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  1. I purchased a 12v dometic compressor fridge this year, love it, makes ice cubes in the middle of summer but uses very little power. Bloody pricey, but great fridge...
  2. Dude, what are you on about, your posts make no sense. I wonder if your taking the piss some how? Anyway if you want a simple answer please ask a simple question. Any hoe, going back to one of your previous posts, the wiring for any BMC engine is about the simplest wiring of any engine, if your struggling with the circuit diagram draw it out and ask. One last point, if you want your work/electrics to last, build it the best you can to the best of your ability with decent components. If not you'll be spending more and wasting lots of time fault finding and chasing problems.
  3. Not entirely sure what all the switches and warning lights are for but hopefully the led warning lights in the middle don't include a charge light? It'll need to pass far more current than an led can pass... Also be aware those inline fuse holders are junk.
  4. Interesting, I'm going to be doing a bathroom refurb soon, is there a proper sea toilet you can recommend?
  5. The Pontoon at my marina is usually covered in duck/swan/goose crap. It's just not funny any more doing the hopscotch down the Pontoon... if I complain I just get shrugs and 'we haven't got time' as they can't be bothered to look up from farcebook... I often clean it my self but takes well over an hour to do properly...
  6. There are a few locks near me (on a river) where (dependant on water levels) the weir rushes past the landing stage and holding the boat on its center line I not a pleasant experience, where as holding the bow and stern lines is fine.
  7. Mount it on stainless plated thrown into bottom.of the bilge?
  8. Not sure how long it will take to 'recover' flattened that battery when it happened to me. No it doesn't damage the unit, you can clean it and it'll work fine again.
  9. You can by HT (high tension) leads by the meter, ebay probably good for that. You can defiantly buy the ends on ebay.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261827489008?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3cf6226cf0:g:SYcAAOSwBahVFYdP&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsStdebXPz4ZTXCT8FI9kPBh5q5qLWVP%2FnsdH1FGKDFhSDgHJ0P%2B9JnV2M05s04oH5dTYJfxQwicpZ4F6ONMsRrZsfb7eYlOc40oyDDiLPTG0qLPNInytqEgCnXK8W8kBwwmQAAzJZLiF9NxrylHUvp7cB5F2Jc8w85iEoZTK4W8X77YI%2FiWHb%2B1DBpcZEqC0PscFASujkvI7QNxoheYxxy8%2FYCj%2FBKosXeb1%2BaVq%2Bq2tmMCk4gWgQBGGfl4VFJ6aaQQQ2mcohDqQ2rVFq2FjPKwjlTzZacVldz3gB8oeSBr1zD5zmAFNvgv%2B%2FwZQWFtoGiUKalmSiYUeIZ%2B%2BFxz1u7zQvvZc4yaaTtTcNzKrtDZiXXAT4%2FQ%2BfmVHiLz%2BVSHXtZEfmsz9basTsu%2BgMWj4Rn4eHgQQ46UbK1PbxCBw9FbPA%2F0%2BM6jcbCbqTLZak6GtRe8hEbtzv0sUUc6ftPgeoAlMahlDHFOf6DhaCV%2BnSrcvZ%2B3OPQ7UHHn78oB1kAGoI1t844fHcjZwr%2Fa3g1fPfbAto%2F7ikU1LH92y2zPxFVOldQNgruBCTKEdA9V54e%2FIpoV2N0hyJvnjBLxzzUW18YacnpJPpBPQsjnjN%2BFkcSUujoy5bYi0sHoAKqGwAIMj2Mb99kCfuiaj%2FS7L0qUjGU0T3mVGRmxsOW2PTE4z1wSyCZ%2Fp%2BcxHiH20Hl8eW8Im9j7GNdy%2FDftU1RfH2yMI%2FwfnRdCx9hMS5311UEKRDOfOKtG8jZvlTUzEiOkkDc8ILX%2Bb8HzrYZWS58zB228YeoAAPugAFfC7%2FOLgx4rndEvl5sCYkGMKPQgq85LFMB0AUQ|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABFBMqtys86Nf
  10. This is the one I have: https://www.asap-supplies.com/products/whale-automatic-bilge-water-sensor-switch-12v-or-24v-w-be9003 it works OK, but be careful, if you get oily water on it it won't turn off again....!
  11. I assume you have a decent battery charger? Plugged in to keep the batteries tip top....
  12. I have one (on a Taylors diesel heater as opposed to solid fuel) the fan doesn't cost me anything to run, didn't cost much to buy and I'm pretty sure it makes a difference so I'll quite happily leave it there.. Also I quite like the look of it....
  13. Towpath lighting? Not sure I've ever seen any nor that's it's needed or wanted. I'd have assumed if you want light you'd carry a torch? Not to mention the environmental impact of installing and running all the lighting...
  14. I have external window covers, same idea, makes a massive difference to temperature and condensation... The one in the attached pic is a hatch but Window covers are the same... Edit: If you stand it off the window so there is an air gap it works even better... I use foam pipe lagging cut in half lengthways.
  15. IMHO I'm not a fan of surveys. If you've ever read the 'small print' on a survey I'm not sure they're worth the paper they are written on. The last one I read had so many 'get out of jail' clauses there was all but zero comeback on the surveyor... IIRC there was one clause that made us laugh out loud it was so ludicrously wide. It was something like 'if the surveyor misses anything then tough luck'.... didn't inspire any confidence anyway....
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