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  1. Accessible Boating

    Accessible Boating is looking for new volunteers. They operate from Odiham near Junction 5 of the M3 and specialise in providing two boats for people with any disability which means they cannot access normal canal boats. The boats have lifts for wheelchairs. They are looking for volunteer crew to steer their day boat Dawn. The charity will provide training and will pay for streerers to gain either a Certificate of Community Boating or an RYA Inland Helmsman's Certificate. It is a charity so you fund your own costs of getting to Odiham! If you fancy spending cold days servicing both their boats in winter you can do that too!! Their website is http://www.accessibleboating.org.uk/ Feel free to post questions or PM me. Cheers Graham
  2. Holed up on the Coventry today

    Just above Calcutt top lock. Staying on today! Cheers Graham
  3. BCN Challenge 2018

    I've got the rules and planner. Apparently I was first to enter. At least I beat Tawny Owl at something! Cheers Graham
  4. Obscure connections to celebrities

    This may be a little to close. My sister was in the same dancing class as Joyce Framkenberg or as she later became Jane Seymour. Also Jenny Aguter. I never met either sob sob sob. Graham
  5. Obscure connections to celebrities

    My ex-son in law met Prince Harry on the Salisbury Plain when they were both sitting in the turrets of their tanks. Cheers Graham
  6. Obscure connections to celebrities

    He survived that event. It was either a leaky pen or no signature in the town visitor's book!
  7. Obscure connections to celebrities

    This might be too close but I have never met the lady involved. My Dad's fountain pen leaked on the Queen's white gloves! Cheers Graham
  8. Obscure connections to celebrities

    No idea never met her.
  9. Obscure connections to celebrities

    My brother's ex-secretary's daughter was once Rod Stewart's girlfriend. Cheers Graham
  10. Armourguard Alternatives

    Reactive Resins - the manufacturer of Armourguard have just gone into liquidation. Graham
  11. BCN Challenge 2018

    I've posted my form!
  12. Tomorrow nights "Britain Afloat" is entitled Narrowboats, and includes a piece on the boats sunk at Harefield Flash. It is on BBC 2 at 8.00 pm. Cheers Graham
  13. Interesting Pulley at Atherstone Top Lock

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. It all makes sense now! Next time I'm at Atherstone I'll be imaging horses and boats and ropes and bridges. Cheers Graham
  14. Fazeley Junction

    You're right, clearly I'm slightly directionally challenged. I struggled with the turn onto the B&F from the Glascote direction requiring a bit of reverse to sort it out but got round in one go coming off the B&F. Cheers Graham
  15. Fazeley Junction

    That is a somewhat childish and immature comment. I report what happened, perhaps I can do better next time. I did indeed make it round in one go coming back the other way but my comment on the nature of the glass barrier stands. Graham