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  1. The only time I've had fuel problems was when bio content was introduced, I put in an additive. After a good clean out, I've not treated fuel .
  2. The only part of the very standard splurge on the new Data Protection statement that amused me and showed CaRT up for the shambles it often is, is the part in the International Section where they state that they may share our information 'with other E U countries'. Has no one told them we've left?
  3. It matters not whether the system is in water. In fact, I can't think of any meaningful test to be done with an empty tank other than to check/replace the tank outlet valve. All other tests need to be done in water. As others have said, if the PRV does not leak then somewhere there is a bank of air acting as an accumulator.
  4. It is more a case of what isn't in de-ionised water. In a previous existence I sold, amongst other things, solenoid valves. I recall that valves used on de-ionised water had to be stainless. The common brass valves were no good as the water would leech elements out of the brass.
  5. For about £16, you can get a Seaflo automatic bilge pump complete. Judging by the split casing in your photo, this may not be an extravagance.
  6. Getting back to the original post, it has been shown that the cost of maintaining charge is next to minimal especially when it is factored into the battery life/cost equation, plus the advantage of fully charged batteries when you want to use the boat as consumption is likely to be high for the first few hours.
  7. I grew up with central as an open fire in the middle room. I subsequently earned a good living servicing central heating systems.
  8. If some scrote decides to tell CaRT he moors at the club, how is the club supposed to know if CaRT don't tell them? IS IT ME???????
  9. The Club does advise CaRT, and administers the licence applications of its members. You can hardly blame any organisation if an individual declares falsely. As the licence checker passes us about once a fortnight, you would have thought that might help them work phantom declarations out. They certainly notice if there are gaps as I have twice been notified that my boat was not on its mooring!
  10. These were people who declared thus without our knowledge. If CaRT do not check up, how are we to know?
  11. I recall some time back when the proposal to charge additional licence fees for boats without a home mooring, that one site, close to us had so many declared moorers that if they all came 'home' at once, then they would have stretched for over a mile probably 2 abreast. Enforcing such a regulation would be impossible. A couple of years back, our club was sent a list of our declared 'moorers'. It was probably 3 times our actual number. If charges are now to be applied to boats without a home mooring, can we expect a biblical type census where everyone has to report to their home mooring on
  12. A loan with the infamous Roy Scot organisations would not necessarily complied with regulations or good practice. They were not particularly ethical in their rapacious attitude to loans, rentals or hire purchase. They financed a rental agreement my father took out for a TV and Video that was illegal as it was actually hire purchase. He was a pensioner without any income apart from the pension and benefits and older than should have been applicable to such a loan. When he died 1 year into a 7 year agreement the whole debt became due. Effectively he paid 7 times what the products cost. Subsequen
  13. One point that I'd not seen before is about the issue of short term licences which, if I've read it correctly, will not be available to boats in marinas or waterways adjacent to CaRT water that do not require a CaRT licence. I also see there is provision to enter a boat if they so choose to. In some of the instances they specify adequate notice, but this disappears in the last paragraph. I am also unhappy that they want the right to inform 'interested parties' about your personal details, and the part about passing on information to your insurance company.
  14. That looks like it was a flare fitting at one time. If you remove the other nut into the banjo, you should get back to a BSP thread which you can adapt to the copper pipe to test the gauge.
  15. Can I still get 18mm 8' x 4' Sheets?
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