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  1. Of course then it was a closed world and almost impossible to get to outside from the towpath except by climbing over a gate or something.
  2. Was that Tom the BWB tug(Ruislip) driver who was interviewed at the end. He lived at the top of Hanwell? I have forgotten how nice it was boating around London in the Seventies none of this liveaboard city.
  3. Possibly - but remember the boat is at the end of the system,on a non residential mooring probably costing 4K plus a year, looks like someone has spent a shed load of money new engine , windows etc has had survey and only advisories which means to me it is not a basket case. I think it will be soon gone!
  4. I would have thought the boatyard where it is moored could do that - I know they run a hire fleet. You will need a BSS almost anywhere except the tidal Thames in the south.
  5. If you want a cheap boat try this one - must be snip with a nearly new engine- I would buy at that price except I have too many already! 56' Narrow Boat - PROJECT BOAT £12,000 UK Narrow Boats > Traditional For Sale
  6. I fitted 2 Deere 4cylinder engines in boat some years ago, brilliant engines but a bit overpowered for narrowboats.
  7. 40" on a good day, more when I've taken on fuel. We have had a few problems but usually due to rubbish in bridgeholes. Too wide for the Huddersfield (7'). Not tried the Ribble link yet. A Tirfor and 200ft cable usually sorts it out.
  8. Mike Adams


    Seen these on ebay. May be useful?
  9. Noticed this on Apollo duck 40Ft Vintage Narrow Boat £4,000 UK Narrow Boats > Traditional For Sale Called Capella could it be part of the butty GUCC small Woolwich Capella? If it a historic boat then it is very cheap? Hnboc site shows Capella as full length.
  10. If you disconnect the circulating pump and switch the heater on within a couple of minutes the heater body should be too hot to touch and it will then shut down. If it doesn't shut down that quickly you may not be getting enough fuel.
  11. It can only be not enough fuel or the heat energy is being dissipated too quickly if the heater body is not getting hot. If you disconnect the dosing pump from the heater and connect the output of the pump into a jar you can check how much fuel is coming through. If you get a good squirt each time the pump ticks it is probably OK. They are fixed delivery, each time it pulses you get so many cc. Check that after the heater gets up to temperature the pulse rate doesn't slow down. I have found it helpful in the past to wire an LED indicator in parallel with the pump so you can see when it ticks. I also wired an LED indicator in parallel with the heater. By just looking at the LED's I could see if everything was going normally as my heater was in the engine compartment. Remember that with lower ambient temperatures the rads will dissipate much more heat than in the summer. On my current setup if the boat is cold or near freezing the heater will run flat out for several hours before it shuts down whereas when it is warmer it is only about an hour.
  12. It seems it is a travel thing so I assume if I cycle that is exercise and a drain down is essential.
  13. According to the Basingstoke Canal Authority it is not possible to visit a powered boat to winterise it! This is DEFRA advice but I can pay someone to do it because that would be going to work which is essential travel. Powered boats Privately owned boats•You should not be using the water with a powered boat at this time–as in the previous lockdown powered boating is not considered a permitted recreational activity. You must not stay on your boat overnight,unless it is your primary residence. We have sought guidance from DEFRA on whether you can travel to winterize or maintain a privately owned boat –and have been informed this is not permitted, as it is considered non-essential travel. The small number of live-aboard boaters visiting the waterway during lockdown may move from a mooring agreed with the BCA to access boater’s welfare, grocery shops or boatyard facilities and return, but they should not cruise the waterway for other purposes. Commercial powered boats Owners of commercial (self-drive hire /passenger boats) may move their boats for work purposes (e.g.; to carryout maintenance).No passenger trips or self-drive hires are permitted
  14. No but it came past here on the Basingstoke Canal a week ago and I expect it to come back soon. I think he said it was about 20 years old. I will ask him if I see him,
  15. I think I will go with a lower powered 2nd alternator on the poly belt. I think the limited domestic battery bank (200Ah) will not charge at a very high rate unless I turn up the charge voltage. So with a 90A main alternator that cuts in around 900rpm and a 40A second alternator giving out near its maximum at tick over I think it might work. That means the load on the polyvee belt will be only about 600w and not upset the engine or put too much load on the crankshaft pulley. I might have to make up a spring loaded idler/tensioner to get enough wrap. Need to do some machining tonight to make the alternator pulley. Thanks for very helpful comments.
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