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  1. "Our staff have worked admirably at numerous locations to deal with incidents, including through the night in many cases," [CRT] added Oh well done. They seem to be in denial regarding the responsibilities that have.
  2. Yup, it has made the local news. The Trent has also flooded across the fields into the T&M below Aston lock (Stone) so the levels are right up. Aston marina pontoons are under.
  3. Made it half way about 3 years ago but could not go any further due to a huge log in the narrows further on. Weed was thick but passable.
  4. Disgraceful. What a horrible individual.
  5. If you can, then convert to a two pipe system with flow and return for both the radiators and the calorifier. No problem with keeping Alde in circuit. Just make sure it can't be isolated so it can provide the expansion. Balancing the radiators will be arkward if alde and webasto are not next to each other and hence the circ pump is at different location. But will work.
  6. That's a shame. It'll work, it will just be very manual to get the best output. Does one pipe go up either side of the boat?
  7. Your proposed system design is wrong. Add new radiators on the left of your existing system (I am assuming you do have two pipe system and radiators tee into flow and return).Plumb your webasto in series with your alde heater at same location as the alde to avoid radiator balancing problems. If you have to plumb at the other end of the boat then plumb it at the far end of the radiator circuit. If you also have to use seperate pump then balancing radiators will be difficult.
  8. I hope this goes somewhere. I find it particularly depressing the amount of work my company ends up placing in Norway due to lack of UK yards.
  9. Try here. http://www.mikuniheating.com Then accessories and exhaust systems. Varies sizes of sealed exhausts.
  10. I found these moorings and Friars Mill full so moored on the newer pontoons underneath bridge 8 just opposite Abbey Park. There was no proper access when I was there in August but there was a convienient gap in the fence. Great location for the Space Centre and the Waterworks. Anyone know what the story of these mooring is, as there were no signs to indicate if they are visitor or private?
  11. Spent a few nights in the basin during August bank holiday. The canal was empty of boats but towpath was busy the whole way. Highly recommend going to the Crich Tramway Village. Take a train from Langley Mill to Alfreton then a 140 bus to the museum. Fantastic day out.
  12. I use a webasto thermo top v to heat a medium size paddling pool for the kids. Takes about 2 hours to get warm, three hours and it's very toasty. The kids love it. Heats the water directly. It's my spare for the boat.
  13. Also have a look on eBay there are a few sellers that seem to run businesses by reselling reconditioned units. One of those may well be able to help.
  14. I agree with this, but when the kids were young even with a 10 minute warning we would arrive at a lock and suddenly one of them would need a poo, suddenly require food to avoid starvation or just take forever to find wellies or to put a life jacket on. So sometimes we would just sit on the landing as either myself or my wife would be faffing around trying to organise the troops. On the T&M a few years back I got abused by another boat leaving the lock for not helping as I dealt with a four year old in tears trying to put a life jacket on. I would never speak to another person like that.
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