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  1. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Here are the instructions.
  2. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Thanks all. I’ll try the square D option. I don’t want to fork out for a new pump. Mike, I get your point and will leave well alone.
  3. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Thank you. I understand that. I’m just wondering if , say a 4.5 bar prv would help. It’s a sure-cal calorifier and I’m not sure of the pressure it could manage safely. The old pump was near to useless. No flow and low pressure. Thought I’d upgrade.
  4. fudd

    Prv letting by.

    Good morning. I recently fitted a new pump. It is more powerful than the old one. 5 gpm. It’s got an intermittent fault at the pressure switch end but I can get over it temporarily by wedging the connection. The trouble is that the prv keeps letting by and I loose all the hot water. It’s a 3 bar prv. The pressure vessel needs to be charged at 45 psi. Is there an issue here or could the prv be uprated. Thanks. Steve P.
  5. fudd

    Inverter earth

    You may have a point.
  6. fudd

    Inverter earth

    I’ve fitted the inverter as per the manual. When I switch it on the lights flash and then nothing happens. Any ideas?
  7. fudd

    Inverter earth

    Ok. Thanks. The inverter came out of a lorry. Might explain it.
  8. Apart from my drive plate giving up on holiday a few weeks ago, my inverter decided to take up smoking. I’ve got a replacement Victron 12-1600 Phoenix compact. It says in the manual that the chassis must be connected to the hull. The old Mastervolt wasn’t. What shall I do please.
  9. fudd

    Reccomended generator

    I would prefer 1500 rpm. I have done quite a lot of research on this. I just wanted to know what other boaters experiences were. Most of the smaller ones seem to be 3000rpm.
  10. fudd

    Reccomended generator

    I did look at this a while ago. I really wanted to know what other boaters could recommend. I also looked at dc gensets but don’t know the pros and cons. Bit too big. Probably could get away with 3-4 kva but I know my one does the job.
  11. fudd

    Reccomended generator

    I don’t think I’d need to run them at the same time. I’ve not needed to do it yet.
  12. fudd

    Reccomended generator

    Just thinking that 5-6.5 kva does my existing requirements. I like a bit of redundancy.
  13. fudd

    Reccomended generator

    I expect it to be expensive. I probably would go like for like, 5+ kva. The lister coped ok, washing machine, charger and calorifier.
  14. fudd

    Reccomended generator

    I’ve got a 6.5 kva lister diesel generator on my boat. It’s got me out of trouble so many times I wouldn’t be without it. Trouble is it’s very very noisy. I’m starting to spec a new narrowboat and wondered if anyone can recommend a quieter more modern one. Thanks in advance.
  15. fudd

    HW3 oil pressure

    I changed the filter last week. I’ve got no idea where the prv is. I’ll try and find a manual. Thank you.

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