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  1. I hope so. I have just been testing my new Fenland flag, which arrived in the post this week. I may have clicked the wrong size on the website ...
  2. Which way are you aiming to make the crossing, and roughly when? This year I am part of a large group crossing from Boston to Wisbech in mid-June.... My resources page from 2015 ... https://nbsg.wordpress.com/washing/
  3. May see you soon - locking in at Salters Lode on Thursday morning.
  4. As noted above the mechanical advantage is defined by the horizontal distance between the fore end of the tiller bar and the vertical axis going through the rudder post. Here's another theory: when the tiller is removed it is still quite easy to move the rudder back and forth, should you wish to do so, by putting one hand on the joint (ie where the bar goes) and the other on the S bit.
  5. Enjoy the tunnel at Braunston. There's quite a disorienting s- bend 400 metres from the east end - watch the signs. The tunnel jumps about six feet to the left. You might want to avoid meeting an oncoming boat at this point.
  6. I seem to remember that CRT insist on extra salvage cover for boats using the London Docklands waterways.
  7. In case anyone is wondering what a plummer block is, here is mine.... It oozes rather more grease than the stern gland, which hardly uses any at the moment.... I like to put my bilge pump into a plastic tray, that catches any water.
  8. Here's the alert that was in force 12th-19th March, note the bit I have highlighted. "This is a boating advice message from the Environment Agency. STRONG STREAM ADVICE is in force: River Advice for Boaters on the River Nene. This River Advice for Boaters is: River Nene between Northampton and Peterborough for the purpose of navigation. ------------------------------------------------------- Locks along the river may be closed to navigation. The Environment Agency strongly advises against attempting to navigate on the River. River flows are above normal, too fast for safe manoeuvring and headroom at some sites will be restricted. Boats should be moored properly to accommodate changing river levels. In an emergency, please contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60."
  9. Be my guest .... I guess going downstream in a whitewater kayak should be feasible. The last time I saw a reversed lock the headroom was about three feet. Some Great Ouse photos here https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20140328105253/http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/static/documents/Leisure/Strong_Stream_Advice_Newsletter_Issue_1.pdf
  10. There is a separate system for the Anglian waterways, esp the Nene and the Bedford Ouse upstream of Earith. On the EA website somewhere. There is a text / email notification service that you should subscribe to. The Nene in particular is closed to navigation, at some locks the mitre (V) gates are locked open and the guillotine at the other end is opened. Navigation then completely impossible ... https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/ is my favourite for real time data, some flow but mostly levels i think
  11. Thank you. Please contact the marina to arrange a temporary mooring. Feel free to suggest you use my space.
  12. Yes, this one! Oh! >>>> Warning, Russell's paradox territory. If you answer Yes, then you have answered the question and so you should have answered No. If you answer No, then all questions can be answered, but you have answered No and so must have identified a question that cannot be answered. Sorry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barber_paradox
  13. This may help. http://thamescruising.co.uk/?p=38
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