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    Boating, Rugby, what more is there to life?

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  1. john6767

    14 day moorings near Wilmcote

    They were doing that dredging when we went into Birmingham about 5 weeks ago, they must be giving it a good go if still at it
  2. john6767

    14 day moorings near Wilmcote

    Was the rest of the Birmingham level down? There is not much tolerance on the North Stratford, if it is down a bit then there are problems, like when there were the issues at Ryder’s Green lowering the whole Birmingham level.
  3. john6767

    14 day moorings near Wilmcote

    Either above or below the locks, there are always a number of boats left there. At the top it would be just before you get to the winding hole, at the bottom anywhere from the lock approach to the bypass bridge.
  4. john6767

    Canal Club - who on earth picks the names?!

    I don't think much of your VHF protocol, can you do it properly please 😀
  5. john6767

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    Having now done Ripon and back to the midlands, can say that in a 60 ft boat you would need to be very careful about water getting in the boat, we came down the two Ouse locks between Boroughbridge and York with a 57 ft boat, whilst I got a lot water on the counter from the leaking locks, at the worst one they got 18 in of water in the engine bay, so be prepared.
  6. john6767

    Weed Hatch Luck Dip

    Good to see you this morning. Nuneaton was good to me, no orobelems, but as usual no boats there.
  7. john6767

    Water tank level gauge. Best thing EVER!

    I just look at the green stuff showing on the waterline at the bow, if there is 2 inches time to fill up.
  8. john6767

    CRT License discount

    That’s what I said, but not that deisel is environmentally friendly!
  9. I was pondering the stopping bit going UP the tidal Ouse (the one in Yorkshire this time) with the tide, at 8.3mph over the ground it was getting close.
  10. john6767

    CRT License discount

    You can of course turn the engine off while you are waiting, assuming you are tied up securely. What does surprise me a little is that you get a discount if the only form of propulsion is from electric. That seems to ignore that you have a deisel engine providing the electricity, so from an environmental point of view it is no better. The only mitigating factor is that you could add a battery bank and get at least some of the charge from solar or a hookup, but you don’t need to do that to get the discount. The discount should be based on the source of the energy used for propulsion, and not just saying that it all ultimately comes from the sun.
  11. john6767

    Tv licence dilemna

    You would presume that it could be. Personally I like the fact it is commercial free, so am ok with paying the licence, it not a lot really. It would be good if a better system could be used though, so those that don’t watch broadcast TV are not impacted by the nonsense.
  12. john6767

    Tv licence dilemna

    That is what I would expect yes, if it is your owner residence you are clearly supposed to have a licence, but for leisure use it is covered by the licence at you main residence.
  13. john6767

    Tv licence dilemna

    Why don't you just look at the section on boats rather than static caravans!!!!!!!
  14. john6767

    Tv licence dilemna

    Again, I believe that relates to static caravans, not touring caravans or boats. chwck this page http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/for-your-home/second-home-aud8 and expand the section "You don't a separate TV licence for"
  15. john6767

    Tv licence dilemna

    That is the situation for static caravans. It is different for touring caravans and boats, where there is no restriction about not using at the licenced premises at the same time.

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