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  1. I had one a few years ago, all clear apart from a few polips (or whatever) which were removed while they were in there. With the sedation you are basically as high as a kite, so you will not be fussed about it, in fact once the consultant had determined all was good he invited my to have a look at the TV screen, and I seem to remember I was really interested, and I am mr squeamish.
  2. That Japan Scotland game was brilliant. In the first half Scotland were a bit poor, but really not that bad at all which just shows how good Japan were. I bet Scotland wish that had not put up such a fuss and the threats of legal action. Ar the moment I am going for semi finals of England v New Zealand and Wales v South Africa, but you never know Japan may well be the one playing Wales.
  3. I would not want to leave a car in the public car park overnight. On the plus side there is a station within walking distance, but not that many trains stop there.
  4. Last time I looked it was very expensive, more than a marina. I would have thought that parking would be an issue at times, I believe it’s just the area where the bins are in the CRT yard, and it’s always been quite full when I’ve used the bins.
  5. Having checked the competition rules, it not allowed anyway, there are even constraints around opposed training during the competition. Sounds like ITV will be getting a nice payout from World Rugby (their insurers in reality) for the lost revenue due to the cancelled matches.
  6. True, but the problem is you can cut this lots of ways, but what ever way you go, by not playing the matches is not fair to someone. Perhaps England should get together with France and play a friendly!
  7. No injuries is of course a plus point. The top 12 teams in each pool and the schedules have been known for something like 2 years, and a massive amount of detail preparation will have done into how to approach that schedule, this is a real curve ball. England have not had a tough match and they were in a great position to show what they can do against France, knowing that a loss would not be the end of their competition. They have been denied that opportunity to prepare as they planned for the quarter final, that does not feel fair. They will not have played for two weeks when they meet (presumably) Australia, so it's up to the coaching team to deal with that which of course they will be doing. This situation is a first for me, and now it has sunk in I am perhaps less annoyed, but the competition rules could have allowed these matches to be recheduled in the same way as the knockout stage matches would be rescheduled if another typhoon were to hit the following weekend.
  8. Your choice of course, but in the England and France case not getting to play this game will have a bigimpact on their preparation for a quarter final. Australia and Wales are the beneficiaries, they must be laughing their socks off. I accept that the impact on New Zealand will be less. If England go on to win the competition, I will eat my words of course! Yes true of course. I expect that the competition rules will be changed goIng forward to allow pool matches to be played at a later date (24 hours probably in this case) if they are cancelled due to weather.
  9. Massive flaw in the competition rules, I assume no one ever thought that a pool match would be cancelled. The should have rethought the rules when they decided to hold the competition in a country that has extreme weather. The competition is all rather meaningless now. I feel desperately sorry for the people who have spent 10’s of thousands in travelling to watch, they have been severely let down by World Rugby.
  10. Not so sure, last month we came back from the Lancaster to Napton via the T&M and the Cheshire locks, they are some of the easiest locks out there, even going up (the OP will of course be doing down). Mostly helped by every lock of that part of the T&M having a bridge over the tail of the lock.
  11. BTW, there are stoppages effecting the T&M from 4 Nov, particularly relevant to the the OP is the one just before you get to Middlewich (given that is at the end of the trip).
  12. Yes there is, there will probably soon be a thread on there discussing this thread 😀
  13. Brentford makes sense, looks like the makers did not bother leaving London, there was nothing of Birmingham canals in this. I’m not an aficionado on zombies, but why is everyone but the four of them a zombie? If zombies don’t like water, then a boat is a good idea, but what about all the locks that they need to go through to get the London (if we are pretending that they are not already there).
  14. North Oxford, Coventry, T&M is going to be the easiest, and you will only have 3 wide locks rather than 43 going via Birmingham. If you are going to take your time don’t forget to check for stoppages.
  15. I'd add South Africa to that. Semi finals Eng v NZ, Wales v SA. As to France, I believe that England will beat which ever France turn up, just the margin will be different. Been a hard day today with no matches!
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