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  1. On this day in 2017 View from the side hatch, Macclesfield canal near Four Lane Ends Never seen one on a canal before
  2. On this day in 2007 Liverpool docks - was this the infamous lightship?
  3. Postscript. We went back to Liverpool via the link in May 2018. The canal was certainly a lot cleaner and easier. Salthouse dock had changed a bit and my boat has changed colour
  4. Finally, we made it back into the commercial docks Passing the assault carrier HMS Albion on the way We had intended to go through the Ribble link, but 2007 was the year of the summer floods and the Ribble was impassable So we went to Bugsworth basin instead
  5. A support/rescue vessel provided by HMS Albion. An LCVP Mk5, I think Once again, we had to wait for the lock as a tall ship was leaving. This was a bit more interesting as it was quite breezy and choppy
  6. The return journey was more interesting. It was cloudy and there was a bit of a breeze. Exiting the half-tide lock A rather splendid boat Us on the Mersey (photo courtesy of a friend)
  7. I think it was the only widebeam present. They wern't all that common in the North in 2007 We all moored for 10 days in Salthouse dock They were building Liverpool One at the time. We were able to explore Liverpool and its surroundings. We visited the tall ships and the assult ship HMS Albion which were moored in the commercial docks and open for visits. We also went to Crosby beach to look at Anthony Gormley's installation "Another Place"
  8. It had been an excellent day. The weather was calm and sunny. The views of Liverpool from the Mersey were stunning and, to cap it all, it was my 60th birthday
  9. We had to lookout for the Mersey Ferry Waiting for the half-tide lock to be ready The lock is finally open and boats can go in We had to wait awhile in Canning dock Finally we were able to transit Albert dock on our way to mooring in SAlthouse Dock
  10. Passing the Victoria Clock Tower and the Three Graces Liverpool Waterfront
  11. On the 8th June the flotilla was taken down the Stanley flight and assebled in Collingwood and Salisbury docks, before setting off through the commercial docks We had to keep together as there were several swing bridges which the port authorities would only open for a short time. Eventually we arrived at Langton lock. The walls were very high and it was not easy keeping control with a few other boats hanging on to you. Eventually, the gate opened and he Mersey was in front of us.
  12. Yes, it was bandit country in 2007, hence the BW escort. More pictures tomorrow, onto the Mersey
  13. THe flotilla gathered in the Eldonian village ready to go down the Stanley flight and through the commercial docks There were 50+ boats involved
  14. The canal approaching Liverpool was not very clean I am not sure how they got that upside down
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