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  1. I remember once, turning towards Ashted at the TyPhoo arm, being shouted at by a very new shiny boat owner about 40 yds up it and very stuck, right in the middle. I started to go in forwards and was told 'you need to reverse in to pull us out' . I continued forwards and fortunately had my 'river ropes' on as we had been on the Thames. I was able to get within 20 ft of him, and was able to pull him back without too much trouble. He was grateful, as he had been there about 3 hours. He didn't realise how lucky he was, as it can be several days before you see a boat on that stretch. I always go up Garrison and Ashted rather than Aston as it brings back memories of my former life. We've been pretty well everywhere on the B.C.N. as the backwaters are interesting, and there's never any queues. The rubbish and weed can be a bit offputting, but as long as you don't gun the engine, you don't make too much mud and offensive smells.
  2. Should be no problems. An easy week.
  3. Do the same as lots of other people and ignore the 48 hour notices. No-one ever seems to police them. Even the waterpoint opposite the cube is regularly abused.
  4. If the system works at the moment, why not just move the pump to the tank and leave the rest as it is? That way you will retain equal pressure to the shower which will be best for operation. It is not a case of scalding so much as a cold shower.
  5. With a little care, the Qube top will sit relatively securely on the 365 tank, but it does not latch. Another option is to empty the Qube tank into the 365 tank. You may not empty as fully as you would like, and it is best done on the bank, and if you can plan to empty a little sooner than you normally would, it works O.K. We do not normally expect to be anywhere longer than 3-4 days, so one tank is sufficient. A live aboard using the full 14 days squatting would soon get fed up, as for us it is an expedient rather than normal practice.
  6. Think you may struggle with The Talbot at Mkt Drayton. I drove past before Christmas and it was being rebuilt, possibly housing? There is plenty of choice elsewhere in Drayton including a 'Spoons.
  7. During my work life, I spend a lot of time driving along single track country lanes. I adopt the policy when approaching blind bends, that I am going at a speed that enables me to stop before the oncoming vehicle, or stop before I hit the tractor, relying on the dash cam to back up any claim. On the cut, I adopt the same tactic. There is, IMHO, little point in sounding a horn except at a junction or similar, when it has other meanings. In normal cruising areas, where a horn is not expected, it can have little meaning. It usually means that the other boat is indicating 'sod you, I'm coming through'.
  8. You are really taking a chance! These are usually some of the worst tied up boats on the cut, with thin string and often come loose.
  9. When CaRT closed the facilities at Fazeley, they were 'moved' to Fazeley Mill Marina, and they were very accommodating. Can we expect the same reception from ABC? If not, then it's a long way from Great Haywood to the bottom of Atherstone for facilities.
  10. After a short jaunt this weekend, I am thoroughly confused. Passing through Brewood to get to Wheaton Aston, I almost felt I should stop as there were only 3 boats in the space that normally has 15, (both sides of bridge). Upon reaching Wheaton Aston, there was only 1 boat above the lock, and 2 boats below, before the bridge. The water points and the sanitary station were empty. The VM's after the bridge were empty, which was probably why Turner's was closed on Saturday PM. Maybe the traffic did not appear heavy, as fhere were very few hire boats out at Autherley or Brewood; unusual for school holidays.
  11. I've tried to recall exactly when this aspect of 'customer satisfaction' came to feature so heavily in our lives. P.R. Companies have managed to wheedle their way into every aspect of private and public life, and they obviously feel they are making a serious contribution to organisations with their expensive non-jobs,, but surely they are the only ones telling that tale. The N.H.S. surveys are surely the most pointless example of these exercises, as there is little alternative to the services unless you are rich, or someone who is, is paying for you. The exponential rise of Local Government Magazines is another area where our money is spent needlessly, instead of the services which it should be spent on. I despair at the sight of banners outside schools proclaiming their 'excellence', as if parents of prospective pupils have much choice in the selection of their establishment. Anyone who has had covers made for their boat will know how much these are likely to cost. The OFTEC reports are easily found if you need information. In the commercial world, we all know how easily Trip Advisor and the like are manipulated. We now, of course, have a generation of debt laden students with degrees in these non sciences, who cannot live without the approval of their peers on social media; but that is another unwelcome and dangerous spectre in our modern lives.
  12. I answered a similar survey with " What choice would they have? Spend your money on healthcare rather than pointless box ticking exercises."
  13. This looks like the Phurnacite I used to burn before I saw the light and installed a Bubble Stove. No manhandling, no extra storage, no special deliveries and NO DUST. Just steady continuous controllable heat.
  14. I suppose anything to hand if you've not got the 'proper' stuff, is better than nothing. My tool kit contains penetrating oil, silicon spray, WD40, liquid grease and good old 3 in 1. Yes, heat is the most effective, and a little patience also comes in handy.
  15. What a waste of a 14 yr old malt in that you tube video, (but I bet it smells better than all the alternatives) !!!!. I work with oil boilers, and find that a bit of kerosene, (28 sec heating oil) is very effective. In years gone by, I've found brake fluid to be very good, and pre EU regulations, real vinegar also did the trick. It also worked well if you've used a bit of heat on a seized joint, where diesel or kero can be risky.
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