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  1. You can get ones that fit on the transom. Around Falmouth it is pretty easy boating and deep and if you are going up one of the creeks for the first time do it on a rising tide. If you do go aground be careful if you hop over the side as the mud is very deep!
  2. I hate facebook except for marketplace where things are often cheaper than ebay and less hassle. Here is the text Advertising for a friend Albion built in 1988 in a Lincoln tug style by Eddishaw & Jenkins. The fit out was carried out by Messers Lugg & Copp She has a Lister JP3M engine fitted that turns freely by hand & the gearbox operates as it should. Requires the interior stripping out & shot blasting the entire hull inside and out & then refitting. The style of the boat would ideally suit a traditionalist rather than convert to a modern style. The boat has been sat in a field for many years but been off the ground. The wooden interior has stuffed from water ingress through various port holes that have been stolen. We have had the hull surveyed and we have the report that can be view by any interested parties. The survey results were very good and it appears the hull requires no plating. The worst wasting of steelwork is in the super structure around a couple of missing portholes. Please message through Facebook or ring/message 07784568308 for more information Weymouth, England Location is approximate
  3. I believe it is near Weymouth has a JP engine. On Facebook marketplace.
  4. If I still had the Silverlit I would have done it for you. But in those days you could tow a Regent's Lighter around the Paddington arm without worrying about all the junk tied up on the towpath 'cause there wasn't any.
  5. Waiting for the tide or how many oxen do you need to move a narrowboat?
  6. This one on facebook might be worth a punt
  7. Having done two serious restorations on boats since retirement and cruised around most of Western Europe I recommend you find a cheap fixer upper and not sell your house. If you enjoy projects then working on a restoration is good fun and gives you an all year round activity. Enjoyment of the waterways seems to me to be inversely proportional to the cost of the boat and as a leisure boater you can choose when and where and if you want to go boating. It can be fun to source things cheaply and make it just how you like it. Although I could easily afford a new boat part of the fun of boating has always been messing around in boats. So much nicer and less stressful than living on one! Of course choose one that is not a basket case or that could be frustrating.
  8. 90K for some old dredging barge. Things really have gone nuts. Never buy anything like that - if you lose the mooring you have a huge liability. Remember small is beautiful. A narrowboat can go anywhere and much easier to find a mooring in the south east. As said previously that money will buy you a very nice motor yacht!
  9. I think they should make all towpath moorings 48hrs only with exceptions for stoppages etc - It seems to work on the Wey and Basingstoke and then give everybody free say 4 scratch cards each year allowing for further stays of up to 14 days with additional cards available at extra cost on a scale. Of course this could all be done electronically as seems to be happening with parking.
  10. Run the washing machine with the engine off. I think you will find that the inverter will cut out at about 10v so if the batteries can't hold it above 10v then they are not up to it.
  11. You didn't say if it was 12v or 24v. If its 12v more like 200A given the efficiency of the inverter, shape of the waveform, voltage drops so the alternator is working almost into a short circuit. It won't last long! I don't think 300Ah is enough for that set up.
  12. Doing up an old boat is usually a loss making and frustrating activity unless you have something special or historic. Lifeboats do not make for good conversions and you would still spend the same amount of money as fitting out a new purpose built narrowboat shell and probably more because of the complex shape. GRP cruisers such as Broom and Princess can be found at reasonable prices if you fancy going to sea otherwise ex broads grp cruisers say 36ft by 10 ft are the best bet for a project with enough room to live on and unlikely to have the problems of an old steel boat.
  13. You are about 20 years too late! We had a great time in France on the canals and rivers, friendly people, low costs and uncrowded. It can get very cold in the winter and we never lived on board for more than 6 weeks at a time. Alas like Wandering Snail we knew our time was up due to that catastrophe in 2016. I'm too embarrassed to go anywhere in Europe flying a red duster now but if you really want to do it learn French get residency and buy a French registered boat but its going to cost you - I believe you even pay tax on the ownership of a boat.
  14. I would say it hasn't helped but I blame weak CaRT and previous BW management for the current situation where there are far too many boats not using the canals for navigation but as a place to live without proper facilities and control. If I ever wanted to live on a boat then the first thing I would have done is found a proper residential mooring either by preferably purchasing one or renting. I know people say they need cheap housing but the extent and growth of larger boats, totally unnecessary for the purposes of cruising has gone a long way to spoiling the character of the canals. We seem to be reaching a point where many moored boats are a detriment to the character of the canals for all users including walkers, fishermen, canoeists and leisure boaters and exerting their newly acquired 'rights' over other users by obstructing the towpath and being abusive to other canal users. As one who have been involved with canal restoration for the last fifty years I am beginning to think that some of them were preferable in the derelict state.
  15. Why not try Gallion Marine at Odiham on the Basingstoke Canal, they do short breaks and it is easy for the beginner as ther are few other boats, good pubs and countryside and an easy trip from London.
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