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  1. You were doing OK until your last statement, which seems to sum up the problematic attitude that you find with some volunteers. The reasons that people are doing this I am sure are many, but it is for their own benefit not mine. It that results in help when it is wanted that is great, but the problem is that there are too many who’s reason for doing this is to throw their weight about. Perhaps is it just the training that is a fault, I don’t know, but the culture seems totally wrong to me.
  2. Yes I agree and that was the point of the comment. In reality you are not going to get close to 5% on short term cash, so the discount even at 5% is worth it, if you have the cash sitting there of course.
  3. Fair enough, but that’s is a different reason to the percentage discount not being enough to make it worthwhile.
  4. Can you tell me where you are getting better than 5% on cash?
  5. We are going down to Stoke Bruene next week, guess where we will NOT be eating.
  6. True, I took the dog for a walk through Galton Valley, that’s ok but the rest not so!
  7. Make certain you are reading the map correctly, Neterton tunnel is on the Birminham level, the Old Mail Line crosses above at the entrance to the tunnel, it is not a junction with the Neterton tunnel branch!
  8. If you want to stop between the centre of Birmingham and Tipton there is the mooring at the end of the Engine Arm.
  9. Day 1 Hatton to Kingswood junction, day 2 up the locks to Warings Green (Blue Bell), day 3 centre of Birmingham (5.5 hours). If you want to split those 5.5 hours over 2 days, the add a stop at Shirley lift bridge, but as there are no locks it’s an easy trip on one.
  10. Doesn’t everything built in the last 25 years or so have a water meter, that’s the case round here at least. However as it is a new house there most likely will not be a water account setup yet, and if you don’t chase it then you can get a good time of free water, they don’t come for you retrospectively either, our son bought a new house last summer and they have only just started paying for water.
  11. Sad to hear that it is closing down, had a bit of stuff from there over the years.
  12. I saw something on Facebook that said Lapworth was fixed now.
  13. Good luck for the move tomorrow!
  14. I guess we can give them next week then and see if this it removed then
  15. Hopefully if this is in place still by the Challenge, CRT will be able to suspend the locking of the 8 flights for the Friday and Saturday nights or else that is the end of the Challenge really. We need that commitment from CRT, as we well be shortly starting to move the boat towards Birmingham and there must be others who are not far off starting to move as well, and will not want to start doing that is this may not take place.
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