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  1. john6767


    My understanding from when we were there that the paddle was inoperable, and given the depth of this lock it was a real pain as it took a very long time to empty. I saw pictures on Twitter or Facebook recently where the issue was resulved by a diver, which avoided the lengthy process of getting permission to close the road to put a crane on the bridge. I don’t believe there was anything malicious in this, it was just broken, and has now been resolved so you should now be able to use both.
  2. john6767


    Mike check my post, it was broken, but now fixed, unless someone knows otherwise.
  3. john6767


    One io the bottom paddles was broken for a long time, hence it was taking 20 mins or more to empty the lock. I believe CRT were expecting to need a crane to fix it which meant closing the road, hence the delay. However when they had a diver in the lock to clear an obstruction a month or so ago they were also able to fix the paddle, so I believe both are working now. The volenteers on this lock are unfortunately another example of where you would be much better off without them, and as has been said they like to throw their weight about in showing off to the people at the cafe. It is one to go through early or late in the day when they are not there, it is a very deep lock and I don't like people I don't trust messing with it.
  4. john6767


    The ones at Hatton seem to be very prescriptive about which panels you should use. We had this at the lock by the welcome centre, which the volunteers don’t seem to move from anyway. They seen to forget that there are 21 locks on the flight and 4 of them helping on one is really no help at all. In my view they stay there as that is where the most visitors are and they like to show off by throwing their weight about telling boaters how to operate the lock. Given coming up you have done 17 of them by this point, if were not experience at the bottom you would be by then. Hatton and Hillmorton seen to be the worst in this respect, although at Hillmorton for me it has been mainly about being ignored. Last time I came up I was on my own, and I did get some welcome and sensible help from the woman on the bottom lock. The guy on the middle lock was no help at all, I had to tie the boat up and walk back to the lock to shut the top gate whick he was stood next to it talking to the boat in the parallel lock. I had welcome help on the top 2 locks at Atherstone, having come up on my own in the very hot weather, I was glad to stay on the boat for the last 2 locks. They were pleasant and I had no problem with how they operated the lock. What did tickle me though was one of them asked me where I was heading that day, and I said Hawkesbury, and he said oh that’s the place with the “funny” lock people have mentioned that before. I was rather taken back that someone volunteering at Atherstone had never been there, it is only 15 mins in a car. I guess it does reinforce that you can’t expect them to have any knowledge or interest in the canals as such, and that the only things they know is what they have been thought on their course, which possibly does explain the rather prescriptive approach of some of them. To me all the more reason that the operating procedure’s number one rule should be that the boater is in charge.
  5. john6767

    Tin storage area under the gunnel

    I don't have the drawings anymore, they were low tech on paper! I would need to measure it but will not be at the boat for at least a week. Basically the width of it matches the width of the kitchen 'U' so that it does not directly encroach on the narrow part each side. you can see the top overhangs and each end with an angled part so you cant impale yourself on the corner. The other side of it does not have the 3 little shelves under on the outside. The internal depth is going to be something like 18cm (given the height of a 440m can in 15cm) and there are 2 shelves plus the base so 3 usable storage surfaces with the bottom one a bit higher so it will take 18 packs of beer cans! The underneath was designed so it is accessible so I could put ballast in to help trim the boat, as everything is on the other side of the boat, right now there are I think 10 engineering bricks in there, I really should swap them for steel and get a bit more mass on that side.
  6. john6767

    Tin storage area under the gunnel

    We had one installed, to my dimensions and design, by the carpenter at Calcutt. It is a bit deeper perhaps than you were thinking, it takes 2 rows of tin on the shelves, and will take 2 x 18 packs of cans of beer on the bottom shelf, ie the depth is basically a bit more that the height of a 440ml can. Not the best photo, but the only one to hand, you can see it on the left of the photo.
  7. john6767

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    We were moored in centre of Birmingham in the days following the Manchester Arena bombing, there were pairs of police with assault rifles at all the stratagic points including outside Arena Birminham by Old Turn, if felt very strange. We were moored on Oozell St loop (as you do, but I promise it is crap there), and I was on a conference call with work and 2 of the police strolled past the boat, it rather through me on the call, I guess we are just not used to seeing that. The Conservative Party conference is on 29th Sept to 3rd Oct, so it you want to go past the ICC then you get the excitement.
  8. john6767

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    Yes it is terrible there 😜😜
  9. john6767

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    Never noticed anything untoward at the sea life centre end of the loop where the visitor mooring are, I would have though the cctv would discourage that. You only get the aircon noise if you on on the very end of the moorings, the other set of vents further down has nothing behind them I believe.
  10. john6767

    12 Volt TV

    I don’t know what TV to recomend, but a modern TV may not have any scart connections, only hdmi. However you can get scart to hdmi leads so you don’t need to restrict yourself to one with scart.
  11. john6767

    How to suspend bunting flags on the roof?

    Looks posher than the one I have, but yes that sort of thing. This is like the one I have https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TV-Aerial-Mounting-Wall-Facia-Loft-Caravan-Bracket-Clamp-/302368428526 I then have some magnets for fixing “taxi” signs to car roofs that I found on eBay, like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-of-Vehicle-MagPad1-super-strong-magnet-for-roof-signs-taxi-driving-school/182286353335
  12. john6767

    Winding 60ft near Long Itchington?

    We had a drink at the Boat at the top of Stockton on Wednesday night, f you want to eat there I suggest booking as they were turning people away on a Wednesday night. You can turn 50ft above Stockton top lock, and longer boats below the top lock. Or of course at Stockton top marina or Willow Wren. If you want to go down Stockton, then it is wide above Bascote, but I don’t know what the limit of what you can turn there is. As mentioned there is the wide section opposite the Two Boats, but again I don’t know what the limit would be.
  13. john6767

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    Not that many there though but they are 14 day ones. The 2 day ones are between Old Turn and Sheepcote St, although there are a couple of 14 day there as well. Past St Vincents St bridge I think there are now some rings on the right reflecting the fact there a often boats that arrive later in they day that end up mooring there.
  14. john6767

    How to suspend bunting flags on the roof?

    I have 2 big rectangular magnets from eBay, with a TV aerial pole fitting attached. Normally it is for a 2 foot long pole with the TV aerial on, but for bunting occasions I have a longer pole perhaps 5 foot long that I use and then suspended bunting going to each corner of the boat. Here it is in use at Stratford river festival

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