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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. These may be of interest https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55424783 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55338875
  3. Should the batteries be topped-up again once the equalisation charge has been completed?
  4. Genuine question - what are the above-water signs of an imminent failure of a canal / river bed?
  5. Others will be along to correct me if I have it wrong but my understanding is that the batteries connect -be to -ve, and then a cable from one of those -ves to one end of the shunt, and anything else connects to the other end of the shunt. I don't know about the yellow / black and white end of the shunt, but the instructions should tell which of those colour combinations should connect to the batteries. Hope this helps, but see what PinappleGuy has said, he types quicker than I do!! Oh, and ignore the percentage SoC value, it'll start off as vague and quickly become total rubbish!
  6. Phoenix Precision Paints do humbrol size tins of enamel. They are mainly railway colours, but you may be able to find some kind of match.
  7. . . . . which is fine if you, the original poster, have done it. If you've just paid someone to do it then you're into . . . . As others have said, look into getting a GRP cruiser.
  8. I find that really, really surprising - do you have a reference for that?
  9. Indeed.. https://www.canalboat.co.uk/news/basingstoke-canal-too-costly-to-be-transferred-to-crt-1-4879674
  10. How long before we see that covered life-boat covered and cc-ing the K&A???
  11. Speaking as someone who has 'enjoyed' seeing the western K&A transformed into a continuous moorers car-park, coaxing London boaters to spread out onto the arm has to be the best reason ever not to link Slough directly to the Thames!
  12. Col_T

    Cheap LiFePO4 BMS?

    Apologies for another basic question. Volt drop can occur in both +veg and -ve cables. Presumable current will be the same in both cables, regardless of size and any volt drop?
  13. Guaranteed - at one point they were both seen leaning against the back of the cabin, arms on roof - an interesting take on being in control of a boat. Also, they reckoned their first lock was at Sonning - I wonder what happened at Caversham and Mapledurham locks!?
  14. I went for the BM1 - nice, large, easy to read display - which is currently placed so I can see it whilst cruising, to keep an eye on amps and voltage being generated into the batteries. It has a 100A shunt (the BM2 has a 200A), which is fine for our use - we don't have energy hungry 240v appliances on board. I know that it has SoC and hours of charge remaining displays, I just don't bother ever looking at them as they are so likely to be wrong.
  15. Given that the rules 'allow' a short drive so that one can take exercise, have a short drive to your marina / place of mooring and then walk to the boat to carry out essential winterisation maintenance. Creative enough?😏
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