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  1. Pair of Coventry Victor engines Ebay link I seem to remember these sold a couple of years ago
  2. You didn't bilge all that water in to the cut? I hope...
  3. The is a full set on eBay at the min. Maybe worth a look. Ebay link
  4. I once had a boat that looked like that, it was from the 70s , the builders plate said something like 'canal and river craft, Sowerby Bridge ' to the best of my memory. But the boat looked just like that at the back. It had a fibre glass top and quite a high bow.
  5. Fill 25 litre drums up with red at a local oil supplier and put it in the tank. Who is going to check ? Just wondering...
  6. Or a 3rd of one.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-JP1-Generating-Set-4-5KW-CS-9-1-Stationary-Engine/283921056274?hash=item421b038212:g:UP0AAOSwR3le7i5-
  7. Just today I had to climb on a neighbours boat because a fisherman across the canal had got his hook stuck in the back canopy... told him to move on before he did any more damage.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Depends what you're getting off.. some nasty stuff waiting below the water to get ya... all part of the fun
  10. Canal321

    Oil for st2

    Thank you both, I just wanted to understand it all a little better. This was very helpful thanks
  11. Canal321

    Oil for st2

    This is what I was reading,
  12. Canal321

    Oil for st2

    Reading the manual it says straight mineral oils are not to be used. Does that mean it has to be fully/semi synthetic?
  13. Canal321

    Oil for st2

    Hi, What oil do I put in the st2 ? Also what do I put in the gearbox? It's the Lister hydraulic one. Thanks,
  14. Hello and welcome. Average height from what? The water line, the base plate, or the interior floor level.
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