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  1. Canal321

    Over plating

    It's a train going along the edge of a beach in winter time and there's also a lighthouse ...
  2. Canal321

    Mobile retention deals

    Sign me up!
  3. Canal321

    Sign Posts

    Hmm were has the other 75 miles gone only joking. I have often wondered about this myself . I don't know about the towpath swapping sides thing because around me the plates bolt on, so could be bolted on either side of the mile post?
  4. Canal321

    Eye Spy

  5. Canal321

    Emojis with IE and Chrome

    Haha I didn't notice the time ... the night is still young yet!
  6. Canal321

    Emojis with IE and Chrome

    sorry I'm no help I use Opera edit. I think you can get the others if you click that little smiley face box at the top of the text box , then scroll right to the bottom, they are under the heading 'emoticons'
  7. Canal321

    Over plating

    What about the mill scale?
  8. Canal321

    Over plating

    Hi, Do you ever get boats that a so called 'surveyor' has said 'needs overplating' when really it has only lost 2mm or less and still has year and years of service to give, but the owners has been panicked by a bad survey(or)?
  9. Canal321

    Does anybody know about my boat history?

    It really doesn't matter about the exact year, just say it's a 1980s and enjoy your boat!
  10. Canal321

    Does anybody know about my boat history?

    Hi. Not sure if you have checked the boat index . 999HP , that's a big engine you got there
  11. Canal321

    Tiller arm making

    I made my own from Steel tube , using a machine mart pipe bender... I took measurements of one I liked the look of. Cut myself some tube to length Tacked a cap on one end Fill with sand, very tightly packed Cap the other end Place in the pipe bender Apply the pressure very slowly, to avoid tube collapse, ( that's also what the sand is for) Once you get your shape, just cut the ends off and release the sand. Then trim to length .. Easy Of course it depends how handy you are or if you look at things and think "sack it, I'll pay someone to do it for me"
  12. Canal321

    The Word Game V2:0

  13. Canal321

    Cyclists & Pedestrians To Have Right Of Way Over Cars

    I just stick to riding on the towpath
  14. Canal321

    100GB data for £20

    I don't get it.. can I use the whole 100gb as a hot-spot, or not?
  15. Canal321

    Leeds Liverpool reopening tomorrow

    Are there many boats on the move up there now?

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