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  1. I hope I waved at you, I think I did! We are just past Curdworth now. Cheers Graham
  2. We are definitely determined but about what, we are not too sure! Half of the crew want to win, half want to do as little as possible and the third half are undecided. I am going to read Zen and the art of boating tonight and hope clarity will materialize. Cheers Graham
  3. I prefer to avoid the starting bit. Just let the challenge grow organically. The question is how do you identify with the challenge, how does it make you feel and what colour should it be? Cheers Graham ps currently admiring trains north of Stetton Stop.
  4. Dotterel has left her mooring heading for Brum. We are actually going the long way round via Hawkesbury! Cheers Graham
  5. The proposed changes on category B waterways are to carry enough life jackets for everyone. You can find the consultation document by typing MCA survivability into google. Not quite sure how to link it directly. Cheers Graham
  6. I was lying in bed this morning listening to the boat in front get going and I had a thought. By the way my wife tells me off for having thoughts. Anyway, I always like the concept of the Le Mans start with the drivers running to the cars, strapping themselves in, starting the car and then racing off. We could do the same, at 8am everyone's alarm clock goes off, we get up, get dressed ( this part is optional), have breakfast, do your ablutions, do the standard engine checks, start the boat and go. Much more realistic I think and assess more aspects of a boater's life. Cheers Graham
  7. Overnight closure on locks from Wolverhampton level has been lifted. Cheers Graham
  8. I am excited, I have been monitoring my crew's pre-challenge exercise regime closely and have even strolled around the corner myself. I have two routes planned, one with the closures and one without. Boat is in good fettle this year ( as opposed to not working on the Tuesday before the challenge last year). We even have a new sofa arriving on Saturday which I confidently predict will improve our results considerably. Cheers Graham
  9. Thanks guys, the engine is water cooled but I was thinking about keeping the air temperature in the engine bay down. I worry about most things! If I wasn't worrying I would worry. On the front deck issue the drain holes are a bit superfluous nowadays as the cratch cover stops any water getting on to the deck. They are quite small, an inch or do across so I can easily put a temporary bung in them. The doors would be quite easy to seal too. I reckon Dotterel can do this. Maybe this September although we may decide to go to Froghall instead this year. Cheers Graham
  10. I am interested in this topic because I have been thinking about taking Dotterel on this trip. I have had a look at her hull and the lowest downflooding point is the front door sill via the front deck drains. The most threatening are probably the engine bay side vents. They are 30cms above the water line with the boat level and no crew on board. Coincidentally a nearly identical boat from Alevechurch moored opposite us last week and the vents have been covered. See pic. Should I think about doing something similar and sealing the front door for the tidal bit? Also if seal the side vents should I ventilate the engine bay through the deck? Cheers Graham
  11. I know people are concerned that the restricted hours will ruin the challenge but it is a challenge and we should respond to that challenge and plan routes that cope with those time limitations. We might all end up on the same route but that would be fun too. Cheers Graham
  12. That's me 'Strong and Stable'. U turns my speciality. Cheers Graham
  13. I have 3 politicians on my crew, they have voted down my route 3 times but can't decide where to go instead, can we delay the challenge for a while? Cheers Graham
  14. I have noticed on a Facebook group that the 8am, to 4pm restriction on Ryder's Green locks is still in place from last year but it doesn't show on the stoppages list. Does any one know if this is true? Not that I am saying we are going that way you know! Cheers Graham
  15. I have a semi trad and when I come out of the back on all fours because the tonneau is still on the swan neck allows a little more space before I bang my head on it. Cheers Graham
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