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  1. Sorry you have had so much trouble. The one on eBay should have fitted but £92 is ridiculous. I have a complete new engine at home in case anything went wrong with mine but I haven’t needed anything so far. They were fitted to RAF portable nitrogen generators. They come up for sale sometimes. My spare engine had done 20 hours from new and cost a grand so I will swap it over if the current one gets tired. Hope you get it sorted!
  2. This is the Isuzu part number if you need it - Isuzu 897211-2090
  3. I believe this is the correct thermostat for the engine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161514783034?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=W_-gae0XQoC&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=RODum4coRz-&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  4. I should think enginesplus should be able to provide them all as the gasket and thermostat would be standard isuzu parts and they are the distributor.
  5. While a paper gasket may work I would get a new thermostat, composite gasket and pressure cap while you are doing it. For the small cost of these parts its not worth the chance of overheating the engine. That might well warp the head and/or the block on these engines.
  6. The expansion/recovery tank can either be pressurised on not. Most decent vehicles dont have the expansion tank under pressure ie Toyota Landcruiser but then I am biased!
  7. My understanding is that it makes no difference as either allow air to escape during expansion and only liquid to return to the system. However you need the correct type of pressure cap that allows the vacuum created while cooling to draw from the recovery tank and not the atmosphere so it needs to be sealed above the side vent pipe leading to the recovery tank.
  8. My mistake I assumed your coolant bottle pipe enters at the top like mine whereas yours goes in at the bottom. Mine is sat on the floor next to engine.
  9. I think it was 10HP at 1000rpm which was the admiralty spec but you could raise the governor a bit. The 1:1 gearbox would only swing something like a 16 inch prop and that was fine on a 40foot 18 inch draft boat but maybe with an external 3:1 gearbox it might drive a full length boat slowly.
  10. I just had another thought -does your expansion bottle include an internal pipe going to the bottom of the container. If that is missing or broken then the engine cannot draw water back from the expansion bottle as it cools down.
  11. I think the correct one is still available from the successor suppliers at https://www.enginesplus.co.uk/product/water-filler-cap/ The water wont come out until it reaches the top of the mannicooler so warm it up and see if reaches the top when hot. undo the cap very slowly and use a cloth/gloves to prevent any hot water getting on your hands.
  12. When the engine is cold what is the coolant level in the mannicooler? Mine is always full to the brim when I check it which I tend to do every morning. If it not full it probably wont push fluid into the expansion tank. You may have two distinct problems' firstly the small leak. The castings of the mannicooler and thermostat housing may well have been made for HMI the marinisers and not great at not corroding. There are signs of anitfreeze leaking from the thermostat housing on your pictures. This problem should be easily solved by removing the housing and cleaning it up with a new gasket and/or hose and previously discussed. Secondly the pressure build up. My system has quite a lot of hose in it and this expands under pressure it will hold pressure until you release it like deflating an inner tube. I suggest you sort out the first problem and maybe get a new radiator cap and fill the system up and run the engine. This will ensure the cap is letting by at the right pressure in both directions. Hose leaks don't often show up until the system is under pressure so this maybe the cause of the steam. Hope this helps!
  13. Most of the Dorman engines fitted to Ruston Cranes were I think the 2lb to 3ld series which were a nice engine but more modern and powerful than the DSM. I fitted one in White Heather for a time and it was a great engine but unfortunately too heavy for its location in the boat so I had to take it out again! The crane/generator engines appear quite often on ebay.
  14. It looks to me that the thermostat housing is a bit corroded at the joint with the outlet rubber pipe. I have had small leaks on this hose before on my Isuzu 55. Cleaning the housing and/or a new hose should cure it if that is the problem. Mine also holds pressure until the next day and when you open the cap on the mannicooler slowly it bubbles through the header tank. There have been reports of head gasket failure on these engines which would result in a build up of pressure mainly due to overheating.
  15. This is a Dorman 4DSM many of which were built for the Admiralty during WW2 and some had a Kitchen rudder so the gearbox was only a clutch. Most were fitted in Wooden boats so they easily outlasted the craft they were fitted to and came on the the secondhand market. Many parts were shared with the 2DSM that being the 2 Cylinder model. They were high quality units but quite low in power for their size. I fitted a 2DSM in a 40ft narrowboat in 1980 and even then few parts were available. I have seen other 2DSM's in narrowboats but that was a while ago and I think Chris Lloyd put a 4DSM in a BCN tug in the early eighties and it was at the Tipton Rally around that time. They just don't have the same aesthetic appeal as an open flywheel engine.
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