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  1. But by the look of the lumps out of some bridges, it is sometimes a close fight.
  2. Cold take away food has no VAT, hot take away food has VAT.
  3. Restriction in what way? There is a boom across the entrance to the basin, you push it out of the way with the boat.
  4. The lowest two on the South Stratford are the one going into the basin in Stratford, and the road bridge on the tail on the last lock before Stratford. I think the latter is the lower of the two. It is as low as anything you will get on the main part of the network but any normal narrowboat should not have an issue. I wound be surprised if it is as low at 6ft though. I believe like the W&B the intention was for a wide canal, but when they got to locks, in both cases, finances dictated that they build narrow locks.
  5. OK, but it certainly means that there is no part of the GU with a 6mph speed limit, just the Soar.
  6. There is a ‘spoons right by the canal at Merry Hill. We went in for a cooked breakfast before tackling Delph and Stourbridge and there where plenty of people in there drinking alcohol at 9am.
  7. I just checked where West Bridge is in Leicester, and it is by the Castle Gardens moorings, so it is only the rivers section that is 6mph, although some parts of the river are canalised. The pure canal part, GU, starts abouve the Lock by the football ground I think.
  8. Yes, and I am sure we did, but that not really a normal canal in this context. For normal canal think the Oxford, Coventry, B&F etc.
  9. The bit it is referring to as Grand Union is basically the river Soar, don’t give people ideas that they can do 6mph on 5he GU!
  10. Are you certain it is 8mph, I thought the G&S was 6mph (the same at the Severn upstream). Not that is relevant to me, our boat will not do 6mph is still water anyway, 5.5 mph it about it, which I tested on the G&S. On normal canals with a 4mph limit I doubt there are many places where you can responsibly do 4mph speed, the BCN New Main Line is one where you can but can’t think of another off hand. I would say 99% of people so stick to the canal speed limit. Now on the Thames is another matter, those with boats that are capable generally don’t seem to stick to the limit.
  11. There are low bridges and tunnels in a number of places, most have been mentioned, Droitwich, South Stratford, Gosty Hill tunnel, and a number of places on the Middle Levels. The Middle Level Commisoners have a very useful map showing the bridge clearances here https://middlelevel.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/NavBridges2013.pdf, these are flat decked bridges, so you don't get more height in the centre like with many traditional canal bridges.
  12. Noticed that it was leaking last week. Hopefully if it does need to shut it will just be a short time or else that is going to cause some serious problems.
  13. We went into Braunston this lunch time, the plan being to visit the Admiral Nelson as it reopens today, but the weather made that a no go, as I think it is just the restaurant inside, and today is not a day to sit outside. So instead as there was space on their mooring we went into the Boat House. Their signage is a bit contradictory but basically you go in the front sanitize your hands and get shown to a table. No technology in play for ordering, waiter takes your drinks order. No contact details taken, but on the way out we spotted a QR code to scan to leave your details, but that was not mentioned by the staff. Never seen the place look so clean though!
  14. I bet there was plenty of space available in the garden 😀
  15. Here is an entry to Selby lock coming from Naburn, there are many ways you can approach it though. The only thing I would say wrong with this is that the lock was not quite ready for him when he got there.
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