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Seaward Engineering Company, Glasgow


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Members on this forum will know that Seaward Engineering were the go to people for Kelvin spares. Run by two ex Kelvin fitters Andy Bruce and John Dick they held the last remaining Kelvin spares manufacture by Kelvin for out of production engines - J's and K's series included.  I have been unable to contact Seaward and I have received information (not confirmed) that they are no longer in business. This is a request for information on Seaward, are there any forum members who can share what is the current trading position of Seaward and of the upmost important to Kelvin owners, what has happened to the Kelvin spares held by Seaward. Finally, just on the off chance, do we have any forum members who live in Glasgow who could visit Seaward (in Pollokshaws Rd) and let us know what they find! (I would do this myself but living in the midlands, it a long way for me to go for what could be a wasted journey).

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3 hours ago, dmr said:

This link (from a forum member) suggests that they are no longer trading:




and the engine would not fit on our engine bed otherwise I would get it.



I have contacted the advertiser asking the him what information he based his statement on that Seaward were no longer trading but he as so far not responded.


I have again today called Seaward but the phone remains unanswered.


On a serious note, we are all living under the shadow of Corvid-19 so hoping Andy and John are well and whatever is happening with Seaward is only temporary.

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4 hours ago, noddyboater said:

That might be because the last I heard they were very busy out and about doing their regular work,  big engines in big boats.

Thanks for your feedback noddy, can you tell us how long ago you heard this information i.e. was it in the last few weeks and who from i.e. was it Seaward? It would be a big relief to a lot of Kelvin owners if we can give a definitive answer that Seaward are still trading.

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OK, a reassuring update?.

It’s been confirmed on the Kelvin owners Facebook group, that Seaward Engineering are still trading.

The owner of the J3 for sale on Apolloduck had stated they had stopped trading but he has now retracted that statement.

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