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  1. The ship is closed at the moment. We moored just be for lock 65 . No trouble with locals. Could have dropped down to moor offside next to Tesco if we could have got into the edge as only one lock on the top ground paddle on the lock. Very safe at that side due to the taxi rank.
  2. No. Not yet!!. Could have done with one on the Rochdale. Does CRT give you a discount for dredging off your licence!!!
  3. Did the Huddersfield shallow last September. Not done the Ashton. But need to be in Mirfield for end of September. Don’t fancy the Rochdale again. So no alternative CRT could be busy 🤪
  4. Weaver then back on the Ashton ,Huddersfield shallow. Yep must be mad.
  5. We are 2foot 10 static. Had enough crap on the prop to fill a dustbin. Had to flush out of a lot of locks.
  6. Not good. Took us 8 hrs from lock65 to New Islington marina. Worst bit of canal I've been on.
  7. Hi. We are planning to do the Rochdale 18 this Sunday. 2 boats 2 crew. Helping hands would be good if anyone is available. Tea and coffee supplied or even something stronger 👍. Thanks
  8. Moored outside the golden lion. Not much going on outside now. But will give it a miss 2 nite. Things aren't what they used to be. 😏
  9. You need a yo-yo hose. Best extending hose. Google it. Sorry don’t know how to post a link.
  10. Tried that !! Comments not for this friendly forum 😁😁😁
  11. We have the gulper pump under the bath. Wife still puts the plug in the bath when washing the dogs. Haven’t got the heart to tell her you don’t need it. 😜
  12. Need new mecanooooooooo me thinks
  13. Hopefully this forum will when the sun shines Is that 5 Gins
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