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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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  1. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    You don't need to understand anything, you just need to keep than fan working, it hasn't snowed since you fixed it
  2. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    Its worth it for the pixie pie, you do need a lot to make a decent sized meal
  3. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    Same in Cov. it's not MrSmellys fault it's that chap Nightwatch, his ecofan has broke down and it's no longer moving all that hot air
  4. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    Not now
  5. Semi disaster stove fan broke.

    Might have to change my skeptical stance on those fan things, that nice Mr Nightwatch breaks his fan and it starts snowing. Coincidence?
  6. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    I've read it and I am definitely not cool, interesting read as it happens
  7. Tree cutting on the Nene

    Thats a toy I've seen a bigger one at a trade show, that was a beast
  8. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    Yes but the fact the search continues is the important thing, eventually it make sense and that will be because of the work of Steven Hawkins and others like him
  9. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    I've read the book as well and vaguely remember at least 1 moment where it made sense. Unfortunately I have forgotten that bit Sums up how I feel But thank god (irony here) for Brian Cox
  10. Ouch

    Well I was expecting more horror stories and at least some way to help ease the pain using an ecofan. Anyway aside from terminal stupidity, which was why i picked up a hot coal rather than a result of, I seem to have escaped unscathed, minor fingerprint loss on two fingers.
  11. A good Single Malt?

  12. Boat Dating

    I think there are a few NB specific sites on FB
  13. A good Single Malt?

    Its not bad at all, not great but certainly wouldn't turn down a dram
  14. Ouch

    Stone cold sober and bunging some coal in the stove and a bit of coal rolls out and falls on the floor. Bugger, thinks I and picks up the bit of coal, well it's obviously a new bit from the coal bucket, well actually its not. And you know what coal is very hot, 10 minutes with my fingers in a bowl of cold water and I think I've lost some fingerprints And still its hurts like a b******. So, dont do it, just don't Ow, ow, ow, ow
  15. A good Single Malt?

    My Dad liked the Japanese brew, never tried it myself, the English stuff is supprisingly good but never had a good bottle of the Welsh muck. I've tried a few cask strength and like them but I have a tendency to forget there cask strength and have had a few wobbly moments the day after