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  1. The house on the bend at Anderton with the nice conservatory is on Right Move now for about £450,000. Lovely house in a good location for a reasonable price.
  2. There is one of those chains on ebay at the moment for £20.
  3. So just to clarify, are we still allowed to mention historic boats for sale even if thier owners are on here?
  4. How do you know you didn't misunderstand him/her?
  5. I read something somewhere about having a line around the prop. If so that just adds to the calamity. If true they must have got it freed from the prop by the time they motored back out.
  6. I don't think it's right to start criticism here because to have been involved in that must have been pretty scary. Thank god nobody was hurt and that the boats have all been recovered now. But...do my eyes deceive me or did they have 2 widebeams tied to one mooring pin in a soft bank in a flood? I've watched it a few times thinking what would i have done. I'd have been on the bank with my long shaft trying to push that floating tree out beyond the boat, rather than standing on tbe back of the boat with the shaft waiting for it. Easy to say when watching the video thou
  7. Nice house for sale in Disley by the canal. £650,000. The problem with 'stickys' is that most people just scroll straight past them to the first new post. I couldn't tell you what the current sticky threads are.
  8. Mykaskin still the best imo. Although not really sure he's a vlogger, more just a video maker. The most annoying at the moment seems to be that 10 year old whiney girl.
  9. That's weird, now it's round the other way. Could it be chemic locks? Towpath now looks to be on the correct side. No sign of the road on the right though and the bridge doesn't look right to me, although there is a farmers bridge along that stretch i think somewhere opposite Brentaag.
  10. Looks to be going down hill to me.
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