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  1. No VAT as such, but there is stamp duty which scales with the value of the house being purchased: https://www.gov.uk/stamp-duty-land-tax
  2. I’m in a similar, er, boat to the OP so have been reading with interest, although I’m just down the road in Nottingham rather than Sheffield… Given work, family etc. I’m only ever going to have time for relatively short trips away so I’ve pretty much made up my mind that a GRP cruiser will suit me fine. Also, given the range that I can travel in a fatter boat from Nottingham, I’m not that fussed about it being a narrowbeam. There are some lovely looking boats for £25k ish although, from talking to a few brokers, it seems like GRP boats are also selling like hot cakes right now.
  3. Evening’ all. I’ve realised that, sadly, for now I don’t have a narrowboat shaped hole in my life. However I have convinced 2 good chums that, jointly, we do have a GRP cruiser shaped hole that needs filling. We all live near the Trent so there’s plenty of scope for leisure boating, particularly if we get a narrow beam cruiser that can use canals too. I’ve got a good feel for licence, insurance and mooring costs, but I’m ignorant of what the annual maintenance costs are likely to be. Is there a GRP equivalent of hull blacking for instance? We’re looking at boats that are 10-15 years old - what kind of maintenance regime do these things need? many thanks for your help!
  4. That should do the trick - thanks!
  5. Just doing some route planning for a hire boat trip out of Market Harborough in a couple of weeks. Will be heading North on GUC from Foxton. CanalPlanAC says there’s a winding hole at lock 33 (Bush Lock) at South Wigston. Pearson’s guide doesn’t mention this and neither does the OpenCanalMap app. Can anyone confirm whether this winding hole exists? If it doesn’t, it will be a bleedin’ long reverse to the nearest one, and it’s a long way to the next one so I’m keen to get it right! Many thanks.
  6. Wow - I’d assumed that they were some sort of historic throwback that was there to hang a lamp from or something. Not sure I’d want to support a whole human with it!
  7. Morning everyone and please excuse the ignoramus level query! I’ve seen these chrome clip things on a number of narrowboats and I’ve always wondered what they’re for. So, please enlighten me - what are they? Many thanks. Jim
  8. I probably need to get on the waiting list before your article hits the news stands! Many thanks for the info - that’s really useful.
  9. I am SO interested in this thread and your blog and I have about a million questions! I’ve been keeping a weather eye on 2nd hand boats for a while and it’s so rare to find them with 2nd bedrooms. We’ve got a young son so really could do with a secluded space for him to sleep while we enjoy the evening. I’ve often thought that a 62 ft boat with two bedrooms is exactly what we’re after so one of these could be the perfect solution. So - was it Black Prince themselves that did the work to the kitchen? I presume that was an extra charge on top of the purchase price? If so, would you mind letting me know a rough idea of the cost? From your blog it seems like you’ve been very happy with the service from Black Prince. I’d love to see some pictures of the interior as you’ve got it now. I’ll definitely be following your blog with interest.
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