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  1. Why do you think it's better? (I'm soon in the market for a pump.)
  2. I did a somewhat less elaborate version of his method - turned broadside well before the lock, let the flow push me down then drove in. Went straight in without touching anything, to praise from bystanders. I didn't tell them that it was probably beginner's luck - anyone who had watched my antics trying to get into Salter's Lode a couple of months' earlier would have realised that I was actually a complete idiot.
  3. But isn’t that exactly what highly qualified people are paid to do? It’s called risk assessment. And i know I’m being wise after the event but given the increasing prevalence of heavy rain and flash floods just maybe it wasn’t assessed very well. But then foresight isn’t perfect - Grenfell, Boeing 737 Max come to mind.
  4. Even after the torrential downpours there have been, reservoirs surely don't go from safe to bursting in a few days? Given that torrential rain and flash floods are increasingly becoming part of our weather doesn’t this smack of a certain lack of foresight somewhere?
  5. Sorry, I know this has been covered but I’m damned if I can find the post. Was there any definitive answer to this question? Specifically, I’d like to drill a couple of holes low down in the gas locker to mount a timber bearer on the outside. Attached by nuts, bolts, sealant etc. BSS compliant or not?
  6. These work well - but they’re pretty vile (plenty of flies around when you’re fitting a boat out on a farmyard.)
  7. I don’t believe I mentioned wanting a cheap job or a discount for cash. I probably could find plenty of those without asking here.
  8. I'm refitting my nb on a farmyard in deepest Suffolk and need some welding/fabrication done on site (new side hatches is the main one). Ideally I'd like to find someone with canal boat experience to do the work though obviously we are a bit out on a limb. Anyone got any suggestions?
  9. Past the final turning point on the narrows into Llangollen in our three ft draught tug was our silliest venture - but we got through (and more importantly back). Scientific depth testing demonstrated here...
  10. For me it would be the other way around?. Unless you have a particular need for the space I would be tempted to begin with a ‘go anywhere’ length of about 58ft. You can always sell and go bigger if needs be. On the other hand I tend to think that longer boats are slower to sell (perhaps borne out by your experience of this one) so it might not be so easy to trade down. Whatever you choose, go for quality.
  11. Any particular reason why you’re buying a 65ft boat and limiting your cruising opportunities - personally I wouldn’t want to be unable to use northern waters like the L&L. BTW I’ve seen the boat and it’s a handsome beast - the fitout is incredibly detailed and might be OTT for some tastes. But it’s beautifully done and of course the shell is top class. PS we went everywhere in our 3ft draught tug - at times it was a challenge but it was all doable.
  12. I’m not sure you’re right there - A S Taylor do a lot of it with a couple of pretty much dedicated specialist trucks. Likewise he uses craning companies all over.
  13. Another vote for Ray - he's been doing it for years, knows his stuff, all the best/cheapest locations for craning in and out.
  14. I guess you’ve been to the drainage engine museum at Prickwillow but if you haven’t it’s a must. Also take a walk through the village to see several interesting looking modern houses.
  15. We went through both in our 36” draft tug and it was a bit sticky in a couple of places plus shallow edges but basically no problem
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