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  1. Sorry wrong site .applianepeople.com
  2. Sorry for the late reply. When next at the boat will remove bowl and see what filter is their (paper or washable) Thanks guy's
  3. Thanks Tony. Will wait to see if anyone can tell me of a supplier be for I disturb the filter as I don't want to not have the heater work for too long.
  4. Hi can anyone identify this diesel filter please. It's supply's the reflex stove in the cabin. Are filters still available? If so where can I get them please. Thanks It's the small filter I'm after. Can't see any numbers on the body of the filter.
  5. A bit early for me! Just trying to make breakfast for 2 with one egg and 1 rasher of bacon!
  6. Well 13kg propane only £25 at chorley gas. That's quite a big difference. Not complaining
  7. Apperently the boat will be back out on hire Monday! Bet they don't tell them it was sunk last week!!!
  8. Apparently this hire boat has a high bow and the fender got hung up on the gap in the gate. Followed buy being caught on the lock side and tilting?
  9. Owner of hire company with his crew did a great job refloting the boat.
  10. Luckily everyone OK. Boat refloated lock cleared in record time about 2 hrs by the hire boat staff. No damage To the lock gates
  11. Hire boat sunk on Leeds Liverpool lock 31
  12. Lidi batteries are 20volt not 18volt. Can't help with compatibility.! But very much doubt it.
  13. Yes they are great. Will try an fit valves to the hot water tank to speed up the heating. Going to the boat today for 4days cruising. Happy day's.
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