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  1. Well bearing in mind that the timber suppliers near me are all either closed or prioritising customers on essential work, and that the ply I've now measured more accurately and found to be 15mm (not a size I've come across but it's quite old) I've decided to leave well alone. I'll probably stiffen it with some screwed and glued timbers on the underside.. Thanks for all your advice (and, yes, it's a traditional cabin with bearers either side of the propshaft.
  2. The soon-to-be back cabin area of the boat is currently floored with 1/2 inch ply. It’s in decent nick but I’m wondering about the merits of replacing with - say - 18mm especially as the main back cabin structure will be sitting on it. At present it is located on central fore-aft bearers and others down each side (eg no cross members).
  3. It will certainly be worth a try - if I can get everything apart without finding (or causing) any more damage.
  4. The good news is I finally got the top off. The bad news is the top of the oven us split in two (not by me) which looks like a complete dismantling job to replace (with a non-existent part no doubt).
  5. I’ve got the top screws undone/drilled out but the top is still stuck fast. Any tips anyone? I fear it would be easy to break it.
  6. Forget the first part - I’ve managed to get the brass posts off and they are secured through the plate. I think it may have been a mod? But any other general dismantling advice gratefully received. That was what I’ve been working from but as I’ve discovered mine seems different. Cheers anyway.
  7. I need to get the top plate off my Epping. I’ve found the two screws at the front but can’t find any others. The only photo I’ve seen shows them behind the brass pan rail supports either side but I can’t find them on mine. Any advice on this - and other likely issues? Thanks
  8. Thanks kind but they are different - I just meant the push and lock sort Jabsco use seem much better than these thumbscrew types from Seaflo.
  9. Ah well that’s good news ... and bad news 😂
  10. Yes but I’m not convinced they will work. The jabsco push in types seem much better.
  11. I’m just fitting a Seaflo pump (identical to Sureflo I believe). I’m just not confident about the supplied pipe connectors - ‘hand tighten’ thumb wheel type that appear to have no conventional method of sealing. Just how tight is hand tight? i also need to fit the filter separately which leaves me with a female end on the filter that there’s no obvious coupling for. I've read that tap connectors have been used on the pump but also that they’ve failed! And I could fit a 1/2 bsp on the filter but I think that’s a bit of a bodge. Anyone got any experience of these fittings? Beginning to wish I’d bought a Jabsco!
  12. I just have - see ‘It’s an Epping disaster’. 😉
  13. I knew my Epping had issues but I didn’t think it would be this bad! not only has the top rim of the damper box corroded and broken in two but the socket on that receives the box on the top plate of the stove has gone the same way! What do I do now? Apart from weep! I’m guessing these bits make hens’ teeth seem commonplace: is any of this repairable, might the rest of the stove be as bad - and should I be thinking of cutting my losses, hauling it out and sourcing some sort of replacement?
  14. Thanks guys - I think my next question will be rather harder for anyone to answer!
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