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  1. I've been really enjoying the Look at Life videos on YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that once you have watched a few them more get 'recommended' to you. I get a lot of RAF/military based ones which are quite interesting because unlike the shipping one, not much has changed! I watched one where they had filmed on an RAF base and it actually showed the accommodation where i lived in early 2000's, even with the same signs etc on the door. I can highly recommend the one about the US 3rd Air Force.
  2. Pretty sure it's not there. The photo looks to have trees lining the bank on the right. Both sides of the line where it crosses the adur in Shoreham are very open. Intact if it was looking north you would see another railway line to the righr running along the bank and if it were looking to the south you'd see the airport!
  3. Looks like a nice little alternative to bricks and mortar for someone wanting to live a differently. Certainly seems to have more usable inside space than a yoghurt pot type boat which is what most of the neighbours will be. I might be biased, but Brighton is a great city and although a bit out of town, the marina is a suburb of it's own. If i were looking at moving back to Brighton I'd prefer this than a one bedroom flat in Kemp Town.
  4. Do you mean long term moorings or do you want to know visitor moorings?
  5. Alan De Enfield on walking on the left.
  6. This thread should be closed. It's horrendous.
  7. The house on the bend at Anderton with the nice conservatory is on Right Move now for about £450,000. Lovely house in a good location for a reasonable price.
  8. There is one of those chains on ebay at the moment for £20.
  9. So just to clarify, are we still allowed to mention historic boats for sale even if thier owners are on here?
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