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  1. He's going to have to drain the tank then or risk it snapping off.
  2. What's on the other side of the bulkhead to the valve? Under the aft deck plate? Please don't tell me the valve is screwed onto a stub welded in the bottom of the tank. Looks like a 1/2" bsp F Female valve screwed on to a nipple welded into tank wall. They must have dismantled the valve to fit it in the first place. Have to drain the tank first
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. My mate is moored nearby and is keeping me informed.. The pumps were taken away on Friday. Stop planks and dam are still in place. T
  6. I use the foam shop Manchester. They do a waterproof cover material same as used in outdoor garden furniture. Satisfied customer.
  7. Are there any filters on the hydraulic oil header tank? There should be a low pressure return line filter. Renew that. The hydraulic manifold block may have a pressure filter in it. Check that. Are there any test points on the manifold, minimess connections? Check standby and running pressures if so. Is the pump a load sensing type, having a smaller load sensing line going to it from the manifold block, so 3 hoses go to the pump? Can't really see what a top end overhaul is going to do for crankcase pressure unless the valve guides are badly worn.. I'd be looking at honing the liners & New rings if you're getting blow by. Have a look at the crankcase ventilation arrangement. Is the filter ok?
  8. Can you do a bs5 next please? Have a couple under the bench and a box of remains that need a coat Of looking at. Nice work by the way. Good gear the old CAV stuff.
  9. That's Denso tape in the first pic. Not parcel tape! It's a woven greasy horrible sticky stuff put round steel pipe fittings To prevent rusting.. kind of works...
  10. Was in Furness this afternoon on other business, called in to the marina tocheck on the boat. After going through the roadblock on the A6 where police are cautioning people, it was eerie. No trains on the Buxton line, or hope valley line, no road noise, the incessant stream of tipper trucks, nothing. Never realised how noisy it was up there. The levels up a few inches that's all. Hopefully the worst is over now, if it had rained heavily overnight and continued undercutting the embankment, they would have been in real trouble. So hopefully we got off lightly this time.
  11. What you need is a 3 port amot valve. Try Amot controls. Come in all shapes and sizes, flanged, threaded bsp etc. We use them on main engines. That's a tiddly one. Some have 6or 8 elements in the casing.
  12. When replacing a bank of 6 sealed leisure batteries a few years ago, I was considering Trojan, crown, and another make I can't remember. The original set up was 3 pairs in parallel (I'm on 24v) so I was looking at 4 6v in series, the cost was best part of a grand for the tall 460 Ah types. For half this figure, I bought a nearly new forklift battery, complete, the tank,cells, New interconnects, everything. I have plenty of height above for these tall cells, in fact the steel tank sits on the base plate in the engine room, the deck plates cut to fit round it. It makes a handy seat too, and helps balance the offset engine. The footprint is smaller, as they are taller, 500 mm high. Another advantage is the cells can be individually replaced should one die. If you have the headroom, it's worth considering. After 3 years they continue to perform well. As a test I sometimes put the immersion heater on and watch the voltage drop. On Friday, I did just this, heating the calorifier in 45 mins. The load is 63A. Voltage dropped to 24.5 on load, then recovered to 25.4 after heater cut out. So I think there ok! Couldn't do this with the original sealed batteries. Inverter shutdown on low voltage after about 10 mins..
  13. Wood ain't what it used to be.. chopped up some pitch pine sash window frames dating back to 1790. Not a spot of rot on them. After 200 years. Had a bay window frame replaced in about 1990 lasted about 7 years. Like balsa wood. I think it's down to commercial foresters not letting trees properly mature. Or lack of proper lead based oil paint. There's a lot of crap plywood out there, I think it warrants buying the best considering how much work it takes to install it to your satisfaction.
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