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  1. I was in Canada for few weeks until the end of last week, with the Three network I did not get data included there but you can get a data pass per day, it is not expensive, your carrier may do similar in the U.K. BTW, I am posting this from the US where you do get free data with Three, it is strange why Canada is not included as it is most counties in the works now are it seems. you could of course just get a U.K. payg sim.
  2. When we are away, we use a whatsapp group to share what we have been up with photos, to family and friends. As long as you have data on your phone that works well and is much more personal as you can include the usual banter.
  3. So this was a boat going up?
  4. Yes I agree they seem to be doing that. Do we think it is just coincidence that this boat has just gone up Bascote and that it is unconnected with the failure?
  5. Does the too wide a widebeam have any connection with the fill damage at Bascotte, I see the stoppage notice gives it as “boater damage”. From the picture this looks to be too wide to me, and would be surprised if it is going to fit through the bridge by the Blue Lias as well as this one.
  6. Surprised no one has been out to look at it yet, it's a long way round to avoided it so people are going to be wanting to know if they wait or turn round. Presumably theee are hire boats doing the Warwickshire ring having left Kate in Warwick, they may as well turn and go to Stratford instead, if they wait 2 days they will not get round the ring.
  7. As you have already opened up the thermostat housing, would it be worthwhile leaving the thermostat out temporarily so that you get good water flow through the skin tanks at lower temp.
  8. Personally I would say Fazley to Birmingham is a very long day and that breaking it with an overnight stop at one of the locations that have been mentioned at Curdworth is the best way. Nothing wrong with stopping at Star City if you want to break it down further, and reverse back to the junction.
  9. The only issue is that the fines seem to be very small.
  10. As usual with volunteers this a big factor. With a crowd too many of them want to throw their weight about to show off. Having said that did not have that problem when we last came up Foxton, but it was late in the day and not too many around. Watford were great when I came down there on my own.
  11. We have 4 LG smart tv’s at home, largest is 44 inch I think. Can’t find much fault with them, picture is good sound is ok and the apps work well, and the6 are cheap, Curry’s had the best prices beating Amazon and anyone on eBay.
  12. You can not do it without taking the boat round the coast. You have missed the fact that the GU Northampton arm is narrow beam. Also the GU Leicester Line is narrow bean from Norton junction to below Foxton locks. You can get a 10 ft wide beam to Camp Hill in Birmingham, and also to Stourport if you are prepared to cross the Bristol Channel. So in reality you need to use a truck, and if you wanted to do most by water then lift out somewhere on the GU main line and then back in on the GU Leicester Line north of Foxton would do that..
  13. Quite, clearing the Walsall canal one prop full at a time. With so few boats it will need some serious effort to make an impact, of course I hope that CRT can successful in this.
  14. Good luck with the Walsall canal on that one!
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