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  1. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    The SNP figures are distorted because they did not contest any seats in England or Wales. Their share of the vote in the seats they did contest was 50%. The table does, however, demonstrate the weakness and non democratic nature of the "first past the post" system of electing MPs.
  2. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    A statement of fact that as accurate as describing Brexiteers as xenophobic Little Englanders. If the country is populated by them and those who don't want the country to exist, there is no chance of agreement, pulling together, or even keeping the UK intact after Brexit.
  3. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    Agree with your first sentence: the "deal" is the worst of both worlds, and satisfies neither leavers nor remainers. It's certainly worse than remaining, as it leaves us subject to EU rules and regulations, present and future, without representation, until the EU decides otherwise. Your last sentence is inaccurate, insulting and is the sort of statement that keeps this country divided. The wet dream of the Neoliberals is Brexit. It's not the governments circumventing the population, it's the vested interests the 1% who hold 50% of the wealth.
  4. Iain_S

    Boat Safety Exam

    The only difference is the use of the boat. Gas does not suddenly become less safe if you are sleeping on a boat all year, rather than a week or fortnight at a time. The examiner is qualified to use a manometer on a non liveaboard boat; why does the chage to liveaboard status make a difference, apart from the GSIUR aspect? Your "comparison" is irrelevant in this case, but would be applicable to the practice of borrowing fire extinguishers or temporarily removing the generator.
  5. Iain_S

    Boat Safety Exam

    A pragmatic solution to what is basically a bureaucratic problem 😙 Would you rather get a fail as "unable to test"?
  6. Iain_S

    Advice re servicing intervals

    One major advantage of doing it yourself is that it builds familiarity with your engine, and lets you find other minor problems, such as chafing hoses, minor water leaks. etc before they become major ones. Unlike someone you're paying to do the job, you're not "on the clock".
  7. Iain_S

    Copper piping turned silver

    This thread reminds me of an old post about a crew delivering a boat with 24V electrics. They had a 12V VHF radio, but no means of charging a 12V battery. Their solution was an old 12V battery connected positive to the 24V positive with the radio connected between the additional battery's negative and the 24V negative. It worked, and the additional 12V battery was charged while the radio was in use.
  8. Iain_S

    Unusual Issue

    She also seemed to prefer to lie above the engine and quiver, rather than finding a quiet spot where she wouldn't be able to keep an eye on us ...
  9. Iain_S

    Inverter earth

    But this might be easier to "arrange" than it first appears. Suppose some piece of eqjuipment develops a fault, such that there is a short between "live" and earth. Nothing happens, as the earth which was floating is now just at the same potential as one of the "live" cables. ("live" because wth a floating earth, both the nominaly live and neutral cables are actually live). Such a fault is likely to be undetected, as there would be no symptoms, so could persist for a long time without causing a problem. Then, get a bit careless and touch the other "live" cable by accident, (Depending on the original fault, the "other" cable might be coloured brown or blue.) Result is an unexpected shock ...
  10. Iain_S

    Inverter earth

    I trust Rich Electric are more clued up than some of their distributors. I bought a re-badged Rich Electric inverter some years ago, and made a similar enquiry (to the distributer, not Rich themselves). The reply I got was that there was no need to make a connection between neutral and earth, and that, because the inverter output was not connected to the mains supply, there was no chance of getting a fatal shock from it! 🤤 I duly tested it, and made an earth/neutral connection 🙂
  11. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    Ans an excuse.
  12. Iain_S

    Hand held radio

    I don't think so, and if he is, he is incorrect. As already stated, FM refers to the modulation, and VHF refers to fequency. CB operates at around 27 MHz, (HF) and uses FM in the UK. In the USA, it uses AM, as well as SSB.
  13. Iain_S

    Hand held radio

    You used to be correct. However, under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006, the offence is to establish or use a wireless station or wireless apparatus. "Use" includes reception. I don't think OFCOM, or anybody else for that matter, would be interested in pursuing a case, though. 😙
  14. Iain_S

    Transiting Trent Falls Ouse to Trent

    Would you prefer a relay or a sock puppet?

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