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  1. Not sure i fully understand the question, the shape of the mating surfaces should be a big clue... post a pic of the joint in question, might be easier to identify...
  2. Thank you, I have just purchased the Waeco CRX 65 (the 85 wouldn't quite fit) I'll make sure the cable is of the correct guage.
  3. Can you actually see it leaking oil anywhere? The reason I ask is the 1.5 bmc doesnt like the oil filled to the max. In a boat the engine is tilted backwards slightly and gives an incorrect reading. IIRC the rear engine oil seal is a scroll seal and will leak oil if the level is too high.... I fill our 1.5 bmc to the minimum only and she runs just fine... and doesnt leak oil...
  4. Yup I do that, it's polite and saves water, why fill or empty an empty lock when there's a boat monents away!
  5. Wow that's appaling (the instances above), are people really that selfish and retarded..?! When I get to a lock the first thing i do is look to see if anyone is approaching open gates and wave then innit needs be...
  6. Ah, got ya..don't have many flights near me so I automatically assumed a single lock...
  7. What do you guys mean by 'the locks turned whilst you were in them'?
  8. Quite a few years ago I was having loads of problems with a gummed up carb in an old Range Rover. After weeks of messging about I gave a sample of fuel to a friend who worked in a lab, it came back at 18% ethanol... I suspect most fuel hasn't been 5% for a long time...
  9. Evening all, I'm looking for some first hand experience and or recomemdations. I need a fridge, the two I'm currently looking at mainly due to dimensions and power consumption are the Indel b / Isotherm Cuise 65 and the Dometic / Waeco CRX 65. If I really shop around the are a similar price, dometic being a bit more expensive. But then there is a power saving factory upgrade available for the Indel fridge... 240v would be a nice addition but not required, I don't want gas... Thanks Dave
  10. Not for many years no, used to have a boat moored by bramley fall park... it used to be really nice there, guessing not so much now tho....
  11. I like the volockie's they tend to deter the youths / bandits hanging out at the locks that seem to like making my life a misery...
  12. Why do ou want new ones and why are you looking to get someone else to do the work... Take them off and re-seal with a decent sealant eg Sikaflex 291.
  13. 100% agree. In short, what's the cost of keeping batteries full charged? Peanuts, in comparison to replacing nackered batteries.
  14. I called the police on my neighbours a few months ago, they started screaming at each other at 1 am... I called the police on my neighbours a few months ago, they started screaming at each other at 1 am...
  15. I've welded a few fuel tanks, I've always filled the tank with CO2 and left the CO2 on low unill the welding was complete...
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