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  1. The comments about HP not being the only measurement for comparison are borne out with my engine, a Perkins 4108M, which is factory limited to 2,100 rpm and only rated at 28 bhp. It has plenty of power at 11-1200 rpm to propel a 57ft boat, and on several occasions, has towed similar sized craft without having to increase the revs noticeably.
  2. My pet gripe is those who ride over water hoses, particularly on cinder towpaths. I've taken to using 3 footstools to raise the hose, and sit with a cup of tea whilst filling. Perhaps the most frightened I've been has been whilst using Bingley 5 Rise, where the steep well surfaced slope encourages speeds well in excess of safety.
  3. Have always found Thrupp to be very helpful, and what's wrong with having wardens to supervise the mooring restrictions? And you still get people taking the p**s.
  4. But with an 8mm orange hose connecting it to your gas line, I doubt it would deliver a full 4kg.
  5. The small regulators usually attached to a piece of orange hose and directly fit into the bottle pass about 1.5 kg per hour. A 3/8 bsp regulator attached to a changeover valve will pass about 4kg per hour. An audit of your appliances will confirm your potential usage, and also bear in mind, too small a throughput will restrict the pressure at the appliances. This should be checked by the examiner at BSS time.
  6. But Arthur, they base it on their local mooring fee, not what people pay to private owners. If CaRT have no local on or off line moorings, then they can make up a theoretical charge. Either way, you have no right of appeal to their demand. ETA. Our Club rents a mooring 'ransom strip' from CaRT, which forms the basis of the Club charges. Fortunately the lease, like for many Clubs, is well protected in terms of increases.
  7. I'm amazed you haven't opened up a whole can of worms thread about Ecofans.
  8. Is your wiring up to the right size? Undersized wiring can cause the pump to be noisy.
  9. What Jen said. Also, if not a marine calorifier, many water supply pumps will overpressurise it.
  10. Suggest you look back through the thread, then.
  11. Now been at our Boat Club for 31 years, Wolverhampton, where there is a choice of 4 routes within 1 mile. Currently pay about £1K per annum. up from around £450. The seniority of moorings improves as people leave, and I'm now the longest serving moorer. All of the last few leavers left not only their moorings, but their place in this world, so let's not dwell on this too much.
  12. I think a lot of heads need banging together, or do you all work for BBC, ITV or Sky? What he has said is quite straightforward, and qualified with dates IF certain criteria are met. Unfortunately Covid apparently is not answering any phone calls or emails and refuses to publish a timetable or schedule for any infections. What action would you take to guarantee anything related to this pandemic? Don't bother coming back with what could have been done; hindsight is perfect sight. No-one can be able to foretell exactly what can be achieved let alone guarantee anything. Apart from very
  13. That may be because my link is copied from my account login with them. Google Heating World of Spares, but these filters are available everywhere at heating or agricultural suppliers, for about £7.00
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