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  1. It is very confusing and so much is not defined so you don’t really know if you are doing wrong. I think if you look at the legislation you can say the you are in a tier, as based on where you live that tier applies to you irrespective of where you are. A example being if you are in tier 2 and you travel to a tier 1 area, say Devon to Cornwall, then you as a tier 2 person have to stick to the tier 2 rules irrespective of now being in a tier 1 area. His is hard for places like pub if they are expected to enforce this. closer to home for me, we are only half a mile from tier 2 (Worcestershire), so will the pubs there be checking ID, Ai don’t know, certainly the pubs in Wales are currently doing that. I have decided that I will go and check on the boat, as there seems to be nothing in the legislation that limits travelling at all, so at least I can’t get done for it. I will need to go from Solihull to Warwickshire and back to Solihull, both in tier 3. So if you say the guidance is about changing tiers, then I and not doing that. However if you interpret it as local authority area, then I am going against the guidance.
  2. The legislation applicable from Wednesday was published today. I can’t see anything in it restrict travel at all. So whilst there is guidance to avoid traveling in or out of tier 3 there is nothing in law to say that you can not do that. Similarly there is nothing to stop leisure boaters staying on their boat as far as I can see, even though “canal boat” (it specifically mentions that) hire businesses in tier 3 have to be closed (as with hotels) etc, except for the usual use exceptions.
  3. Is this leak on the section past the swing bridge (which seems missing), if so then it is not going to be CRTs responsibility is it?
  4. Based on the video on Facebook, it must be a significant leak as there was a decent flow.
  5. If all you want is the marina wifi on a PC, ie you don’t want to connect phones and tablets to it, then the simplest is an external USB Wi-fi adapter to plug in the PC. I used one when I was working for the marina Wi-fi. something like this is an example, the one I have is a flat plate antenna, so in theory is directional https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1000M-1500M-Long-Range-Wireless-USB-2-0-External-Antenna-WiFi-Receiver-Adapter/303621483587
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I guess whatever way you cut it there are going to be anomalies, our world is not built around these types of restrictions. We are in tier 3 but are less than half a mile from tier 2. So to stick by the rules we can’t walk the dog in the same places that we can do this week, so the restrictions in that respect get more restrictive. I suspect many will inadvertently break the rules as it would be easy when driving to the shops to inadvertently cross the tier 3/tier 2 boundary on the way between home in tier 3 and a shop in tier 3.
  9. Yes you would, but I did not say which way to turn at Keadby, only to go right when you get to the Trent which would be at Torksey! You could also go left at Torksey and up to Nottingham, and then perhaps on the Soar or ever the T&M to Willington (possibly not popular with everyone for a widebeam!).
  10. Once you have got across the Wash, and then to the Trent, you could hang a right and go to Keadby. From there you have lots of big CRT canals to play with.
  11. Not sure in the current lock down there is much that is advice, the legislation states the reasons why you can be outside your house. However it is very not specific about the exercise one, and that is where people I suspect are pushing it. I don’t know what the police can do about that, so assuming that is the excuse people are giving, it is hard to see how they have been issued fines.
  12. At the festivals, true. The festival licence is specific to the festivals that you have booked and is a different colour to the normal visitor licence. But never seen any ANT staff or volunteers about on the river, other than cutting grass at locks.
  13. A Springer is a good choice, only disadvantage is the boat will be full of dog hair!
  14. We had that two years ago as well, with the same explanation. This year we did not need one as have a Gold licence. The Warwickshire Avon you only get one visitor licence as well, but they say just put it in one side. I reality the only checking there is probably as you go on and come off.
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