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  1. The second one is mis-described. It's actually a cocoa sifter, used by the olde time boatman when making Cappuccinos.
  2. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    And, in Scotland, get married, appear in Court as an adult and buy tobacco, but not, surprisingly, beer or spirits.
  3. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    Replied to this already, but it seems lost in the ether! Anyhoo, 1) will contain a goodly number of English living in Scotland. Bearing in mind that during the Indy Referendum, the Unionist side (Conservative, Labour and LibDem) stated that a vote to remain in the Union was the only way to avoid having to leave the E.U., E.U. citizens would be most likely to join the English in voting for the Union, rather than Independence. Irish, probably some pro Indy, especially if citizens of Eire, but Irish Protestants tend to be strongly Unionist. 2) Probably a few Indy votes here, but I suspect that most would rather be residing in the Commonwealth mother country rather than in a new (possibly) Commonwealth member. 3) The armed forces fight under the Union flag, their loyalty is to the Sovereign, and most would rather be in a big, well equipped, organisation with a high reputation than serve in a new force with unknown equipment levels and zero reputation. Almost solid Union voters to a man or woman. 4) OK, I'll grant a possible Indy majority in this group. So, from the above, a LOT more votes for the Union than for Independence. Not an attempt to get the figures up for leave, just a belief in democracy.
  4. Would that not make it a side thruster?
  5. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    On the other hand, the hypothetical company which has made a large investment which loses rather than makes money isn't going to last long if it doesn't consider reversing the decision cutting its losses. "You need long term stability" And Brexit delivers that, how?
  6. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    Too right : "Brexit means Brexit", "Strong and stable" , "After all the division and discord, the country is coming together", " ... and so we will leave the EU on 29 March 2019 " "I'm clear that I am going to deliver Brexit. I am going to deliver it on time", Seems to make a habit of it ...
  7. Fixed that for you ...
  8. Four bladed props can cause vibration, due to two blades at a time possibly being masked by the hull. It can be worse, with a two bladed prop on a long keel sailing boat.
  9. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    Can't say I noticed this. Most of the popular press were calling for Brexit, and pursued an anti-EU line for some ime before the referendum, including tales of straight bananas being banned, Bombay mix being renamed Mumbai Mix, banning prawn cocktail crisps, 26,911 words on the sale of cabbages, banning double decker buses, etc. Can't disagree with this! 😄🤣 Total bollocks. The Lisbon Treaty is very clear that any troops commited to an operation agreed by the Council of Ministers (who are elected representatives from the governments of member states) remain under national control, although in the case of a joint operation the overall military commander may be from one of he participating states,just as happens with joint operations anywhere, such as NATO, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. That would be a despotic centralised regime, with a more democratic election system than the UK, then? Ad the EU is involved in this, how??? This goes beyond bollocks into the territory of outright lies. MPs are unaware of this because it isn't true. Blimey, maybe we should be banning the internet , then 🙂
  10. Gamebird's is original, from 1998. I did adjust it by shifting the Jubilee clips slightly when we first got her, but since then it hasn't been touched, apart from letting the air out on launching. Nor has it leaked. I do check the condition of the rubber boot when servicing, but so far it looks like it's new.
  11. The puffer was a development of the horse drawn boats used on the Forth and Clyde. Dimensions 66' x 19' 6" to suit the F&C locks. The name "puffer" came from the sound of the non condensing steam engine, which used canal water for the boiler. They later developed into "inside" boats and "outside" boats, the "outside" boats being a bit more seaworthy and capable of sea crossings to the western islands. They also did not "puff", as sea water isn't very good for boilers, so they had condensers. Some boats were built to the same general design, but 88' in length to suit the Crinan Canal. There is an unpowered example on the bank at Port Dundas, at the end of the Glasgow Branch. Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal boats were of a similar design to the early Forth and Clyde boats, but 12' 6" beam. They were also slightly longer, 69'. Most, if not all, were unpowered. There are two survivors, one rusting away in the dry dock beside the Avon Aqueduct, and one at the Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine. (As far as I know, it's not on display, though.)
  12. Another reason is that often the distribution board won't cope with the demand of fridge start up. I would expect it to be wired through the isolator, though, or, if not, to have its own isolation switch. (Ours was always on when the domestic isolator was on, until I fitted a separate switch next to the fridge.)
  13. Agree it won't work 🙂, but it won't destroy the gauge, which will read zero unless the engine overheats, when it'll go full scale deflection. (Bit like a LandRover TD5 temp gauge, but a bit more extreme!) This one will work but may require a BSP bush (1/2" to 3/8")
  14. It's not the length, it's the width. The switch is on a 6.35mm spade, the temp. sender one is smaller, 4.1mm, I think. I did check one once, and, if I remember right, the resistance of the gauge terminal to body was about 150 Ohms.
  15. The sensor marked 050 (Part No 200 -01133) drives both a warning lamp and a gauge. The smaller spade terminal drives the gauge and there should be a resistance between it and the case. The standard 1/4" spade drives the lamp, and is open circuit unless there is an overheat condition, when it goes short circuit. Not sure of the temperature it switches at, but it could well be over 100 degrees C. If the OP's sender is open circuit, and the warning LED is coming on, then there may be a short to ground somewhere on its connecting wire.
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