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  1. Ok - outside the box No storage tank needed Install the bath and insulate under with builder's foam Make an insulated lid for the bath, hinged on the wall side Use the bath as your storage tank and circulate the water through a solar-thermal system on the roof When it reaches 38 degrees - bathtime Only drawback is whether there is enough height for the hinged lid, although I hear sunken baths are in fashion again.
  2. You don't have room for a 2nd/larger calorifier but do have room for an extra 200 litre plastic tank? KISS Thinking outside the box for a moment.... 2nd/larger calorifier and go for a good cruise once a week on bath-night. It is a boat afterall, not a flat.
  3. How much cruising do you do? A bigger/second calorifier would give "free" heat if you cruise enough
  4. I bought my wife a car for Christmas. She said "That's no good to me. I wanted something that goes from 0-160 in 3 seconds" So I bought her bathroom scales.
  5. I heard somewhere they are quite useful for scraping clean the area between the drum and outer casing of washing machines. 😉
  6. Quick question..... What is the difference between red diesel- ie used in boats, agriculture, construction etc and oil used for central heating? Is it different?
  7. +1 for WD40 Spray it on and leave for an hour or two to soak into the tape and dissolve the glue
  8. MSDS sheet states it is harmful for aqatic life
  9. Not a scam but a cold caller.... While visiting my mother in the UK I answered a call from a chap with an Indian accent a while back...... Him... We are installing house insulation in your area with large discounts. May I ask if you have loft insulation? Me... Yes thanks Him... May I ask how thick it is? Me... About 8 foot Him... That's not really thick enough sir, you need at least 20cm Me... F**k off Click
  10. Good quality bacon (if you can find it) No butter but bread dipped in the bacon fat + hp sauce
  11. I had the same problem Refreshed the page and everything is good again
  12. So, in the near future fossil fuels will probably be taxed beyond affordability and eventually banned. All boats, homes, offices, boats, ships, trains, planes and industry will run on electrickery. Meanwhile many UK powerstations will be bought up/built by foreigners (French, Chinese?) All eggs in one basket springs to mind. Solution?? Dilithium crystals of course. They worked ok for Kirk.
  13. Do horse legs taste like chicken too?
  14. Point of order.... That flog isn't a flog - it's a frog. How much is a frog worth if you flog it?
  15. smiler


    If any ladies don't qualify for the above... ..I'm less fussy.
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