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  1. Ex Brummie

    avon /severn

    Amongst all this discussion, when travelling downstream, as the Capt says, you're not always aware of the speed you are travelling, and what effect this has on steering. You will travel a lot further in a manoeuvre than on a canal, and you also need to be aware of this when stopping, so you know you're engine has enough in reserve to achieve your objectives.
  2. Ex Brummie


    Despite the other disadvantages already mentioned, a combi requires an uprated cold water flow and pressure than you can easily get on a boat. There are other multipoint heaters you can use that give better output than the morco, and there are good reasons for separating your heating and hot water systems.
  3. Ex Brummie

    Washing machine drainage issue

    Your non return valve will be too much resistance for the evacuation pump. Pump out is 'assisted' by syphoning from the open hose
  4. Ex Brummie

    Flushing central heating

    Power Flushing solutions are more aggressive than other cleaning fluids you leave in and let circulate. A powerflush will take up to a day to be done properly, and use of the rad valves should flush one at a time. It is a job that can be shortcut, and often is. 10mm is restrictive, and depending on the circuit layout, you can be looking at insufficient flow to some radiators. Balancing is imperative on any system, but more so on 10mm. Ask your engineer if he is flushing rads one at a time, and if he is rebalancing after the job is done. Also ask what inhibitor he is using. Querying the job can make him be a little more thorough. If you get the chance, have a look at what comes out. If it's not dirty, ask him why. If you're not happy, take it up with British Gas. If you are (and have been) paying for it, I would expect one flush to last more than a few years, but often an engineer will offer a powerflush as a fallback to an insoluble problem. If the system looks clean from the first run, I would take this up with BG after the fitter has left. If it is dirty, ask the fitter why it should get so dirty after such a short time.
  5. Ex Brummie

    Sign Posts

    All R.A.F. passenger aircraft had backward facing seats. Makes sense when you think about it.
  6. Ex Brummie

    Sign Posts

    The answer must be that they are not sign posts, but mile markers. Think about milestones on roads rather than road signs.
  7. Ex Brummie

    Water tank blacking

    You will notice I referred to Bituminous Black Paint. This is significantly different to Bitumen or Bitumastic.
  8. Ex Brummie

    Water tank blacking

    The regular use was 'Black Jack' which was odourless and tasteless. This is still available, along with other Black Bituminous Paint, which was not Bitumastic, and used to be certified for water tanks. Most manufacturers (Evo Stik was one) dropped the recommendation when certification became mandatory under E.U. Regulation about 8-9 years ago(?). Mine was blacked with Black Jack 2 months ago, and has no taste or smell after curing for 2 weeks.
  9. Ex Brummie

    Boat surrounded by dangerous Marxists

    As long as that person is not a mod, I won't get told off for my sense of humour
  10. Ex Brummie

    Boat surrounded by dangerous Marxists

    Especially the women!!
  11. Ex Brummie

    Three Kingfishers

    Bringing my boat back from the boatyard after survey 2 weeks ago, I had one accompany me for a mile or so. I suppose it was happy to see if I disturbed any food in the very cold water.
  12. Ex Brummie

    Roof paint colour - light or dark?

    If there is sufficient insulation, then the inside of the boat will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. I have2" of polystyrene in the roof, with only 1" on the sides. With the 1/2" lining, outside temperature is not a factor I need to consider.
  13. Ex Brummie

    Pre-purchase surveyors [Derbyshire]

    Just had a survey done by Ricky Tropman, 07887 836754. He is East Midlands based, but travels. He is on the BSS list, and also GreatHaywood and Whilton Marinas websites.
  14. Ex Brummie

    Bilge pollution

    The Titan at screwfix is cheaper and more compact.
  15. Ex Brummie

    boat related humour - share your boating jokes

    If you ever had cause to phonethem, guess how they answered the phone!!!!!!!!!

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