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  1. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    He does and he is a really nice bloke.
  2. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    Update. Output shaft was shimmed and got rid of the noise. Perfect, until , Jonathan noticed the movement in the gearbox. So gearbox out. Found out that bolts had come loose and drive plate knackered. Had to hoist the engine of its mountings because of the stupid way it was fitted. Captive bolts sticking up through the mounting timbers so we couldn’t slide the rear engine mount forward which meant exhaust off and a load of other stuff witch was a right mare. Hopefully drive plate will arrive tomorrow and I can put it all back together.
  3. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    There are small brass plates soldered onto the shaft so I think it has been balanced.
  4. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    He wasn’t in yesterday so I’m going to see if he can fit me in today. I could be stuck in worse places. Cheers.
  5. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    Well that’s buggered that theory up.
  6. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    I can’t see anyweights in it. Wasnt it ‘whistle while you work’ with Billy Cotton.
  7. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    Just another thought Mike. If the Propshaft has got a bit of play in it from for-aft then the thrust at higher revs could try to pull the shaft out of the gear box. It doesn’t happen in reverse when the thrust is pushing it back in. That wouldn’t help much.
  8. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    I know what you mean. I used to listen with my Mum on the wireless.
  9. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    Thanks for the advice but I won’t be doing any of that. I’ll leave it to people wot know.
  10. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    I think that’s what it is.
  11. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    No his name is Jonathan from Braunston boat yard by the last lock before the marina. It’s a tapered bearing that may need shimming. It’s as if the propshaft has moved backwards slightly and there’s a bit of movement there. Might be easier to tap the propshaft back in a little bit, I dunno. I’ll wait till tomorrow and see what he says. I’ll ask about that too. Maybe drive plate knackered.
  12. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    Tomorrow morning I’m going to an engineer in Braunston. I’ve told him what I think the problem could be and he thinks it might be that the output shaft needs shimming. Hopefully that’s all it is. I’ll report back. Oh, I found out it’s a PRM160D not a 150. Don’t know what difference that makes though. Thanks everyone. Mine is just a plain 7 foot long 4” tubular shaft with Uj at either end
  13. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    Just a little twitch, barely noticeable at all really. Maybe I’m panicking. The Plummer block has got a castellated nut and tab washer. I assume there is some sort of sleeve that clamps the shaft in place. It’s been like it for 20 odd years so hopefully it’s been installed correctly.
  14. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    I’ve checked the oil, it was a little low, I put about a quarter of a pint in. Started it up and put it in gear and I noticed the gearbox was moving about slightly. Is this normal or have I got the dreaded it’s all going wrong syndrome?
  15. fudd

    Noisy drive shaft

    I’ve just checked for play at the gearbox end of the drive shaft. There is some play there where the shaft comes out of the box. It’s a PRM 150. When I rattled the shaft up and down there was a similar ringing sound so it could be the output shaft bearing.

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