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  1. OK it’s not free, but I meant that is is included in your contract as it is here. So my £20 per month unlimited everything works the same in the US as here, except that it does not allow tethering, and I can confirm that tethering does not physically work as we tried to tether my wife’s EE phone to mine for internet. In terms of calls, it is only calls to the UK that are included, if you need to call US numbers then you will pay. Another good thing to note is that you can use Skype on your phone to call US free phone numbers for free without having to have any Skype call credit (this also works to call US free phone numbers from the UK).
  2. Have you looked at a map, Vagas and New Orleans are a bit out of the way from Denver to DC in terms of driving! If you want to go there, fly! Most of the interior Iowa/Illinois is corn fields and hick towns, but interesting non the less and not what most people’s impression of the US is. If you only have 2 weeks don’t underestimate how long it will take to drive. I know I sound like someone saying you need 3 weeks to do the Warwickshire ring, but Denver/Vagas/New Orleans/DC in 2 weeks driving sounds a big ask to me.
  3. Not that familiar with the central part of the US, but head east and you will be fine. As you would expect there is a lot of interesting stuff in DC and the surrounding areas so give yourself plenty of time at the end. If you are on Three you have free internet as you have here, so google maps will work well, but tethering will not work. If the F150 is like most cars in the US it will support the Apple and Android car systems rather than having its own sat nav, so you will be able to have the phones native map system up on the screen, that worked well for us in both the US and Canada earlier in the year.
  4. Two boats by us up here in the frozen wet north have their stoves lit. I had the central heating on earlier. Seems a distant memory when we actually had a day without wind and rain and had some sun. Hopefully we will get a few weeks of decent weather before winter fully sets in!
  5. It was June This year that the “renaming” took place, but in fact the Broad Street Tunnel sign is still there along with the new one. Tony Iommi worked in a metalworking factor in the early days and lost the tips of 2 fingers on his fretting hand, a fact then defined their sound somewhat as he had to develop his own technique of forming chords. Is it possible that picture is a reference to that factory?
  6. john6767


    The other sixty miles” is worth getting a copy of. Try Audlem Mill https://www.canalbookshop.co.uk/bcn & w midlands 1.html also worth taking a look and Andy Tidy’s youtube channel for his canal hunter series
  7. The one that I can think of is near the station, just before the cruising club moorings. I think I am right in that the edge there is piled, rather than concrete, and it is also close to a road bridge. So I think not really in that case because of the house just it ticks other boxes for a mooring location.
  8. I did think that after I had posted, so I guess the signs will be considered to be working then.
  9. If you go into Birmingham on the North Stratford I would say stop anywhere up to Shirley lift bridge. It’s an easy run from there to the centre of Birmingham, although you can go from Hockley Heath to the centre of Birmingham in one go, so just work where your stops will be. When you go out of Birmingham you will want to go to at least Curdworth in one day.
  10. We were there earlier in the year, virtially no boats there, so I don't think it is generally busy at all.
  11. From Kingswood to Stratford it is approx 35 locks each way, so it will add 70 to you lock count. You can do it in a day each way but if your plan allows it 2 days each way is more comfortable. So as long as you don't mind hard work and a lot of locks it is certainly possible in 2 weeks. If you can go the North Stratford into the centre of Birmingham.
  12. We were there last summer in the very hot weather, they had a pump dousing the bridge it water to cool it down so it would swing.
  13. Interesting, but it does say for boaters as well, so I think the comment is still valid in that it does not buy you anything in terms of security.
  14. Similar, we have had the short term mooring in Saul Junction marina twice and letting the bridge know your intentions smooths it along, as if you are approaching from the south they can just give you a green without swinging the bridge. I did observe when we were at the services in the basin, a boat with the guy with his arm out hovering for ages, a lot easier with VHF as you know what the score is straight away, rather than waiting for a green. I did once call up Purton when I had been hovering at the upper bridge for ages, my guess is the keeper at the lower bridge that controls the upper was having a snooze, VHF at least woke him up and the bridge was opened straight away.
  15. I don't think the pontoon is for canoes, it has gates that are locked with a BW key, but they are just railings basically so offer no security over mooring against the wall. I had a good look at it while we were using the water point there. We went on to a just after you go under the moterway, there is a very nice mooring spot there where we spent two days while it poured with rain.
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