locks (Clifton Hampden is a good example). Speaking personally, I would do your shopping in Oxford and not plan to buy anything on the way.
  4. and on the tidal Thames a flashing white light means don't go through that arch, as something big has priority ...
  5. Good to know. I am slightly red green colour blind, but can normally manage traffic lights.... Good to know. I am slightly red green colour blind, but can normally manage traffic lights....
  6. The system at the Glory Hole in Lincoln was quite entertaining, going downstream you can't see the notice that explains the difference between red and flashing red until it is too late to stop. The sluice at Stamp End was also behaving rather oddly in June, we had 10 mins of flashing red and a strong current, and then about 30 of no current, green light, and the water level coming back up. Repeat.
  7. A pedant writes: 1) there are a few canals (the Birmingham new main line is the obvious one) with towpaths on either side, 2) you asked about canals. On rivers the concept of a towpath is more fluid - sometimes you can moor on the left bank, sometimes on the right, sometimes not at all. Any path can quite often jump from one side to the other, usually at the location of a long forgotten ferry,
  8. How about the system on some French canals where there is a handle suspended in the middle of the lock that you twist to set the automated locking process in motion....
  9. Thank you, I'd not seen that. James has just sent me a nice lapel badge ....
  10. I think you mean Paul Separovic, he is still active but the account has been renamed a month or three ago to https://twitter.com/EnvAgencyAnglia There is also good information on various Nene related facebook groups, including one run by Friends of the Nene.
  11. Yes Brandon is a bit tricky - there's a bit of a shoal between the EA moorings and the lock/staunch, and levels have been quite low recently. One boat was stuck there for a couple of days in April, until EA came and opened up the staunch to flush them out....
  12. I've just had a hospital silencer fitted, and it is not lagged (though the connections to and from it are). It doesn't get very hot. Is the argument against lagging that it traps moisture in the winter months and so aids corrosion? I now get absolutely no noise from the exhaust, even standing on the towpath. The downside is that I have a number of "new" rattles and squeaks that were obscured before. And I have to recalibrate my (aural) rev counter as the one on the boat has not worked for over 20 years ....
  13. Thank you. It is a bit out of control and does somewhat impede the steerer's visibility. From the right, working down each pair: St Pancras Cruising Club, Fenland flag USA (where son #1 is living at the moment), AWCC (handy for getting free visitor moorings at other AWCC clubs) Pembrokeshire (where my wife's family have lots of connections), Vanuatu (South Pacific, where son #2 is living at present) HM Diamond Jubilee Pageant flag Welsh Dragon, IWA (old logo) Great Ouse boating assn, Spotted on the Ouse facebook group, Boating Association (who publish the Trent charts). Under current plans for next year's cruise, I will need to get some more ...
  14. I am sorry, I am not very good at resisting temptation. Taken this morning at St Neots, weather rather nicer today. I am also supporting the campaign for a new Fenland Flag - a similar idea to the Black Country flag... You can also see my small Welsh Dragon here, second from the right.
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