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  1. Laurin and klement : top of the range
  2. Your post cannot be read on my mobile view .. it looks abit like something from the matrix ...
  3. I use a long stick and cut them down at the base. You have to keep an eye on them though because some start standing back up.
  4. Or sold up and upgraded to a wide beam
  5. How about this one then. EBay number - 254325784656 'State of the art heating system' ... A calorifier, like that's never been done before..
  6. You don't need to go with a specialist boat mover. I had a 12ft wide cruiser brought down from Scotland for £550 (no police permit, but there had to be two drivers in the cab), I just rung some local haulage companies and found one that was going my way and could fit me in. Obviously you will still need some way of loading/ unloading. Good luck
  7. It's 40' x 9' , and yeah I would like something a bit interesting for the engine room, but not to specialist. Preferably to be water cooled. Did you not go for a Sabb in the end?
  8. Its a nice engine I'm sure, I'll have a read when I have time, looks very interesting. But it's a bit too rich for me
  9. Hi, What are the rough dimensions of the Sabb 2JHR, length, height , width? Im currently trying to decide what engine to put in my boat I'm on building. thanks
  10. Staple the new carpet to the wall, if there is something solid behind for the staple to grip.
  11. I also have a friend who went to a speed awareness course recently. I was told they allow you 10% plus 2 mph. So to get a fine in a 30 zone, you have to be doing at least 35mph. Just what I was told ...
  12. That wide beam at the Grove (the white one) has been there must be 2 years now.. it did have a local mooring at one point but it just seems to live there now, right outside the crt office.... it's not the only one to use Rose Grove as a long term home. They may have permission I don't know , but as you see, Rose Grove is a little short of space.
  13. So does a well designed self draining deck.
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