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  1. Cas446

    Oh dear

    A five year old on a scooter has a wonderful calming effect on cyclists, they slow right down and have to almost stop 😁. I try to keep one behind and one up front to ensure I can walk in safety along a busy towpath on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. Anyone got a photo showing the outboard? I was laughing to much to take a photo when I passed it a few years back. I remember it being huge! Just seen they have one in the advert, looks smaller than I remember.
  3. It's like community speedwatch, a disease that needs to be stamped out. Allowing/enabling members of the community to have power over others is wrong. Police it, or don't police it, but don't empower the busybody retired. My village has a tribe of these w*****s.
  4. I came across a lady at a set of locks who commented on my kids life jackets, then pointed at her grandkids and explained how she had just sewn half a pool noodle into a T shirt for each of them. My wife commented later that it will at least make recovery of the bodies easier. Who knows what would have happened if they fell in, looked likely they would have gone over their heads and probably twisted round their arms and neck.
  5. The Autumnish date (for hire boats) is due to the October half term school holiday, last week in October.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. VED does not auto-renew unless you set up a direct debit.
  8. No it doesn't, tax not insurance. You can of course pay by direct debit which is exactly what she now does.
  9. The paper disc had an expiry date on it. When it disappeared the reminder in the windscreen disappeared. The renewal letter ends up in the pile of rubbish that Royal Mail like to stuff through the letter box and it gets missed. My sister did exactly this, she is disorganised, not a tax evader. They come round and clamp cars and stick massive public shaming notices on them - you must have seen it.
  10. Cause on these canals, peeps have cratch covers and bigger holes !
  11. Have a look at this pdf. Although written by Drayton it summarises all the types. https://wiser.draytoncontrols.co.uk/support/document/wiser-radiator-thermostat-adapter-guide
  12. No it isn't. Do as Tony suggests at first and eliminate the easy wins. I don't want to send you in the wrong direction, but I had this on same engine mechanical PRM, 2008. The default thrust plate fitted is the rock hard 'commercial' version and it rattled as you describe. I fitted a softer one and the rattling went away. Can't remember the details, but easy to identify the correct one from the catalogue once off. Relatively easy change if you are mechanically minded and don't mind grazing your knuckles. But check the obvious stuff first, including moving everything in the engine bay that can be moved.
  13. Rattle in gear at tick over, goes when throttle applied, quiet in neutral. I thought that was a classic for worn thrust plate Tony? Although perhaps the more basic checks first. If it is, increase idle speed slightly and it will go away - for a bit. Do you have a mechanical PRM gearbox on that beta 38, about 10 years old?
  14. The noisey ones will invariably be 'reconditioned' auto units from eBay that have never had the exhaust gasses measured and the fan speed set up properly at installation. If you buy a second hand auto unit, the exhaust is normally very short, if you install it with a longer exhaust it will start okay, then struggle after a few months and clog, so the reconditioners crank the fan speed up, (mixture setting) hence regardless of the silencer it will sound like a taxiing 747. Obviously trying to set one up without an exhaust analyser is pure guess work, so they assume a long exhaust to get through their 'warranty'. It will run a little cooler and use more fuel as the efficiency is lower. If you are into playing with this sort of stuff, tweaking the mixture setting is worthwhile, tiny steps at a time and monitor noise, vs smoke, vs heat up time. Or RTFM and use an exhaust gas analyser.
  15. Pearsons canal companions are the popular alternative especially when you photocopy them up to A4 for cruising. www.jmpearson.co.uk also available on Amazon.
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