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  1. Maplin to the wall, this can't happen

    Not used much now Netaheats have all but expired.
  2. TV on the blink

    Is it 12 volt or 240volt? Have you checked the power supply to it?
  3. Never get anything on the prop again!

    Whilst weed hatch and greaser are not required, this looks one I saw come through our moorings a couple or so years ago. Ear defenders are a must for the steerer and crew. The paddle made a deafening 'slap' each time a blade hit the water.
  4. This is similar to ours. I installed it crossways from the side to corridor panel. I placed it on a horseshoe of tantalised fence posts so the drain could be taken out of the open end. The high sides and back screwed to the panels, and I then mitred some 2"x 1" to follow the front cut out and the top side pieces, I then cut some 10mm ply to the shape of the front and pinned this to the battens. I then screwed this assembly to the bath from the inside, using a right angle moulding to cover the screws and the top of the panel. The bottom of the panel is fixed to a batten screwed to the floor The panel can then be finished with your wall covering of choice. I originally papered this to match the inside of the compartment, but have subsequently removed the panel, covered it in material to match the blind. The edges are all taken around the back of the panel before refitting it to the bath so that there is nothing to peel. Sorry, I'm not near the boat at present so can't take pictures.
  5. The showertub style was very popular 30 years or so ago and there are still many left. You can fill up past the seat so can sit to soak feet and was legs without balancing. It is relatively economical with water when used thus. Ours is used most of the time as a shower tray and is wide enough to allow a curtain to not wrap itself around you. It is also very useful to use as a washer for sheets and bath towels using the feet 'a la grape pressing' style. It also allows more than adequate rinsing in the same manner. We don't have a washing machine!!
  6. Kill Cord ?

    How do you operate a pull stop with a kill cord?

    The one I bought from Maplins was £2.15
  8. saniflo repair

    A saniflo is a stand alone unit that can easily be isolated from the rest of the pipework. Just make sure you isolate it electrically before you put your fingers anywhere near the blades. If it is more than a plastic bag or similar jamming the blade, you are better off replacing the unit.
  9. Blowers Green

    The notice certainly makes it appear that a sale is already planned. three years ago, a similar sale, according to CaRT, could not be sold unless it was at public auction, so that it was transparently the best deal, to satisfy charitable requirements. The sale actually reduced the potential and also incurred commission. No prior notice of the sale was posted, except for the auction sale board. Is there a covenant on this land that makes a difference, so that has to be satisfied before a sale can be advertised. Any 'closed' sale must raise some fears of insider dealing and planning collusion.
  10. Pubs owned by the CRT

    I was referring to the moorings at The Bluebell just down the cut from Earlswood. SG is the boatfitter at Knowle. When the Lady Lane premises were E.M.Y.C., 30 years ago, I used to moor there. At that time, the 'owners' always told me they owned the premises, and also built a very nice bungalow on site. It transpired that they only leased the mooring rights when one of the members who moored main line south of the feeder arm, was told he couldn't licence his boat as it was illegally moored. The ensuing 'negotations' resulted in the main line moorings along the embankment were leased to them with the condition that they developed them (deforestation etc) The Club was a thriving social centre for boaters and locals for many years, but visits since show it has declined somewhat like many hostelries, canalside or otherwise.
  11. Pubs owned by the CRT

    I'm not sure about ownership of the Wharf, but it has always been a successful pub, so if it is rented from CaRT, then I doubt if they do anything other than collect the rent. The moorings are operated by Stephen Goldsborough, but probably rented from CaRT. Are you confusing this with the Earlswood Motor Yacht Club? I think you will find the only CaRT influence on this site is that they rent out the moorings, both on line and the feeder arm.
  12. plumber in stratford upon avon or nearby

    If the pump is 'churning', it probably needs bleeding to eliminate an air lock. What make pump is it? You need to unseal the unit it is in to carry out the job.
  13. Ventilation people!

    Localised CO can be caused by many factors. Opening the stove door can give a spike. I remember some years ago a friend of mine had a tenant complaining about a boiler flue smell. I attended with an analyser to check for him, suffering a barrage of verbal abuse from the tenant. After monitoring the flue and finding no leakage, whilst the verbal torrent continued, I let the sensor wander towards the cigarette she was waving about. The meter went off the scale, but her red face was from embarrassment not CO poisoning.
  14. fan for fridge

    We were talking about fans in the cabinet containing an open flued gas fridge.
  15. fan for fridge

    Any form of artificial draught on an open flued appliance will upset the combustion. The ventilation requirements specified by manufacturers are designed to ensure that the burner can draw its own combustion air for efficient operation. A forced draught below the burner can 'overair' the burner, lifting the flame, and an evacuation fan in the compartment can deprive the burner of combustion air causing a 'dirty' flame. Both conditions are likely to produce excessive CO, the silent killer. If it is a room sealed appliance, then a forced draught would not affect combustion.