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  1. Just fitted my back cabin chimney. Was going to paint it🤔 but decided not to.
  2. Give the Ash and empty coal bags to them with composting toilets. I'm sure they would find it useful. 😁
  3. Not if it was high up at ceiling height. Everything on a boat is a comprise.
  4. Mine is lifted up to the underside of the worktop on a plinth the same height as the units. Storage underneath with the 240v socket accessible. Even got the original door to go in front of the washer.
  5. Busy yes. Going anywhere is another question. Or even getting back. 😭
  6. Ya butt no butt. Will the pubs be open.🤪
  7. Yep. They could take the waste away from the composters at the same time. 😁😁😁
  8. That why you hang it up in the kitchen next to the knifes.👍
  9. Bet it is. Can be used to crack nuts.🤪
  10. I have a 7.5 kg safefill bottle holds 14.5 litres of gas. Fill it up at Morrison’s supermarket petrol station when need to. Had it 6 years. Needs to be tested in 2025. Best £100 spent. Boat even passed it’s BSS this month. 🤪
  11. You forgot to men the storage of coal as well. Your part northerner now. 🤣
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