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  1. On the BSS point, I suspect the MLC (like CRT) are trying to avoid having to change the byelaws (which as we can see is quite a palaver) if, for example, the name of the BSS is changed. Implicit in this is an assumption that the MLC will not abuse their power to determine what the vessel safety rules are, eg to insist on something that is disproportionate or (for example) impossible for certain types of boat to comply with. I imagine 7(viii) is there to stop you lighting a cigarette near to an open petrol tank. On 8-8, CRT implement this via their terms and conditions. I think EA Anglian have a general "no nuisance" provision but I can't remember if this is in the byelaws.
  2. Yes, the Act received Royal Assent on 1st November 2018, As Cheese says the next stage is to make the byelaws, that is the consultation that was launched in September. Section 11 covers byelaws, 11(9) the procedure for the Secretary of State (ie DEFRA) to approve them. Section 12 covers registration, and section 10 "Stranded, grounded and sunken vessels and vehicles" http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukla/2018/2/section/11/enacted
  3. According to this note on the MLC website, the new byelaws are not yet finally approved. https://middlelevel.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Middle-Level-Act-2018-Navigation-Byelaws-2019.pdf I think this is the draft version referred to ? https://middlelevel.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Draft-Navigation-Byelaws-for-web-1.pdf
  4. I could only find the 1875 byelaws on their website. https://middlelevel.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/1875-byelaws.pdf
  5. That's not my boat, but I did take the chimney down for all of Well Creek....
  6. And some very fine flowers etc on the staithe at Upwell.
  7. Agree with all of this - don't forget the Cathedral choir (Christ Church, close to Folly Bridge).
  8. All the guillotines are now electrically operated on the Fens (and all but six on the Nene). Some of the vee doors on the Ouse system are power operated (what are called mitre gates in the rest of the country), but most are still human operated. Only a couple near Bedford are a bit hard work (eg Castle Mill). As far as St Neots they are very easy. If you want to look at some recent photos there are lots on my blog. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/contents/
  9. Lechlade: don't polish your paintwork before you arrive, as the cows have been known to lick boats and make a bit of a friendly mess. Also: Kelmscott is well worth a visit, home of William Morris and the arts and crafts movement. Good moorings there. Not open every day so worth checking ...
  10. Ah, got it. On the off chance that anyone else other than my mum would want to read this article: http://judgefamily.synology.me/scholargypsy/articles/GOBA_Nov2019_tideway.pdf
  11. I've lent my copy to my Mum. Which article did he write?
  12. Yes, that's right. A little bit of literary licence, perhaps, with a photo or two from a trip in May. And the dance with the dredger was then.
  13. An alternative is the Fens, good NBs for hire from Bridge Marina (Ely) and Foxes (March). Only a few locks .....
  14. PS There is a fun control panel by the lock at Denver. You can type in your mobile phone number, so that the EA can contact you if they need to clear the waterway (ie for serious flood relief purposes, when the current might get a bit strong). You can then "sign yourself out" on the way back. I am not sure it has ever been used in anger.
  15. This gives you the general idea. What is quite surprising is that this entire stretch was only built in 1960. I've not been any further north than Downham Market (as on this photo), and you might get a bit bored. I think there are two further pontoon moorings, I have heard good reports of the pub at Stowbridge. http://www.theheronstowbridge.com/our-story Fascinating - not seen that map before! Yes the relief channel is navigable almost to the outfall sluice.
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