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  1. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Then you should know that, as you used the word "socialist" above, it is a noun. Had you said, "so and so is socialist", THEN it would have been an adjective, but you actually said " so and so is a socialist", it is a noun, object of the verb "is". Perhaps you should have stuck to "socialist elite"! 😁😊
  2. The EU wouldn't have been bothered, had they not received a complaint from Ms. Bell of Tempus Energy. The UK agreed to the "no public subsidy to privatised energy companies " principle, but did not apply it when it suited! (A Frenchman or woman would just have shrugged and lit up a Gauloise! 😞) If you really want an example of unfairness in the electricity market, check the grid feed in charges for electricity producers.
  3. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    But if the Supreme Court bows to government pressure, and forbids the case being referred to the European Court, the European court will be unable to make a ruling. The case has gone through the Scottish legal system, where the Court of Session gave permission for the case to be referred to Europe.
  4. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    The UK government has appealed to the Supreme Court to prevent a ruling on that very matter being made by the European Court. The case was linked to earlier in this topic.
  5. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    That threat was made prior to Indyref1. In the current circumstances, it becomes just one more broken promise. "If you want to stay in the EU, you have to stay in the U.K." Legal opinions were divided then, but we're now in a different game; like it or not, as part of the UK, Scotland is part of the state that invoked Article 50.
  6. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Deleted as duplicated
  7. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Bit like Brexit, really ...
  8. As above, but adding use of eyeball mk. 1. Is there anything, apart from the starter motor and engine panel, connected to the battery? Any automatic bilge pumps, clocks (although I wouldn't expect one of them to make much difference) etc.?
  9. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Not exempted the last time I looked. (reply to the bold bit) It was Westminster that ratified the rules that citizens of another EU country were to be treated the same as native citizens. This problem has arisen from that, and from the Conservatives ' decision to impose tuition fees in the first place.
  10. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    It's NOT just English students who have to pay tuition fees. It may have escaped your notice, but not every country is a member of the EU.
  11. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    No. The UK has to adopt them,
  12. Iain_S

    PRV Valve

    Have you measured the pump cut out pressure? How are the taps behaving? If there isn't a lot of headroom between pump pressure and PRV release pressure, something relatively minor, such as a faulty (or absent! ) accumulator, or a partially blocked pressure valve on the pump can cause the described symptoms.
  13. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    No, it isn't. Originally, it was only Scottish students who got their tuition fees paid. That, however, is against E.U. law, which disallows discrimination against residents from other E.U. countries. It is, however, legal under EU rules for an EU member to discriminate between citizens of its own country. In the event of Scottish independence, English students would be entitled to have their tuition fees paid, unless, of course, England was not a member of the EU. ... 😄
  14. Iain_S

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Are you talking about Brexiters or Remainers? 😗😉😄
  15. ... which makes me wonder how many "septic tanks" are really cess pits

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