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  1. You can check the Gas Safe web site for contacts. Remember you need one that is registered for LPG AND Boats.
  2. The stability bracket is an 'L' shaped unit that you fit to the cooker with the bottom of the 'L' on the floor to stop the cooker from falling forward. Have a look on You Tube, there are a couple of videos explaining them.
  3. It smokes when turning off because the oil level drops and cannot sustain vapourisation. Not much of a problem for 2-3 minutes until it goes out.
  4. Looking back through the post, I can't see what type of cooker you have. I've assumed that it is fitted fitted in a unit like on most boats I have seen. If however it is a freestanding slot in cooker, then the bayonet fitting and flexible hose is a better option, but you also need a safety chain and a stability bracket.
  5. Just a thought, with a deep draughted tug like this, it doesn't seem to be making much of a wave at the bow, but off the stern. We don't know how deep the water is there, but I know that with a deepish draught, if I have to steer away from a moored boat on one side, my tiller action can cause a wave on the side I am steering to if the side is particularly shallow.
  6. At the current rate of reported sales, next weekend may be too late if any good. Depending how much it has been used/abused, inspection and survey will answer your question.
  7. The jets are the same for both Butane and Propane, so you will be set up for whichever of these fuels you are using.
  8. I only have one chimney, but it is 2 parts; 18" x 4" stainless flue in the chimney collar, a normal narrowboat chimney over the 6" collar, but I also have a swedish cowl that fits into the inner chimney. I've seen many removed because the owners can't be a***d to clean out the carbon from the pot every 6 weeks or so, or ignore advice about the flue requirements. It is rather like the individuals with multifuels who don't clean out the ashpan, don't sweep the chimneys and burn any old rubbish, and then moan about tarred up glass and fumes.
  9. I have the Bubble with a back boiler. If Heineken made boat stoves, it would probably be a Bubble. It vies with solar panels as to which is the best thing I've put on the boat.
  10. The book of words that came with my Perkins 4108M gives a temp of 75oC for raw water cooling, 90oC for skin tanks. Following Tony's comments about raw water furring up, when you have a Bowman heat exchanger cooled by raw water I can't understand why there should be a difference.
  11. Whilst working on the system, fit isolating valves to the flow and return just past the boiler. This will mean you don't have to drain down every time.
  12. As a liveaboard, if you consider yourself competent, there is no reason not to do it your self. There is some aspect of the BSS that requires a liveaboard boat to be drop tested, which requires an examiner to be Gas Safe, but on a 'cruising boat' that is not, for some reason, a requirement. It is good advice re the hose. If it has been installed for some time. It will have got hot in use, and they go less flexible.
  13. Just a thought about the wood in the hatch hasp. If you replace the padlock in the staple without engaging the hasp, then no one can lock you in your boat. A couple of years ago, i had a couple of chairs taken at Kings Norton. They would have been no use to anyone as they had odd legs to accommodate the step in the back deck.
  14. How did the protaganists get off their boats? I remember once getting jammed on the way back from LLangollen when a hire boat kept coming when we had already stopped. Much shoving and pulling came to naught, until everyone got off the boats and miraculously they floated free.
  15. I was not impressed with Thetford's service in relation to a failed seal on a Qube that was only 4 months old. Of course, Covid was to blame. (3 months to replace, and then it was sent from the supplier who had one another customer couldn't be bothered to wait for.)
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