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  1. Byron Bay is so last year... bridge 173A aka Meadow Bridge K&A is the place to be on a late summers afternoon 🥴.
  2. Yes be careful, alcoholism and drugs is an unfortunate reality. You may like to wait for the summer as they seem to be a little less aggressive, although you will then have to suffer the bongos.
  3. Buy a hand drill mounted pump and two bits of old garden hose pipe. For the hose from the engine to the bottom of the skin tank, take it off at the engine end. Catch what comes out in a bucket, then feed the pump hose down the engine hose to the bottom of the skin tank and use the drill pump to pump the old coolant into a container. Takes all of 10 minutes and minimal spillage. Then change your coolant hoses for new and refill.
  4. When these bolts are extended in the locked position, can you manually push the bolt back in, or is it locked in position? Thanks.
  5. The webasto reconditioners sometimes crank up the CO2 adjustment setting. They do this to ensure that the unit does not coke up, as they have no idea what exhaust you are going to fit to it. The result is a very noisy unit that runs inefficiently - but it will run through their 'warranty'. So if the fan is just running very fast as opposed to being knackered using the software may help, as you can adjust the setting, but it's trial and error, and you may have a knackered fan.
  6. These are the car type ones, also good and low cost. Hose connections. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-VW-Jetta-Golf-AUDI-A3-Passat-SKODA-Auxiliary-Cooling-Water-Pump-1K0965561J-/124774001747?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  7. I use a thermo top V from a jaguar s type, £25, it does not have onboard water pump control which is ideal for me as I use the same water circuit via a heat exchanger for waste heat from the engine so control it with a simple delay drop off relay circuit. The low voltage cut off is set at 10V so no issues, BUT you cannot just use a contact to start it, you have to use W-bus so I bought one of those webasto oval timers from Russia ebay. Alternatively buy the same unit from a Land Rover Discovery for about £45, these have on board pump control, (however do not buy the TTV EVO, as you cant start these from w-bus). If you search around ebay you can also get one with the fuel pump thrown in and look for one with the plugs on and loom cut so you don't have to buy plugs. Looms are available from Poland via ebay but postage cost is high, it is simple to DIY just extend the cut off plugs. There is a guy on ebay who sells a home made W-bus interface card, search for a seller called 'onlywithpaypal'. I have used one of his pcbs for my hot tub for a few years now. Buy all the other bits you need from mvheating.co.uk. and if you need any plugs have a look at the shop on the Land Rover DISCO forum which is very well priced. Great little project. Obviously I did all mine a few years back, but I doubt much has changed.
  8. The 'mains' water pressure can be readily provided by your water pump with an accumulator. However as per the manual you need an expansion vessel as opposed to a header tank, the advantage being it can be positioned low down in the boat.
  9. and leave the ground paddles open as you exit so that water can get past.
  10. You should also have an expansion bottle on the hot side, if the expansion bottle pressure has dropped below the pump cut out pressure it will be acting as a second accumulator on the hot side only (depends on where the NRV is located) has your calorifier PRV been dribbling recently?
  11. It doesn't matter, however that one does have a mounting hole, so put something in the hole. Better still buy a proper exhaust from here https://mvheating.co.uk/product/22mm-exhaust-system/
  12. Having spent a week at Thrupp whilst waiting for the K&A to reopen during August, the moorings are mostly vacated by 9.30, but full again by 3pm. You need to be early to get a spot. Get the train from Lower Heyford into Oxford, loads of secure moorings available. However I also had no problem getting a mooring in Oxford after I got tired of the Thames. Southcote lock!
  13. My experience of trying to get CRT to move a boat that has moored up on the offside has been fruitless. This boat has been there over a year and therefore must have managed to get a new license! Give up your mooring and go somewhere else, life is too short to deal with this, it's just a recipe for stress.
  14. I had a full back to metal repaint 7 years ago. The only place the paint has failed is on the very rear door hinges about 2 years ago. I can see the paint lasting many more years with nothing more than chip touch up and polish.
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