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  1. We organised the first rally in Mile End in 1982 largely supported by the Greater London Council. There were no boats moored between St Pancras and Limehouse. Nobody stopped overnight between the two places. As has been said earlier places like Limehouse cut were a bit of a challenge then but now we have the advantage of mobile phones. Most local people enjoyed the towpath and with the instigation of the 'Canalway ' by the GLC it was quite a pleasant environment. I passed over the canal on the train yesterday and it looks like a junkyard. In addition the canal was covered in duckweed a sure sign that there are high levels of nitrates in the water.
  2. A couple of points We have been paying for white diesel in France for many years and probably adds a couple of hundred pounds to the fuel bill. Hire craft can use red diesel as can commercial craft. Means you have to go with cans to a supermarket which is a pain. What seems wrong to me is that light aircraft pay no fuel taxes at all as far as I know. Some boaters run their semi- diesels on aviation kerosene. I am not sure what the legal position is on using paraffin - maybe some old tvo engines will become popular. I think you are still allowed to brew so much vegatable oil for your own use without declaring it. Make the cut smell like a linear fish and chip shop!
  3. I used to take my Thames tug 'Silverlit' up the bottom part of the GU and around the London ring in the early 1980's. With a beam of 12'6" and 4' draught it was no problem. However I needed to slow right down past the very few moored boats on the cut. The black flow around the boat was something else. Would be interesting to try it now.
  4. 5'10" which is fine by me. Lower enough to keep the floating roof gardens away.
  5. Might be worth looking in Bradshaw. I have feeling the GU was always wide and longer up to Berko as many of the wide boats from London traded up there. The Regent's Canal Locks are more than 70ft. I am sure you can get a 75ft boat around the London Ring. Unfortunately my copy fell apart many years ago and I have never got around to replacing it.
  6. The 5 feet will be the moulded depth of the hull and not the gauged draught.
  7. Looks like an Isuzu engine. The W terminal is for a rev counter. The blue/Yellow wire would go to the rev counter so I suspect you don't have one. Yellow and Black to the battery indicator light which should be on when you switch the ingnition on and then go out when charging ie when engine running. Should be about 14v when running. Check belt for looseness and check voltmeter moves up when running. If below about 12.5 when running I think you have abattery fault. Hope this helps.
  8. Basingstoke of course -very few boats , no marinas and no CM's and apart from Woking, which is a hideous blot on the Surrey landscape, the most unspoilt you can find.
  9. I feel very sad about the K and A having contributed to it's Restoration. It had all the prospects of being a wonderful canal but soon realised all was lost when attending the boaters meetings in Devizes somes years ago now. The meetings were taken over by the newly arrived floating residents who have turned it into a linear tip at the western end. Looking back I think I prefered it as a derelict waterway and enjoyed many walks along it at that time.
  10. I shall be toast if her inside can't listern t'Archers.
  11. Thanks I have thought about a car radio but then I have to fit speakers etc. Also found that DAB doesn't work so well on a boat. I searched ebay and found this one secondhand that has a 12v input for power and sockets for an external antenna so I will give it a try. Not a name I had come across before. em Description: Compact Tabletop AM / FM Radio with Wooden Enclosure that is Tuned and Ported for its 3-inch Front-Firing Speaker Acoustic Bass Compensation for a Richer Bass Response, Rotary Bass and Treble Controls, this system Delivers Warm Room-Filling Audio for its size 10 Memory Preset Stations (5 AM, 5 FM) Clock and Alarm with HWS (Humane Wake System) (wake by Radio or Buzzer), Adjustable Sleep and Snooze Function Large Easy to Read Backlit LCD Display with Dimmer Adjustment DC-Input, Aux-Input, REC-Out, Stereo Headphone Output, AM and FM External Antenna Connections Remote Control included Item is used but in excellent condition
  12. Does anyone know of a bedside clock/radio that works on 12v dc. I would like one that is am and fm and not DAB. All of the ones I can find use the 50Hz mains signal for timing the clock part and I don't want an inverter running all the time even if it did produce a accurate 50Hz?
  13. Was it the sides or bottom or both that were overplated? How long ago? If you get water between the original bottom and the overplate that is very bad news. Rust can force the plates apart. That is why it is not allowed on commercial passenger craft. You need to invest £50 in a chinese ultrasonic thickness meter and a big hammer to get that scale off and see what you have left - but only do it in a dry dock/ashore and find out how thick it all is. looking at the picture there is a lot of wastage but what matters is what is left.
  14. Noticed this boat is on ebay - bids at £10
  15. I have used Hyline Yachting in the distant past at Iver. You could try Eel Pie Island Marine on the Thames at Twickenham but it would be a problem to get it there by road or Nauticalia have a yard at Shepperton. Otherwise a Yard or Farm. Not going to be cheap and be careful you don't spend more than the boat is worth. I think you would need a Lorry to move it as it is probably too big(Wide) if it is 31ft long to fit on a car trailer.
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