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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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  1. Ahhh the after session kebab, still remember my first, woke up a touch rough with what felt like dried crusty blood on my face, turned out to be fat from the post drink kebab, possibly with a touch of chilli sauce mixed in. It was sometime before I had another
  2. I foresee a long and detailed argument about the 1000 baths full of water. I have been on the forum for a very long time
  3. Or they have trained him to have incredibly thick skin to shrug off the moaning on here He is to me. I am aware he has areas of interest and would respect his opinion in those areas, otherwise he is just a mod applying the forum rules, although some respect is due for that just because I couldn't put up with modding on here
  4. Yes I agree to that, terrible advice from Athy about the spam but I'm not sure how much authority he actually has, there's personal responsibility here, if someone takes advice from a random bod on a forum and it bites them on the arse who's fault is it? I doubt very much if he was trying to belittle tbh it's just his how his posts come across sometimes, the teacher snark hasn't completely left him I think
  5. But Athy is famously, at least on the forum, as being a technophobe, this in no way devalues his voluntary role as a mod
  6. Leighton is fine, nice little town, as with any town occasional trouble but it's certainly not high on the list of trouble spots
  7. Agreed but this is more a problem with corporate HSE policy rather than the HSE, blanket safety rules that apply across a system/company and not based on a robust risk assessment. i personally think this approach devalues HSE and leads to people paying lip service
  8. I tend to agree, safety has improved vastly in my industry over the last 30 years, particularly in the powerline side, occasionally frustrating but generally for the good. Saying that the HSE are currently trying to implement some unnecessary nonsense, so ask me in 12 months
  9. Nothing wrong with being a tree hugger, hugged a few myself, felled a fair few as well but nought wrong with hugging one or two
  10. Old hat, been there done that, Shakespeare and moved onto Enid blyton
  11. I made a batch of proper gunpowder once, unfortunately I didn't understand how it actually works to blow stuff up, so I didn't blow anything up. Bloody good fun though
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