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  1. Jon57

    Thoughts on this tug

    The one that got away.
  2. Jon57

    Thoughts on this tug

    Hi. Brian the previous owner told me it was near as dammit 36Inches. Draft that is! if you know Brian he can tell a very good story. just lost out on a Steve Hudson 50 ft tug on the duck. All arranged with the owner to view Monday as they where doing some work on her. Got a phone call last night to say she’s been sold. Well gutted most be more pushy next time.
  3. Jon57

    Odyssey extreme batteries

    The batteries were backups batteries so will have to ask that question? He also gets out of date batteries which are new . At the moment, not listed yet Fiamm 12FLB 450p year of manufacture 2017 4 batteries £445 delivered. Seems like a good buy to me. Would they be a better buy. And with being stood for possibly 15 months max still ok? And suitable for the boat. Thanks
  4. Jon57

    Odyssey extreme batteries

    Hi. What’s the panels view about these batteries on eBay they have 87% capacity left . 112880690212 thanks
  5. Jon57

    Pubs owned by the CRT

    Pm me
  6. Jon57

    Pubs owned by the CRT

    Gone pop. Club house condemned and closed. New temp management in place. Boaters!
  7. Jon57

    Historic Boats for sale online

    This boat just been listed on the duck. Not a lot of details but looks interesting. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat.phtml?id=554195
  8. Jon57

    London, escape rent, buy a boat

    This looks as it could be of interest to some of you guys. Not a lot of detail in the add. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat.phtml?id=554195
  9. Don’t know. Did her boat sink
  10. You’ll afte ask Alisha not me
  11. Has it got a hole in it, you need a bilge pump lol
  12. Mines fixed to a piece of lead flashing ad sits nice and flat.
  13. Jon57

    Battery Monitors and Capacity

    While I agree about the raw material cost of lithium (supply and demand) competition will have an overhaul effect on the final cost of the batteries
  14. Jon57

    Battery Monitors and Capacity

    That is with the original cost of 2 x 100 amp batteries £1400 divide by 4000 cycles = 35pence. No need to worry about recharge/ look after worrying if they are fully charged. Or pay £380 for 4 x 100 amp lead acid batteries ,fart about watching them all the time .then replace every 2 to 3 years . Life is to short for all that. Like all new technology how long do we wait till it gets cheaper. My first mobile phone was silly money compared with today’s phones but wouldn’t have waited till the price came down