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  1. What is needed is a group of about 30 people of various ages and build. Split the group into groups of 3 20metres apart. The smallest group of 3 at the front, then the next snallest 20mtrs in front, until you get the big boy's at the front all with their mobiles handy. When said cyclist rings bell at the first group of 3 they don't get out of the way! Said cyclist gets frustrated and shouts abuse. Group slowley move over, rings all the group so they know what's coming. Next group 20mtrs ahead does same. Said cyclist heard more abuse. Repeat u till they get to the last group of 3 which are built like brick sh*t houses. Then ask them to be more aware of pedestrians in the nicecest way. 😜😜
  2. We could always email him asking if he's OK. 😜👍
  3. Don’t know. But if it’s correct that one service is connected to the main sewer and to quote the next next door service isn’t. With a little alteration to the plumbing it will save money and potential problems in the future. Yes it will cost money but as my accountant says sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Unlike CRT who wait till it’s broken.
  4. Standard CRT operation procedure. No joined up thinking, no joined up plumbing 🤣
  5. The fishermen cut them off so they had a free range to murder there pray.
  6. Plastic cones over mooring rings next ?
  7. I prefer welded mushrooms vents. No leaks ever.?
  8. Divers going in. Lockie says it could be something behind the gate? Or possibly a blown cill?? will know after the inspection. Hope not or its the wash crossing for me.
  9. Shit happens. It’s how we deal with it.?
  10. Jon57

    out of hand

    Wish you guys would just sleave her alone.
  11. Just fitted my back cabin chimney. Was going to paint it? but decided not to.
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