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  1. john6767

    Stratford to Gloucester

    That is a very good point. The river festival would provide a great fun raising opportunity, you could contact Strat>Forwarding see if you could book the raft in and if they would allow charity collections.
  2. So the point is that if you want to do that you will need to have booked the locks by at least the day before your hire starts, it would not work leaving it until you pick the boat up. Also you need to get away early enough to be able to get through the two Severn locks during their opening hours, and that is not necessarily a given, so you would need to talk to the hire company before hand to see if they would be able to accommodate that.
  3. john6767

    Stratford to Gloucester

    I agree, talking to both ANT and CRT about the exact plans is essential. The Avon has unprotected weirs, and the approach to Gloucester can get exciting when the rever river is flowing a bit, and it does that in spades even in summer.
  4. In March are the Severn locks still on winter operation, if so then I think you need to book them 24 hours in advance, and they do not operate every day. So aside from the river conditions make certain that you understand how that works. Otherwise you just go up the S&W. Where is the hire base in Stourport, in the basin?
  5. john6767

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    I know you have already said that you are proposing starting from Rugby, but I want to check again that you get that Rugby and Warwick are not on the Avon ring. Even though on a map you will see that the river Avon does go through Rugby and Warwick it is not navigable there. You will be using the North Oxford canal from Rugby to Braunston and then the Grand Union canal to Kingswood junction, there you will join the Stratford canal which forms part of the Avon ring. The Avon ring its self is 131 locks and your trip from Rugby to Kingswood will be 49 locks each way. So your trip will be a total of 229 locks.
  6. john6767

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    We are booked into the Stratford festival. Hoping for good weather again!
  7. john6767

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    I find it hard to see what personal use anyone would have that can get close to that. Even when I was working from home and making very heavy use of the internet I don't think I ever got over 250 gig in a month. Not even sure that would be within personal t&c either (it was a business connection). So in practice for personal use you can fill your boots with internet use and not get close.
  8. john6767

    Six Nations

    I would expect the roof will be open, rugby is a outdoor sport and consequently both teams have to agree to the roof being closed and playing indoors; historically England do not agree to that request.
  9. john6767

    Stoppage Information upstream/downstream

    That sounds right to me, Old Turn is the side that has locks above it, the locks up to the old main, so it is the upstream side. The Gas Street basin side only has locks going down.
  10. john6767

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    This is what Three say in the definition of what “unlimited” means
  11. john6767

    Six Nations

    I wish!
  12. john6767

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    Rugby is not on the Avon ring, it is 2 days and 49 locks from Kingswood junction where you would join the ring. With three weeks available this is no problem at all, but you should be aware of that, and that you have and additional 98 locks to do over those on the Avon ring if you start from Rugby. I would suggest that you don’t walk down the outside of the boat unless you have to, go through the boat.
  13. john6767

    Stoppage Information upstream/downstream

    I have always counted upstream as uphill in the case of canals, and I think that ties in with the stoppages. That said the winding locations quoted often seem to be wrong, or at least very conservative.
  14. john6767

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    Yes, it includes the full length of the Avon, and the Severn from Tewksbury to Worcester. From a boating point of view the Severn is no big deal, you have just Diglis lock to do and of course it is worked for you. In the summer as long as there has not been heavy rain it is benign, but I would recommend going clockwise so you go down stream on the Avon as the locks are much easier going down.
  15. john6767

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    So you are saying the lock 8 one, for 2 days, was a error and it should have been lock 20 all along, and lock 8 has never been closed. If it is just lock 20 then it is not big deal it does not stop Navigation from North Stratford to GU. What is it that is wrong with lock 20?

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