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  1. I am thinking of doing a detour to Huddersfield on my way to Hebden Bridge. CaRT quote the maximum depth as 2'6" which seems a bit low for a broad northen canal and certainly much less than the original design specs.. Anyone taken a 3' draught boat up there recently? Sorry about the typo I meant Broad Canal
  2. It is simple. No mooring equals no long term licence. No licence go away. It works on the Wey and Basingstoke. Genuine CCers would just need to find a cheap base somewhere and it would be relatively fair as they are using the system so much more. Anything else and we are heading to total gridlock.
  3. Take the pencil injectors out and leave it for a while then turn it over.(disconnect wire from fuel pump to stop any fuel flow) If you get water shooting out of any of the injector holes you have water in the bores. could be Water from exhaust (unlikely if covered) Head Gasket Pin hole in cylinder liner -you must use a bubble formation reducing (SCR) antifreeze in these engines
  4. I agree with this. There were lots of waterside moorings that were empty as I passed along this route. Maybe they are trying to clear them out for some reason. I would also prefer a bankside mooring to a marina but I don't know how CaRT can justify these marina prices to tie up to the towpath with no facilities unless they are assuming they are in fact 'residential' something marinas might not accept.
  5. On a recent cruise up the Oxford ,Coventry and T and M canals we stopped at quite a few 14 day moorings (usually piled with rings and deep) and most were full but some had a gap for our smallish boat. The thing I have noticed is that most of the boats were empty, locked up when we arrived and the same when we left so they didn't appear lived on. Have people now decided in bulk not to have a permanent mooring and are using the continuous cruising model just moving the boat a little distance every 14 days near to where they ilive? I can see why they might in the light of the numbers of people living on boats and the positive encouragement of CaRT on their website. It does seem to be a receipe for complete chaos and the eventual loss of these 14 day moorings going to 48 hours or something.
  6. Looks like a Dutch steel cruiser from the 60's or 70's with some sections already overplated. Probably constructed of 4mm steel originally with some overplating already looking at the outside pics. As has been said much better to go over it with a big hammer now from the outside while it is out of the water. Surveyors used to do this to my boats years ago and it is suprising how soon you can tell if there is a problem by the sound. If it sounds 'dead' rather than a nice ring it indicates a problem and it will also separate the scale from the metal. Much better to find out now than later. You could also drill some small holes to check the thickness and get the welder to plug them up when he comes. Good luck with your project.
  7. Did you have a survey? If not I would work out how thick the hull is before doing anything else. It could be anything between surface rust and terminal. You can buy an ultrasonic thickness gauge from ebay for about £50. Scan the whole hull from inside. Sounds like an old boat if it has a wood top.
  8. You might be alright on navigating the Lee, Regents Canal and Paddinton arm put unless things have changed you will not get far up the GU (harefield?) and probably will not get up the Brent section of the GU unless there is a good flow on the river and getting near the bank to moor is anybody's guess. Depending on the shape of the superstucture you may also have problems with some bridgeholes. Bear in mind London is now a boat park not to be recommended unless you have a permanent mooring which are almost impossible to find for a boat of that size. Also bear in mind when navigating a vessel of this cross section anything above about 2mph will cause so much backflow you are likely to upset other people a lot.
  9. Why not buy a small boat in France - all the locks are worked for you or you get a remote control for automatic lock? Much cheaper btw.
  10. There was a picture of my tug White Heather that appeared in waterways world many years ago at the top of Norwood GU locks. It seemed to be painted in a darkish blue and yellow with a logo on the funnel which was either BTC or BTW with a circle around it. Unfortunately a haven't kept my copies of WW and I am sure it was before ww was in colour. Someone with a photographic memory may remember it? Being local it may well have been painted up and used at the exhibition.
  11. I would never put 2 pack coating on anything with bitumen on it. bitumen is oil based and epoxy just doesn't stick to it. It acts as a great release agent. I did try this many years ago and the bitumen residue made the epoxy go brittle over time, crack and fall off. Technology may have changed this over the years. If you use the boat a lot and it gets scraped often then I would just use bitumen and do it every couple of years. If you are going to be a continuous moorer 2 pack is the way to go as it will not be disolved by oil on the water and not damaged so will last a long time.
  12. This is just a plea to point out the problems caused by the practice of some boat owners who run engines in gear whilst moored up. Having a deep drafted boat I can often feel when we pass a boat/place where this has happened. Usually this is only a minor problem and not that common but a trip was thwarted this year after grounding on massive bar built up on a narrow stretch of the Staffs and Worcs canal leaving much less than 3' in the channel and a 'hole' at the bank a little way along nearly 4' deep against the piling. This must have happened over a period of time and not a few minutes. Also noticeable on the Oxford Canal where there are some Winter moorings. Not only is this bad for the waterway but the channel is lost and it is against the bylaws. Once deeper boats start moving the channel starts to be cleared but it needs time for this to happen.
  13. I paid around £1500 for base JD engines with low so maybe a bit more if it has some marinising components.
  14. Go and buy a JD one. Easy to get from an agricultural agent. It may be a little dearer but I once read a paper on the quality of oil filters and they are very variable. If you look after that engine it will easily outlive your boat. I suspect you dont have an original JD fuel filter as they contain plastic and not BSC complient.
  15. Try selling a boat like this, I have and there is almost no market, nightmare maintenence and running costs, 50 years old - bound to have lots of problems and if you think buying bits for a NB are dear you are in a different league. Probably it will be sold for less than 1/2 the asking price - mine was.
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