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  1. Dotterel is in, I was wondering when the route planning pack is coming out. Cheers Graham
  2. Graham and Jo


    My other half loves her smart phone. It is called 'does stuff' after she said, 'I love my phone it does stuff'. Cheers Graham
  3. Graham and Jo


    Looks like you can create a contact with just your name and mobile number so that is all they need. Cheers Graham
  4. Graham and Jo


    I use the free version. It's primary purpose is have uniques and very complex passwords for each site you use. I use the 20 character setting. This protects you from one a one site security lapse causing problems on other sites. You need a memorable extremely complicated master password to access Lastpass itself. They suggest a story line of some sort. Mine is 12 characters long. Once set up on all your machines it works pretty well. Cheers Graham
  5. Don't mention that out loud Richard and Sue could add a huge bonus for a finish via Farmers Bridge. Cheers Graham
  6. We may refer to it as the BCN challenge but email address used in the past by the organisers has always had the S in it. Cheers Graham
  7. Excellent idea, as a sister ship of Tawny Owl Dotterel should get double points! Cheers Graham
  8. Now the good news!!! You are not paying for the fence through your licence fees. It is funded by the angling association. C&RT are not happy with the design of the gates and they will be modified. For now the sharp bits have been covered in foam rubber. Cheers Graham
  9. Yes it leaks straight through the concrete edge, and whatever else the embankment is made of. At this point they have pilled up stones against the fence to stop the otters rather than mud which they use elsewhere. I wonder if otters are good at digging? Incidentally we have moved slightly nearer the lock so I don't have to walk past the rushing water sound to get to the boat anymore. Cheers Graham
  10. This is an Otter Fence gate on the public footpath. Notable features are 1) The large sharp supporting piece of metal (covered in a plastic bag by a concerned member of the public). This is skillfully placed to take your eye out as you reach for the operating handle. 2) You have to put your hand through the fence to get at the handle from the other side. This is painful. 3) There is no hinge in the fencing itself so it has to bend to accommodate the gate. I guess they haven't heard of work hardening and metal fatigue. I have reported the eyesight threatening issue to C&RT and they are supposed to be ringing me back at some point. Cheers Graham
  11. Yes BAE systems is at least 51% UK shareholders. You may be surprised by its foreign holdings. It has 109 sites in the USA. Cheers Graham
  12. This is the best I have of the factory. Cheers Graham
  13. Tug says he intends to release the logs etc in the new year. Cheers Graham
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