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  1. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    What is missing from the above is "A second referendum, ending with the UK voting to leave the EU." Also, good and bad outcomes are not defined. Does "good" just mean better than the alternative? A soft Brexit and May's deal may be looked on as bad outcomes by Brexiters and Remainers alike as they leave us subject to present and future EU rules and regulations, but without any influence to change them. Both are, however preferable to leaving without a deal, which would leave us as the only G20 country trading with the EU under WTO rules. Lot of "don't knows" in the above sample!
  2. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    .. and the 2 years is obviously not long enough
  3. I'd incline to using the 60cm measusement, so that there is an upstand in the doorway that one steps over, rather than a (small) step up before steppng down.
  4. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    It doesn't have to be repealed. A Minister of the Crown can alter "exit day" by regulation. If the Article 50 notice is withdrawn, which the ECJ says we can do, then by my reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the definition would have to be amended to "never", and amended again should Article 50 be re-invoked.
  5. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    I agree. Speaker Bercow's statement really makes little difference, but may concentrate the minds of the government front bench. One has to wonder why it took so long: the "deal" has been before the House three times already, and voted on twice. (Although I suppose the first time doesn't count, as it was during a previous parliamentary session.) https://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/17497728.fidelma-cook-theresa-may-has-lied-manipulated-sneered-and-shamed-us-all/ An interesting take on how we got here : I'm not usually one for psycho-babble, but an interesting hypothesis 🤔
  6. A quick google reveals that we're both right. Regent did them first, and could also supply other fake damage stickers, and Esso released them for Goldfinger.
  7. Youcould get a tail to attach to the filler cap. (Went well with the Regent (remember them?) stick on bullet holes for the back window)
  8. The brass thingy is, indeed, a step. It folds down to give a foothold when climbing onto the roof. The red ones are originally indirect raw water cooled, while the green ones are keel cooled. The difference is the presence of a raw water pump, a core in the heat exchanger and a slightly lower temperature thermostat in the red ones. They are easy to convert, though, so the colour is not definitive.
  9. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    So you are saying that those who voted for Brexit metaphorically walked in front of a bus? (or perhaps subconsciously intended to walk in front of a bus)
  10. Section 225 of the Housing Act applies to local Housing Authorities (Councils or Housng Assciations). CaRT is neither.
  11. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    Some people have already had one ...
  12. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    And bearing in mind the short time remaining until "exit day" following a third vote on the May deal and the time needed to secure agreement from the EU for an extension, a unilateral (possibly temporary? ) withdrawal from Article 50 might be the only option, unless May is prepared to leave with "no deal", which would be contrary to a vote taken by the supposedly sovereign Parliament. Which, or, indeed, the "long delay, would open up a whole new can of worms, not least of which would be the EU elections ...
  13. Iain_S

    Brexit 2019

    ... following the example of our Prime Minister. 🤔
  14. No need to return, so long as the mooring is "available" (whatever that means! 😄) If it was me, I'd consider myself as cruising without a home mooring, and abide by "continuous cruising" rules, so it wouldn't really make any difference. Like I said, I'm sure the argument will come up in court sometime
  15. One thing to check on the hopper windows is the joint between the triangular bit and the horizontal bar which retain the hopper part. If there is a gap there, the window will leak when open, no matter how good the seals are.
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