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  1. The best mooring for visiting the city ground would be outside the county hall ,then you can just walk over the road to the ground ,after visiting the world famous Trent bridge inn ,it might be a idea to chain your boat to a mooring ring as late night revellers have been known to to untie boats at night.
  2. Dispute at Pillings

    I suspect that after yesterday's announcement the atmosphere in the PLM office is quite jovial and positively gay ?.
  3. Dispute at Pillings

    If or when pillings lock marina gets blocked off ,PL might change the name to Fantasy Island .
  4. Dispute at Pillings

  5. Dispute at Pillings

    I was chatting to a couple who moor in Pillings this morning ,they seem to think everything will be OK ,and even if the entrance does get blocked ,it will only be for a short space of time.
  6. Dispute at Pillings

    Don't forget of course that the boaters who took winter moorings will be leaving at the end of the month.
  7. Dispute at Pillings

  8. Dispute at Pillings

    Come on Dean keep up ,this is the new company set up after QMP was liquidated ,this one is the one Roy Rollings is director of
  9. Dispute at Pillings

    Don't think we'll be very welcome somehow
  10. Dispute at Pillings

    This is the latest email from CRT , received this afternoon 3/3/2014 Dear Boat Licence Customer I am writing with a further update on the Trusts position. As I mentioned in my previous update of 10th February, our solicitors wrote to the liquidator of QMP setting out the basis upon which the Trust would be willing to grant a standard Network Access Agreement (NAA) to allow connection to the canal to any new owner of the freehold of the marina. A reply from the liquidator dated 24th February has been received and it confirms that he has embarked on his detailed investigation into the affairs of the company and its directors, or any shadow director(s). The Trust has also received from the liquidator the standard letter sent to creditors enclosing a copy of a report on the proceedings at the meeting of creditors and inviting us to submit a Proof of Debt form. He also confirms that in accordance with Insolvency legislation he will be issuing his next report to creditors on or before the 2nd April. The Trust has also acknowledged the letter that we received from new company No. 750 Leicester Ltd who indicated that they expected to become the owner of the marina. We have stated that we cannot consider their request unless and until they become the new freehold owner. We are not therefore currently in discussion with them about completing a standard NAA. If a new owner is willing to proceed on the basis we have indicated to the liquidator in our recent letter, then a new NAA can be completed and any boats moored at the marina would continue to have access to the Trusts waterways, provided they are licenced to do so. If however any new owner is unwilling to meet our requirements for completing a standard NAA then no agreement will be granted. In the event that there is no prospect of an NAA being complete by 14th April, the Trust will proceed to close off the connection between the marina basin and the waterway on or shortly after that date. This will take the form of secure and effective temporary works to prevent navigation between the marina and the waterway, but leaving in place the physical connection thus continuing to supply water to the marina basin. In an effort to mitigate the adverse impacts on you and your fellow boat licence holders moored at the Marina, I am now able to confirm that these works will also allow those boats that remain in the marina after 14th April a further period up to the 31st May in which to leave the marina. I must make it very clear that we will only allow passage out of the marina basin but this will not be available on demand. There will be a small number of designated periods when controlled passage will be provided. I would be happy to receive your views on what these arrangements might be. The final decision will however be the Trusts. Under no circumstances will boats be allowed to enter or re-enter the marina basin following the installation of these works unless and until a new NAA is in place. While this approach is primarily aimed at assisting you and your fellow moorers it will also give a further period of time for any new owner of the marina to complete a standard NAA. What happens after this will very much depend on the actions of the new owners of the marina. To permanently sever the connection will involve civil engineering works that will not only be costly for the Trust but will also be expensive for any future owners to remove in the event that they would eventually be willing to complete a standard NAA. The Trust will only implement these works if it is satisfied that there is no realistic prospect of a standard NAA being completed within the foreseeable future. These works will also stop the supply of water from the waterway to the marina basin. Finally you may see some activity in the vicinity of the marina entrance soon as site investigations are to be carried out. This is preliminary work only and does not alter the time scales we have stated for the installation of any blocking structures. I am happy to answer any questions you may have if you would like to contact me. Yours sincerely Phil Spencer Head of Business Boating
  11. Dispute at Pillings

    April 14th or just after is when the entrance gets blocked ,however CRT will let boats out on a few occasions after that date until May 31st .
  12. Dispute at Pillings

    What's the rush ? ,you've got until May 31st to get out
  13. Dispute at Pillings

    You might as well have the glory Dave.
  14. Dispute at Pillings

    He's such a devious b*****d I wouldn't put anything past him.
  15. Dispute at Pillings

    Maybe it's PLM's sister company ?