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  1. That looks like the Shakespeare aerial that i have. Very good bit of kit. Affixing the plug did test my soldering capabilities...
  2. Yes, there was a period when Limehouse had problems with their radios. It's all sorted out now.
  3. As I said in an earlier comment, you can do Limehouse to Teddington without VHF if your boat is less than 45' (13.7m). There are no requirements to have a mobile phone, because they are only slightly more useful than a chocolate teapot. My personal view is that - however long your boat is - a VHF radio is highly desirable for ease of contacting other boats, as well as VTS and the Coastguard. In fact the most common use of VHF is to listen to broadcasts from others eg a large boat ahead of you that is about to do something unexpected, or VTS warning you about something around the corner.
  4. I bought mine online, and it arrived by email yesterday. It's now gone through the laminator and is ready to go! EA are selling them, so I think not from Stanground. You might be able to get one at Northampton marina, which is run by EA.
  5. And now someone has tried to use the lock and done more damage ... https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/19220-ratcliffe-lock-river-soar " Due to attempted operation of the lock, while there was a build up of silt, one of the lock gates has now become damaged and the lock is no longer operational. Our engineer will be on site today to carry out a full scope of the job and what needs to be done. Once a plan is made, we will then be able to update our website with a time scale of how long these works will take. We will also still need our spot dredger to attend site and
  6. Yes, that's the one. My technical adviser will let me know if I need to replace my radios .... http://cfl.xmpxes.com/Res/58285286/7619109944/ca76ec83-1da5-48eb-84a2-71563cc03af0_ofcom_publication_logo_rgb_72dpi.jpg
  7. And the Buckingham is worth an explore on foot - recently restored bridge. It's a lovely walk to Wendover, and I think there is a decent bus service back to Tring.
  8. And just to confuse the situation, I have a portable fixed set which I take (in a suitcase!) when I am crewing for other people, and attach to a battery using crocodile clips. You can see it in this shot. Let us say the licencing situation is a bit murky but I am confident the PLA and Ofcom won't mind. By the way did anyone else get an incomprehensible email from Ofcom yesterday?!
  9. VHF not required between Brentford and Teddington - and most handheld sets are pretty useless there anyway. Further downriver VHF is required for boats above 45' (and just as useful for shorter boats), and you need to know how to use it. Having been involved in several incidents on the tideway I personally regard VHF as essential on what can be a very busy waterway. There is a possibility of an organised trip from Limehouse to Brentford this year, watch this space. Nope. Occasional transits on Sundays: http://www.pla.co.uk/assets/u19of2020-barnelmsreach-hammersmithbridge-closed
  10. I'd agree with others' comments, really. It's a perfectly pleasant stretch but nothing special. 6 visitor moorings at the end, I have never failed to get one. The annoying feature is that the GOBA mooring at Waterbeach is 200m the wrong side of the EA/Camcon boundary, and there is nowhere else obvious to moor there on EA water (and catch the bus). So train from Ely or guided bus from St Ives. More interesting trips can be had during the Bumping races (the May races, held in June), when it is possible to get through between races (which happen every 45 minutes) during
  11. It's now pretty clear that your statement is correct. Visitors with just an ordinary CRT licence will need to: buy a suitable EA visitor licence that will cover the Nene and Great Ouse; buy a visitor licence, or daily licences, for the Middle Level. note that visitor licences for the Cam Conservancy waters are no longer available. Ho hum.
  12. This blog gives a good flavour of the New Bedford. Also includes a photo of the River Great Ouse tidal bore. Not quite as impressive as the Severn, I do admit.... https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2019/09/20/fenland-tidal-circuit/
  13. Here is a new page on the GOBA website that I have been working on for people like you. The new licence situation is rather complex and still not 100% clear, so that section may change. https://goba.org.uk/a-guide-for-visitors-to-the-east/ And some photos of the scenery you will find when you get there. There are some interesting bits of the Middle Level (not levels) too: see my August 2020 blog. Includes photos of Reach and Wicken. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/contents/ I do (free) trips up the Backs in the winter, if you fancy a day trip!
  14. That question (which has been christened the West Stockwith question, with apologies to the late Tam Dalyell) has been asked. I will let you know when I have the answer....
  15. The split of revenue between CRT and EA for a gold licence varies (or rather it did last time I looked!) depending on where you declare your home mooring to be. It is a joint licence, but administered by CRT. Anyway, yes you are right that the options for someone with a gold licence who wants to transit the ML are a) 4 x 1 day visitor licences ( I make this £68 for a 50' boat) b) the Anglian pass for £75 or £100. Personally I would choose the latter and spend the time visiting some of the out of the way places on the ML eg Woodwalton Fen, Home Fen
  16. I was talking about switching between EA and Gold, not CRT and gold. The former is a pain, and can cost you money! (I keep my boat on the Fens at the moment)
  17. Yes, that would be nice. However an EA visitor licence on its own is £270 a month, for a 50 foot narrow boat, so I fear you will be disappointed. The complexities of switching licences between EA (1 April to 31 March) and Gold (1 Jan to 31 Dec) are one of the reasons why I have had a gold licence for the last 10 years....
  18. Discussions are continuing behind the scenes on the position for CRT licence holders ! I will update the website again when the position becomes clearer. I am also trying to get some definitive information on MLC visitor licences. Thanks to all for their comments. Thanks, yes the debate has kicked off on the Cam Boaters facebook group.
  19. My contacts are working on getting an outcome like this. It doesn't yet exist ....
  20. Pedant alert: the basin was filled in to provide land for Nuffield College and for what is now a city council car park. There have been some vague plans to turn the car park back to a canal basin...
  21. That sounds about right for turning. It all depends on the strength of the outbound current. I would slow right down before you get to Brentford Dock marina, ideally just drift with the boat stationary in the water, so you can judge the speed of the current. Then apply power to make a 180 degree turn to the left so you are facing upstream, and then if necessary let the current carry you backwards a bit until you are level with the entrance to the creek. It's better to turn too early rather than too late - adjusting for the former is much easier than the latter. Then apply a bit of power unti
  22. Good point, there's a photo here. I think "art" should be in quotation marks, though close up it is more impressive http://thamescruising.co.uk/?p=36
  23. I'm pretty sure I can't get under Exhibition Bridge. There are some plans for a water taxi from Yaxley to Woodwalton Fen.
  24. I don't think so (though that is the best time of the day on the river!). The slot is for 15 boats which would take a good 60-90 minutes to lock through. I would leave Teddington at about 6, to get to Brentford about 0730.
  25. Thanks, I had not spotted the need to selection direction of travel, that is rather neat. The slot will be for your arrival at Brentford. Teddington is (normally) open 24/7, and there is no need to book there. For reasons others have noted you will probably arrive a bit later than HW. The slots seem to be defined as HW-2 to HW (for going upstream) and HW to HW+2 for going downstream.
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