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  1. After wading through a permanently closed thread created by a spider hating bitumen painting lady, I have come to appreciate that this forum is all about give and take. (And not just reading anonymously!) When I needed help, I took and haven’t given anything back, so time to redress that now. This service has recently started. We haven’t used them yet (Jerry cans have been the order of the day up til now) but it’s good to know about, especially if anyone is in the same situation we found ourselves in. Hope someone finds this useful
  2. I viewed all the entries and voted whilst using my house tinternet, and that took ages. Maybe some had issues with data?
  3. We came through Fall Ings lock and moored right behind the garage. All straight forward, we managed to fill 100 litres via containers - just watch out for the needles on the walk round! Thanks I’ll ring ahead in the week
  4. I rang them this aft and they have none; couldn’t advise when they would either.
  5. It was more about the Aire and Calder but that’s good to know about Selby. It helps build a bigger picture, thanks
  6. Ok, thanks. Is this a seasonal issue? And because it's a less used waterway, or do most boaters have this problem?
  7. Tbh it’s not the cost that’s the issue right now it’s the availability.
  8. Thank you! I must say I’ve enjoyed it from the wings for a few weeks now- love the banter ?
  9. Thanks all very much. That rough guide is very helpful too! There’s a new garage at Fall Ings lock that sells red. We’ll turn there tomorrow after filling. So no bus or bicycle needed this time. ?. But a big lesson learned. We’ll try Selby when we get there. Not bad on the downhill I bet
  10. Thanks for the quick reply.I’ve rung them and their “expected delivery” didn’t show...
  11. Hello all Well I didn’t intend this to be my opening post... Does anyone know of a boatyard that has any diesel on the Aire & Calder? We’re at Stanley Ferry, which is empty, as is Castleford boatyard. We are intending to cruise to Selby, turn then go down to Thorne before heading back to Woodlesford. Thanks
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