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  1. I once saved a nice old infill plane from a skip. Got a mate who's into his old wood working tools to have a look and he gave me £150 for it.
  2. Might be useful on grp cruisers, it would solve the problem of flaky paint over faded gel coat.
  3. Canal321


    Decompression lever Eta.. ah Ray T got there first
  4. Just renewed mine today, got £100 cash back offer through 'top cash back' for a 12 month contract. Works out just less than £10 a month for unlimited everything.
  5. I notice the highbridge has gone, anyone on here buy it? I think it was part of the crt repossessions sales.
  6. I do that but wait until the last few seconds before entering my bid, if it goes above your Max bid while your still watching it then move on. And always use a random number of pence at the end of your bid such as £150.57 , that way if someone goes to £150.00 , you will win. Waiting until the last seconds doesn't give other bidders much chance to increase their Max bid if you overtake them.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Pair of bmc 1.5s Link Sabb 2HEG Link2
  9. Init great when you can recycle the same joke every year... https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/99084-big-discounts-leading-up-to-christmas/
  10. Makes zero difference. I removed everything from inside. The interior, the plywood lining, wiring, insulation, floor, battens, ballast. Back to a steel shell. No different than what you would to a boat that had been on the bottom.
  11. Hi Few years ago now, but it cost less than 8k after purchase of the boat. Boat had not been sunk but there was water under the floor. I stripped the entire thing back to an empty shell. Made a new self draining deck myself and fully welded the rear bulkhead. Blacked it and welded a couple of plates to the base where the wear lip was getting a bit thin. The inside was sanded down and pained in red oxide. Battens were all off cuts free from the wood suppliers skip, Insulation and oak faced ply were the most expensive purchases. Engine was fine but I lifted it out and cleaned it up. Decent second hand engines can be had for a good price on eBay or Apollo duck if needed. Windows out, boat sanded down and painted it to a respectable finish, reseal windows. All in all I got a boat that I knew every inch of, took about 18months evenings and weekends but I was in no rush. I printed all the pictures of every stage of the restoration and left them in a file for the new owner when I sold up. If you can do all the work your self, a profit can be made even on an older boat. It's easy to say go and spend £30,000 plus on a new shell but when you don't have that sort of money to go at you make good what you can afford. And stuff you can get cheap from neighbors who are upgrading. I got a nice wood burner for next to nothing from someone who was having a new one fitted.
  12. Well mine cost nowhere near that , and no white paint insight.
  13. 28 k for materials ? What's going in this boat?
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