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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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    tree surgeon
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  1. Cheshire rose would like to know the biscuits boat name, please, pretty please, she's going all teacher on us and it's slightly scary
  2. And there goes my fantasy of big bucks and early retirement
  3. If you don't know it's obvious you need to pay an enormous consultation fee for me to visit and point
  4. Just been passed by NB Dotterel looking very determined. Although that determined look could have been scared by a bloke in hi vis shouting "See you on the BCN"
  5. Exactly Or wait another 4 weeks or so, or pay me a huge amount of cash for me to visit and point at the tree
  6. I'm sure he's around somewhere
  7. There is a huge variability between them as to when they come into leaf, it could actually be dead of course. Better photos would help
  8. A slightly different way of looking at the theme, how about taking a couple of friends over the Pontcysyllte aquaduct a tad hungover in full scruffy torn jeans and dirty shirt completely unaware it was some big anniversary with TV, press, even a small plane towing a banner, plus a fair few suits with fixed smiles Like a rabbit in the headlights
  9. Just a reminder, https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-urged-to-report-oak-processionary-moth-caterpillar-sightings
  10. Why would a boat with no home mooring use those more than one with a home mooring
  11. I had one of those and yes bloody silly name and agricultural but very very good off road, I had that thing at some very scary angles
  12. It seems as though Sam has left us, see hacking thread
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