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  1. I’m just suggesting that it’s one more pipe to snap or corrode which will drain the entire tank into the bilge. In my case that could be 200 litres. Since you shouldn’t need to drain it very often a pipe from the top (Pela, suck or whatever) might avoid another potential leakage point. In any case how would you fit it if the tank is already in situ?
  2. Thanks we did stay outside the Black Horse and left at around 8am arriving at Sells Green for 12. We came down on our own and only saw 2 other boats going the other way (tied together looked good). Big Big thanks to Hazel and Geoff volunteers who uncomplainingly helped us all the way
  3. Suggest you read the thread on return line leaking before adding another pipe that could leak! Having said that a lot of shore based tanks and yachts have sumps and valves in the tank base for just this purpose. Also be aware that if you travel on tidal waters the diesel could be stirred up and you could get all sorts of problems with crud and emulsified water/oil in the fuel line.....
  4. Could you please describe a diy centrifuge i’m Interested. (I doubt Iran reads Canalworld forum!)
  5. Go on.Fire away. I’m sure they will be answered
  6. My return was routed incorrectly back through the filter and didn’t vent back to the tank.. could this be the problem ? polite comments only please!
  7. Could be nasty too with all the shopping trolleys and low water levels.....
  8. It’s 2 part and you mix it. Is one part Viagra?
  9. Agreed. My tank 4 years ago was so full of crud and wet diesel that I cut a hole using a holesaw in the top of the tank. The diesel wasn’t worth saving so I took it to the tip and cleaned the tank out properly with tags on the end of a stick. I fitted a flange and gasket over the hole with bolts tapped into the tank. Now every year I suck a sample off the bottom of the tank with the pump shown. The end of the tube is cut at an angle and touches the base of the tank. Some people use a copper tube with their thumb over it but I don’t like this method. Any water could drop out as you lift the tube. Fuel polishing if your fuel is properly contaminated is going to cost a fortune. Better in my view to bite the bullit. Will polishing get the crud out of the corners? A rag certainly will. I fill my tank to the brim at winter -smug feeling this year it was 75 p/ litre - and have never found water it bug since
  10. I’m still on and i’ve had my share of o shit moments. It definitely pays to give the job a good “coat of looking over” before wielding the spanner in my case! i had a stem gland leak a couple of weeks ago which was cured thanks to Tracy for suggesting checking the engine alignment which had never occurred to me despite it being obvious. In amongst it all you can get a lot of sound, helpful advice from people that know. i’ve not admitted to a weedhatch leak as well yet which took me a week to identify.....
  11. Wonder if the space walkers had as good advice when they fixed the Hubble telescope. This is what the forum is for. Hand holding.
  12. All excellent advice. I put a felt tip mark on a flat so I can see how many flats i’m giving it as I tend to lose count in the heat of the moment! good luck it sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row.
  13. Sorry you seem to have taken this so personally it wasn’t meant. If I upset you I apologise. Each to his own. I don’t want to get dragged into a slanging match which seems to happen quite frequently on this forum. Incidentally the forum has frequently been very useful to me in between the slings and arrows.
  14. Presumably going from the Grand Union to the Osney marina up the Oxford i’m Sure it wasn’t Humphrey Boggart driving it
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