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  1. What are you doing when you get to Barbridge? Do you plan to return to where you started at some point? Reason i ask is i like a long day, but that schedule looks full on to me and i think you're being a bit optimistic on the southern end of your route. If you've got no specific reason to go to Barbridge/Nantwich I'd only go as far as Birmingham if i were you. Wolverhampton 21 will be a massive effort and in my opinion the shroppie is quite boring apart from Audlem being nice.
  2. Check the stoppages as i think Bosley is shut, in which case you can't get to Macclesfield at the moment.
  3. Trent 5 has been for sale for ages and i think it's just the advert auto regurgitates itself every so often. I think the price has come down though. Pete keeps an eye on these things so I'm sure he'll confirm or deny if there's been a price decrease. Tycho is interesting. I'm sure it's sold once this year already, so it looks like the new owners are moving it on already. In my opinion, both boats seem to be up for a reasonable price.
  4. Can't see Jason selling Bargus! If i were you I'd be carrying a big bag of cash down to Denford and start persuading Rupert to part with Ben, assuming it's still there. That said, it's always been a boat i like and last time i spoke to him about it he did have plans for it.
  5. That seems stricter than what everybody is doing at the moment!
  6. NBTA? Just Googled it and got National Baton Twirling Association.
  7. So if everyone stops paying their license and CRT runs out of money/goes bust...and nobody fixes the locks or maintains the water level, you won't be able to go cruising when this all finishes whenever that may be. Interesting that Calcutt know this is going on until Christmas. I wonder how they found that out.
  8. Probably not true. Read Section 3 (1a) Dangerous Dogs Act.
  9. Is it still possible to moor on the other side at the back of the hospital for free?
  10. How much cruising do you do and do you like to go out regularly for a few days/weekends, or do you do longer trips? The reason i ask is that when you want to go cruising, one is at the bottom of 25 locks (Audlem, Adderley & Tyrley) and if you want to go out for a few days weekends regularly then you're always going to have to do the same route and end up in the same places. Longer trips and that wouldn't be so much of an issue. E.g, an overnight trip out from Overwater would probably get you to Barbridge and thats about it. For that reason alone, my choice would be Aqueduct as it is in the middle of an 'H' pattern. For over night trips you could go to Middlewich, Audlem, Nantwich, Beeston, and all have a winding hole for going back again the next morning. You've also got Anderton, Chester, Wheelock and even Lymm all 2 nights away. Be aware though I've never heard Aqueduct talked about without someone mentioning that everything costs a fortune there. If the marina and it's facilities/environment were most important to me i would choose Overwater which I've never heard a bad word about. If going to the boat and going cruising were most important to me rather than staying in the marina, then I'd choose Aqueduct. On a more personal to me level, I'd never actually moor in a marina. If i needed a mooring I'd look for an online mooring at Barbridge or Calveley or maybe even Midway Boats as they are nice folk there.
  11. I take it this trip will unfortunately be postponed? FWIW, the only place I wouldn't be happy mooring on the stretch you've mentioned is between Etruria top lock and Barlaston which is the stretch through Stoke.
  12. Thought you might be having a problem with a police officer.
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