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  1. Scholar Gypsy

    Prop shaft problems

    Yes, the self control when being buzzed by 15 Russian jets was quite impressive...
  2. Scholar Gypsy

    Prop shaft problems

    Thank you, I had missed the series on HMS Duncan, but have now found it.
  3. Scholar Gypsy

    Hope this is the right place

    Upload to YouTube and post a link?
  4. Scholar Gypsy

    Thames tideway Teddington to Limehouse

    Your timings will be determined by the tides, and (I would suggest) a desire to avoid anything close to dawn or dusk. In addition to the trip boats, the other traffic to think about (and which in my view is a greater hazard) is the large tugs and barges, both the rubbish traffic (which departs at the top of the tide and so should be ahead of you) and the tideway tunnel traffic - see my original photo - which operates on a more fluid basis I think, as they shuttle barges back and forth from just below Tower Bridge. I don't know if they operate 7 days a week or just weekdays. You could phone London VTS and ask them?
  5. Scholar Gypsy

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    Another volt for Adverc, ours has run happily for 30 years....
  6. Scholar Gypsy

    Prop shaft problems

    I thought there was an earlier thread about the leaking stern gland on HMS Queen Elizabeth, but can't find it. Anyway, there's quite a bit about prop shaft problems on part 2 of this fun BBC documentary, starting at about 38:30 https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b11bb1/britains-biggest-warship-series-1-2-in-at-the-deep-end
  7. Scholar Gypsy

    Propshaft turning at idle

    More on this on the recent BBC documentary. 38:30 here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b11bb1/britains-biggest-warship-series-1-2-in-at-the-deep-end
  8. Scholar Gypsy

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    The offside paddle has I believe been converted to a sluice that runs water through the lock at a steady and fixed rate, to keep the long pound to Somerton deep topped up. I have a photo somewhere, will try to find it. (2013, here it is).
  9. Scholar Gypsy

    How long should your anchor chain be?

    the last time I used mine (it's not our proper anchor) it was as a grappling iron to deal with something (a lump of stone?) on the bottom cill of a lock on the BCN....
  10. Scholar Gypsy

    Boat Rescued from Non Navigable Trent

    article in Waterways World (I think) this month about someone in a small rowing boat who went over the weir at Trent Lock by mistake - having turned right at the bottom of the Soar. They ended up in Nottingham ...
  11. Scholar Gypsy

    Cost per kw/h

    That looks about right given your various assumptions - the only pedantic point is that the result is £14 per kWh, not £14 per kW/h. You could increase the efficiency via a alternator controller of some sort, and obviously the cost comes down a lot if you are using the boat to move from A to B (where the extra diesel consumption for running the alternator is pretty minimal).
  12. Scholar Gypsy

    Longford Junction, Oxford / Coventry Canals

    Surely the fall is there to make sure that the Oxford empties into the Coventry, as the latter was there first?
  13. Scholar Gypsy

    Adding a Cleat/Bollard to the gunwhales

    I fitted these earlier this year, worked very well. They fold flat when in use, and below the level of the lip. I've not tripped over them yet. They do require access underneath though, to attach the bolts. Force4 chandlery do them, these are the 8" ones. I am on a pontoon about half the length of the boat, I use this line (going backwards) and a long line from the stern to the end of the pontoon, and a loose centre line (just in case of failure of the others - normally it doesn't do anything). The prevailing wind is in a helpful direction
  14. Scholar Gypsy

    Winterisation but regular weekend use......

    It can be made a simple job. I am a bit obsessive on this point, I know. I've added various drain valves and a pump, and emptying the calorifier takes about five minutes, and a bit of groping under the bed (where the calorifier is). The pipe at the top goes to the cold water inlet on the calorifier, and the one just belowt to the hot side of the calorifier, to drain the hot pipework.
  15. Scholar Gypsy

    How long should your anchor chain be?

    For tidal rivers I have 15m chain and 35m of rope. The latter is neatly tied up with whipping twine to stop it getting tangled on the boat. The max reading I got when crossing the Wash was 22m or so, but if engine failed I would drift a bit closer to land before dropping the anchor (and also call for help straightaway!). I did find an 8m hole on the outside of the hairpin bend just above Gainsborough.

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