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  1. Shocking act! Any small childen on the cruiser could have been thrown off the boat or unbalanced. Clearly ignorant of the CollRegs and Thames regulations. I am glad I don't provide his insurance.
  2. I think most older French tugs were converted, like this one, to pusher tugs, as towing, including towing a tender is not allowed on French waterways and I have never seen a boat being towed. They are either pushed or towed alongside. If you have to rescue another boat. as I did on the Rhine you need to brest up.
  3. Thanks Not the cheapest option I guess but a good location and not a great deal more than local marinas if it is fixed fee for three years
  4. I put one in my first NB in 1978. Only 10HP at 1000RPM, direct drive with clutches you need to adjust, standard CAV fuel stuff. Would suit a shallow draft boat up to about 40 feet. Can be very difficult to start in winter as I remember. They also made a four cylinder version with many interchangeable parts. Not easy to fit an alternator in place of the dynamo and there is no front pully on the engine as the handstart covers it over.
  5. Hi Has anyone any experience of mooring at Kingswood basin on the Southern Stratford Canal? I am looking for a relatively safe CaRT non residential mooring for 62ft boat south of Birmingham.
  6. All is well. The owners sent someone out the same day and inspected the tree. Apparently these large trees sometimes just shed a bough and the rest of the tree has been declared heathy so no immediate problem.
  7. 10k may be a fair price to pay if the bottom/sides/footings need replacing.Strip the boat out, new steelwork,refit with new interior,equipment,repaint and then you have a converted butty with a not very nice counter worth at most say £50k. Possibly a project but you would have to love the boat to do it and spend more than it is worth. You would have historic sides but not much else unless you spent mega bucks on a faithful restoration.
  8. Thanks It's Surrey County Council who own the land. Would my boat insurance pay out on what would be a 'right off' I suspect.
  9. Hi Has anyone any experience of Trees falling on their boat? There is large tree on the towpath side opposite my mooring where a large bough fell off last week and blocked the towpath. The tree looks healthy but I know nothing about trees. If the whole tree were to come down it would wreck my boat and I am not sure of the insurance/liability implications. I do know that when a tree fell on student's car where I used to work the buildings/site insurance refused to pay out and the student could not make a claim it being seen as an Act of God or some such thing.
  10. I don't agree with a fuel shut off in the return/leak off line. If is shut off in error pressure could build up causing a pipe/fitting to fail with the potential to cause a fire. Much better to have the reurn on the top of the tank or connected into the fuel filler line above the tank.
  11. Mike Adams


    Burnt out car by the Basingstoke Canal. This car was alight this morning at about 5.30am. I assume all of the panels were aluminium or plastic so you can't even identify the car.
  12. I last boated up the Thames about ten years ago and this summer I set off from the Wey for a return trip to Lechlade. What an amazing transformation from ten years ago! In mid-August I went most of the way up without sharing any locks. So quickly did we go that it only took half the time it did previously. Much as it made it very easy it is somewhat concerning to see the river so under-used at this time of year. One lock keeper noted that all (local cruising) boats were licenced but a lot were not being used. Yet as expected it was quite difficult to moor in the usual places with a lot of wide beam and some Dutch barges predominating at most mooring sites. In fact there were many such craft dotted around the river tied up in trees. I was amazed at the number of similar boats tied up in Wallingford under the trees above the bridge and the number on the towpath between Iffley and Osney locks. I didn’t plan to stop in Oxford, a view supported by several lockkeepers, but there wasn’t any space on the 24 hour moorings anyway. Now here is the interesting point. Is actual pleasure cruising on the river now at an end? If in the past you were moored somewhere like Goring it would be very busy overnight, more or less empty at lunchtime filling up late afternoon with boats cruising most of the day. It now seems that many boats move much less than they used to only moving on when they really have to and a shorter distance as possible. Is this because of the cost of fuel, older boaters finding it more difficult or having more leisure time to cover a given route or cruising become ancillary to living on the boat? Are some boaters with GRP craft being put off by the presence of so many large steel vessels?
  13. We boated in France for the last 10 years but sold the boat last year after Cameron screwed it up for everybody. The main disadvantage of a long narrowboat apart from those already stated above is that above 20m you need a French boating licence and lots of marinas/moorings will only accept boats up to about 15m. Whilst you can often moor on a quay with a barge it is more difficult with a narrowboat especially on commercial waterways and rivers. I am not sure of what happens after Brexit but I fear it will be more difficult and expensive to take a boat into the EU for more than 6 months due to import duty. I remember back in the 1970's if you wanted to leave a boat out in France over the winter it had to be placed in a customs bond and in theory as a British citizen after Brexit you will only be able to stay for 90 days in any 180 days as far as I understand it.
  14. Goring would be my usual stop to do it in two days but depending what time you arrive there may not be space (ask the lockeeper at Cleeve) otherwise usually space below Whitchurch lock and easy access to Pangbourne. Otherwise stop earlier at Wallington if the moorings obove the bridge are full you can tie up below the bridge on left bank going downstream.
  15. I wouldn't give this academic research houseroom. Complete rubbish. No doubt the author will get a first class degree for his work. Duckweed events occur on most canals including the Basingstoke Canal which is a SSSI with almost no boats polluting the waterway. The best way to kill fish is increase the temperature of the water as it depletes the oxygen levels and if some of them die off if probably indicates an over-population. Duckweed on the suface reduces the ability of the water surface to absorb oxygen so combine the two and bingo dead fish. They will be eventually reabsorbed into the eco system as will we all. No doubt this with give someone an excuse to have all boats fitted with grey water tanks.
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