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  1. starman

    Refleks stove problems

    I found ours always harder to get started and run after a clean out - it seemed to prefer having a bit of carbon on the base. Not sure what to advise though: maybe try letting it run on a higher setting for longer? Might there be some air locks in the fuel supply line?
  2. I'm not sure the fish saw it that way. Probably would have preferred being hooked by an angler and chucked back than eaten for dinner by a cormorant.
  3. My brother in law is an active fisherman and was a keen member of a club using the GU near Watford. He says hardly anyone fishes the canal in the area now because fish stocks have massively diminished - a certain amount of theft but largely he says because of predatory crayfish and cormorants.
  4. starman

    Upware Marina

    Yes, I liked the reference to ‘the manager’. A week on the slip? Shottie must have been on holiday - he would have kicked ‘em out in five minutes if the locals were complaining. Love Bill Fen but it’s a lot further away. The boat’s not livable on ATM and I’m a bit past dossing on the floor in a sleeping bag for any length of time so driving distance from home counts.
  5. starman

    Upware Marina

    Thought of that one too!😩 We have several sea boat marinas and yards near us at Woodbridge and Ipswich but all the plastics are out of the water for the winter so hard standings are full.
  6. starman

    Upware Marina

    We’ve tried the farmer network. Seemingly storage land is in short supply round our way - what were empty old concrete pads now have containers, offices, cabins, let alone mountains of straw bales. I think farmers see every corner of their space as a source of income these days.
  7. starman

    Upware Marina

    Ha! That was exactly our plan but it’s been surprisingly difficult. We thought we had somewhere all agreed but then it had to be ruled out because a corner in the access road was too tight for the truck. So if you know a farmer in mid Suffolk ...
  8. starman

    Upware Marina

    I’m doing a lot of internal refitting,largely diy. Upware is the closest to home in Suffolk but still an hour’s drive away - I don’t really want to go much further. It’ll cost about £2750 for a years mooring on a 56ft boat which seems a bit high though prices seem all over the place on the Fenland waters
  9. starman

    Upware Marina

    Anyone got any recent knowledge of this place? Thinking of moving the boat there to carry on renovation work. Seems friendly enough but a tad expensive.
  10. starman

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    Currents like this...that huge baulk of timber just wouldn't get out of our path; the pilot took the helm and had quite a battle to get round it.
  11. starman

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    This will tell you quite a bit: http://www.gloucesterpilots.co.uk/services/leisure/ Plenty of people have done the trip (including me). http://tugharry.blogspot.com/2015/06/our-little-fleet-of-narrowboats-lines.html There was no need for a pilot up to Bristol - our man down the Severn gave us a couple of tips (basically, don't cut the corner into the Avon) and off we went.
  12. starman

    Refleks stove heaters

    The only time my Refleks stoves died was when I ran out of diesel! They are utterly simple and can be cleaned with a proprietary tablet you lob into the burning fire.
  13. starman

    Refleks stove heaters

    We had one which ran three rads and a calorifier on our last boat - excellent. With hindsight I would have fitted valves to lock out the calorifier. When the system is cold it soaks up a lot of available circulating heat to warm the water there and the rads take a lot longer to get warm. On a previous smaller boat we just had a simple Refleks which kept the boat toasty without any need for a circulating pump. They are great things.
  14. starman

    Decent boatyard in the Midlands for repairs

    I’d chuck Streethay Wharf (Lichfield) into the mix.
  15. starman

    Prescription woes

    My doc only prescribes one month at a time 'to avoid waste', which seems an odd reason given they're long term prescriptions. But I do get two months after special pleading that I was away a lot. I use patient access for my local pharmacy but haven't enough faith to swap pharmacies on it - at my previous docs no-one noticed I'd done that and the script went to the wrong place which caused some panics. Instead I've used the old fashioned post restante method - I send my repeat script form to the docs with a post paid envelope addressed to the local post office where I plan to be. It's never failed me ... yet.

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