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  1. Offer all the Friends Recruiters alternative employment as Lengthsmen and assistants; see how many stay. Withdraw funding from cycle path towpath improvements unless the local councils want to provide it, along with the provision of steps and handrails for pedestrians. use the money for dredging and mooring stabilisation.
  2. The spill return on my Perkins 4108 uses a rubber 'o' ring on the pipe which is about 3/16" and which is then compressed by a hollow bolt. It only requires a minimum pressure to seal it. As the feed to your Webasto is not gravity, using a large filter may give you problems in bleeding it as the pump does not have a high capacity.
  3. Now I know why you have a persistent cough in some of your replies!😎
  4. Good heavens! double belt and braces. How do you manage to shoehorn it all into your boat?
  5. Some bridges need to be held open, and all should really be 'supervised' whilst open unless tied down. Just imagine the potential consequences if a toddler or farm animal were to upset the balance of an open bridge with a boat beneath it.
  6. His batteries may be full, but he has the dinner washing up to do and then have a shower. Cauliflowers are often small, and sobadly installed that only half of the hot water is available. Morco's are so civilised.
  7. Connection speeds may be the least of your problems with satellite systems: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-58061230
  8. So, where were you in the convoy? Where was the '5 min hirer'? What did he berate you about? We may be able to offer a more constructive answer.
  9. As has already been said, put up, shut up or move.
  10. Do you need some Covonia? What I said, 12 volt batteries with a capacity of 110 amp/hr.
  11. Yes, it is part of the licence agreement, but what do you think CaRT will do about it? With the exception of Road Traffic Offences, what action is taken against other social nuisances that move about?
  12. I used to have access to batteries from a goods vehicle dealer who bought large 110 amp/hr batteries for his trucks. At 1/2 the best price for leisure batteries from local chandlers, their performance was more than equal.
  13. Why would you expect boaters to be different to people in other walks of life?. Like the people who jump the bus queue; park on yellow lines 'for a couple of minutes'; play music in the park or on the beach; block junctions in their cars. Some people are just obnoxious. The last time I asked someone to stop running their engines, we had moored at Alrewas at 5:30 behind 2 boats with engines running. At 8:10 I asked them to stop and was told we can run them till 8:00 o clock. I then replied that was why I had waited till 10 past. They both switched off. Bang on 8:00 am the next morning they both started up again.
  14. When comparing prices/batteries, pay attention to the physical size and weight of the units. There can be up to 30% difference in batteries of the same Ah capacity and the lighter/smaller ones have less lead and last hardly any time at all.
  15. The general knowledge of British Geography is shown up as abysmal in any TV quiz show. Many people these days don't even know their way within a 20 mile radius of their home without the use of SatNav. When the satellite falls out of the sky, the roads will be utter chaos. You'll be alright on the boat as you won't have many options unless you're on the B.C.N.
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