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  1. Ex Brummie

    Pre-purchase surveyors [Derbyshire]

    Just had a survey done by Ricky Tropman, 07887 836754. He is East Midlands based, but travels. He is on the BSS list, and also GreatHaywood and Whilton Marinas websites.
  2. Ex Brummie

    Bilge pollution

    The Titan at screwfix is cheaper and more compact.
  3. Ex Brummie

    boat related humour - share your boating jokes

    If you ever had cause to phonethem, guess how they answered the phone!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ex Brummie

    how much

    Just been craned out for survey/blacking. £350 was for craning out and back. No charge for time on bank.
  5. Ex Brummie

    Bilge pollution

    If this is where I think it is on the Shroppie at Brewood, then the natural movement of the water could well mean the boat in the picture is to blame. There seems to be a clear patch at the bow, and as this boat will have a 'through bilge' without bulkheads, there is plenty of rain catchment area.
  6. Ex Brummie

    PRV Valve

    Every Grant oil boiler comes with 2.5 bar PRV.
  7. It was a new shell with engine when I bought it 30 years ago. The condition of any boat is not what the OP was concerned about. He worries about ownership and validity of sale. Basically, the only purchase you can make with any level of certainty is a house, where the Land Registry has the details you need, (at least most of the time; there have been exceptions) You also have recourse through your solicitor/conveyancer. Most brokers terms I have seen abrogate this responsibility. In short terms, I would think it is as difficult for another party to prove that you have their boat once you have bought it. As with many things, possession is 9 points of the law.
  8. Ex Brummie

    Diesel bug

    Just be careful. Look carefully at the dosage instructions. Overdosing can cause more problems than not dosing at all.
  9. How many sheaves of paperwork does anyone have who is not anally retentive? If I had to prove ownership of my boat, I would be hard put to find much, maybe a couple of licence reminders. As I do most of my own servicing and maintenance, I don't bother with any bills for lift out etc.. Then again, when I bought my present boat, it was at the yard it was built, and I knew where the seller lived.
  10. Ex Brummie

    Central heating issue (but not on boat)

    I can see a situation where the photocell can have an effect on the O.P's problem. The Riello RDB burner photocell is infamous for keeping a burner in prepurge where the uninitiated think the boiler is running. if DHW stat is in demand, then a purging burner will never satisfy it, and the CH pump will not run. Obviously, if the cell problem is intermittent, its full effect is not apparent to an inexperienced individual.
  11. Ex Brummie

    Engine just cut out

    I had this 2 years ago, on a Perkins 4108M. Finally nailed it down to a leaking flexi hose on the inlet to the pump. As it was sucking air, there was no telltale fuel leak except when I caught it just as it cut out. I was able to bleed and prime it, but when running it sucked some air, which eventually rose and air locked the agglomerator.
  12. Ex Brummie

    Leaking CH backboiler system

    If piped up as a convential 2 pipe system, just close off the valves on the leaking radiator and use as normal.
  13. Ex Brummie

    CAV/Delphi pre-filter bowl drain screw seal

    Sam has it right. When fitting these filters, or any that require an O ring separate to the element, they do not need to be cranked up tight. The picture you have posted of the o ring shows it has been distorted by pressure. A tip for the future is to apply a little grease to the O ring and place it in position on the filter. Loosely assemble the unit, then hold the filter in place and tighten up the screw hand tight whilst keeping the filter in place with your other hand. Finally tighten up the screw, but do not overtighten. This leaves you room to tighten a little further if it leaks. If another 1 - 1 1/2 turns on the screw does not cure a leak, disassemble and try again. Practice makes perfect. I probably change 5 filters a week in my day job that have the potential to leak like yours.
  14. Ex Brummie

    How much does it cost to run a narrowboat ?

    It costs as much as you can afford. If your budget is tight, you do without some things you may like. If you are on the very bottom, you do things that only need doing. If you're flush, you get the best paint job, latest charger/inverter/huge battery bank to create your floating bespoke home. If really rich, you buy a Hudson, complete with butler to attend your every need.
  15. Ex Brummie

    Articulated Rudder

    " I've parked here for lunch in this layby and don't see why I have to get out!!!! "

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