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  1. Yes, Ive not got my thinking head on today, especially as we have watched boats going from Liverpool onto the Mersey from both of the available locks 😀
  2. Yes and no...why ask questions about something that just might be possibly when there is something that really isn't possible......unless he fancies the Ribble and round to the Mersey and up the ship canal that is 😀
  3. Its interesting, if we watch a little video of a dog barking on our iPhones then Sophie sometimes pricks up her ears. This recording was so bad that Sophie showed zero interest. I wonder if reproducing a dog bark is a good test of HiFi speakers? It was also a very short and repetitive loop. I reckon a solenoid system is also needed to rattle the front doors to simulate a really big dog throwing its weight around.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. At Stone a couple of years ago we walked past a boat that had some sort of sensor that played a recording of a dog barking everytime somebody walked past the boat. Cheaper than a real dog 😀
  6. Ive just read a Facebook report of burglars spending over half an hour raiding a premises and loading up their van with an alarm sounding. A neighbour called the police but they did not attend till the next day. Modern criminals are very brazen because they know they will likely not be caught.
  7. You mean the police? If there is a burglary in progress in a house they likely won't turn up, will just phone you a few days later with a crime number? Anything to do with boats and they will almost certainly won't turn up..
  8. Which cider? the one I tried tasted like sweet apple juice? The Guiness 0 is quite convincing, and olcohol free punk IPA is quite good. Trouble is I need more wees in the night drinking the alcohol free stuff than with real beer.
  9. One hire company has advertised that they will pre-stock the boat with lager if requested, so the hire companies know exactly what type of customer they want to attract.
  10. I believe that some hire companies charge an extra per person deposit for stag/hen groups which they very often claim, I have heard £200 mentioned so for a 10 berth boat thats an extra £2000, so it really is a good earner. I don't think they can ban single sex hires anymore as thats against all the equalities acts etc, I suspect the extra deposit would also have to go if there was a legal challenge.
  11. Next thing you know somebody on Youtube will be suggesting giving your batteries aspirin to make them feel better 😀
  12. Something that takes two minutes and makes batteries last for ever sounds too good to be true, and if something sounds too good to be true then...............😀 I am too busy to watch the video, can you watch it for us and give us a quick summary? 😀
  13. Have you got a wooden bottom? I'm sure there is a potential joke there, lets see what the form can come up with?
  14. How can it be brand new when its 150 years old 😀 and what you have done is a sort of hybrid between overplating and replating.
  15. Ive just been out walking the dog and walked past a couple of locks. Some locks seal on the top gates, some locks seal on the bottom gates, some seal a bit on each, some even change top to bottom each time the lock is used. Leaving any gates open therefore carries a significant risk of empty pounds. Leaving gates open might save a little time and effort, but sorting empty pounds consumes a lot of time and effort. Its selfish.
  16. When I say a bit grim I do mean that literally, its a bit grim, but not really grim. We still haven't met the gentlemans drinking club so maybe they have gone?. Last time we went through I noted that the new volunteer efforts really has improved the drinking club lock. There is quite a bit of litter, often a few big obstructions in the canal and quite a bit of uninspiring industry. The dream to do something with the side arm would be great if it could ever be made to happen. We also have help from the locals at the locks. Aside from the canal Rochdale itself is a bit grim with a few good bits, my wife spent last night at the music session at D'ale house and that looked pretty good but is a long way from the canal. We had eggs thrown at us in Newton Heath (Manchester 18) last year. Somebody remarked that the locals have gone soft, in the old days they could throw bricks 😀
  17. The summit area is really good but the Rochdale is good/very good all the way down to Sowerby Bridge (which has very good canalside buildings). The Slattocks is a lovely flight of locks. Rochdale is a bit grim but its really just the Manchester 18 that is the problem. Its a bad area and the locals throw stuff in quicker than it can be taken out, plus water is in short supply. There is a huge housing development planned, this might improve things, or might make them much worse, but it would be great if some of the funding could go into sorting out the canal.
  18. You can totally redesign narrowboats to make them more modern and ditch all the tradition but you end up with something like Whitfield. Some hire boats do have twin T studs at the front and the look very wrong. I confess we have twin cleats at the back rather trhan dollies and we find them really useful, especially in Thames locks, but they are welded steel rather than stainless so don't look too out of place. We use a spliced loop on our ropes so no need to use a cleat hitch
  19. Is Eshton Road incompetance on the part of CRT or just one of those unfortunate things that happens from time to time? The Pennine routes are never going to be as reliable as the lowland canals, but then I remember a couple of K&A stoppages that went on for ages, one for almost a complete summer. I am more worried about things like the very restricted openings of Tuel Lane lock and Standedge tunnel because these are just down to CRT not putting enough effort into boating. I think if I was doing a six week hire I would not include any of the Pennine crossings in my route which is a sad state of affairs, dunno what can be done. What is really needed is a very big lump of levelling up money to get the Rochdale and HNC properly restored, and this likely means buying back resevoirs which is not going to be easy to justify after Todbrook, Its boating season now and even though the Rochdale is not currently a through route, TWO boats went over the summit yesterday. .........none today though 😀
  20. In an ideal world where there was enough money to maintain every bit of the waterways to a perfect standard then yes, you would be correct. In this real world some sort of rationing of resources is inevitable and locks like Bradford on Avon and Hillmorton are more economucally important, several hire fleets depend upon them, so it makes sense that they are a priority. MTB is correct rather than idiotic. What about those locks in Chester on the Dee Branch that go nowhere? In the grand scheme of things these are even less important than the Rochdale and the HNC, The Rochdale goes over a big hill, was not really fully restored and is not heavily used. A lock has failed and CRT are fixing it, but maybe won't fix it quite as quick as they would on the Llangollen. The critical thing is that it is getting fixed.
  21. Blown that one then, ours is 6 foot 11 and a half. I think the HNC is the only one we can't do but might still give it a try one day. Almost all modern boats are built to 6 foot 10.
  22. The inner insulation is quite thick so you should be able to cut back the tape without going through the insulation. I believe that at the high frequencies involved these cables are a wave guide as much as a cable, with the energy travelling through the plastic and "steered" by the conductors, so the inner insulation has to be of the correct thickness to give the righ characteristic impedance. This is maybe why the foil is there, otherwise the signal would escape on any tight bends 😀
  23. The Caldon is good and interesting, with a river section at the end, plus a pub accessed via a level crossing used by steam trains. It has a big stoppage at present so might still be closed if you plan to visit soon. Birmingham is good and much much better than Manchester. Birmingham to BCM on the old main line is good urban cruising.
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