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  1. I found mine on a nearby farm after posting on Facebook but quite a few boatyards will rent space. Debdale on the Leicester GU is one that comes to mind.
  2. You think foxes are nasty, you should see the damage lovable Mr Brock the badger will do to chickens. We were woken in the night by noises from our hen house and looked out in time to see one clambering out of the egg box. The carnage inside was horrible - he had ripped them up. At least a fox does a clean kill.
  3. Thanks David, I don’t have a problem with the speed control set up as is but the gearbox would need an awkward set of linkages and potentially would reduce access to/from the back cabin as the gangway is down that side of the engine.
  4. I've got a RN DM2 and PRM160 in my engine room and control rods in the ceiling and I need to span the gap between the gearbox rod and the box. I've never owned a boat with Morse controls so I'm pretty ignorant of the cables and their various fittings and need some beginner's tips. I'm thinking I will run the gearbox cable along the ceiling from the forward end of the, down the front bulkhead concealed inside some shiny copper tubing and back under the engine toward the box's operating arm. Quite how each end of the cable makes its connection I don't yet know - are there suitable off the she
  5. Exactly - my drill was from Lidl but my drill bits certainly weren't!
  6. I did the same trip about five years ago and Craftinsure only specified a pilot from Sharpness to Portishead. The leg into Bristol is pretty straightforward (our Portishead pilot gave us a couple of tips.)
  7. My Lidl battery drill is still going strong after four+ years of pretty serious use for boat renovation and general diy. It's brilliant. My general maxim is buy a cheap drill - all it has to do is drill holes which is pretty basic stuff - and expensive saws because there's nothing more frustrating than an inaccurate saw. So Lidl drill; deWalt table saw.
  8. No windows just side hatches as we are an A-frame style, canvas over steel pretend working boat. The front doors or rear hatch would be the easiest way in I’m afraid.
  9. Steel doors, no windows with an overlapping edge
  10. I need a secure locking system for the front doors given that baddies would be hidden by the cratch if trying to break in. I’ve got a clean sheet of paper to do the job - just a pair of plain 6mm as yet unlined doors. I don’t want Fort Knox just a decent deterrent.
  11. Personally Peterborough would be bottom of my list of reasons for visiting the Nene - don’t care much for the place. But the Nene is beautiful - lovely countryside, pretty villages, attractive river. Fotheringhay is a delightful spot to moor and the farmer’s fee goes to church funds. Quite a lot of locks but almost all guillotines are electric. And do join FOTRN.
  12. Ah yes of course! I am being dim - I’m on the low pressure side so I just need to use the correct spec pipe and stop worrying! I think I would be cursing almost as much if I had to get out of the shower and turn a change over lever. As for an auto-changeover - it doesn’t bear thinking about what The Boss would say if the second bottle ran out half way through cooking Sunday dinner.
  13. I don’t see the benefits in a changeover unit so I thought I’d have the ultra-simple flexy pipe and regulator set up for the final connection between bubble tester and gas bottles but what does this sentence in BSS regs mean - specifically the ‘pre-assembled’ bit? “All LPG hoses on the high-pressure side...must consist of pre-assembled lengths of hose of proprietary manufacture.” I ask because regulators and pipes etc seem to be sold separately not ‘pre-assembled’.
  14. Good luck to Mike in his retirement - a lovely chap; real old school gentleman and running a proper boatyard that builds very sound boats.
  15. My angling brother-in-law can rant for hours about the havoc that cormorants wreak on fish stocks in rivers. ...and the damage caused by salmon farming ...and East Europeans taking fish from canals ...and the state of the 'continuous moorers' on his local canal We have a list of forbidden topics when he comes to visit – unless I fancy having a bit of a winding up session.
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