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  1. fudd

    Pump out hose

    I have a 38mm shut off valve just after the non return valve at the lowest end of the hose. It isn’t possible to use rigid pipe without taking the shower panels to bits. Can’t physically get to the pipe.
  2. fudd

    Pump out hose

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  3. fudd

    Pump out hose

    Hello Tony. I didn’t make myself clear. I did mean the toilet to tank hose. There’s a non return valve just after the toilet which means the hose is constantly full but it still has never smelled.
  4. fudd

    Pump out hose

    Yes Tony. He has a vacuum system with horizontal hose. My tank is the full height of my boat. Small footprint of 4’ x 1’. The hose is vertical so there’s always some in there, still no smell.
  5. fudd

    Pump out hose

    I think I need to replace my pump out hose as it’s starting to deteriorate at the toilet end. I’m sure it’s the original hose. It’s dark green in colour and 11/2 diameter. I’ve never had any smell in 12 years of use. My mate has to change his every few years because of the smell. Has anyone got any idea as to where I can get hold of the olive green pipe. Thanks in advance.
  6. fudd

    SmartGauge fuse.

    Fair enough. 👍
  7. Because the skin tank for the generator is welded to the baseplate and I’m bored.
  8. fudd

    SmartGauge fuse.

    I’m going to. What I thought was the old cable to a broken monitor was actually a cable to an old pump. It was heavier gauge than the SmartGauge cable so I thought it would be ok. Apparently not. thanks.
  9. fudd

    SmartGauge fuse.

    There was a pump connected to the batteries that was redundant. Access is very limited so I cut into the positive cable just after the fuse which was about 2-3” from the terminal. I then connected the SmartGauge cable to that via a 3amp in-line fuse. What is wrong with that? The monitor worked ok for a year or so, then stopped working.
  10. fudd

    SmartGauge fuse.

    It’s not a question of “that’ll do”. could you please explain why it would be a problem.
  11. fudd

    SmartGauge fuse.

    I’ll remove the 20 amp fuse and connect directly to the terminal. It’ll be a bugger of a job but for peace of mind........
  12. Thanks Tony. The bilge is dry now. It has been for a few years but with time on my hands I want to do all the little jobs I should have done 10 years ago.
  13. That’s what I’ve done. Works perfectly well with no moving parts. I used 15 mm Perspex tube that fitted into a push fit elbow with a washing machine shut off valve inline.
  14. My engine bilge is separated into two parts. One half I cannot get at because I have a large diesel generator installed. It really is impossible to get access to it. There is some rust that I can’t get to. I could possibly get a Hoover in there to get rid of any loose bits but other than that I’m stuffed. Can anyone recommend or advise me of anything I could possibly flood it with. Thanks.
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