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  1. Standing next to the runway at Warton I watched two Lightnings take off and was pretty impressed by the noise until the fully laden F3 Tornado followed them. Back on the original subject - the Napton area does seem to be in a low fly zone. In the marina at Calcutt one night we were buzzed by a four engine jet of some sort. We heard it coming and rushed outside to watch the imminent crash! It flew on. The next night a fast jet went over - we did not hear that one coming and jumped out of our skins! Cheers Graham
  2. We have hooks and , yes, they catch on my clothes. I have to walk past them with a peculiar hips to one side posture! Cheers Graham
  3. Mine comes out pretty much the colour it went in. There is no carbon muck to make it dark like used engine oil. Cheers Graham
  4. The double lock was a clue. Definitely not Brum.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong but I think they started escaping Brum from Brentford. Cheers Graham
  6. The dreams one is pretty good as a sofa but we haven't tried it as a bed yet. I suspect it would benefit from a memory foam topper when it is a bed. Cheers Graham
  7. We have this one from Dreams on our boat, it is delivered flat without legs so fitted through the front door. https://www.dreams.co.uk/ohio-3-seater-sofa-bed/p/533-00212-configurable They delivered it to the boat and on through the front doors. Cheers Graham
  8. Thanks, I wondered if it was that one. I have crashed into the remains of the bridge on the towpath side in a minor moment of less that ideal attention. Cheers Graham
  9. Where was the bridge? Cheers Graham
  10. Can we un-sraighten the Northern Oxford please and don't forget the locks up to Calcutt from Warwick. Oh, re-tunnel Fenny Compton too. Cheers Graham
  11. So that is why the duck pond is dry nowdays! Cheers Graham
  12. There is also a public footpath crossing the lock. This now goes over a modern bridge but perhaps this adds weight to the idea of something across the old lock. Cheers Graham
  13. Yes, I just read that which seems to contradict Roger's story! Cheers Graham
  14. Mystery solved!! I decided to go and speak to the oracle, Roger Preen, founder of Calcutt boats. The lock used to be fitted with gauging equipment! He also mentioned the old chamber behind the water point used to have the weighing equipment that is now on show at Stoke Bruerne. Cheers Graham
  15. It might not show well on the pics but there are 3 identical features on both sides directly opposite each other so the idea of supporting some form of cover makes sense. Some of the other locks nearer Birmingham do have covers over them. Next time I am going that way I will have a look. Thinking about that idea a bit more covering the old lock between the lock keepers cottage and the new lock makes sense. So it may be that the covers have been removed at some point. Time for a search of images of Calcutt top lock I think. Cheers Graham
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