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Arthur Marshall

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  1. Arthur Marshall

    Mooring or what.....?

    I've used hooke like them for years, though I think mine are a bit shorter on the top bit by the eye so maybe they won't pull out so easily.
  2. Arthur Marshall

    How to disconnect this light!!!

    I suspect the insulation has gone on the wires, it looks like that very old stuff that gets brittle and falls apart (my boat still has some of it) . It may be that jerking stuff about is enough for it to short out on the roof metal or just against the other wire. I think the ceiling out is probably the answer, it looks pretty awful anyway. Or just yank all the wiring out and do it again, it's not a major job. But I don't understand why all the lights would go out - there's four wotsits for them. Must be only one block,surely.
  3. Arthur Marshall

    How to disconnect this light!!!

    Thats a lot of electrics for a 12v system. I'm slightly intrigued by the wipers - what sort of boat is this? It might be more use seeing a pic of ths actual panel in use rather than a sales pic.
  4. Arthur Marshall


    Mine had anodes fixed in about 1990. When the boat started leaking two years ago because of holes in the hull they were as good as new.
  5. Arthur Marshall

    Working boat being sold

    Not sure where to mention this - I thought we had a "For sale" bit of the forum but it's not showing up on my list, so please move this if needed. A friend of mine has been refurbishing an old 1900-ish 70 foot working boat for the last 40 years and has decided that he's not fit enough now to carry on with it. It's all sound, basic boatman's cabin and the cargo bit boarded with a canvas cover. Engine is a well maintained Kelvin J2. It'll be chugging round the system again sometime this year with a for sale notice on it. It lives at Malkin's Bank on the T&M - if anyone's interested, pm me and I'll pass on the owner's details. Don't ask me for any more details - I know little enough about my own boat, let alone someone else's, and nothing at all about these old engines.
  6. Arthur Marshall

    New Canaline engine problems

    Isn't there a friction screw buried somewhere in the Morse unit which you can adjust?
  7. Arthur Marshall

    Boat Safety Exam

    Assuming the same examiner - that's the key phrase. I'm still smarting from having the boat passed by one examiner after a minor rewire (done by an electrician who was also a BSS examiner) and the next examiner failing it and demanding the whole job being done again at twice the cost. The BSS is a con and a lottery, and always has been from the start. I've had examiners failing my fire extinguishers, who just happened to have some for sale in his car (at twice the going rate) and a raft of other grief. Rant over. I feel better now.
  8. Arthur Marshall

    Replacing a Rinnai Water Heater REU-58E

    I think I've got a Rinnai manual on the boat - I'll nip down and have a look asap. I think all the knob does is regulate the water flow - you're sure it's not just the bit of knob that grips the metal shaft thats broken?
  9. Arthur Marshall

    Buying your first boat - what would you have done differently?

    I'd probably get a dated receipt so I could be sure when I actually bought it. Got mine out of Exchange & Mart (for those who remember it) about thirty years ago, no survey, bought on a handshake, terrible condition, no paperwork whatsoever apart from the undated receipt. Still got it. Don't regret a day.
  10. Arthur Marshall

    Middlewich breach

    Nope, they had to rebuild it. They'd made the actual metal trough too small.
  11. Arthur Marshall

    Middlewich breach

    My favourite clanger was when they took an age to build a new aquaduct on the Shroppie between Chester and Ellesmere Port. It was opened with suitable pride until the first working boat tried to cross it and found it was too shallow...
  12. Arthur Marshall

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    I agree. I think this thread, like me, is exhausted.
  13. Arthur Marshall

    Wanted dead and alive

    It's not a cat. The map is not the terrain.
  14. Arthur Marshall

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    That's rather the point I was making. Are you deliberately misinterpreting me, or just having a kneejerk reaction? I see no reason for bridges, though. I don't care what anyone says on TB, and see no reason why anyone there should care what's said on here, though some seem to, judging by the number of threads referring to CW. Each to their own. While I miss some of the expertise that's gone, I don't miss the abusive posting style that went with a lot of it and would almost certainly return should the perpetrators do. As there's a place where nobody minds it, what we have seems to be the best of all possible worlds. And if useful info can be shared in a friendly manner, all to the good.
  15. Arthur Marshall

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    His grudge against CRT and his over robust defence of it, and his refusal to accept that others had valid arguments, often leading to a level of personal abuse not tolerated here is why he was banned and is no doubt happier surrounded by the like minded elsewhere. Doesn't mean some of his advice isn't useful and it's better quoted by those we know rather than those who join just to stir things up .

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