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  1. Or you could start from Liverpool, or Ellesmere Port. Some nice shots of the Mersey in this week's "Saving lives at sea" (BBC2). Also a rather hairy rescue near Tobermory.
  2. Thanks again to all for their advice, and history on the making of pipe joints. I bought a BSPT to NPT adaptor, and a new sensor and gauge (VDO). In the end I was able to remove the old sensor while leaving the existing adaptor in the engine block, and I was able to satisfy myself (using the redundant adaptor) that the old and new sensors were both NPT. A bit of PTFE and some crimping, and I am now getting over 4 bars. It will be interesting to see again how this drops as the engine warms up. I also have a bit of kitchen towel in place, to check that the joint is not leaking. Also very pleasing that the buzzer (the other sensor) comes on exactly as the needle gets down to zero - I've never had that before.
  3. Thank you, I have found a BSPT (taper) to NPT adapter, and a NPT sender, so I hope that will work.... I am assuming that the hole in the control panel is a standard size - they do all seem to be 52mm...
  4. Thank you, that is helpful. Who was it who said "the good thing about standards is that there are so many of them" ...?
  5. I have two oil pressure sensors on my engine (Mitsubishi K4). The further one in this picture is the low pressure alarm, and this works fine (gets tested every time I stop and start the engine). And when I change the oil it beeps for a couple of seconds as the new oil is picked up by the pump and gets to the sensor -- all as normal. The nearer one is connected to a standard sized dial on the control panel, and this has been behaving rather sluggishly for a few months. I don't think I have a substantive problem with the oil pressure, so I am planning to replace the sensor and the dial with a new pair. (I also grounded the sensor wire, and the gauge flipped over to maximum pressure, so I think the circuit is OK - I had been about to check the connector plugs...) So my question is: is the threaded hole in the engine block a standard size? The parts list for engine also includes a couple of plugs for these holes (I guess in case they are not in use) which are labelled "PLUG, taper (PT-1/8)". I can find quite a few sensors on the internet, labelled 1/8" NPT, and as far as I can see PT and NPT are not quite the same (pipe thread and national pipe thread). It may be that there is an adaptor between the engine block and the sensor. So do I need a PT to NPT adaptor and then an NPT sensor ?? Many thanks for reading this far ....
  6. Yes, it's the same bus, goes Peterborough to Northampton. I guess it depends where you want to get to eventually, also I had never been to Corby before....
  7. Ely, an easy walk to Cathedral Marina and Bridge Boats (who have a large hire fleet too). Littleport, also an easy walk to the marina there. Oundle, train to Corby and then a regular bus service from there.
  8. The Boston arrangements have changed slightly since this notice. I got this updated dated 2nd August. Update on 02/08/2021: Apologies for yet another short notice update. However I hope this is a welcome one! No sooner had we agreed within the team that we could shorten the summer notice period from 5 days to 3, they have come up with an additional solution to reduce booked passage at Boston to 2 days. As the navigation authority we retain the right to refuse or cancel passage where necessary to do so. However we aim to adhere to 2 day notice periods as far as possible. Therefore please give at least 2 days notice for passage through Boston Lock. Our Lock keeper remains well placed to advise on tidal passage.
  9. That's a good photo - not seen that before. I think that bridge is just behind me in this photo ...
  10. You have forgotten about Fenny Compton tunnel, about 1100 yards long I think ...
  11. Don't forget Reach, near Cambridge http://www.reach-village.co.uk/history.html
  12. Yes, that's why I use bow and stern lines when going up, even when single handed. I think Castle Mill must depend on the design & size of the boat. With mine the flow pulls the boat sideways into the middle of the lock. OK if you are on your own, but not very pleasant if you are sharing with something plastic.... You are right the floods can be quite something, and indeed can submerge the lock completely!
  13. You should try the Bedford Ouse, where: 4 locks have mitre gates top and bottom (Roxton, Barford, Willington, Castle Mill - all built relatively recently) 8 locks have mitre gates at the bottom and a guillotine at the top (Hemingford, Houghton, Godmanchester, Brampton, Offord, Eaton Socon, Cardington, Bedford) 2 locks have a guillotine at the bottom and mitre gates at the top (St Ives, St Neots) 1 lock has a guillotine at each end (Brownshill) All the mitre gates have a slacker (paddle) each (except Castle Mill, below, which has a rather unusual slacker arrangement). It certainly keeps you on your toes....
  14. The kink in Braunston is 400m from the eastern end. I have this at the back, a bit Heath Robinsonish but it works well; and a low power light at the bows (just so an oncoming boat can see where the bows are).
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