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  1. There is your problem. The oil depth is too great. Normally you would only expect an oil depth of about 15-20mm. When you turn the fuel off, you still have the head in the supply line until the levels balance out in the pot and valve. Excessive depth also explains the poor flame pattern.
  2. why should a dry boiler melt? The rest of the stove doesn't.
  3. Whilst it may tell you a reasonably accurate thickness where you test, as pitting occurs from the outside, you really need to see it visually.
  4. Didn't we all, of a certain vintage. But as I recall, all it did was go up and down. Not sure I want that in my boat.
  5. Just how long does it take to turn off? What is the height of the Toby fuel level from the burner base?
  6. The difference between 3/11 and 5mm is negligible. The reason 5mm is recommended is to enable the fuel pump to be able to prime itself. Trying to do this through 3/8 or 10mm will impair its operation. Use the 3/16 pipe fitted an get fittings to suit.
  7. I think you'll find many prospective moorers 'only want leisure moorings' until after they've been there a few weeks. This may explain the reluctance of some Marinas to fully engage at the first enquiry.
  8. Recycled plastic is not a good idea. It will sag in heavily trodden unsupported places. An unsupported place is anything above 6". Ask me how I know.
  9. We moored at the visitor moorings just below the Glory Hole one night, and at about 1am, were awakened by the shouted most impassioned female voice in some foreign tongue. There was absolutely no-one in sight anywhere near. The buildings above have a very chequered history, part of which showed hostel type accomodation for unfortunate females.
  10. As long as the broker gets his commission, he won't be too bothered the price as long as the boat moves quickly. As already said, if the vendor can't be ars*d, then it says a lot about how the boat has been looked after, unless, maybe, it is being sold by relatives of someone deceased, in which case looking a bit further may find you a bargain. As regards Marinas, think how their 'laissez faire' attitude might impact on future relations. If they don't want liveaboards, this may explain their offhandedness.
  11. My surveyor actually drilled out unobtrusive holes in the lining to check the inside of the hull, leaving me the plugs to replace. The 'self fitout' often rings alarm bells with insurers. £33K seems expensive when you consider many Dave Clark boats only had 6mm bottoms. Also the BMC 1.5 not the best of engines these days and I would have thought this was not fitted by the builder, so would query it's ancestry.
  12. Have a look in B&Q at vinyl planking. It locks together like a jigsaw both on the sides and each end. It feels a little soft, but not too soft, it is waterproof ( recommended for bathrooms) and does not open up at the joins like some laminates.. It is easy to lay and easily trimmed with a stanley knife.
  13. Walking down the residential moorings at the end of the Oxford, there are many illegal installations.
  14. Pad the joint out with rope, then cover off with Purimachos Flue Jointing Compound. Stays firm but flexible.
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