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  1. Mike Carter is your man, but it sounds like you already know that now.
  2. Is Ascot up for sale then? I can't work out how we've got onto the subject of Ascot.
  3. To comment on this thread the OP really needs to define 'hot spot'.
  4. Blimey, must be a slow news day to have a thread about a 2004 Barry Hawkins boat in the History & Heritage section. Perhaps if a mod is reading this they might feel it necessary to move it somewhere more relevant, like the 'Boat Building' sub-form?
  5. You can get a full length boat round there. I've taken Halsall around there several times with no issues.
  6. On paper yes maybe, but bare in mind that they probably really want 70k, maybe even decided they'd take 65k, but 'lets pop it on for 75k and see how much interest we get' first.
  7. When i was operating Halsall it was always tied up below Tilsone lock on the Shroppie. Never saw inside it though so can't comment on the art deco interior.
  8. I get that it's a bit cheeky and understand professionals have a financial investment, but is it really a massive deal to use a few pictures on an advert? Or is there another issue here?
  9. Doesn't look like an original front end.
  10. Can anyone put me in touch with the owners of Progress? Phone number or email.
  11. The extent of my wooden boat maintenance knowledge is watching the Spey guys replace a plank on middlewich dock a few years ago. The advert for Progress says it was docked in Feb this year and sounds well looked after, so rather than it being something that would need to go on dock straight away for some work, it rather sounds like something that would be a sound starting block and just need an annual docking with some money set aside, which is not really an issue. On a more serious note, whilst i do like Progress and was jelous when a forum member on here bought it a few years back...i don't think it will pass Charlottes 'facilities' test! Hope you're well George and hope to see you both at some point this year! Think it sold...
  12. For some reason no photos of the cabin interior. Is it typical layout i.e stove at steerers feet, table cupboard and fold down bed on that side and long side bed on the other, or does it have anything else? From the photos the cabin looks like it might be a bit bigger than that? My partner who would be going 50/50 on it with me stipulates the new boat must have comfy bed, a toilet that isn't a 'bucket next to the engine' and ideally a small kitchen area.
  13. Good shout. Any idea where the advert has gone? If i recall there weren't that many decent photos on there.
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