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  1. Watts and battery charging

    Thanks for this, Nick. You had me confused until I realised that meant that current would decrease by more than voltage would increase, at which point the penny dropped!
  2. Watts and battery charging

    There is a formula that says Volts times Amps equals Watts. During the first phase of battery charging, voltage rises as current falls. If I understand it, this is because the battery itself is limiting the amount of charge it receives. Does anyone here know if the voltage rise and current drop are aligned during the first phase of charging so that the watts 'input' as charge is pretty much constant? If they are aligned, is there a way of predicting what the input charge would be, in watts, based on, for instance, battery specs?
  3. Smartgauge Questions

    Thanks for this, Tony. Much appreciated.
  4. Smartgauge Questions

    If the above is true, why is 12.7v usually quoted as the fully charged voltage of a 6 cell 12v battery? Indeed, why is 13.2v often referred to as surface charge? Not being funny, just trying to understand.
  5. Victron equalisation mode

    Johny, ISTR you threatening to get a battery de-sulphation gadget - I think it sent low current, high voltage pulses into the battery to break down the sulphation. Did you ever get that? Did it work? Was it rubbish? Just curious about it!
  6. Ecofans - the Ultimate test?

    Good stuff, Dr. Bob. I got the missus one of the Baby Equaliser 5 Blade fans for Christmas, based on your recommendation. We've only been on the boat once since, the night before New Year's Eve as it happens, so have used the fan only once. The layout of our boat looks the same as yours and both the wife and I found the warmth from our Morso Squirrel seemed to be spread more evenly vertically. Certainly there was no overly hot layer of air at head height! The lady is more than pleased, which makes my life easier, and we're looking to using it much more in the days to come.
  7. Batteries & charging

    Our boat (4 x 110Ah sealed lead acid batts) also spends most of its life on shore-power, and it always seems as though the batts don't function particularly well for the first couple of days of a cruise e.g. as though they are down on capacity. My guess is that being on trickle charge for weeks at a time makes them 'lazy' and they forget what they are there for! Re your batteries, might be worth a quick look to see whether they are low maintenance or open lead acid batteries. If the latter, this might help explain why they seem to have lasted to well.
  8. Broken paddle...

    I think you are doing the K and A boating community a dis-service. There are some, particularly in the continuous cruising community, who regularly wind paddles up and down, and swing lock gates open and closed, as a form of exercise. It does save on gym membership fees, you know!
  9. Never Have A Flat Battery Again

    Unlikely, can't see a drop of yellow anywhere.
  10. 12v basics

    Thanks for the answers, folks. In summary then, if you must parallel cables then use multiples of the same size cable. For clarity, I would always buy the correct size cable, even if it means the job has to wait!
  11. 12v basics

    An imaginary scenario:- A 12v appliance needs 12 amp cable between the battery and the appliance, but the boat owner only has 8 amp, 6 amp and 4 amp. The recommended solution is to buy 12 amp, but an 'acceptable' solution is to run 2 parallel lengths of 6amp between the battery and the appliance. If parallel lengths of 4 and 8 amp were used, would each cable 'see' the same current e.g. 6amp, thus over-loading the 4 amp cable, or would the current divide in proportion to the cable ratings for some reason - resistance, perhaps? Another 12v basic question. I've seen 'discharge at C/5' used in some threads - I think this is short-hand for 'apply a load that will discharge the battery in 5 hours', so that C/5 is a heavier (higher current) load than C/10 - correct? Also, does the same idea apply to charging?
  12. Using two battery chargers (and solar)

    Thanks for that, Wotever.
  13. Using two battery chargers (and solar)

    Not sure I understand the above as the only problem I can see is that both chargers may have gone to float too early. I know that is not desirable, as it would lead to the batteries being under-charged and then sulphating. Is there something else?
  14. Charging of domestic batteries

    Many thanks, gentlemen. That's me educated!
  15. Charging of domestic batteries

    Okay - which the definitive, no arguments method of determining when to stop battery, tail current or Smartgauge showing 100%??