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  1. I have a Hyundai HY2000i, bought new about 18 months ago. It's only done 124 hours so far but, touch wood, starts on the first pull, runs nice and used no oil so far. It's fairly quiet but not as quiet or as light as a Honda third of the price. So far so good - only time will tell.
  2. Shhhh...... Don't tell everybody or there will be even more numpties running their engines every night until the early hours 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Swap the boat for a submarine. When the spotter comes, dive for a couple of days. Might need to find a deep canal though....
  4. Wot - no light in the fridge?
  5. Looking at the whole corona situation from another (dark) angle.... Whether Corvid 19 was naturally formed or not (personally I think it was created in a lab somewhere but I digress) would it be so bad if Mother Nature thinned out the human race by, say, 50%. There are enough people that are convinced our planet is vastly overpopulated and not sustainable, so why shouldn't we let nature take it's course and thin the human race by a few billion? Even if I died myself (I am afterall in the high-risk category) - would it be such a big sacrifice for future generations? Ever heard of Darwin's theory? Survival of the fittest? Afterall, it's only 80 years ago since millions of our forefathers stepped up and were prepared to die to help create a better life for the next generations.... Just a thought....
  6. I quite like the idea of a sunken bath.
  7. That's an idea - thanks. I take it a pc fan won't be damaged with under-voltage?
  8. Thanks How big are they? I want to mount one in a 4" soil pipe so needs to be no more than about 100mm diameter. Cooling air
  9. Not in my world. I used to just talk to myself, then I started arguing.......
  10. That's what I'm concerned about - too high/low voltages. Thanks for the input, but zenners and resistors are above me. Mechanically I am well experienced, but I'm not so good with electrickery. I know sparks, heat and smoke should stay inside the wires - any more complicated than that just confuses me. 😑😑😑 "I'm an ex-tractor fan" is the punchline - the rest you probably heard already.
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