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  1. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    I took my Jabsco sensor max 5.0 off of my boat and plumbed it in as a stop-gap and it worked perfectly. That’s why I thought I’d try a more powerful pump on this boat. It’s my other half’s by the way. So I know there’s nothing furred up or restricting it. Trouble is they are expensive and I don’t think they are made anymore. Thanks anyway.
  2. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    The company have offered me a full refund as there is a fault with the pump itself. What would you helpful people recommend? my other half likes a bath now again so she doesn’t want to wait too long to fill it up and I like a powerful shower. Thanks again for your help. Regards Steve P.
  3. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    There is a schrader valve at the back of the vessel. I’ll take a phot of the connections at the calorifier end when I get a chance. Funny thing is, it worked fine for over a week with no problems.
  4. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Is this any good Tony?
  5. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Exactly. There is a Schrader valve on the pressure vessel. Sorry about that Tony
  6. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    I’ve had to turn it off.
  7. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    This is it Tony.
  8. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    I can only go by the instructions. Ill try letting it down.
  9. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Here are the instructions.
  10. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Thanks all. I’ll try the square D option. I don’t want to fork out for a new pump. Mike, I get your point and will leave well alone.
  11. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Thank you. I understand that. I’m just wondering if , say a 4.5 bar prv would help. It’s a sure-cal calorifier and I’m not sure of the pressure it could manage safely. The old pump was near to useless. No flow and low pressure. Thought I’d upgrade.
  12. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Good morning. I recently fitted a new pump. It is more powerful than the old one. 5 gpm. It’s got an intermittent fault at the pressure switch end but I can get over it temporarily by wedging the connection. The trouble is that the prv keeps letting by and I loose all the hot water. It’s a 3 bar prv. The pressure vessel needs to be charged at 45 psi. Is there an issue here or could the prv be uprated. Thanks. Steve P.
  13. I’ve fitted the inverter as per the manual. When I switch it on the lights flash and then nothing happens. Any ideas?
  14. Ok. Thanks. The inverter came out of a lorry. Might explain it.
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