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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Any more news on this issue? We have friends planning to do the Leicester Ring in mid July. I couldn’t find any info on the CRT website but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.
  3. Yes they do and this is what happened to one at Braunston
  4. starman

    JP3 for sale

    Not by me - just seen it in one of my Facebook groups. As it’s a private group I can’t forward a link or any photos. It’s not a marine unit, sitting in a frame with a radiator so a genset or similar. This is the ad wording: “Lister JP3 Working order, fuel in frame Viewings welcome can be seen working, loading available” It’s £1200 and in Woodbridge Suffolk. If anyone’s interested let me know and I’ll pass on your details.
  5. Just watched it on iPlayer and, like you, aghast at the news that the canals were in disrepair until CRT took them over and even more so about the poor cows who live in a cow factory being looked after by a woman with a voice like a banshee. And then a few minutes later the same programme saying how good our standards were compared with countries who we were about to sign trade deals with.
  6. Sorry misunderstood. I guess what you’re suggesting is what I was wanting to do. Maybe it is as simple as the way you put it but I’d be interested to get first hand experiences.
  7. I think you have to remember that, unlike the canals, there are large stretches where it’s simply not possible to moor - the Nene was seriously lacking until FOTRN negotiated new spots. The Middle Level is very short on spots. And there are lots of local weekend boaters. If you want to find longer places to stop join an AWCC boat club who often have arrangements with each other and may help - but again, don’t expect to hang out endlessly. You also queried flooding etc - the Nene floods very easily and is often shut for many weeks in winter. The Ouse likewise floods but not quite so badly. Boating on the Anglian rivers is certainly different.
  8. I think it ought to be cheaper and easier to cut holes in the hatches. (They’re unlined because I’m still doing the fit out so it’s empty - and cold! inside.)
  9. I don’t particularly like the look of them either but as it’s an under-cloth conversion when the boat’s closed up the canvas will hide them. The sheet of Perspex has worked for us before but these are big hatches so awkwardly big Perspex. Yes I’d like to see how your friends did it. Thanks.
  10. Keep the side hatches, cut out the centres and replace with fixed glazing. So yes, it effectively becomes a window but one that can be completely opened. On previous boats we’ve just used removable pieces of Perspex but I’m running out of places to stow them on this one so this could be an option.
  11. We are thinking about doing this; I know quite a few people have done this but when I want to know more I can’t find any examples. I’d just like a bit more info on how it was done - and how tricky a job. At the moment we have flat 4mm steel doors, unlined.
  12. I found mine on a nearby farm after posting on Facebook but quite a few boatyards will rent space. Debdale on the Leicester GU is one that comes to mind.
  13. You think foxes are nasty, you should see the damage lovable Mr Brock the badger will do to chickens. We were woken in the night by noises from our hen house and looked out in time to see one clambering out of the egg box. The carnage inside was horrible - he had ripped them up. At least a fox does a clean kill.
  14. Thanks David, I don’t have a problem with the speed control set up as is but the gearbox would need an awkward set of linkages and potentially would reduce access to/from the back cabin as the gangway is down that side of the engine.
  15. I've got a RN DM2 and PRM160 in my engine room and control rods in the ceiling and I need to span the gap between the gearbox rod and the box. I've never owned a boat with Morse controls so I'm pretty ignorant of the cables and their various fittings and need some beginner's tips. I'm thinking I will run the gearbox cable along the ceiling from the forward end of the, down the front bulkhead concealed inside some shiny copper tubing and back under the engine toward the box's operating arm. Quite how each end of the cable makes its connection I don't yet know - are there suitable off the shelf fittings? What sort of radius will these cables bend through? And is there anything against doing a straight connection from rod to cable rather than amplifying the movement with a pivot lever - does the internal resistance of the cable need the extra leverage of a pivot arm?
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