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  1. Hang on are we on the Llangollen now! Well actually we are, well we are on the Montgomery at the moment. We came back over that aquaduct thing on Monday. The basin in Llangollen was actually completely full on Monday night, You would not believe how many boats Alvechurch have! If you like busy then get here. If you do the whole length of the Llangollen there is a reasonable number of locks, but the vast number of the hire boats only do New Martin lock, it is hillarious how just two locks can cause such a hold but, but most people have not done a lock and generally they have no idea what to do, so they take ages. We hit lucky both ways, but when we when up there were at least 10 boats waiting at the top.
  2. I would say it is safe by Shirley Drawbridge, but for sure out of choice for sure go on anywhere you fancy from there. My choice as I said is always Wearing Green. Water Orton is the other side of the sewage works, so a bit of a walk I would have thought, but certainly a possibility I did not think of!
  3. For stations, Atherstone which is probably to early for you, Wilnecote in Tamworth if you would be at Fazeley Junction. Then it is Birmingham, but they could get the train out to say Aston and join you part way on the ascent to Birmingham. In terms of Stratford I understand the train bit in saving locks and time, but then you could equally just drive to Stratford when you drop on boat off! For me the point in going by boat is to moor in Bancroft basin or on the river. With the 11 days you should be able to have more then 2 days to go the Stratford and back, perhaps down in a day and then 2 days back so you don’t have to set off so early. On the second of the days coming back you could go on to the top of Hatton
  4. The usual reason to go clockwise is when starting from Braunston/Napton you get a lot of the locks done first, so at the end it is easier to catch up if you are running late. That in my opinion is not so critical if starting from Rugby, also if you want to keep Stratford as an option then keeping that until later is also good. So with what you have said I would say anti-clockwise is the righ choice. As to where to stop etc, as you aproach Birmingham on the B&F stop no later than the Cuttle Bridge Inn, and then the next day go from there to the centre of Birmingham (suggest an early start!). On the way out of Birmingham on the North Stratford the earliest stopping place would be Shirley drawbridge, if you a go a bit further to Wearings Green (near the Blue Bell pub) that is nicer, or carry on to Hockley Heath. Other than that stop anywhere, although Leamington would not be my choice of stopping place. As to Stratford if you are gluttons for punishment you can go down from Kingswood in a day and then back up the next day. I have done both ways in a day each, but not on consecutive days!
  5. Is it saying that a structural failure in the gate that is to blame? So with the lock full the bottom of the gate became unconstrained, and the water pressure forced the gate up and it came down on the paddle gear?
  6. My initial thoughts…. If you are intending to do this on your own, it will be hard to find a hire company that will hire to an inexperienced solo boater. So finding one has to be the factor that decides where. If you could make the timing work, you could possibly look at doing the helmsman course immediately before, that may make hire companies more amenable. As to timing, You don’t really need to leave it until mid September, the schools go back at the end of August or beginning of Sept (you should be able to find term date through Google), so the sooner the better as the weather goes down hill very quickly in Sept.
  7. Postings on Facebook say the lock reopened at 3:30pm today.
  8. I have moored more than once on the services side, but with no intention of leaving the boat. There is room for 2 boats between the services and the bridge, although it in not unusual for there to be a work boat there. There are also I think rings further back towards the tunnel on the services side.
  9. I was wondering that. Also the stoppage notice does not say anything about the paddle gear, just the gate. But then they only need to fix the gate to get the lock operating.
  10. It must be a vehicle, or vandalism, it is hard to see how a boat could smash the paddle gear.
  11. The first time we went to Llangollen, in a hire boat, I did the same thing the boat did not turn and the bow hit the concrete edge opposite. The important thing to remember is not to wait there for the aqueduct to be clear! This post is timely, we will be going up the Llangollen on Sunday, so back down on Tuesday, I will try not to do it again.
  12. If you think you can get to Smethwick then is not long from there to centre of Birmingham. If you get to the top of Smethwick and want to stop there is a visitor mooring in the winding hole at the end of the Engine Arm which is secure.
  13. For me that looks 20 long and my guess for the size is M4. Is there a prize?
  14. The fact some are children does not matter, the RCD plate just shows the number of people, commonly 6, but obviously some boats are more up to 12. However on our plate at least it does say “maximum people when under way 6”, so you would not be in violation of that if you were moored up.
  15. We have moored a couple of times at Marlow on the public mooring just above the park, room for about 4 narrowboats, but if you stick to the rules I think it is 24 hours. Does it have to be Marlow, you have Henley one day upstream and Windsor one day downstream, but with plentiful moorings at £10 a night.
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