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  1. One coil is to/from engine; the other to/from Webasto. The plastic pipe really isn't flexible enough - the cauli has to sit in a corner of the bathroom. And yes, pulling the immersion out is another constraint!
  2. I'm re-plumbing my vertical twin-coil calorifier. It's a rather elderly though still serviceable thing but the connections come out at all angles - there are coil connections at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, the cold feed at about 7 o/c and the immersion at 6 o/c. It's a mare to install in my small space! I need to come off the coil connections, turn 90 deg then probably go into flexible hose to get me to the regular plastic pipework. Ditto for the cold feed. How can I achieve this with minimum fittings? The coil connectors on the cauli are parallel threaded (I think) so would my best starting point be with 90 deg tap connectors? And if I'm going to end up in 15mm plastic pipework what size flexy hose? Thanks
  3. Over the years I’ve heard many suggestions along these lines but the reality seems harder to achieve. Do you need an inside contact to swing a favour or do you just join a long line of swollen faced hopefuls stretching round the block?
  4. Yes my childhood dentist was ex Army too. I got dragged there every six months. He poked about, announced ‘just one tiny filling, you won’t need an injection for that’ - and I can still remember the noise of that old belt driven drill. Took me years as an adult to go back to a dentist.
  5. As a victim of the ‘drill & fill’ era of NHS dentistry I have been steadily losing teeth damaged by years of fillings. With the imminent demise of another I’m left seriously short of chewing capacity and it’s time to consider partial dentures. Despite his best sales efforts my dentist can’t persuade me to shell out for implants but he is trying to tempt me with fancy private flexible dentures that cost a bit less but more than the NHS versions of course. I have nightmare memories of my father’s dealings with his ancient dentures. Hopefully things have improved but how much? i could do with some independent info I can chew over before making the decision.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. She’s the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone who made many times £50m running Formula One for many years.
  8. Which one did you buy in the end - the CDA?
  9. Yes the 230v fan is another irritation - and very hard to avoid on built-ins. I guess it’s a safety feature. We used to leave our oven door open after cooking to get the oven cooled quicker - and then kept tripping over it.
  10. I think you’re wrong on two points: single ovens often have a second burner inside the top for grilling. On gas ovens most of these were also gas (we had one on our last boat) but now seem to be almost universally electric - probably because gas grills were useless. All-gas built in ovens are hard to find - I know; we are also looking for one.
  11. I don't think he's wrong. 'S' is a conjunction. As the OP's post demonstrates, it is completely superfluous at the start of a sentence. Just because people use it doesn't make it correct. 'So I was asked by a colleague today, whilst discussing my life choice, “so Is the correct verb, for what you narrowboaters do, cruise or sail?”. He went on to ask whether one captains or navigates a narrowboat. On both counts I instinct gave an answer, but it got me thinking if I was right.'
  12. starman

    12v fridges

    The fridge is 5m from the batts so seemingly my 6mm should be ok.
  13. starman

    12v fridges

    Ah yes, apologies didn’t read your reply properly. Good: I’ve got plenty of 6mm cable but no 10mm.
  14. starman

    12v fridges

    What they actually say in their chart is: CABLE LENGTH (metres) (distance from battery to fridge) (Apologies for the random box below - I tried in vain to reproduce the box.) As you can see it specifically isn't out-and-back; hence my confusion.
  15. starman

    12v fridges

    A very basic 12v fridge query - is cable size determined by distance between appliance and power supply (as Shoreline seem to suggest) or total out-and-back length of cable?
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