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  1. 3D zebra crossing

    Based on the video it only shows as 3D from one direction. Very dangerous I would think, could easily cause an accident.
  2. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    This http://www.houltonrugby.co.uk/development gives an idea of what the housing will be like
  3. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    No quite, so all fortuitous my plans have changed really. I hope it does not run into April though, that is the bridge stoppage, but the weather as well would be nice.
  4. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    It is a massive development, and it going to change the canal there significantly. Until I saw the start of the ground works where the new bridge is going in Oct I had not realised that there was to be a new bridge. The stoppage to build the bridge parapets should have started on 5th Feb and goes on util 16th March. I almost got caught out by that as I was planning to go that way at the beginning of March.
  5. BCN Challenge 2018

    Fazeley Junction to Salford Junction (up only) is in the scoring this year.
  6. BCN Challenge 2018

    That is being picky, Fazeley junction is of course part of the BCN, but perhaps it is not in No. 2, I don't know, the books are on the boat and I'm not. But anyway why start at Fazeley Junction, that does not sound like a wining plan to me! You can start anywhere on the BCN, there are no specific start points with bonus point this year as last year.
  7. BCN Challenge 2018

    Unless it has changed in the recent ones the BCN is all in a single edition No. 2, Severn, Avon and Birmingham. There is the through routes of the Main Line and Dudley canals in No. 3 as well, but it is all in No. 2.
  8. TV on the blink

    Watch on on that, at least round here the charity shops will not accept anything that is electrical as that would have to PAT test them, and it is just not worth it to them.
  9. TV on the blink

    Funnily the TV in our bedroom at home, 240V obviously, flailed last week. Completely dead, and when I took the back off there was 240 onto the power supply but as far as I could tell nothing coming out of it. Bought a new swish bigger smart TV from Currys for £200, not worth looking at repairing the old one.
  10. March of the Wide Beams

    Yes there was a different shell, one in grey primer that started off near Napton junction and then moved to close to bridge 104. Bridge 102 is the best road access with parking, we use that area quite a bit when my wife is travelling to work. Moored in a suitable location I don't have an issue with the widebeams, it is more an observation that they seem to be more prevalent than previously in the 8 years that we have had the boat moored at Calcutt.
  11. Rather nice canalsise property

    I agree it is massively over developed, but now having seen how horrible the inside is, the outside does not seem too bad given what it could have been like!
  12. March of the Wide Beams

    We were moored near to bridge 100 yesterday, and went back to Calcutt yesterday afternoon. The widebeam in primer moored near bridge 102 was in a really inappropriate spot it is too narrow there close to the bridge. Went we came passed there yesterday afternoon that one had gone, and there was another widebeam, presumably the one that was approaching when you went passed, moored further back in a more suitable location. Widebeams have in the past been rare here, but it is now getting normal to see at least one on that stretch.
  13. Which Ring?

    Ah OK, so two quite different routes, one including the Severn one one not. I think it has to be personal preference as to if you fancy the river part or not, although in reality that would only be 4 hours or so.
  14. Which Ring?

    Just to be clear, is the difference between the two routes if you use either Wolverhampton or Delph/Stourbridge to get on/off the BCN?
  15. Traveling on a canal at night?

    But again you are talking about rivers. I can’t see how you can deal with narrow locks and bridges without turning a light on as you approach. For me at least, I can not make out the edges in the dark.