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  1. Bought the manual off an internet site, £5.. now the pump lies in bits .... 😂 Hmm , been in the boat for over 30 years...
  2. Hi, where would I find this document? Is there any chance you could take a picture of the page(s) I need if you have them? Thanks I removed the screw you mentioned, still no luck.
  3. Hi, Is it this one?
  4. Hi again, I'm having a go at this diesel leak today, I've undone the little bolt in the end of the shaft , but the shaft won't come out. Is there anything else I need to undo? Thanks This is what I have now, Are there any guide to this job?, I did find one on this forum but all the pictures had been removed thanks for help
  5. You've been had, mine was only £13...
  6. Haha. The zip tie is not my handy work.. I'll sort these bits out after the main stuff is done. The jubilee clip is holding the plastic pipe that feeds back to the tank, this is part of the temporary tank set up
  7. I have read your warnings about using this screw in your previous posts, so I didn't. But after struggling today I thought I must try the top one, I was very careful with it. After it opened it released so much air! Noted, thanks I have no tool for measuring the compression
  8. Hi thanks for the help, I got the engine going again after another go at bleeding it. Found a load more air in. I'm sure there are no leaks in my temporary fuel tank and pipe system. When It gets going there is a fair bit of white smoke.
  9. Will these leaks stop the engine running? Because yesterday, I rigged it all up on the bench and got it fired up, ran it for around 10-15mins. Come back today and it won't even try to start, even after re-bleeding it multiple times.. While i was on it, I took the glow plugs out and Did the drill bit de-coke, took a fair amount of muck out. Next is have a go at these leaks
  10. Hi, The injector pump on my bmc is leaking diesel from a couple of places. It's a CAV DPA 324 6776 B I've read on here that it could just need a new gasket under the plate and o-rings for the other one. Is this a job that I can do myself? The engine is on the bench at the min, so access is good. Thanks in advance.
  11. https://www.therothengroup.co.uk/ I think these do a lot of work for the CRT, don't know if you have tried them.. good luck with your project
  12. Add it to the people that don't mind either way, and it's well over 60%...
  13. 183783930474 Twin Sabb , 22HP looks good ..
  14. Hi, thanks for your response. It's on an old Coventry Victor diesel, with this type of gear box - www.thameswaymarineproducts.co.uk Thanks for this, that is really helpful I actually thought this myself, I will check everything is square and aligned properly before its installed.
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