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  1. How much do you pay for you insurance?
  2. If you value it when boating, then renew it, if people don’t then they will not be around when you get back on the boat.
  3. I’ll go for 12 months, a vaccine will be available and summer will be coming up. Welcome to 2021, let’s just forget 2020.
  4. Remid me, what is work 😀 I find all revelation that people are having that you can actually work from home, quite interesting. I started working form home (large software company based all over the world) in about 2000, and did that until I retired 2 years ago. Much better all round than driving or train each day for hours just to sit in a office with the door closed and IM and email the people sat outside your office (you know that's what you do). Hopefully one good thing that will come from this is more home working, a big help to the environment and we can cancel HS2 to pay for all this, as no one will need to commute to London every day from Birmingham.
  5. Doesn’t mean you will get it all though. That said we have just been to pick up a prescription from the chemist and went into the medium size op-op next door, and it was fully stocked with everything including toilet rolls. So perhaps we are through the supply issue as everyone has all the stocks that they need.
  6. Very much depends on the travel insurance. We got “saved” a few weeks ago (seems like a lifetime) when the FCO advised against travel to Italy and our flight was cancelled and the airline are refunding the money. Still not actually seen it though they say by the end of this week.
  7. Funny thing is when out house was built 17 years ago I had the electrician install a Cat5 network, but we don;t use it at all at the moment, everything is wifi. I have used repeaters and power line connections and second access points and all the permutations in the past to get wifi everywhere, but now we have a BT home hub, and it is so much better than the run of the mill routers and we get wifi everywhere on 2.4.
  8. Don’t tell my wife 😀. I have found some, but it is quite expensive for the delivery.
  9. I would agree, although one reason the 5Ghz band is less congested is that the range is less, so a single router may not cover the whole house.
  10. They can remain open, but unless it essential stuff you need you can’t go there. I see B&Q are closed at the moment while they work out to stay open supplying only essential items. I need paint and it’s is hard to get paint delivered given as it is classified as hazardous, even water based, so looks like I have my excuse to stop doing decorating.
  11. It’s just avoiding stuff that has the potential to cause interference, and therefore improve the speed of your Wi-fi. It is not going to conserve bandwidth, you will download the same stuff just at a lower rate.
  12. Presumably it is tracking you location as well, or is that a different one. I thought there was one app that used Bluetooth to track who you came close to, and therefore be able to track the passing of infection person to person.
  13. I was talking about the government rules, they apply to everyone. If people are ignoring them then CRT will have to take action or they would be culpable.
  14. john6767

    Time to go

    You don’t need to see anything relating to canal boats. The rules are the same for every person in the country, but it does seem that a lot of people are deciding that those rules do not apply to them. It is all rather sad.
  15. john6767

    Time to go

    Have you not seen any of the stuff from the government then, it all seemed quite clear to me!
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