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  1. It is what a great many people do with leisure boats, in the main they would go back to the marina when leaving the boat. In the marina we are in at Napton, there are people that live on the south coast and use the boat for long weekend and holidays etc. There are also people from a number of European countries (judging by the car number plates) who would be mostly using for longer periods to justify the drive and ferry. Having a boat close to where you happen to live is not always going to be the best choice, a three hour drive can get you a long way and make for a better location for a boat..
  2. Sounds like a load of bull to me. The article also says that she spends approx £3000 pa on mooring and boat licence, so the mooring would be about £2000 pa. it also says she has had the boat for 3 years, so any unpaid VAT bill would be a max of about £1200. And why was she just keeping her head down hoping it would go un noticed, rather than pointing out the omission.
  3. They could go downstream though. If it is the first time on the Thames and you have a full week, then as well as going up to Lechlade and back, it’s worth going downstream to say Abingdon. You get to experience the electric locks and bigger boats, and Abingdon is a good place for an evening out and lots of good free moorings.
  4. OK, then that would be a problem!
  5. Isn’t it easiest when going from canal to river to go on the pontoon forwards, and when going from river to canal to go on the pontoon backwards. If exiting the basin the same way you came then go on the pontoon as above, and when leaving turn round in the wide area where the trip boats turn.
  6. The proposal has the link as 4 locks, plus something like 3 locks on the Avon to the existing head of navigation. Engineering wise it’s quite a simple one, the big issue is the land owners I believe. Would like to see Tewitfield to Windermere, that would be interesting.
  7. There is a sign about limiting the length on just the last pontoon I think.
  8. You were unlucky, although we only just got in the basin in the summer a few days before the river festival. Apart from during the river festival, and assuming the river is not being naughty, then it is worth the £5 to moor overnight on the river. I guess being practical, at this time of year the information boat will not be there, so there is no one to pay anyway
  9. It depends on quite a few factors, but yes pennies initially, until they get a decent number of subscribers and views per video.
  10. The point is that the OP will be wanting to get to 1000 subscribes, at which point they can monetise the channel. Then they can start to make money from it.
  11. The CRT winter mooring location list shows that there are 4 berths given over to winter moorings, so plenty left for visitor moorings.. What I am not so sure about is if Bancroft Basin the 48 hour all year round or if it reverts to 14 days in the winter.
  12. It is not free there, you pay if the farmer comes and collects, on behalf of one of the Oxford collages I believe. Last time we were there for two nights, no one came to collect, but you should expect to pay.
  13. Not then best area, ok for overnight. You should go look and make your own mind up. For full services you will need to go into the centre of Birmingham.
  14. Is this on the offside visitor mooring by Cadburys? Personally I would not find that too attractive for a winter mooring.
  15. Out of Birmingham there is CRT moorings at Lapworth, not cheap though. There are also offside moorings on the North Stratford at Wearing Green and Hockley Heath
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