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  1. Mike Adams

    2 way switching 12v

    Feed positive into wiper of switch1, two wires from switch one (you need 2 way single pole switches) to the same on switch 2 then from wiper of switch 2 to load, single negative from feed to load
  2. Mike Adams

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    I've got some BW Wellington boots with the BW logo on the side!
  3. Mike Adams

    J2 how much crankshaft float?

    Pat I have fitted a Isuzu 4 cylinder engine in the forward compartment coupled to a new smaller voac pump. It doesn't sound as nice as the Kelvin but there is much less general noise and vibration and you can't hear anything from the steering position. Unfortunately I will now be able to hear cursing fishermen as we pass! When I remove the Kelvin we will have space for a permanent berth and now we can walk through the entire boat without needing to go on deck. Removing the roof of the engine room is a possibility but there are now welded hand rails across the roof access and my engine crane/gantry doesn't have enough hieght to get it out in one piece. If I dismantle the engine in situ I can slide the block though the boat and lift it through the side door.Well that's the plan. I will sent some pictures when the J2 is out. Mike
  4. Mike Adams

    J2 how much crankshaft float?

    Hi Pat. No, but I have both stripped out all the internals and motored the boat on the shallow Basingstoke and I can say that it steers perfectly and I haven't noted any significant assymetry on the stern. It is quite a fast boat and I suspect the author was going to fast but we have lost a couple of cylinders since then! If you go out of the channel it does pull more to the side more than some others I have steered but I can't see any obvious reason for this - maybe it's to do with the steering position as you have a differnt viewpoint compared to a tiller and the rudder arrangement is slightly different with the fixed forward section.
  5. Mike Adams

    removing the J2

    Thanks BEngo. I am planning to tackle it next week. Your instuctions are very helpful. I will report back on progress. I always use disposible gloves now when working on anything mechanical and although they are a pain they usually last between tea breaks and are quicker to change them than washing all the time.
  6. Mike Adams

    removing the J2

    Having fitted a new engine attached to the hydraulic drive in the forward locker I now need remove the Kelvin. The question is - How easy is it to dismantle in situ? If I can reduce to to just the crankcase I think I can get everything out via the side door using my engine crane, the crankcase being the largest part. It is in need of an overhaul anyway. Any special tools needed or likely problem areas? I plan to remove the flywheel,gearbox, fuel pump governor and geartrain etc and then drop the pistons, remove the heads and then the cylinders leaving the crank in the crackcase. I have the Kelvin instructions for operation but the could be clearer!
  7. Mike Adams

    Unwanted Kelvin K2

    The engine should be worth a few £K -possibly enough to go a good way towards a new engine. I would get a price from the boatyard to disconnect it and lift it out -anyone else doing it might be a problem with access and insurance. If you put it on ebay you might get a buyer who will collect it when they lift it out.
  8. Mike Adams

    J2 how much crankshaft float?

    Thanks Pat. When going over the engine a few months ago I noticed that the stay bar had broken out of the cylinder and someone had tapped a second hole in the cylinder and attached the tie bar to that. Although the engine runs OK when it is warm, it is difficult to start and smokes very badly for a few minutes. I have installed a new engine in the forepeak in front of the engine room driving another hydraulic pump which worked well on a first outing on New Year's day except for having a hydraulic leak which I hope is now fixed. I am now deciding what to do with the Kelvin and I have cut a doorway though from the cabin to the engine room so I don't have to run along the deck and down the engine'ole all the time.
  9. Mike Adams

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    Could this be an elusive JP1?
  10. Mike Adams

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    As a fellow Kelvin owner I wish you luck. Unless you are very keen on this type of engine, which really needs its own engine room, I would sell it and buy something more in keeping with this type of boat and is easy to maintain. You need to find out if this is the original engine for the boat and it has the correct engine bearers which as it has been said need to be transverse and very substantial otherwise it will move alarmingly. The propeller needs to be the correct size and with this engine developing 44SHP it may be overpowed if the draught is low. Spares may be difficult and expensive to obtain and a lot of work and money is needed to install everything around it. If you are paying someone it may be lots of £K and you really need to know it the engine is good first.
  11. Mike Adams

    Tips for cleaning hydraulic hoses

    The only information I have is that the burst pressure of the hoses should be more than 11,000 psi. The ones I have purchased are rated at working pressure of 215 bar or 3110psi with a burst pressure of 13,000 psi so I hope these will be fine. They are marked as ISO 1436 SAE 100R2AT the same as the old ones. I have yet to fit a pressure gauge to find out what the actual running pressure is but the bent axis pump and motor are rated at 420 bar continuous. I suspect the relief valve operates way below that though.
  12. Mike Adams

    Tips for cleaning hydraulic hoses

    Mine don't appear to have any damage either by chaffing or UV so why do they need to be replaced? I can see if they are exposed to UV on some piece of equipment or being moved often then that would be required.
  13. Mike Adams

    moving to France

    None that are navigable except the canal d'Ourcq near Paris (10'6"). The main problem will be with some of the ports that don't like boats over 12 to 15m.
  14. Here is a picture of my hull after zinc spraying. At Debdale it is all inside and in controlled conditions so weather independant. Much better quality control.
  15. Mike Adams

    Tips for cleaning hydraulic hoses

    As they are new and contain no oil it has been suggested to wash then out with hot water, followed by compressed air and then dried out completely over a few days with hot air.

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