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  1. An alternative to wet and dry vac, is to remove the lower skin tank coolant hose at the engine end, and feed a hose down connected to a pump mounted on the end of a battery drill. Pump the old coolant directly into containers, very effective, avoids double handling and avoids dumping everything into the bilge. Will also extract the crud accumulated in the bottom of the skin tank. Pump the header tank dry first.
  2. Just booked, asked for passage on a particular day and received email for 11am slot, arrive 30mins before.
  3. Just an idea, can you get your car close to the boat, have you got tow bar electrics? Make up a lead and while your visiting, use your car to do any bulk charging. Then a small solar panel whilst you are away. Never done this, so may be a nonstarter, just an idea.
  4. Get the correct exhaust here. http://www.mikuniheating.com/Results.cfm?category=27&secondary=32
  5. Search for Magpads and Aluminium U channel on eBay.
  6. I bolted aluminium u channel to the panel then magnetic pads to the u channel. The bolts holding the channel to the panel are lossened slightly to allow some movement for curvature of the roof. 6 pads per panel. About 4 years in service and they can be removed to clean the roof beneath. Obviously they could be stolen.
  7. She was an electrical engineer!
  8. An empty Avoncliff yesterday lunchtime. With new signs.
  9. You can get 12v hydronic plinth heaters for bathrooms, that would fit very nicely under kitchen cupboards. Smith's SS5 also comes in a dual version (although not 12v) so can be either hydronic or electric (ie. Webasto or landland). The price varies wildly from different suppliers.
  10. Regarding the webasto getting warm - nope not in the slightest. They are effectivly operated in this configuration in automotive setups. The only thing that might happen is if you have an ex auto one - is that if you run on engine heat, stop, then start webasto it may just circulate until water temp drops below ~60deg before firing up. All depends how auto manufacturer asked webasto to set the software, I have this, but it is never an issue as water temp drops so quickly.
  11. Ideally you want about 5kW rating as per the Webasto so that your radiator balancing is not messed up. Also ideally install it next to the Webasto w.r.t. the pipe layout for the same reason.
  12. If your CH system has a calorifier on it for Webasto heat, then to stop that leg when in engine heat mode connect motorised valve to the relay on the Webasto loom. The relay should operate at about 40 Deg water temp, hence will only open leg to calorifier when webasto on and up to temp.
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