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  1. Very very nice. Wonder if I could crowd fund £87,500?
  2. I might be getting Equus confused with another boat, but if it is the boat I'm thinking of it was for sale at Virginia Currer @ Iver about 2014 ish and I subsequently saw it stuck in Cholmondeston Lock (Venetian Marina) some time after it sold. If I have got the right boat, I think it's on the wide side. I quite like that Dennis Cooper boat they have.
  3. I also see that Progress is priced at £30k. When you compare that to Ivy which is advertised for £25k I know which boat I'd prefer.
  4. Nice film. I do like this chaps videos. A couple of good ones recently about Saturn Project and the wooden boats at Portland Basin.
  5. I don't know the recent ownership history of this boat but this must be at least the third time it's been for sale in a few years. It's always seemed to be advertised for what on paper appears to be a realistic price, albeit I appreciate that is often the case with wooden boats. I do hope that each of the recent owners has done the required looking after and maintenance of the wooden hull, because if not that price suddenly looks a lot less appealing and could end up being the demise of the boat if it's low price attracts the wrong sort of owner.
  6. Also kind of glossed over in your opening post is the fact the base plate has not been examined yet. You say that some of the side needs plating? I expect a boat in that condition will likely need something doing on the baseplate too, reducing the value even further. For what it's worth though, it is a sellers market at the moment and I actually reckon it could probably sell for a bit more that the £5k some are suggesting on here. If you floated that down to Kings Cross and stuck a 'For Sale £15k ono' in the window I reckon you'd have a queue outside for viewings.
  7. Etruria top feels very deep when you're in it. Never liked being on the boat in that lock.
  8. The answer (and a very simple one at that) has been posted by Matty very early on in this thread and for some reason ignored. Raise the water level in the pound.
  9. I was in the same position as you ten years ago and just went for it. It depends what sort of person you are, but I doubt there's too many people who bite the bullet and get a boat to live on and regret it. One thing I have noticed over the years when people post questions such as yours, is that most of the replies are cautious, bordering on negative. I've never figured out why as most people on here will be boat owners or liveaboards. I recommend you don't book a holiday boat. It costs a fortune, the boat is unlikely to be laid out anything like a liveaboard boat and 'hire boaters' seem to be looked down on by many, and I wouldn't want your first experience of boating to tainted by people being rude to you or you feeling like a second class citizen. Save the £1500 a hire boat would cost and put it into a pot for any unexpected costs you get when you buy your first boat. Buying a boat, getting a mooring etc is a lot easier if you're not on a very tight budget. Boat prices are strong at the moment, but I still think if you bought a boat and lived on it for 6 months and decided it wasn't for you, you could probably get your money back selling it on again. Ask specific questions by all means, but these blanket "what's it like to live on a boat?" threads rarely render many positive replies.
  10. Everyone has to be somewhere.
  11. Personally I would need/want to top water up every few (say 3?) days if I was a CC'er on a 2 person boat. Probably a bit less being a single person or a bit more if I was a family with children. But it's so variable. When I was on Albion I couod do a few weeks as I had a large stainless steel tank. On Halsall I filled up every day as I had a 4ltr container under the counter. Elsan I could make last over a fortnight by pissing in the bushes when there was nobody around. I understand boats with ladies on need an Elsan point far more regularly. I've never had a pump out so can't comment, but pumped out plenty of boats in my time both fortnightly and monthly. Do CRT currently publish any guidance on, or is there a widely accepted pattern/distance for CC'ers who wish to stay within the spirit of the legislation? If so, and by following that you'd pass more than enough facilities, then I'd suggest this survey will result in some closing. If it isn't enough, then things will probably stay the same. Or CRT will just read the results to fit with whatever agenda they have here and close some facilities to save a few quid.
  12. Depends. If someone said Alton to me, I would think of the Mid Hants Railway (or the fuel boat).
  13. Badsey reduced to what looks like a reasonable price given the market. Also says in the title 'Now with free mooring', but doesn't give any further details in the advert about the mooring.
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