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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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    doubt it
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    honestly no idea
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    and really what?
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    tree surgeon
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  1. tree monkey

    Sheepish sheep

    Most likely as you say the lambs have been separated from their mums, understandably they get very noisy, soon calm down though
  2. tree monkey


    There's plenty, obviously there will be some bias involved in any site but as an example http://www.politifact.com
  3. tree monkey

    Lifeboat Conversion

    But remember they demand a blood sacrifice everytime they are removed from the scabbard
  4. tree monkey


    Like you (at least I think you do ) I've always either had an intrest in or worked outside, plus I've done a bit of study, sometimes because I wanted to and sometimes I needed to. Anyway the point of that ramble is many people just don't, I am often gobsmacked what people don't see or if they do see don't understand. Simply, see poo like floating stuff so it must be poo, first time I saw this I was on my hands and knees pulling some out and having a look/sniff
  5. tree monkey

    Whats going On ?

    Fountains are owned OCS, as far as I am aware their only link is veg management trackside as a contractor http://www.fountainsgroup.co.uk/about_us/registered_companies
  6. tree monkey

    Whats going On ?

    They cut ours recently
  7. tree monkey

    How old is too old?

    The answer is exactly 1 year older than I am
  8. tree monkey

    Mooring in Chester.

    And mine, Dad was born and bred so I still have some family ties to the place
  9. tree monkey

    Mooring in Chester.

    Chester always did have a reputation for a party town, it was bikers in the 70's to 80's, until the pubs started banning leather jackets and similar badged gear. I got chucked out of a few for such heinous crimes It then slowly turned into a bit of a yuppie town and as I understand it the students have now moved in. Race day is always special, especially if you like pissed scousers
  10. tree monkey

    Premium Bonds Are they worth it?

    I bought some recently and while doing a bit of digging thought this was useful https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/premium-bonds/ Still bought some though
  11. tree monkey

    World Cup football.

    god, you lot are old
  12. tree monkey

    Warburtons Crumpets

    There is an alternative for beer
  13. tree monkey

    Warburtons Crumpets

    Buy crumpets, you know you want to, they taste better anyway
  14. tree monkey

    Timber by water

    Just look what they did to get the timber there in the first place
  15. tree monkey

    Alas poor Yorick

    I am supprised she fell for the "ohhh I burnt my bum" ploy again

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