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  1. If flow into pot is slow on manual override, then you have a blockage in the feed. If insufficient fuel is getting there after the meths runs out the thermocouple will not get hot enough.
  2. Replace 2 of the screws (opposites) with eye bolts, and put a long shackle padlock through the eyes.
  3. Cup hooks at the point you want to hold them at work well.
  4. On oil burning appliances, a flue gas analyser will measure oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The aim is to achieve as high a CO2 content without smoke. The O2 reading indicates the 'excess air' in combustion and the relationship between the two, when calculated along with the flue temperature gives a gross or nett efficiency, depending whether a gross or nett temperature is used. (Nett is the actual flue temperature minus the ambient temperature.) Without access to a flue gas analyser, if you set the rough air setting as described in the instructions, an experienced ear can assess the smoothness of startup, and the exhaust can be checked for smoke. CO should normally be below 50 ppm and is an indication of flame instability or impingement if CO2 an temperature measurement is within limits.
  5. I don't know exactly where the air screw is, but if you have disturbed it, either the burner will start with a splutter if too weak, or will smoke (black) if too rich, white smoke indicates unburnt fuel. If you need to adjust, remember to do it a little at a time, and wait a minute or so to see the full effect. If you start as advised, then be patient. Measuring the CO2 content requires a flue gas analyser.
  6. So parking is as congested on the K&A as moorings are if you don't want to pay anything?
  7. Make a silly offer, say £7000. You may then get a sight of the survey to see whether it's worth pursuing.
  8. If you rely on your Webasto, it makes sense to have an alternative that does not rely on battery power or sensitive electronics. A solid fuel or drip diesel alternative is a necessity.
  9. You have 2 basic situations to address. 1. Fan belts and coolant have a life span and should be covered in general maintenance, along with cooling hoses and associated equipment. Coolant has a life, and fan belts and hoses needregular inspection, along with suitable spares being carried. 2. Is the capacity of your skin tank capable of handling your 'push up against the current' on rivers.
  10. How long ago last year was the pump replaced? If a month ago, it would still be wet. If 3 months ago, you would expect it to have dried significantly.
  11. Looking at the pictures on the website, it would appear that this is a baffle that has fallen. Have good look inside and you'll probably see something broken/burnt out, that should support it in a position that clears the door.
  12. Yes, but doesn't the 'coil' in a thermal store consist of a multi cored coil so that the surface area is greatly enhanced?
  13. Just because it was fitted horizontal in another boat does not mean it is a horizontal cylinder. Pictures will tell us a lot. I've seen many vertical cylinders fitted horizontal and they will work reasonably if the cylinder is fed through the normal outlet at the top, and the flow out is from the normal feed at the bottom, as long as the outlet is at the high point of the installation.
  14. If you only have a week, then the 'ring' from Pershore to the severn; server to Worcs; Worcs to B'ham; B'ham to Stratford then on to Pershore is not really an option. For heavens sake, you are on holiday, goto Stratford and return, and have some time off the boats. Als, if you have unfavourable weather, you will not be too exposed for too long.
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