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  1. I fitted some off Ebay to a curtain retainer in the saloon to aid vision for my wifes poor eyesight,, and also over the wardrobe door to light that up. In both cases, I used two 300mm lengths and fed them 'from the middle'. They were cheap enough, about £2 each from China, so itdidn't matter if it worked/lasted. Five years down the line isn't too bad.
  2. But I won't miss his 'singing'! 🙄
  3. A potable water vessel does not have any water in contact with the metal case. They have an internal bladder that contains the water. They can be identified from the flange at the connection. They are usually white or blue, but there is at least one manufacturer (surecal?) who paint theirs red.
  4. if you search back through the forum, Cuthound posted an illustrated instruction about this procedure. If it does not work, you can check and recalibrate the unit by disconnecting the out let pipe and with a container beneath it, start the flow and after a minute or so, collect the fuel for a 2 minutes and measure it. Divide it by two and you have the volume which should match the flow rate on the top plate label, usually 13cc/min. You can get a measure cheaply from a chemist, as used to measure medicine doses.
  5. Just loosen the nut and swap them over !!!😏
  6. The flow rate is insufficient. If you have thoroughly cleaned out all the pipework to the valve, you probably need to remove the top of the oil control valve and clean out the slot in the metering column, the spring loaded cylinder below the control knob. It is also worth checking the feed pipe from the valve to the burner pot.
  7. You need to check the voltage at the plug end when the lead is plugged into the cig lighter socket.
  8. Cut a lemon in half, use half to serve your gin and tonic. force the other half on the end of the tap and leave overnight. If you have two taps, you'll have to forego the gin and tonic.
  9. and welcome to the world of adjacent smokey exhausts or noisy generators, inconsiderate cruisers that rock you to sleep, infrastructure failures that hinder your progress, little Hitler CRT wardens who hassle you if they think you are overstaying, mechanical failures that are costly and inconvenient to repair, overgrown towpaths that stop you seeing where you are treading etc, etc, etc,. You won't leave all the annoying features of land life behind, but will face new problems. As others have said, failing health issues are likely to be one of the biggest drawbacks. Personally, I'd keep the house and buy something that will give you comfortable extended breaks that you enjoy in the better weather but still have the safe retreat.
  10. I had a cruiser that was reg no 71289. Many older narrowboats started at 6****, progressing to 7****, and then reverted to 4**** followed by 5****. and latterly 5*****. At some stage, newer cruisers, which for some inexplicable reason included some steel narrowboats were allocated a 6 figure number starting 1*****. Rumour has it that some numpty at BW saw a cruiser stern as a cruiser. (bugger, now I've told you that number I'll have to change my banking PIN)
  11. And when you buy a new clamp, buy two, so that next time you can fix the problem immediately. They cost little, eat nothing, and occupy little space. You have several batteries. I've seen batteries with a similar clamp problem caused by the seal between the terminal and casing with the venting therefrom degrading the clamp.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. According to reports in the press and tax payers alliance, in the first year, the loss of revenue was £400m. The most recent reports from DVLA itself alleges £93m, but other reports are nearer to £400m. If there had been any savings shown from the discontinuance of discs then economy could have been a valid reason, but this hasn't been the case as employee costs are rising exponentially according to their own reports. Any commercial enterprise has to earn its living, but all the government agencies do not have to worry about such trivialities.
  15. And despite that, DVLA is still very much down on revenue compared to when we had licence discs.
  16. I have two hatches that hold the lid away from the roof when closed and the examiner includes that gap in the calculations. Certainly adventitious ventilation cannot be included in houses under building regs so I suppose such gaps wouldn't count as they're not really designed.
  17. Included in my spares is a complete set of hoses for the engine and oil cooler. A failure is not going to disrupt any cruises significantly, and you can be sure you have the right items rather than relying on someone's unseen interpretation of your needs.
  18. Such equipment is available, but at a price which would be an unacceptable expense to smaller undertakings. In a previous existence I had a cafe and had a disagreement with the VAT inspector about having a cash register that itemised and segregated receipts. at the time such an item would have cost the same as 2 weeks turnover. Her argument was that it would make her life so much easier than having to sit in a corner of the cafe re-analysing the menu notes that I had already done. the following inspections were much more perfunctory. Similarly the council health inspector decided we had insufficient ventilation in the kitchen. I asked him how many 'air changes' would be required to which he replied 'more than you have'. I offered to make provision for his evaluated recommendation and never heard anything more. At the time there were no rating stars but I doubt if I would have qualified for any.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. Did BW remove the close season, or did they just decide not to enforce and police it? ISTR it is the latter, and there is a difference.
  21. Ignore the demand and see if they look to enforce it. I had similar with car insurance and advised by phone I would not be renewing. I was told there would a small charge for the admin fee minus refund. I told them I would accept a 1p charge if they insisted or they could take me to court. I paid nothing, and have since reinsured another car with no penalty.
  22. The Police and other public services are always complaining about the delays and costs of DNA testing for more legitimate purposes, so that would be a non starter. Dog mess has always been a problem and the provision of bins has polarised this because they are not emptied consistently. Like many public services, litter collection has cost significantly more for a poorer service and generally we have no answer to this as the charges are levied with impunity. And don't mention we have the ballot box option because everyone in public employ has the same outlook. The overly bureaucratic behemoths will always save money at the sharp end whilst maintaining their empires.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. When your 14 days are up, pick another mooring where they dont have outlets next to your bedroom.
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