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  1. This new incarnation is only available for Android at the moment so I can’t try it, but I would be interested in hearing how the route planning works and if it can be used as an alternative to canalplan for timings. Canalplan does all I want, but even with the latest changes it is not the best UI on a phone.
  2. So with boat based on CRT, I worked out in Jan that for 2 months on EA, half Anglian and half Thames, made it cheaper to get a Gold licence. Of course Covid put paid to that, and all we have managed is a month on the Thames, so it cost me more than a visitor licence would have done. I would have thought therefore that for someone on EA would they need to spend 2 months or more on CRT for it to be the best way to go, as that it the situation the other way round.
  3. So does a Gold licence cost more If the home mooring is on an EA waterway? You could just get a Gold licence with no home mooring then presumably CRT would charge you the same as with a mooring on a CRT waterway.
  4. I actually found slightly reassuring. The boat did not sink and all were safe. A good result really! As they were going to Preston they would have been pushing a falling tide, so I wonder how far they were taken towards Lytham Before running aground.
  5. I wasn’t really meaning visitors from CRT waters, I would suggest most of them do buy a licence, or at least try to. We were in a lock a few above Eynsham with a boat and when challenged by the lock keeper played dumb, but all he could do was give them the phone number to call has he could not sell them. If seems the main entry point locks can now do them as have seen lots of boats with the usual card in the window.
  6. Similar, I actually think it was your recommendation on here when you had it done that had me choose him. I am very pleased with it still, although it could do with a clean. He travelled to Calcutt marina at Napton to measure up and then again to fit.
  7. Call me cynical, but I think there are a lot of boats on the Thames that are not licenced/registered. I would suggest that some probably don’t have a BSS or insurance either. Similar to the incessant speeding, which needs cracking down on, I don’t think the EA are really interested in enforcement.
  8. Yep. I was paying I think £20.50 (was £20 but had gone up). So £22 with 6 months half price comes out at £19 a month if my off the top of my head maths was right, so that is fine by me and I feel is good value.
  9. Go with what makes sense for you. For me as long at it is sub £20 for unlimited everything, at moment I am happy, and feel it represents good value. It is cheaper than the broadband at home.
  10. Contacting Three by phone is not great I admit, but you should not need to do that often. In fact I just did an upgrade with Three a couple of days ago online, as suggested by them in an email. By upgrade read reduced my monthly cost for exactly the same thing. Very happy with Three.
  11. Same as everywhere really, it is the “cheap housing” syndrome. Anyway we are in Henley at the moment, it was rammed last night on the regatta moorings on the left going down stream, but plenty of space when we got here at 1pm, which was intentional on our part. Virtually all the boats left the regatta moorings this morning, and there are only a few boats here here now. There were hire boats looking for moorings at 6/7 pm yesterday, but there was still plenty of space on the other side of the river, and even after everyone arrived you would still have got another 20 narrowboats moored there.
  12. I was going to post similar. We came past on Friday going downstream, there are no “no mooring” signs, just the posts, and there were boats moored there. We are planning to stop there on our way back upstream, unless we get tempted if there is space at Pangbourne.
  13. The CRT stoppages will prevent you travelling through the stoppage location, usually it is locks where gates are being replaced. For example the Napton flight is closed from 2 Nov, so you would not be able to go down the South Oxford from Napton. The EA also has lock stoppages on the Thames starting at around the same time. So you would need to plan carefully in November, but still possible, for example I don’t think there are stoppages on the GU south of Braunston before Christmas.
  14. Yes you can go from the Oxford canal to the Thames, by two routes actually, Dukes Cut and Sheepwash Channel. From Napton it will take you 4 days each way to the Thames. If you fancy a narrowboat on the upper Thames, there is Anglo Welsh near Eynsham actually on the Thames. The 27th is during the half term holiday, so expect less availability and higher prices!
  15. Don’t forget you have 2 weeks of half term holidays at the end of October, the hire companies are always busy then in normal times. If you can get your trip in before then you may find more availability and lower cost. That did I believe a number for hire companies are extending their season this year to the end of November, but then the clocks will have gone back, so darker sooner. There are a lot of hire companies around the Braunston/Napton/Rugby area, have a look at what they have available. You would then have the choice of GU and/or Oxford. Watch he out for the winter stoppages if going in November though.
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