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Graham and Jo

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  1. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    Good that has given me all I need to help identify those homeless otters when they come knocking on the boat at night. Do otters like crisps and Jack Daniels? Cheers Graham
  2. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    I rang them up ages ago, they didn't seem too concerned explaining it was piled there so there was no great threat. They did say they would get the inspector of reservoirs to look at it though. They also added that the last leak there leaked for five years with no problems. I guess as the water can go round in a circle from the canal to the reservoir to below the locks and back pumped up again the only loss is in electricity for the back pumps. Thanks for checking on the boat, I am probably there on Sunday so know I won't have to sleep in the car! Cheers Graham
  3. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    See I told you I should worry about the Leak I am going to be floating in the reservoir one night. Apparently the fence will be at the bottom of the embankment on the far side. I don't know what they are doing about the footpaths. Our end of the causeway could just be blocked as there is no public right of way there. Cheers Graham
  4. Graham and Jo

    Glascote Bottom Lock

    I reckon all that flapping would be good in this weather. I had a friend who got his caught in the car door and then couldn't get his foot to the brake! Cheers Graham
  5. Graham and Jo

    Glascote Bottom Lock

    I went through here the other day and 40 years ago. Cheers Graham
  6. Graham and Jo

    And now the Birmingham New Line

    We met this group two years ago on the BCN challenge, the boat in front ignored them and was subject to some abuse, we engaged with them and had help through the lock with smiles all round. Cheers Graham
  7. Graham and Jo

    Rudder Load, boat turns right

    I fitted a trim tab to the rudder, precisely designed by using a bit of metal I happened to have and bent to an angle determined by a lump hammer. It works you can now let go of the tiller. Jo just made it round Napton Junction so it goes left ok. Find out about right shortly. Cheers Graham
  8. Graham and Jo

    Staffs and Worcs and Stourbridge headroom

    Thanks for all the comments, it sounds as if we should be ok with, perhaps, a little caution at Brettell Lane. Cheers Graham
  9. Graham and Jo

    Staffs and Worcs and Stourbridge headroom

    There doesn't seem much on the S&W on canal planner apparently Brettell Lane Bridge is tight on the Stourbridge, canal planner says 6 ft for the canal so I guess it is that one. Cheers Graham
  10. Guys and Gals, I can't seem to find out exactly how much headroom is on these two canals. Dotterel is 6 ft 2.5 ins at the cratch. She did fit through Gosty Hill Tunnel though. Any advice on bits where I might need to take down the cratch appreciated. Taking it down lowers the boat to 5 ft 6.5 inches in the middle and a touch lower on the hand rails. Cheers Graham
  11. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    Yes there is a public footpath on the north and west sides of the reservoir. Calcutt rent the canal side on the east as far as the embankment across the middle and the local fishing club use the embankment, north and west sides. The public have used the east side and the embankment for walking in addition to the public footpath for years. Cheers Graham
  12. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    They are good at dams aren't they, can they fix the leak?
  13. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    Nooooooo, we need to start a protest, who wants to go and live up a tree so they can't start work. Just another thought, do you think they need to fix the leak first? It is hard to walk to the boat without wanting to go to the loo because of the trickling water sound. C&RT assure me it isn't a problem and that I won't wake up in the reservoir one night. Cheers Graham
  14. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    Our mooring is next to the reservoir, will I need to climb over the fence? This is the view of the reservoir from the roof of the boat. Cheers Graham
  15. Graham and Jo

    Deweeding tool - where can I get one?

    Down with the Federation!

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