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  1. We went to the museum in June, and it is a bit light on exhibits for sure, but at that time at least one floor was closed due I think to fire protection works.
  2. If you don’t get someone to help, I would suggest going early in the morning when you have less chance of meeting boats in Braunston tunnel. There are kinks about a quarter in for you, you should avoid meeting anyone at the kinks as it will be impossible to avoid hitting. Just slow right down as you approach a boat in the tunnel, but don’t go out of gear or you will loose steering, and hug the right hand wall.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Is the just below Grindley Brook, I seem to remember a few bits like that there, where there were trees on the towpath side. They can not be new, so are not really a consequence of this years mowing scheme. Most of the towthat was like the foreground when we were there in July/August/Sept.
  5. You have the worst of both worlds at the moment, the Soar going red (it already has a couple of weeks ago), plus the restricted opening hours for Foxton and Watford due to water shortage. You are also going the lest advantageous way for coming out of Leicester, the locks are very hard work going up, and the pounds will be short of water. If you have the choice of which way to go then choose the Coventry/Oxford route, not least because of the water resource issue.
  6. This is Coventry we are talking about, nuff said!
  7. Yes, during the City of Culture you have to book the basin (for free). You don’t have to book the approach to the basin .
  8. The dog and doublet is indeed a great pub. It depends on how long a day you want to do if you want to get there in one hop from CdeB.
  9. If you are just going the “pure” Warwickshire ring and not going into Birmingham then I would go from CdeB to the Cuttle Bridge Inn at Curdworth in one day, there is no real need to stop anywhere between unless you want to, in which case Star City would be the place.
  10. CRT have done some polls on Twitter, don’t know if they have done similar on other social media platforms. I think it very much depends on where you are. For example early this summer the South Stratford had what seemed like no cutting at all, the lock landings and lock sides were 2ft high grass and weeds. On the other hand the whole length of the Llangollen is manicured to within an inch of its life, fully from the hedge to the edge.
  11. The Ashby is relative shallow, but you will have no problems so you don’t need to really consider that in your planning. If you make Braunston your first nights stop, you can walk up the locks to the Admiral Nelson. The Greyhound at Hawkesbury is a must visit pub, not least for its history.
  12. Thanks, that was my thought. I will look into a router and aerial over the winter!
  13. At home I have 75 down, 20 up with FTTC, about 200 yards from the cabinet. We do have full fibre available now as well, but it is more money and I don't think I would use the additional bandwidth at this point, so sticking where I am for now. On the boat I just use my iPhone as a router on Three, but have been thinking of going for a router and external aerial on the boat, but it is annoying that would be another unlimited sim @ £20 a month. I was thinking perhaps trying Smarty for the boat and just having it over the summer when we are on the boat a lot, assuming their sims will work ok in a router.
  14. If that is on mobile, I would say it is good enough for anything most normal people need to do. The upload speed is better the the FTC connection I have at home. Ping and jitter are not bad for mobile either, it not as good as a fixed connection where you would have a sub 10ms ping and sub 1ms jitter.
  15. Will the swimming section be taking place at the bottom of Ryders Green
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