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  1. john6767

    Aston Flight

    Yep same as I got.
  2. If you go Watford and Foxton, take note of the reduced opening hours that come in from the 17th May, you will not make it up Watford and down Foxton in a day with the reduced hours.
  3. john6767

    Aston Flight

    That is clearly what CRT are doing, but canalplan has them as you would expect from 1 at the top of FB continuing down Aston. So if B&F lock 1 is the top of Aston what numbers are used for FB, negative! I think the notice should really say locks 9 and 10 of the Aston flight on the B&F, as those numbers just relate to the flight, not the canal as a whole. I see on the website the update says it is closed, but I did not get an email for that update, just for the original.
  4. No I was counting Calcutt top!
  5. john6767

    Aston Flight

    I saw that, aren’t locks 9 and 10 are on Farmers Bridge, and therefore there is no alternative route.
  6. If you are hiring from Stockton, it does not make a lot of sense to go in the direction of Kingswood unless you are doing the Warwickshire ring. Going south I think you basically have the options from Ray. Before we had our boat, we hired for a week from Kate Boats at Stockton, we went south on the GU and turned just past the aqueduct at Cosgrove. We then came back up the GU, and then onto the South Oxford and to Fenny Compton, where we turned and headed back. It was easy in a hire week with 2 adults ands 2 teenage children, we only got as far as Braunston on the firs
  7. I can’t see how the new one visited before they were announced could count, but if they specifically say that then I guess they do, but it just makes they whole thing more of a nonsense like as you say you may have visited the place, but with no evidence because it was not a location when you visited it. I guess I need to nip across the Ribble link again to get a photo of Preston.
  8. You should have a CRT (yale) key and a handcuff key on a hire boat. Check before you set off. You need the CRT key for most service like water points, as well as some bridges and locks. The handcuff key is mainly used for locks in urban areas, and for some bridges.
  9. Whilst I have come across marinas that include electricity in the dat mooring rate, but for weekly, monthly, and annual the electricity is at cost, either on a meter of by pre pay card. Are there any that include electricity in longer term mooring rates?
  10. Correct, it only the pontoons in Locks that have more than one boat that have the necessary wide gap. In Calcutt's Meadows marina there is about 2ft between boats, and as it is very windy at the far end where we are it can be a challenge not to touch either the pontoon or the neighbouring boat, particular if you want to reverse in.
  11. No, at least in my experience. You can wind in the canal by the workshops, not sure if a full length boat can do that, but someone will be along with that info.
  12. Four routes spring to mind; . Warwickshire ring, it would mean longer days than you said even if you do the short version by GU to Salford Junction, rather than going into the centre of Birmingham. Lots of hire boats do that in a week, and some go go 8nto the centre of Birmingham, going clockwise is best. . South Oxford, say to Banbury area, go as far south until you have used up half the time. . South GU to Cosgrove, which would leave to time to spare . Leicester Line to Market Harbrough, again should leave time to spare
  13. They only count from 1 Jan 2018 on, anything before does not count! As Preston basin has only just been added I don't know if it would count in 2020, I would assume not as it was not a location when you visited it, and the point is to make you visit those locations now. I have got a number on the BCN that were before 2018 and therefore don't count, so I lost a bit of interest to be honest.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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