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  1. john6767

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Surly more to the point is when are the application forms going to be sent out, or made available on the web site?
  2. john6767

    BCN Challenge 2018

    I was only thinking about this the other day. I have not had any contract from the new organisers, and there is nothing on the web site yet. Still plenty of time though!
  3. john6767

    Ribble Link Query

    It must be very dependent on the size of the tide. We came out of Selby as soon as there was enough water to get out, and we only had a good push for say 90 mins, then speed started to drop off from the initial 8mph to around 4mph. For the last hour we were only doing about 2.5mph. Looking at my pictures it was 5hr 50min fron Selby lock to Naburn lock, although we did have to wait outside Naburn for a few mins. Anyway back on topic a bit, does the size of the tide vary at lot on the Ribble link.
  4. john6767

    Ribble Link Query

    In the summer it took us just under 6 hours Selby to Naburn. Whilst we were doing over 8mph initially, we soon slowed down as we started to loose the tide. The following day it was 2 hours from Naburn to York. So based on that I don’t think 6 hours Selby to York is bad at all.
  5. john6767

    Thames Moorings a warning

    We spent Sept on the Thames and only payed to moor in Henley, Windsor and Lechlade. I guess because it was out of the busy time in general there was space at the free moorings in most places except Richmond. I had avoided the DE moorings on principle, but we did stop at Hampton Court. I had no problem in registering on the parkonomy website and got an email with a receipt for £0.00 for our overnight stay. So on the face of it as long as you have internet access it does seem to work, and perhaps because it is controlled there was plenty of space when we arrived at 5pm.
  6. john6767

    Over Wintering

    Thanks Marty, that makes sense, and what I was assuming; that the home mooring was to do with licence status, and that you don’t change that every time you stop somewhere. If you did that then you would need a new licence each time given the mooring location is on the licence, and people I have seen in the marina on winter moorings have still had no home mooring on their licence. i guess I will see what happens next year!
  7. john6767

    Over Wintering

    So you are updating mooring location each time you put the boat into a short term mooring. I am asking as we will be giving up the mooring next year but will still continue to use marinas to leave the boat in, but at least will not be paying for two at the same time. I was assuming that the mooring location was only for a permenant mooring, and that as a CC'er you would remain a CC'er even when the boat was in a marina on a short term, e.g. winter mooring. I guess I need to look a bit harder in the detail to understand what I am supposed to do, I would never thought of keeping changing the mooring location.
  8. john6767

    Over Wintering

    So you does people like the OP taking a winter mooring work then? I was assuming that once you have the boat in a marina, you were OK to stay there, or else what is the point.
  9. john6767

    Ribble Link Query

    The marina on the Ribble, as it is what was the docks. My wife lived in Preston at the time they started redeveloping the docks, and it would be nice to go there in the boat. Thanks. I think when they publish the dates I will try and talk to someone at CRT about it initially rather than just booking it on the website. Planning for the return may be the way to do it, and if we end up there on the way out then change the plan for the way back.
  10. john6767

    Over Wintering

    In a marina? I don’t see how that works, lots of people, including me, put their boat into a marina (not their home mooring) when they need to leave it somewhere for more than 14 days. Are you saying I should have had a nasty gram from CRT for doing that.
  11. john6767

    Over Wintering

    Is that really true. CC’er or not I can’t see that you can get flagged for overstaying in a marina can you?
  12. john6767

    Ribble Link Query

    OK, I wish they would get the dates published then stuff like that would be obvious. So don't go on the last day before the direction changes or else you could be stuck at Preston for sometime I guess. We would want to go to Preston ideally, either on the way there or on the way back, so need to decided the best way.
  13. If it is not on CRT waters then yes, you will be looking for a registration with a different navigation authority, and the same applies with them. If it is temporarily out of that water from CRT water, then any genuine owner would have registered as the owner with CRT and declared it out of that water, ie no licence needed. Any other behaviour is not normal and raises a red flag.
  14. There does seem to be too many things there that are not the normal behaviour. When they bought the boat you would have thought that they would have had some sort of bill of sale from the person they bought it off, even if it was just hand written on a scap of paper. If they have nothing at all, very suspicious. Also, even if the boat was out of the water any normal person would have put the boat in their name with CRT at the time they bought it, if they have never done that, it would be a red flag to me. If you do not just walk away, be very careful!
  15. john6767

    Ribble Link Query

    Makes sense, thanks Additionally what happens if you have to divert to Preston marina, you would be on an up day then, and to next day would be a down day.

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