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  1. Yes but... For my two grand a year I'm still (assuming there's enough water) getting at least three months floating about. Plus bits and pieces elsewhere. As my wife keeps telling me, renting a holiday cottage for a week would cost most of that, and it stays in the same place all the time. Sighs heavily and postpones blacking it for another year. Mind you, what's the betting they treble the cost of the BSS next year, just for fun?
  2. I (being a leisure user these days) had one long trip last spring, a couple of short jaunts and a truly dreadful summer when I had to hurtle back to Macclesfield from Northwich in order to beat the closure, which at my age is dangerous as well as unpleasant. This after being banned from travelling in the pandemic, and closures due to crap maintenance all over the place. I can't image this huge increase won't be the norm in future years, either. I presume they'll put mooring fees up by the same amount, though with luck my provider won't. I do think this will take a lot of us low income folk off the canal, and give the middle income ones a bit of a pause for thought too. I can see why CRT have to do it, but it's a shame . I've thoroughly enjoyed the last thirty years, both living on and leisure, but I suspect in another two I'll be gone. And order books for new boats may be full, but how many will be cancelled as the year goes on?
  3. 13% increase from April for those of us who pay around then, 9% if you got yours from September. I'm going to have to start thinking about whether I can afford it any more, especially if the system shuts down again this summer. What's the point of paying so much for not being able to go anywhere?
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