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tree monkey

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    Monkeying about, general cheekiness, and unprovoked milking of my girlfriend's nose. (Don't ask)

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    tree surgeon
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  1. tree monkey

    Planned Maintenance: 22/09/2018

    You and Rich are a lovely shade of brown, that's different
  2. tree monkey

    Clifton wharf scary

    Good oh, those buggers have a tendency to fail after pollarding if left.
  3. tree monkey

    Clifton wharf scary

    Don't, unless either they already have been and it's to stop them collapsing or your happy to repeat the process every 10yrs or so
  4. tree monkey

    Clifton wharf scary

    Insurance should cover it, it's normally considered an act of god. It's considered that landowners should ensure their trees are safe, how onerous that liability is varies. Oh and what sort of penitance does the forum require?
  5. tree monkey

    Where is Rusty 69 ?

    Has he fallen in a vat of vactan?
  6. tree monkey

    Fitting Solar Panels

  7. tree monkey

    Mixing fuel containers

    Yeah but, my chainsaws get only the best 2 stroke, not dirty smelly diesel
  8. tree monkey

    Mixing fuel containers

    Big engines with big fuel tanks I wouldn't worry about a touch of contamination, on the other hand I wouldn't use a can with diesel residue to mix 2 stroke for a chainsaw for example.
  9. tree monkey

    Maker for chimney?

    Try the little chimney company https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.facebook.com/littlechimneycompany/&ved=2ahUKEwjUzNvP5LrdAhUkB8AKHfQTAloQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2vl2p1whDkzLYRlh1Kc44Q
  10. tree monkey

    I’m chuffed

    Woohoo, well done
  11. tree monkey

    Welcome to Nuneaton

    A dongle is something you plug into your computer which allows it to connect to the internet via a slightly more advanced version of Morse code. Does that help?
  12. tree monkey

    Flu jabs

    There's a radio 4 long running drama about WW1 and it's a good un, they have just got to the point of mentioning the first appearance of the flu www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04l902x
  13. tree monkey

    Flu jabs

    Medically I dunno but as has been pointed out flu is bloody horrible. I've had real flu once and mid way through I seriously considered peeing myself to avoid getting out of bed, eventually I did crawl to the bog but I had to rest a couple of times, truly horrible.
  14. tree monkey

    Waste diesel disposal

    It was the sat navs fault
  15. tree monkey

    Fishing rules opposite moored boats

    I used to fish with an very keen ex match fisherman and occasionally used to try and copy his methods and techniques just to see what he was doing. Funny thing is he used to out catch me 2 to 3 fish to 1, he was so focused on what he was doing it was almost a trance. If he wasn't catching he was watching the water and reading what the fish were doing, which then meant a change of bait/presentation/swim/feeding pattern. Me I gave up and enjoyed what I caught and the world around me

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