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  1. fudd

    The way forward

    I can think that many of the horse drawn boat owners would have thought the same about the Diesel engine. Get a life.
  2. fudd

    Lithium batteries

    Ah, but how many would I need to drive my boat? I agree and I will. Thank you.
  3. fudd

    Lithium batteries

    I’ve been researching this subject for six months and I won’t be making any decisions for at least another year. From what I have read so far is that the installation will be far more complicated for me to deal with. I will be seeking professional advice.
  4. fudd

    Lithium batteries

    Fascinating read Ian. I’m only halfway through but have learnt quite a lot. Might take a few ‘reads’ before I ingest most of it. Thanks.
  5. fudd

    Lithium batteries

    Hello. Further to my charger thread, would I be better off with smaller batteries to build a 1000ah bank or fewer larger cells? I’m looking at Winston cells. Thank you.
  6. fudd

    Twin battery chargers

    This is my point. I know £30k is a lot of money for a drive train but I just really fancy the idea of quiet running whenever possible. Thank you.
  7. fudd

    Twin battery chargers

    Thanks for the input. I do like Victron chargers because had one on my boat when I bought it, but I’m open to any suggestions for any other make. I’d like to pump in as much as I can and would buy the appropriate generator. What options do I have? Ive not ruled out Alan de Enfield’s approach but would prefer something more ‘maritime’ So to speak.
  8. fudd

    Twin battery chargers

    48v. The generator will still need a charger.
  9. fudd

    Twin battery chargers

    Thanks for your help. What would be the best way to achieve what I would like to do? I’ve been advised that I need about 1000ah lithium battery bank.thanks again.
  10. fudd

    Twin battery chargers

    The reason I’m asking is that I’m researching hybrid drives. Big lithium 48v battery bank, dc generator and some sort of electric motor. That is the basic idea. I’ve looked into dc generators and most of them seem to run at 2-3 k rpm and I’ve always been advised against high revving generators. So, my next thought was to-maybe go for a fairly large low revving A.C. generator and charge the batteries this way. I’ve looked at Victron 48v chargers and the biggest would seem to be 50 amps. This would take ages to charge a fairly large bank of batteries. I’m into the silent aspect of cruising. I’m not being ‘green’ although I do respect that point of view and I’ve read up on the conversion losses involved and realise that it’s not the way to go regarding fuel economy. My point of view is, if you can hear the engine then it’s got to sounds nice, or not hear it at all. I got quoted £30K for a vintage engine and thought for that money I may be able to go the silent route. Thanks again.
  11. Good morning. Is it possible to connect two battery chargers of the same make and output to increase the charge capabilities. Thanks.
  12. fudd

    Pump out hose

    I have a 38mm shut off valve just after the non return valve at the lowest end of the hose. It isn’t possible to use rigid pipe without taking the shower panels to bits. Can’t physically get to the pipe.
  13. fudd

    Pump out hose

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  14. fudd

    Pump out hose

    Hello Tony. I didn’t make myself clear. I did mean the toilet to tank hose. There’s a non return valve just after the toilet which means the hose is constantly full but it still has never smelled.
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