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  1. Thank you. No one has ever been nice to me before! I am wondering though if it is better to ride the Tsunami down into the reservoir when the piling goes wrong and then into the marina when the reservoir wall fails or be on the receiving end of the Tsunami by being in the marina first? Cheers Graham
  2. Apparently they are going to fix the leak next to the Otter fence at Napton. Starting on the 11th October apparently. Despite previous assurances that the leak was no problem - suddenly it is. I blame Otters trying to get under the fence personally. The answer is piling I am told. In the meantime Dotterel will have to move down into the marina. Makes a change. Cheers Graham
  3. I am advised you should look out for dog poo! Cheers Graham
  4. We have just arrived back at Calcutt to find the wide beam moored in the winding hole has gone!!!! We were shocked I tell you, he didn't even stay for 14 days. I was so excited I turned the boat round. Shame it is now facing the wrong way. Cheers Graham
  5. https://youtu.be/xV50p6DUeH0 BCNS Challenge 2016 - Time lapse into the Pools prior to dredging. Cheers Graham
  6. Apparently C&RT have recived many complaints about the one moored in the winding hole at Calcutt. Most on them are about dog poo though! Cheers Graham
  7. It has a nice note on it apologizing for causing inconvenience. No name, no licence displayed and the index number is hidden in the well deck. I am told the local moorings officer knows them well.
  8. Is this the big grey monster, currently moored in the winding hole about Calcutt locks.
  9. At least they are facing the same way, more than can be said for this pair we passed this afternoon.
  10. The motor boat is Hyperion the butty doesn't seem to have a name.
  11. Graham and Jo

    Graham and Jo

  12. Graham and Jo

    Graham and Jo

  13. We just met a wide beam on the straightened section of the Northern Oxford just north of Willoughby. We got past, just, with some vegetation rubbing down the side of the boat. The owner didn't seem to have great control and was last seen heading off with lots of power and bow thrusters. It would be interesting to watch him try and get through the bit just before Braunston junction. Cheers Graham
  14. We were pleased to see this previously sunken boat floating at Woolfhampcote today. Cheers Graham
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