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  1. Strange things can also happen with new subjects. I graduated in Computer Science in 1982 from York, as part of one of the first coherts to be allowed to study full Computer Science (rather than in combination with another subject). I was given the choice to have BA or BSc on my degree certificate, as there was still ongoing debate as to whether it was a hard science. I chose BSc.
  2. One other thought as to why it might be a good idea to have the water pump near the fresh water tank. If you get a leak 'downstream' from the pump you will get notification of it because the pump will keep kicking in. Any leak before the pump may go unnoticed for longer. I learnt this from experience when the screw on lid of my cold water filter between tank and pump worked loose. So I would suggest keeping the number of plumbing joins between tank and pump to a mininum.
  3. That is a lower setting than mine so I think the power consumption should be less. I would say go for it and don't worry too much. A boat with 4 or 5 leisure batteries would be good but it can be done with 3.
  4. I do have an electricity monitor on my house electrics and did think about trying to get a proper measurement of consumption. However, by the time the machine has settled into its typical consumption mode (it 'ramps up over the first 5 - 20 mins depending on setting) I'm hooked up to the machine by a 2m hose and asleep. 😆
  5. To the OP - do you know what level your machine is set at? I'm set at 20 cm H2O, but if yours is set much higher then I would expect a higher power usage, which is possibly why the stated specs are somewhat higher to that which I have experienced.
  6. I use a Resmed Escape S8 with humidifier on my narrowboat. I was concerned about battery capacity when buying the boat but in the end the boat we bought only had 3 110Ahr batteries. I'm running it off AC via a Victron inverter. In practice it has not been a problem. The humidifer is the main issue as it effectively is warming water, but I only run it at a fairly low level. If you are not using a humidifier I don't think you will have any issues. I was being fairly careful with power use and reckoned that the CPAP machine and fridge used about 15% of my battery capacity overnight. However the b
  7. The ones I use are Polyester from Tradline @ Braunston. I think the breaking strain is less 1.5 tonne. They appear to 'do what it says on the tin'.
  8. Floating rope fenders can be retrieved if they come off. I use soft shackles to attach and have had an odd one 'detach' when entering a lock a little fast and getting it caught on a lock ladder. You hear the shackle parting and can then investigate and retrieve the fender using the boat hook.
  9. Maybe because we never go into a narrow lock? Maybe because we use rope fenders that float so don't leave prop entanglers hiding in locks if they do come off? Maybe because we are not protecting rubbing strakes but the paintwork higher up because we are cruising on large commercial waterways with all sorts of rough concrete and uneven edges rising several feet above the waterline. Just some thoughts.
  10. Where have all the boats gone? It is really quiet on the Leeds & Liverpool this week. Never a super busy wwaterway but the lockies on the flights coming up out of Leeds said they are on single figures boat movements a day when would normally be double that by now. Still plenty of gongoozlers at Bingley 5 Rise but I think there was only 2 boats came up yesterday. Could do with a few more boats to be honest it would help break up some of the weed. I've had several trips down the hatch.
  11. On this day in 2017 Visitor moorings below Whitley Lock, Aire & Calder
  12. On this day in 2016 A real 'marmite' boat - Motor Yacht A anchored off Monte Carlo. I wonder what Philippe Stark would come up with if asked to design something for the English canals? Also, it wasn't just wet on the Wash that year.
  13. On this day in 2016 - some more lump water stuffStar Flyer anchored off Cannes
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