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  1. The services are on the opposite side to the museum. You do not need to pay to moor on either side. You can get out from the museum side with a BW key, and I believe there is a gate in the fence on the non towpath side, but not personally used it.
  2. I thought this thread was saying it was the third lock up at Napton, ie the one above the lock that was widened, that was now causing an issue. So that third lock up is lock 10, it was lock 9 that was widened. However I am confused though, as the above photo looks to be of lock 9, due to the bridge in the background, so if that’s the case this is all talking about an issue that no longer exists.
  3. Wilnecote station is closer to the canal, but not that many of the Birmingham to Tamworth trains stop there so you need to pick your train.
  4. If you are running out of adjustment in the 1300 then the 1295 should be fine
  5. By the wall at Sharpness is one of my favourite places to moor. Not one to stay in one place for a long time, but 5 days there is very pleasant in nice weather
  6. Last year the only lock on the Severn that answered was Gloucester. I think they have volunteers on the others that are not trained, however I think it is still worth blind calling as at virtually every lock the lock was set and open for us when we got there, so I guess the set is on even though they can’t respond. On the G&S it’s worth calling Lanthony bridge and Junction bridge to let them know your intentions.
  7. You can update the draft yourself online on the licensing site, it was missing on ours and it needs it to let you book the Ribble Link for example
  8. That’s not bad, but bigger than we want, we have a 19” with a built in DVD
  9. Just get unlimited data, it’s not expensive I gave up trying to find a decent small smart TV they did not seem to exist
  10. We have both a Now TV (discontinued but cheap on eBay) and an Amazon Fire stick. What Sky have done is include the Now TV stuff as an app on the Amazon Fire stick (there are quite a number of apps that you can download onto the Amazon Stick), so the Amazon one can do everything you don’t actually need both. Of course you don’t actually need to pay for Now TV or Amazon Prime if you don’t want to, there is lots of free stuff. As to if it replaces a satellite dish, the really depends on what you want to watch and what platform that is available on.
  11. There is this perpetually on BBC iPlayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01rwfkm
  12. The Severn is CRT so you will be covered on that with your normal licence. It is worth getting the 2 weeks on the Avon, you can easily do the Avon in a week, but it does give you the flexibility to spend 8 or 9 days on the Avon if you want. For example if you spend your 48 hours in Bancroft basin at Stratford (CRT), you can then move onto the river and spend 48 hours there (ANT), and not then have to rush more down the river.
  13. Sorry this is going off topic. So the MeterMac system it’s self is prepay, but are you just putting the credit on your account, or on to a specific meter? What I would have said you need to be able to do is put say £20 on you account and have that just sit there. When you want to use a meter to go on their app/web site on your account and enter the serial number of the bollard, and that activates the bollard and links it to your account. Then as you use electricity it deducts only what you use from your account. When you are done you go in your account and disconnect that bollard from you account and what it has cost you is what you have used, say 50p which comes off your £20 leaving you £19.50 credit. I guess there is then the service charge, which would be based on the number of days you where connected, which would probably be of the order of 30p a day, so a kicker for small scale usage I guess but that is the reality. Is that remotely close to how it works?
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