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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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  1. I think during the last mod meltdown he was given 200 or so warning points by the mod as a sorta F**k him mid modageddon. Just part of the last bit of forum wierdness.
  2. I'm not in the area any more and never moored there but I know a fair few are happy there. It's not modern with all the bells and whistles but the basic services are available. Basically a nice quiet rural mooring spot, just don't underestimate quite how busy the Llan can get in the summer
  3. Is that why I keep getting all those text messages, I keep telling him to do one
  4. Lots and lots of gaffa tape and good quality marine ply
  5. BSP took me to an ENO show a few years ago, amazing music and skill, just the acting got in the way
  6. My ecology lecturer used to listen to the most obscure jazz, I have no real way of describing it apart from some sort of atonal random notes, very very odd
  7. Which is the joy of music, my opinion is likely sometimes different to yours and sometimes the same
  8. As far as I am aware the feeder was used for freight, possibly slate and limestone, the horse boat warf as is was used to load. The gravel bar is intentional to stop navigation as there's nowhere to wind, the horse boat just swaps the horse to the other end I did hear a story that the trip boat operators tried to design and boat with a propeller in a tube to avoid damage for the trip up to the falls, could be an urban myth though
  9. You mean that's not what it's for?
  10. Body may be 50 but the brain is still 16
  11. Would a tuggish area be a place to have a tug?
  12. I know, it's the sick sods who force the rest of us to act in this way
  13. On the other hand, I once worked at a school where someone was found being very inappropriate with a couple of the children and someone else was falsely accused, it was only good working practices that got the false accusation lifted
  14. I will have you know I am always serious, take the scotch advice given above that's very important
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