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  1. On this day 2022 (as we say on another topic, but thought more relevant here): Unfortunately, no sign of any action this morning (at 09:30).
  2. According to CRT notices the dredging thorugh Knottingley is supposed to be in progress from now until the end of August, presumably to allow the freight to resume.
  3. When we were there last week, not all of those ground paddles on the side at 'Figure of Three were working. Those that were, were very stiff so can imagine that some boaters give up on them.
  4. Somewhere around 1980 or 1981 my brother and I took a 45ft hire boat to the end, not realising the basin at the end was so limited. We did manage to pole it around (just) with front and rear fenders raised. Got a load of rubbish on our prop coming back out to the junction. Glad we did it though as I don't think we ever going to be able to do it again, even in a much smaller boat.
  5. Probably worth a phone call, email or live chat to CRT to clarify. We do this all the time. Shouldn't be necessary but I think it is better to try and work with them and get them to improve things for the benefit of everybody. We have had fairly quick responses on the Live Chat facility recently.
  6. Today 2022 Stanley Ferry (following on from Peter's photos above of Fall Ing Lock - the next place along)
  7. Thanks for that. I haven't been there but knew it was either on the A&C or S&SY. Yes, both the Jane Louise's were uilt by Sagar at Brighouse and moor at Lemonroyd Marina. I think they are owned by people who are related and nearly always go out together. But it is strange that they both have the same.
  8. This afternoon 2022 Wakefield Visitor Moorings (opposite The Ruddy Duck) @PD1964 Where are your barge photos? I feel as though I should know but can't place them. I know Jane Louise was at it's home mooring on the Aire & Calder about a week ago.
  9. You should be able to use Lemonroyd. It is available to non-marina users and is nearly always ok (although it was out of use the other week as they were waiting for the tank to be emptied).
  10. Today 2022 A slightly damp morning at Mirfield, Calder & Hebble Navigation
  11. On this day in 2016 Entering Newark Town Lock and view from Newark Visitor Mooring Pontoon
  12. Locksides with road access. Lower the water & boat to the correct depth and just drive it off. Not a likely technique if PaulJ is referring to Lady Hamilton, which is usually on the Aire & Calder. The mechanised locks would not be easy to emergency stop part way through a cycle at the correct level. I think there is a rotating ramp arrangement.
  13. I reckon it’s been like that for at least two weeks or more. I spoke to a guy today who had a key for the Elsan and was just finishing emptying two cassette units said it was like that weeks ago when he was there last time. For clarification, I was responding to HN's comment re Barnby Dun, not the Skipton situation, which looks terrible.
  14. As far as I can see the general public can still get in, but it was fine at the end of last week. Tidy and almost empty bins.
  15. Yep, I could go with either or possibly even both of those.
  16. No 48v for a hybrid propulsion system. Hence why I gave a power figure going to the batteries rather than saying over 20A. Your suggestion was fine for certain circumstances, so just having a bit of a grin really and pondering why Victron don't put the dump load facility in the bigger MPPT units. The boat builder has used a 150/45 unit in my boat which is fine for the 10 x 175w panels I have (2 strings of 5 paralleled). Appears to be working well and yielding above my expectations (based on the Victron modeller). So overall I'm happy. Also a shame for the OP's situation as his MPPT also rules out a super easy fix.
  17. Or maybe not, I've not got enough space in the cupboard for 10 MPPTs! 😁 Seriously though, it is a shame Victron don't put the load dump facility on the larger MPPTs. Currently my solar array is pumping around 1kw into the batteries. At the moment I need everything I can get into the batteries but if I don't cruise for a few days it would be good automatically divert excess to do something useful.
  18. I don't think the OP will be able to do that as the Victron MPPT 150 | 35 does not have connections for a dump load.
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