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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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  1. Possibly who knows, people do like their hobby horses and love to ride them on the moral high ground
  2. My favourite form of fishing is very lightweight, rod and small bag containing bait, spare floats etc and fold up landing net, I have walked miles along the river bank so that's a bit of exercise I suppose. As the the original question, I see no problem with it, it's likely to be others moaning that's the issue, if you can put up with that, fill yer boots
  3. Bizzard is rational, he has even created his own scale to measure how rational he is, it probably involves mecano
  4. Not sure who you're responding to but I agree, pigs are ace, funny, intelligent but unfortunately for them taste lush, gammon, bacon, crackling hmmmm, lovely
  5. Currently I am still working, key worker apparently, so my view is slightly different but... The streets are almost empty but when you do encounter someone the 2m gap is being followed almost universally and people are keen, almost desperate to talk, and full of chat, normally ended with a cheery "keep well" which is new. The roads are equally empty making driving almost a pleasure but very very eerie, mainly delivery trucks Parking equally easy, in fact I've just been to a hospital, nothing scary, and I could have thrown a festival in the parking area. The hospital had signs pointing to a covid reception and testing area all over the place with plenty of sanitizer spread about the place. Queues are almost a constant thing at supermarkets but seem polite. The only blip in this new polite and bizarre world was a lady stood in front of the hand sanitizer station on her phone, effectively blocking access when the 2m thing is considered, I politely said excuse me and pointed to the sanitizer her response was confused and muttered "its free" anyway after a polite but firm reminder about the 2m request I went about my day It's a very very odd place at the moment
  6. Never mind that Eastenders and Coronation nonsense, the Archers are down to 5 days a week, shit just got real
  7. Excellent post and to highlight this, even before this it is not always possible to know what people are going through, especially on the various social media forums, it is easy to jump in with our size 9s and make sometimes unfair and unjust judgements on people. Obviously some people are plonkers and that will never change but generally most people are just trying to do their best
  8. That's an essential trip, no question
  9. As I am still working, I haven't yet tried the queuing system but what it has done is made my toilet stops very fraught, basically I can't stand in a queue for half an hour just for a wee. Don't get me wrong the whole idea is sensible but I have suddenly had to find some isolated spots in Brum, lucky the place has many parks and lots of trees
  10. For those about to die, we salute you
  11. Is that a real thing? Wow you're a lifesaver the buggers get everywhere around here, what's the best brand/supplier
  12. BONFIRE! That should be considered a crime. I've burnt Elder ( rubbish) and that's supposed to keep witches away and I've never been hassled by witches, mind you it was around the time I met BSP hmmmmm
  13. Hawthorn is the dogs danglies of firewood as far as I am concerned, the only problem is getting big enough bits and the thorns. Split and stacked off the ground with a cover it should be ok, don't waste it though it's cold weather wood I'm not jealous at all
  14. Living life on the edge, that's a level beyond sex drugs and rock and roll, even Ozzy never lived that hard
  15. Not bad no, just odd, can't really explain why, the 2 nephews went to school there, must have been castell alun and they came out OK
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