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  1. Scholar Gypsy

    Route advice

    I spotted that too, I think nikvah means Trent Lock, where the Erewash, Soar, Trent, and Cranfleet Cut meet. I also just learnt that it is where Leics, Notts and Derbyshire meet.
  2. Apologies for the short notice. I am taking the boat along the Backs in Cambridge next weekend. You can only do this in the winter. I have some spaces for extra crew. Please PM me if you are interested. Saturday 23rd February RV at Jesus Lock Cambridge at 1000 or so (0842 train from Kings Cross would do nicely) Lunch at 1200 (soup and bread etc). 1300-1800 optional bonus cruise back to Ely (passing Waterbeach station on the way). Lots of racing eights.
  3. Scholar Gypsy

    cloudy diesel

    Yes, I use this through the filler, no dregs to speak of. The photos above are from 2015.
  4. Scholar Gypsy

    cloudy diesel

    I use Marine 16 biocide.
  5. Scholar Gypsy

    Route advice

    I think the confusion is because the OP said down to Fradley, rather than up, and maybe people read "down to Keadby" ??
  6. Scholar Gypsy

    cloudy diesel

    My paranoia on this issue is due to having crewed on two particular narrow boats for a tideway trip. Everything was fine for about 30 mins, and then the said sludge/crap got nicely stirred up and blocked the filters. Fortunately in each case we had a couple of minutes warning to call for help. I use a thin copper pipe down the filler and a hand pump to see what's going on at the bottom of the sump. After my last lumpy water crossing (the Wash) there were a few specks of water at the bottom pf the pre filter bowl. Allowing for the capacity of the bowl, and the circulation of the fuel during a long day, I reckon this was about 1 part water in 40,000, which sounds acceptable. PS I like the original photo - looks pretty good to me!
  7. Scholar Gypsy

    Upware Marina

    The prices do vary a lot depending on the nature of the mooring, who runs it (a boatyard with employees or a farmer who has it more as a sideline), whether you have mains electricity or water etc. You'll presumably want power, either mains or a generator? There are quite a few places in the Upware area. I found it useful to explore using Google Earth, and then exploring by car!
  8. Scholar Gypsy

    Upware Marina

    Sorry, never had any dealings with them, despite mooring fairly close. I think twenty pence just do moorings. I don;t think I have ever seen a NB there. Might be worth looking at the Lazy Otter at Stretham. What sort of works do you want doing? And do you want to do them yourself, or get someone else to do them?
  9. Scholar Gypsy

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    By the way, one can see some very early (and big) diesels running at my favourite museum: https://www.prickwillowmuseum.com/
  10. Scholar Gypsy

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    Good point. When I crossed the Wash in 2015, my insurer had a list of conditions / advice, which made a lot of sense and which I complied with. The other two boats: their insurer said that the Wash was covered by the standard "tidal interconnecting waterways" clause, ie no different to the Trent between Cromwell and Keadby. They maintained this line even when asked "are you sure?". As you will well know, those two waterways are not quite the same !
  11. Scholar Gypsy

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    The last person I know who did this trip was indeed flying, at well over 20 kts....
  12. Scholar Gypsy

    Boat Hire for 2020

    I think my favourite mooring was at Osberton, just below the lock, next to Scofton village. Not a brilliant bank as you can see. One can also moor just above the lock at Gringley-on-the-Hill and walk up to the village (I am not on the lock landing, honest).
  13. Scholar Gypsy

    solar..parallel Vs series parallel

    Ah yes. So compared with one single panel, the arrangement of 4 in your original diagram will deliver double the current, and double the voltage. So 4 times the power (2x2 not 2+2).
  14. Time for a dawn shot from the Fens.
  15. That's why I have two on top of the stern hatch; a further one at the bows; and also heaving lines at both ends of the boat (more useful than lifebelts)'; oh and a safety ladder at the stern that can be deployed from the water.

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