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tree monkey

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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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    tree surgeon
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  1. Do not ever forget you have left a nappy in the bilge, they do a great job just don't forget them
  2. Always been a muffin man myself, not sure what that's says about me but there you go
  3. A toasted crumpet with butter marmite and peanut butter, lush
  4. The notification process has obviously failed because it appears you haven't received notification of all the many hundreds of times I have tagged you saying how wonderful you are and you only sell absolute quality tat
  5. I love cities, I love the nightlife, the exotic restaurants, the buzz, the fact millions of people want to live there and enjoy the city life, because it means they don't want to live in my little bit of green out side the cities
  6. tree monkey


    Have a look at fishing trolleys
  7. And how I didn't see that...
  8. You have good eyesight, I didn't spot any labels/signs Well I thought it was interesting bit of design
  9. This lock has caused some, errr discussion between myself and the lovely BSP. It's a water saving thing and not a staircase.
  10. Oddly if you do it properly it wouldn't or shouldn't matter all that much
  11. Nooooooo, you have shattered my dreams I was never good outside, certainly never lead on a climb, indoors was completely different I pushed really hard climbing well above my outdoor grade. Scared myself silly on a few trees as well
  12. Based entirely on your presence on this forum and the image i have formed i would guess you have always been like that
  13. There are always some people who push the boundaries and look for that adrenaline rush, I think it would be unfair to label all as media whores, some are but some are just looking for a challenge, society needs people who are driven like this. ok free climbing the Shard is magnificent and stupid but basically pointless but its people with that sort of drive that go to the moon.
  14. Skegy! Who needs skegy when you have Harborne
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