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  1. Hi Matt As a short term fix then a wonderful product is “Devcon” molecular metal putty or “Belzona” molecular are two products most older ships carry with them to effect similar repairs. A really good Gardner man based at Alfreton is Rob Knowles . He’s rebuilt numerous LW engines in the past and I’m sure he might know of a good L2 specialist that may be able to help with a replacement block. Sorry to hear of your predicament. I’ll let you have Robs phone No if it helps. Good luck Bramangie
  2. I’ve used Clements Engineering twice recently and fully recommend them for new propellers . Also you can have one free re-pitch if feel the original build pitch needs adjustment . if it’s a repair you need or a prop resizing or re-pitch then Woodward’s of Hull are an excellent company to use.
  3. I was visiting Crick marina yesterday (smaller mooring area) and noticed a stunning Narrowboat called “Leon”. I’m thinking this is a Barry Hawkins boat ??? and it appears to be quite newly painted . Can anybody help me locating the owner to find out which company or person painted this boat. I have a new traditional Narrowboat which will soon be ready for painting . Thanks for any help you can supply. Bramangie
  4. Called in at Midland chandlers Penkridge this week to pick some parts up. On the way back to Hatherton marina I passed a TFM farm shop in centre of Penkridge that stocks Morris’s oils . I bought 25 litres of SAE 30 golden film mineral oil for £59.18. Absolute bargain I reckon and lovely people to deal with . Can’t recommend them enough . Loads of general maintenance parts in stock . They have numerous depots around Shropshire and Staffs.
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  7. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Dave Harris ??? He’s recently completed a stunning 57’ boat for me along his very traditional lines. This will be Dave’s 49th build and sadly maybe his last. He is now fitting out Boats and taking things a bit easier as retirement nears . A true craftsman.
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