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  1. Quite a lot of Paddle boards on the Wey now. Trouble is they have no idea even on which side to pass you. They were occupying both landing stages below one lock we came to and when you approach they have no idea what to do. More concerning is the wild swimming on the Basingstoke, and with it being overgrown, narrow and shaded in places they can be difficult to spot. They don't realise they can be sucked under if you don't spot them in time.
  2. Thanks. General opinion seems that it will be OK. I think I will avoid going very far at the weekends and Bank Holiday as usual.
  3. Hi Last year we spent 2 weeks on the Thames during August and it was very quiet and passed though many locks on our own. Anyone know what it is like at the moment? Is it really busy and difficult to find moorings? Thanks
  4. Was this 'boater' moored alongside or infront or behind? What exactly are the rules about mooring alongside someone else's boat? Seems to be common practise in London but do you have any rights to refuse? I assume you have no right to board someone else's property or block them in but then if you choose not to have a home mooring you just have to take the rough with the smooth.
  5. Where does this 15v come from? There is a voltmeter shown but as mentioned earlier you are not looking at it straight on so I recon it reads anywhere between 13.5 and 14. Anyway if it has two alternators which the panel suggests either one could trigger the alarm.
  6. No. What you have is fine but that switch shown can also be used as a battery isolating switch.
  7. Just take care when mounting the 2nd alternater. The brackets may be quite flimsey and some mount on the aluminium timing chain cover. It is not unknown for them to break off damaging the casting. You will still need a battery isolating switch if this is the only one.
  8. Te OP post shows the engine at tickover. You have no way of knowing if the alternator is actually charging at that point. When the engine speeds up it may charge and probably does depending on the circumstances (such as a slipping belt). Your only indication is the warning lamp and the buzzer that are the same thing except the buzzer responds more quickly than the lamp to rapid changes in voltage. The alternator will cut out when a certain voltage is reached but you have no way of knowing that from the indicator lamp and it will not light up to say it has stopped charging.
  9. The alarm does not measure the battery voltage but has a diode 'OR' logic circuit to the warning lamp on the alternator. It does not matter what the battery voltage is if the alternator drops out from charging at low speed or any speed due to slipping belt or failing alternator it could cause this effect.
  10. Hi Do you mean the alarm buzzer is making a noise? Mine sometimes does this when the engine is first engaged in gear and the oil hot. The oil pressure falls slightly before the engine picks up. It is too quick to flash the warning lamp. The hours meter is random on mine sometimes it works sometimes it does not. The buzzer is more sensitive than the warning lamps so it could be low oil pressure or alternator not charging at tickover.
  11. Let's hope it s not been damaged by one of those widebeams with the vertical dropped skeg. Real cill destroyers!
  12. I am sure you cope with it but your biggest problem is the mooring. If you do not keep a base on land then with all the costs that would bring then unless you buy a freehold mooring you have no security. It can get very cold in winter on a cheap boat as well. Depends on your personal financial circumstances.
  13. The issue with bitumen I think is mainly around the waterline. Maybe it is worth seriously preping 3" either side of the waterline and trying this stuff on it. I have found that a couple of coats of a zinc based primer makes quite a difference to the rate of rusting at the waterline as the first diesel spill tends to wash it off with a bit of wind or flow on the water. I am sure nothing can bond to bitumen except more bitumen and its a pretty good release agent. 2 pack is great coating but only after proper shot blasting.
  14. I would just solder the bare ends, given it is stranded wire, and join them in a connector block overlaying the cables. Anyway I have learnt something - that you can't get 9.5mm male connectors so I won't go looking for any!
  15. The only ones I have ever seen are non insulated to fit in block connectors but I hope someone will prove me wrong. You need a special crimp tool for these to make up loom connectors.
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