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  1. It goes to a board with an AC in terminal. Due to the uncertainty of this and the fact there is no spec in the manual (for this particular model) I’m going to remove it and put both 240v sources (shoreline and inverter) through an AC manual selector switch and keep it simple
  2. I will be on Shoreline for 3 days later this month...I've got 670ah battery bank that I would like to put a charger on while I'm plugged in. I'll be arriving fully charged so presumably the batts will just need to be maintained throughout the stay....Can I getaway with strapping a little Ctek 5a on ? Only real load on the 12v is a very economical Inlander fridge, LEDS, pumps and device charging. Any tips?
  3. I use shoreline so seldomly, I think a manual will be fine
  4. Inverter installed from new I’m thinking along those lines. Installing a change over switch seems the simplest way to go, thanks Sure, definately not wired to the same terminals though
  5. I’m trying to upload more pics but site is not letting me, sorry
  6. Colecraft did the electrics...it was a sailaway I’ve included a pic won’t let me load anymore.
  7. Got a close up, def an ac in going on...somehow... I put a pic up, there is an AC in you can see at the bottom of pic
  8. Definately this model. If you follw the line 240 comes in the boat goes through the galvanic isolator then inverter then to Rcd then sockets and immersion
  9. Thanks. I only have an inverter not inverter/charger so unsure if it will source the incoming power (as you suggest)
  10. Hi all ive got a Victron Inverter compact 2000v which has 240v running through it (AC in and AC out). I recently had the opportunity to plug the boat in (via the shoreline) but Inverter doesn't seem to have a bypass while it's switched off. So no power was coming through. there is no A/B selector to choose from to distribute power (shoreline or Inverter). The line goes: Shoreline-galvanic isolator-Inverter in-inverter out-rcd fuses- sockets etc. cant find anything in the manual regarding this but as I've said, on shoreline if the Inverter is off, there is no power. Unsure to switch it on with 240v going through it in case i cause some damage. Any ideas?
  11. A great boat dog... loves swimming too
  12. I totally agree, I'm right on the cusp of doing just that...!
  13. Hi all, I’m finding that if I close off rads (I have 2 lever valves on the main spine) the calorifier gets hot v quickly. However when removing the calorifier from the circuit and opening the rads they do not heat at the same level. I know above I had written that they did heat up once I had turned calorifier off (after it being heated) but if starting from cold they do not get up to temp. Seem to be going round and round with this. Any ideas welcome... one extra point to add -when system worked well the air intake, on startup, was always noisier than it is now. It would make a slight howling for 10-20 secs, then back off and then boiler would really cook. It doesn’t do that any more. Not sure if this is related...Anyone have experience with this? Thanks
  14. Hi all, thanks for your comments and just an update i changed my fuel lines and made sure there was good dosage from fuel pump on start up. All seems to be good. on turning the rads off the calorifier heats up quickly and it's the same vice versa if I turn calorifier valves down rads heat up quickly im guessing now it's a question of balancing the flow between the calorifier and the rads to get that sweet spot...! i have two valves on the calorifier one on flow and one on return, it seemed to work well with the flow (in) wide open and the return nearly shut. Sorry if I'm mixing terminology,
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