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  1. I have friends in the USA who are thinking of a Covid permitting 8 - 12 week boating trip to mainland Europe next year. They want to rent a three cabin boat so visitors can join them along the way. They’ve looked at prices from the main hire operators and obviously it’s no cheap trip for that length of time so they are wondering if there are any direct from owner hire options. Anyone have any knowledge of the European scene?
  2. We are using an outfit called Efoam. They seem very helpful but I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating - or rather the sleeping.
  3. I have built a stepped side bed so during the day two pieces can sit on top of each other with the third remaining in the bed hole. Will either chop up an existing mattress or buy three pieces of foam. What sort of foam is the puzzle.
  4. It’s time to order some foam for the back cabin bed. It’ll be our principal bed so naturally we want to make it as comfortable as possible - even though the mattress is only four inches thick. Can anyone offer advice on the best sort of foam, mattress toppers etc for a good nights sleep.
  5. I thought this would be simple but I’ve gone round in circles looking for fire resistant panelling round the Epping. Masterboard is the only name I call but all the local builders merchants steer me off towards other stuff, like Glasroc F which seems to be a fire resistant plasterboard or Magply Renderboard (which isn’t plywood btw). Does masterboard exist? Are there alternatives?
  6. If forced by time constraints to choose then personally I’d opt for spending time on the Lark and (especially) the Wissey as well as the Lodes off the Cam rather than push on all the way to the top of the Ouse (fine river as it is). As I say, purely a personal thing. Ah - should have read further through the post. Save the comments for next year then.
  7. No complacency allowed here - The Boss is too close 🤣
  8. Yes it’s going okay thanks - slower than expected (why did I ever think it wouldn’t be slow) but sitting on a farmyard 10 mins from home so easy to reach. No excuses for not getting on with it!
  9. It'll probably end up whatever colour the painting department (Starwoman) likes 😂 But it would be interesting to know if many back cabins have been done non-traditionally just for a few ideas.
  10. Well here's a question to get the purists' blood pressures up: our daughter came to visit and admire our almost finished back cabin. Looking at it in its white primered state she asked: "are you going to paint it like the last one, all red and green and scumbling (actually I'm afraid she said 'scratching') - can't you do something different?. It looks lovely like this in white." Well of course we can do whatever we want; it's not a historic boat - it didn't even have a back cabin until we fitted one. But is there any precedent for working boat cabins that aren't red, green and scumbled? The only one I can recall is the simple cream planked and brown cabin in Caggy.
  11. Plywood and t&g pine! Oak seems to be the favourite - what was the thin ply for?
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