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  1. Probably put a bag over the offenders generator say awaiting fixing 😁
  2. Sound about right. Taught him well.😜
  3. No problem for them now they are in Ireland. Fed up with CRT so fancied a change
  4. Carry a spare washer . Simple
  5. Which network or company you don’t get shafted at some point. 😩
  6. Sorry to hear about your situation. Why not put the house and boat on hear for sales. I’m sure with the amount of people networking on here it would create a lot of interest. Save a load of commissions,brokers,estate agents. Good luck for the future.
  7. Having done the tunnel west to east in 2019 and 2020 on a boat with a 2 ft 10in draft. The fist time was with a volunteer chaperone called Alister who used crutches. He sat at the front of the boat and talked to the wife about the tunnel. He had been through the tunnel over 160 times. He new it like the back of his hand. Granted not steering but his instructions were very helpful. Over shot the checking points as the boat take some stopping 😁. There are three check points to make sure everything is ok. Like Alister says it’s the safest tunnel on the system. If your lucky you my see a passing train which is a fascinating sight. In 2020 Covid system was in place. As we waited for our passage west to east, a brand new boat with quite a large air draft came out of the tunnel. Not a scratch on it . No protective padding. When I approach the chaperone he was the trip Boat skipper he obviously new his stuff. When he saw my boat his first words was something like I hate these kind of boats 🤣🤣. I said I was more than happy to drive the boat through the tunnel. Which is what I did while he sat in the boatmans cabin socially distancing. Didn’t have to stop at the check in points as the volunteer drove to the checkpoint to se if we arrived ok. All in all very good system in unusual circumstances. Some people should give it a go before they make a comet without having experiencing it. I know I must be mad but I decided to give it a miss this year.🤪🤪🤪
  8. Good for meeting up with friends. On pins at some places. Lidl near by. Easy walk into town. Safe ,last 5 locks into the basin best done early morning.👍
  9. This is the problem. In this case it would be a easy thing to sort out by installing a low cost cctv system. Then make a big song and dance on the local news. Followed by new blue signs ,grrr no household rubbish. Simple.😜👍
  10. Nothing is forever. Even superman is dead.🤓
  11. Doubt it. Just look at the big supermarkets putting the small traders out of business. Market forces and affordability for the masses.
  12. Just like any business plan would then. 👍
  13. May be a 3 P printer might be better.😜
  14. You could buy a £10 b&q toilet seat plus a plastic bucket and make a compositing toilet. It’s the future apparently. Sell for £20. Hey I think I’m on to something here.😁😁😁
  15. We have a safe fill bottle and 2x 6kg calor gas bottles in reserve. The best thing about the safefill bottles are the weight, as the bottles are made from some form of polycarbonate I believe. Also the filling point is built into the gas valve so no protruding bits and pieces.
  16. You could possibly use a 40 mm selfsealing waste trap. Often known by the trade as a “fanny trap” for obvious reasons🤭look for them at toolstation. Just put a barbed adapter in the other end and flex pipe between waste trap and skin fitting.
  17. The advantage of safefill botles is you can fill them up at any state of the content of gas in the bottle. Morrison’s lpg stations are approved by them. Also most petrol/lpg stations if you approach them with the right attitude ,if you know what I mean will accommodate you. We filled our up at Leamington spa Morrison’s right next to the canal.😁👍
  18. Nice bit of up cycling on your part Matty 🤣🤣👍
  19. What is needed is a group of about 30 people of various ages and build. Split the group into groups of 3 20metres apart. The smallest group of 3 at the front, then the next snallest 20mtrs in front, until you get the big boy's at the front all with their mobiles handy. When said cyclist rings bell at the first group of 3 they don't get out of the way! Said cyclist gets frustrated and shouts abuse. Group slowley move over, rings all the group so they know what's coming. Next group 20mtrs ahead does same. Said cyclist heard more abuse. Repeat u till they get to the last group of 3 which are built like brick sh*t houses. Then ask them to be more aware of pedestrians in the nicecest way. 😜😜
  20. We could always email him asking if he's OK. 😜👍
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