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  1. People don't swim in the Thames anymore, they just go through the motions.
  2. Just before I met the paddle boarders I met a canoeist, a friendly guy, who instantly headed for his left. Cheers Graham
  3. Thanks for that, I turned off both. I don't know which is which without tracing them through all the odds and ends I keep in the engine bay. I also don't know what the pipes do inside the tank! Cheers Graham
  4. In the circumstance of two craft approaching each other on a straight bit of canal both passing on the correct side I have no idea what give way means. Cheers Graham
  5. We were cruising just north of the Rugby arm today and in the distance I could see two paddle boarders heading towards us. It is a bit overgrown on the off side so I was just off centre to the right. I slowed to limit wash. As we approach the lead paddle boarder started to shout abuse at us. He was claiming he had right of way. Quite what he expected me to do differently I have no idea. We passed safely. It was very unpleasant. Cheers Graham
  6. This morning's oil level was fine. I do wonder if the leaking injector could be the right answer. Perhaps something stuck in it and over a week it leaked. I guess it could have dripped into the cylinder and then past the rings. I never turn off the diesel when away from the boat, perhaps I should? I turn off everything else. Plan is for a precautionary oil change, switch off diesel when not using engine. The engine runs very smoothly so I don't think there is a general issue with the injectors. Cheers Graham
  7. Rats might not be going to Coventry after all. Probably have to turn at the entrance to Brinklow Marina as we are currently moored at Newbold. Cheers Graham
  8. I compared the oil I took out to fresh oil and it felt the same! We are about 20 mins from mooring so will have a look at the oil levels then. Glad it isn't too expensive. Cheers Graham Well we have cruised 4 miles which took 1hr 20mins. I have just checked the oil level and there has been no change. So at the moment it is being put down to operator error when changing the oil. I will be checking it every day. Mind you I do that anyway. We have left Calcutt and are heading for Coventry. Cheers Graham
  9. Oh dear! I will find out soon! Cheers Graham
  10. I had a look at that and don't think it has moved. I do think it is quite easy not to push it home when taking the oil level. Cheers Graham Ps under way now with SWIMBO driving I will report back. We certainly have more water than when I changed the oil.
  11. Thanks, I have run it some more with no change. We will head off on a short trip and check again. Cheers Graham
  12. Hiya everyone, Dotterel has an Isuzu 4 cylinder 38 Hp engine. The Oil level seems to have risen since I last checked it. Since checking it all I have done is gone to the winding hole just behind our mooring turned round and come back. It took about 30 mins. (Longer than it should as someone had moored two breasted boats opposite the hole). I reckon it has about a pint or perhaps two too much. I have drained some out and can confirm no water. I worry about diesel. The system has an electric self contained fuel pump so I am left thinking about injectors. Anyone know if injectors can leak fuel into the sump? Cheers Graham Supplemental, the oil warning light ii off but it has no pressure guage. A ten minute run has seen no rise in oil. Other possibility is some bozzo i.e me hasn't been shoving the dip stick in far enough.
  13. The diesel engine is in your butty so you can say you are an electric motor boat. I do the same towing a generator in a trailer with my electric car. More seriously, I am interested in what is going on with electric boats but it is the same weekend as the IWA cavalcade. Cheers Graham
  14. http://electrika.uk/ It's on 3rd to 4th May. Trade on the 3rd, rabble on the 4th. Cheers Graham
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