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  1. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    Now the good news!!! You are not paying for the fence through your licence fees. It is funded by the angling association. C&RT are not happy with the design of the gates and they will be modified. For now the sharp bits have been covered in foam rubber. Cheers Graham
  2. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    Yes it leaks straight through the concrete edge, and whatever else the embankment is made of. At this point they have pilled up stones against the fence to stop the otters rather than mud which they use elsewhere. I wonder if otters are good at digging? Incidentally we have moved slightly nearer the lock so I don't have to walk past the rushing water sound to get to the boat anymore. Cheers Graham
  3. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    This is an Otter Fence gate on the public footpath. Notable features are 1) The large sharp supporting piece of metal (covered in a plastic bag by a concerned member of the public). This is skillfully placed to take your eye out as you reach for the operating handle. 2) You have to put your hand through the fence to get at the handle from the other side. This is painful. 3) There is no hinge in the fencing itself so it has to bend to accommodate the gate. I guess they haven't heard of work hardening and metal fatigue. I have reported the eyesight threatening issue to C&RT and they are supposed to be ringing me back at some point. Cheers Graham
  4. Graham and Jo

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    Yes BAE systems is at least 51% UK shareholders. You may be surprised by its foreign holdings. It has 109 sites in the USA. Cheers Graham
  5. Graham and Jo

    Good bye bridge

    This is the best I have of the factory. Cheers Graham
  6. Graham and Jo

    Good bye bridge

    1976. Cheers Graham
  7. Graham and Jo

    BCN Challenge 2018

    In the new year. Graham
  8. Graham and Jo

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Tug says he intends to release the logs etc in the new year. Cheers Graham
  9. You should have popped in for a glass of wine! Cheers Graham
  10. North of Cosgrove on Grand Union on 25th September at 7:40 am - first frost of the winter? Cheers Graham
  11. Graham and Jo

    Fire in the Hole

    The way the engine shock when the pipe fender went round the prop could well have caused it. We did make it under the bridge so there was something to float in. I was living in fear of meeting another boat. The arm does need a touch of maintenance. Thank you. It could indeed have been much much worse. Assuming I got off the boat I would have videoed that one. Cheers Graham
  12. Graham and Jo

    Fire in the Hole

    It all started when I came up Stoke Bruerne lock 17, the pound above was very low and I edged out slowly to see if we would clear the cill. We did so I stayed in the middle of the pound to avoid the edges. My first mistake was not encouraging the crew to empty the next lock more slowly. The resultant fierce current blew me around a bit and I had to use a fair bit of power to control the boat. There was then a very loud and violent knocking from the prop. The engine faltered and I hit neutral. The bang when we hit the lock was enough to break one of the week links on the fender. I decided to go up the lock with ropes and sort it out above the lock. There was a hire boat coming down and we got them in next to us first then pulled Dotterel out onto the lock landing and then into a convenient visitor mooring which was vacated as we arrived. So stop the engine down the weed hatch - no the engine stop button doesn't work. I suspected the ignition switch and was thinking about taking the panel apart when my bother in law said, 'I think I can small burning.' I opened the engine bay and there was a moments shock as we both stared at flames. the back of the engine where the oil cooler is was on fire. Fortunately it was easy to put out as it was actually the plastic support for the cooler and the wiring loom on fire - no fuel. My second mistake was no photographing the fire and putting it on Facebook before putting it out. We stopped the engine manually and I stared at the damage. Some very large wires had completely broken in two. I had nothing of that size with me so called RCR. They had us going again within 3 hours of calling them. So what had happened. The loom was fitted when the engine was put in some years perhaps before I got the boat as that would be 14 or 15 years ago. It had been forced in a very tight bend underneath the oil cooler pipe and had the weight of the multiway connector hanging on it. It had, I guess, just been subject to stress fatigue over the years. Externally there was no sign of a problem. And , by the way, we had a pipe fender complete with rope round the prop. We could start an argument about hanging fenders now if you like. And whoever owns it I ain't giving it back so don't ask. Cheers Graham ps apart from that we had a nice trip to Aylesbury! Spot the canal in the photo. pps not sure if maintenance is the right place but it was a maintenance issue!
  13. Graham and Jo

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Just moor in your favourite spot on Friday and stay there until Sunday. Get points for finishing early. Cheers Graham
  14. Graham and Jo

    Silly hour boaters

    Sunrise on the Northern Oxford, I had two hours of cruising with the canal to myself straight afterwards. We have cruised in the dark, did Rushall Locks on the BCN challenge and did the last miles of Braunston to Calcutt. Sporting Napton Junction was quite hard, the headlight just shows the trees by the Southern Oxford, until I saw the vague outline of the bridge against the sky. Cheers Graham
  15. Graham and Jo

    Otters at Napton

    One Otter fence! Cheers Graham

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