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  1. My DM2 is plumbed with the header/expansion tank in the return line from the skin tank (going into the top of the header then out at the base) rather than what appears to be the usual method of putting it between the flow from engine thermostat housing to skin tank. Apart from this it seems to be a pretty much 'standard' system with the calorifier in the by-pass loop and an AAV where this joins the thermostat housing. The engine hasn't had any serious running with this set-up so my concern is will it work okay and will it be prone to airlocks? I have noticed there is no air bleed close to
  2. Trouble is that’s a while ago now and I can’t really remember well enough how I did it 😂. The oven is a Baumatic - a secondhand snip, virtually unused. Don’t get many boating bargains!. Happy new year to you - stay safe (and warm!)
  3. I'm plumbing in an entirely new built-in oven and hob set-up with a new gas line too. I have the BSS Guide but am still somewhat unsure how to interpret what it requires. Chief query is how the final pipework and connections to built-in appliances can be accessible for inspection as required. The Guide also says that 'Hob/oven arrangements may be deemed one appliance' for the purposes of having a local isolation valve - so just a single shut off valve then a Tee to the two appliances is okay? And rigid or flexible final connections? I've used both in the past but rules and interpretations s
  4. A slightly more brutal technique in the end but it came off! Next step - decide what to put in its place 🙂
  5. Neat idea, I might try something similar.
  6. Yes Webasto make a big thing of their pipe being essential and it does have a very small bore size. The difference between 3/16 and 5mm is indeed only 0.25mm but it’s meant the installer couldn’t get a 3/16 brass olive on the inlet pipe so it’s sort of perched on the end of the pipe! Ideally I’d like to get it off and do a proper job but I’m nervous of wrecking the pipe end.
  7. I'm just re-installing a Webasto Thermotop which I've moved. I know it's supposed to be plumbed to the tank with Webasto's own 5mm pipe but the previous owner used conventional 3/16in soft copper instead. As a result I have a length of feed pipe from the tank in 3/16 and a similar short length from the Webasto - whose inlet pipe has also been modified (not very well) to take a 3/16 fitting. And a gap in between the two! I also have a new fuel filter to accommodate. So the question is, do I somehow try and adapt the present 3/16 ends to take 5mm throughout or go the simple route and just u
  8. I went to a traditional pie, mash & liquor place in Woolwich nearly 50 years ago. Never repeated the experience - thankfully.
  9. I’m not so strictly speaking the rules are easier.
  10. I've just watched the videos linked to in an earlier thread about adapting a bubble tester to 3/8 pipe but I'm still a little puzzled. Do the 8mm and 10mm bubble testers have the same size end fittings (the ones that have to be removed and replaced)? I'm assuming not but the vids don't make that clear. If different, what ones do I need for a 10mm tester? Next question, if I fit a bubble tester would it be useful to have a manometer access point in the boat too or is that just an unnecessary extra fitting? And finally, I will have a separate hob and oven so can the final connections
  11. I have friends in the USA who are thinking of a Covid permitting 8 - 12 week boating trip to mainland Europe next year. They want to rent a three cabin boat so visitors can join them along the way. They’ve looked at prices from the main hire operators and obviously it’s no cheap trip for that length of time so they are wondering if there are any direct from owner hire options. Anyone have any knowledge of the European scene?
  12. We are using an outfit called Efoam. They seem very helpful but I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating - or rather the sleeping.
  13. I have built a stepped side bed so during the day two pieces can sit on top of each other with the third remaining in the bed hole. Will either chop up an existing mattress or buy three pieces of foam. What sort of foam is the puzzle.
  14. It’s time to order some foam for the back cabin bed. It’ll be our principal bed so naturally we want to make it as comfortable as possible - even though the mattress is only four inches thick. Can anyone offer advice on the best sort of foam, mattress toppers etc for a good nights sleep.
  15. I thought this would be simple but I’ve gone round in circles looking for fire resistant panelling round the Epping. Masterboard is the only name I call but all the local builders merchants steer me off towards other stuff, like Glasroc F which seems to be a fire resistant plasterboard or Magply Renderboard (which isn’t plywood btw). Does masterboard exist? Are there alternatives?
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