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  1. Nicholsons for 95p https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ordnance-Survey-Guide-Broads-Fens/dp/0905522974/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=nicholsons+nene&qid=1561377175&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  2. I use Imrays, despite some idiosyncracies, and 1:25000 OS maps. I think the ML is the only waterway where you pass right by two trig points!
  3. And then I dropped it when off piste in the Brecon Beacons. It's not come back yet. The replacement didn't have quite as generous a replacement policy....
  4. Thanks for the plug Mac of Cygnet. I've been based at Ely since 2014 & have not got bored yet. As noted above moorings are a bit constrained, so it is worth joining GOBA great Ouse boating association who provide about 30 (Wicken Fen nature reserve has to be my favourite). And there are a number of places where with common sense wild mooring is possible. I personally enjoy exploring churches, of which there are quite a few very fine ones . They are often the only buildings of any real interest In the area Lots of photos in my blog, happy to answer any questions. Today I am going from Lincolnshire fens to Cambridgeshire, Boston to Wisbech, so won't be posting much... Nene single handed is fine if you have a good system, mine is explained in one of my April postings .... https://nbsg.wordpress.com/contents/
  5. A few photos of our convoy this year: https://nbsg.wordpress.com/2019/05/19/spcc-tideway-trip-limehouse-to-teddington-via-dagenham/ And here's an (unofficial) website that gives you plenty to read (to pick up DaveR's point above): http://thamescruising.co.uk/
  6. That's sad. I moor in Ely and used them quite a bit. I don't think my credit note (for about £40) is going to be worth much now ....
  7. Just going back to the OP, some of the points here explain why VHF radio is so handy on the tideway. You can hear the other boats talking to each other, and explaining what they are about to do, and also call them up if you need to. For example last year a trip boat wanted to overtake me and then turn around to starboard in front of me and moor up to Westminster pier. I said I was happy to move out (to the left) once they had gone past and go around their stern. Result: lower stress for everyone.
  8. Issued at 1600 today: Original message: Stoke Bruerne flight closed to navigation, Grand Union Canal Due to an accidental boat collision we have had to close the navigation as damage has been sustained to Lock Gate 20, Bottom gate, Stoke Bruerne. A team are organising the repair. This notice will be updated once further information becomes available You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/15463/stoke-bruerne-flight-closed-to-navigation-grand-union-canal
  9. The Nene is rather satisfying in this respect. With a stern line tied off, you can control (and shorten) the bow line while operating the top gate paddle. The paddles are huge and so you only need one, and indeed (as you can't cross the gates) it is only safe/feasible to use one anyway. [An exception is Ashton where the guillotine leaks a lot at present. Yes I know I have left the windlass on the spindle].
  10. That's why I normally use a bow rope when going uphill in broad locks single handed.
  11. I hope that this thread is being followed by the owner of Tug No 2. Here's a photo of her on the tidal trent on Tuesday. More here: https://nbsg.wordpress.com/2019/06/06/spring-cruise-5-cromwell-via-torksey-to-lincoln/
  12. No, I would say taper it, so that the edge of the propeller is about half what you started with.
  13. I did it by hand using a flat metal file - one of those jobbies about an inch wide and 8 long. I have read that it is possible to do through the weed hatch, ideally in clear water.
  14. There does seem to be less of an issue with water abstraction on the Trent, compared to (eg) Nene and Great Ouse, where the water abstracted (for Rutland and Graffham water respectively) can reduce the flow practically to nil (the minimum for the Great Ouse is 1.5 cumecs, which is practically nothing). I suppose this might be to do with the large number of power stations needing a good supply of water for the cooling towers. Not sure if any are still in use of course ...
  15. Bad luck. I didn't stop at Saxilby yesterday as it was pouring with rain. I am pretty sure the depth sounder didn't beep at me - the alarm was set at 1.5m. The reading on the way into Torksey lock aligned with the marks on the side of the lock (1.3m = 4'6"). Anyway, different boats etc.
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