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  1. Nice story(and photos) Why did I never see a NB go north in 26 years? - must have had my eyes shut! Seen hundreds of GRPs doing it. You must have faith in your NB and own abilities to do that. We`ve seen coasters get in difficulties before at Keadby. I wouldn`t like to meet this side-on...........might be interesting surfing it though..........
  2. I lived there 26 years about 200yards north of the lock alongside the river and have never seen a narrowboat navigate on the river. To be honest, thinking about it after my last post, most NBs would be turning right out the lock and heading south??
  3. I was born and brought up in Keadby and have only ever seen narrowboats on the Trent come out the lock, turn around and go back in the canal. I`ve never seen narrowboats actually navigate the Trent there. The Trent has a very strong tide there and you would have to judge the tides well to navigate - and hope not to breakdown.
  4. I`m guessing buying a sailaway falls under the Directive but does a bare hull also fall under it? If so, although perfectly capable, I don`t fancy building a boat from scratch and fitting it out.
  5. Hmmm - now you`ve got me thinking.
  6. I respect rules/regulations/bureaucracy mostly - but only when I have to. I`m not against bending the rules a little, when needed, but deliberately going against the "establishment" can all too often lead to problems further down the line. eg - I don`t often stick exactly to the posted speed limit on the roads(who does?) but do respect the fact if I get caught, it`s my own daft fault and accept the consequences I like to have paperwork to be correct - if only to save complications in the future.
  7. Thanks all for your replies. It looks like from your answers it "may" be possible, but sadly regulations have made things very difficult. I was just wondering if it was still possible to, at least, get the sound/feel of a vintage engine in a modern, compact package - ie low revs/ twin cylinder. As stated above, Harleys still build a twin cylinder with an original sound/feel and comply with new regs. I suppose, as stated above, there is probably not enough call for modern diesel boat engines with a vintage "feel" Suppose I could go with a 4 cylinder and block off 2 injectors?
  8. I mean - am I looking for something that probably doesn`t exist?
  9. I`m not asking about a vintage engine. I`m asking about a modern engine with a more traditional sound.
  10. This has probably been asked before - I did a search and couldn`t find anything. I quite like the sound of an original 2-pot NB "put-put" engine - but also like the modern layout - engine tucked under the deck at the back. Are there any modern (ie compact, reliable and economic) diesel engines available, suitable for a NB that sound like an old fashioned engine? Or am I searching for the Holy Grail?
  11. Thanks for the welcome TBH - I think the hole I dug myself in my previous posts got a bit too deep - I`ve put the spade back in the garden shed.
  12. Although not a NB, here`s one I built earlier..... It`s not quite there yet - still cost a bit in Pedigree Chum to turn the pedals in the back.
  13. I guess I fell into the newbie trap I will bow down to the superior knowledge of the forum members in future Thanks for the warm welcome
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