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  1. I would be wary of using de-ionised water. When I sold valves, in a previous existence, we had to avoid brass bodies, and nitrile seals, as the soft water degraded these materials. Where you are uncertain of what materials are used in pumps etc., you never know what effect it could have. I would use distilled, unless you live in Birmingham, where you used to be able to use tap water to top up batteries.
  2. Ex Brummie

    Passing of moored boats on the river

    Another point on rivers is that boats are rarely tied up except front and rear, and with cruisers, a spring on the rear. Many narrowboat owners feel compelled to use every rope they have, and you will find a tight centre rope as well as bow and stern. This tight centre rope converts the back and forward motion into a severe roll.
  3. Ex Brummie

    Mineral oil

    I use Morris's 15/40 semi synthetic in my Perkins 4108,and have done for many years. Using mineral oils before that, I used a litre or so topping up. I now go from oil change to oil change without the need to top up. There does not appear to be a downside. After 30 years, it starts without delay, and does not smoke. I still get 5 hours running per gallon of diesel.
  4. Ex Brummie

    Carbon monoxide detector/diesel fumes

    If you know a friendly boiler man, you could ask him to check for you with a flue gas analyser. A check on the exhaust would give you a reference point so that testing around the potential leak can be compared.
  5. Ex Brummie

    Canal trip choice

    Although the Ashby is only 22 miles, you only have the stop lock at Hawkesbury all the way to Rugby, plus another 3 at Hillmorton to Braunston, or Napton before you meet other locks. This opensup many more hire options.
  6. Ex Brummie


    If I fill the water tank from 1/4 full, the stern rises 1 1/2" - 2", whilst the bow drops 3"- 4". The quantity of water is about 170 gallons.
  7. Ex Brummie

    Charging laptop question

    Check the requirement of your charger. You may find it requires something more than a small portable.
  8. Ex Brummie

    Newbie insurance question - survey?

    For 3rd Party only, you should be able to get insurance without a survey.
  9. Ex Brummie

    Dozy car drivers and lift bridges!

    Shirley drawbridge was always a pain and could trap many vehicles. The best I recall, when it was just a windlass job without barriers, was 2 yobs on Honda 50's who decided they would steal a march on those from the other side, so started to cross before the bridge was down. The one obviously forgot that you don't rev the engine on an automatic unless you want to move, which he did, but not fast enough to jump the gap completely, landing unceremoniously just about on the road, head first. On another occasion, on the Caldon, after seeing my oat and another through, I closed lowered the bridge, lifted up the one barrier, and whilst walking to the other, heard the unmistakeable 'crump' of a car roof, as the barrier I had just lifted bounced back down on the roof of an impatient Rover, bending the door pillar and shattering the windscreen. I referred the incandescent driver to the telephone number on the control console, and left as quickly as I could whilst she disentangled herself from the barrier to the accompaniment of other delayed drivers. I was also delayed at Wrenbury when another boat appeared as the bridge was closing, and was unable to stop. The operator pressed the stop button to lift it again, but succeeded in only 'locking' it out. We all had to wait the attendance of B.W. to reset it.
  10. Ex Brummie

    Morco Issue - Help Please

    Undo the gas pipe connection into the pilot, then put the control into pilot mode and push in. If gas flows, then the pilot jet is blocked. If no gas, but you have gas into the appliance, then there is a problem with the gas valve.
  11. Not so bitter and twisted, but I recall the fiasco on the Chesterfield when work was stopped to protect the Mayfly, then the dredging took out all the larvae, the protected weed on the curly wurly that eventually choked the waterway and stifled other waterlife, and also the restrictions on the Monty after newts took to the new waters. Where were they before there was water? Perhaps I have a view that nature looks after itself and maintains balance of its own accord.
  12. May the good lord save us. No doubt the ecology lobby will now insist that all work on repairing the breach must now cease.
  13. Ex Brummie


    Looking back, mine was also combicolour. I didn't realise there was a silk option. Presumably, the properties will be the same. It also treats rust spots effectively.
  14. Ex Brummie

    Non slip with Hammerite Smooth

    Mix up a small amount and paint it where it doesn't show to see how it goes.
  15. Ex Brummie


    The Rustoleum I used, Duplicolour, is easy to apply, dries quickly, and is durable. It is far from silk/matt though; very glossy. When applying, use only a small amount in a kettle as it goes off quickly

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