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  1. If you only know it's working by testing the voltage, then I would think that would get tedious very soon.
  2. With a 1932 Gardner, you may find it difficult to sell to anyone but a Gardner enthusiast.
  3. The very slight damp patch on the water trap outlet could be allowing air in when running as it would be under vacuum from the lift pump. I once had similar with a leaking crimp on the lift pump which allowed air to collect at the top of the feed pipe. When the engine cut out there was no sign of it as the lift pump had sucked in.
  4. Industry Narrowboats at Stretton, or maybe Norbury Wharf.
  5. Just hope your examiner reads German. I can't see the right numbers on it. Ebay is a good source of these items with the right numbers on.
  6. In insurance terms, if it were a car that was rammed into your car by another car, then your insurance would claim off the car that hit you. It's then up to that car's owner to pass the claim on. For £50 its not worth bothering with insurers, but I would be tempted to claim off the Marina for the negligence of their contractors. You can bet that they have had some kick back from the cranage contractors, most marinas do charge contractors. A written claim would elicit some response and would help you determine your next action. But then you need to consider the bad feeling that may engender with the Marina, who may decide not to renew your mooring; just saying. Maybe boating is a contact sport.
  7. Is the transfer pipe blocked between the two tanks? If the take off is from the tank that is fed from the tank with the filler cap, then this would cause the symptoms your friend has.
  8. The transfer of a liquid through a pipe under gravity is better through a bigger bore as the frictional resistance is less. However, if you are inducing the supply with a vacuum, as in a lift pump, the pump will suck better through a smaller bore as the increase in frictional resistance is negated by the weight of the medium. An analogy is comparing drinking a liquid through a drinking straw, or through a length of 22mm pipe. You would have to suck a lot harder. Having said all that, given the distances and volumes involved in a boat, then the difference would be next to neglible.
  9. I suspect that OP is considering 10mm as it is more readily available in small quantities than 8mm. "Plumbers" 10 mm soft coiled coper is the go to material for oil tank supply pipework for heating applications. The smaller gauge would be preferable as it would perform better supplying a lift pump under suction.
  10. https://www.screwfix.com/p/flomasta-compression-reducing-coupler-10-x-8mm/55913 Should solve your problem.
  11. The locals must be feeling sigmatised through all this mickey taking.
  12. Being the windbag I'm accused of, I have a selection of harmonicas.
  13. With my bubble stove, Iput a twist of tissue in the centre of the pot turn the control up to full andwhen the tissue is wet, light it. I leave the door ajar and after 2-3 mins, turn the control down to half and after another 2-3 mins when there is a full yellow lazy flame, I close the door and then all the combustion air is drawn through the pot and the flame turns blue. Anothe point to look for if your flame is consistently low and lazy, is the seal of the pot against the mounting plate. If this is poor, then the flue will pull air through that and not through the pot holes.
  14. Judging from the picture, I think you do not have sufficient fuel coming into the pot. Check forward from the tank supply to make sure that you have an unimpeded flow into the float control valve, that the filter in the valve is clear, that the metering column is clear, and finally the supply pipe into the pot. If that is all clear, then check that the fuel into the pot will give a level of about 10mm -15mm over the base. Use the search facility to look for detailed instructions. @cuthound has posted pictorial hints. I'm not sure on your stove whether you should have a catalyser (the wire) ; a look at the parts list from Reflex will show you whether you should have one. I've serviced many pot burners over the years that rely on ring sets like your picture shows.
  15. If you have a boat without a catch pit, and have no permanently fitted bilge pump, would you still get a BSS?
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