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  1. When I was looking into buying my Humax Freesat box (HD1100S) I found some information that claimed the disk controller chip was a weak point. Don't know any more than that but if the disk shows as ok on a computer it may be worth getting it checked out. Should be a simple fix for a competent repair person.
  2. Thought I would try and add a bit of fun for the season. If anyone has listened to "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" where they have film titles with a word changed to fit a theme this is my version with a narrowboat theme. Feel free to join in and add you own titles ? High Tide The slow and the ambivalent Forbidden mooring Cratch 22 (or anything with catch in the title e.g. catch me if you can) Gone in 60 minutes Deep Lock 9 Top Gunnel Blacked Beauty Navigation impassable
  3. Ooops my apologies I haven't looked at this for months and didn't get an email notification. Yes fixed now. What I did notice was that when I tested it with plain water I was vastly overestimating when it was 'full' hence emptying it too often. I kept thinking the fix had not worked but it eventually indicated full. With the light working should be much longer between empties - but much heavier ?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. For anyone else trying to do this you don't need to undo the screw. The screw holds a clip with some sprung pegs which fit into the two holes on the Reed switch mount. The third single peg holds the clip in place while putting the screw in. See attached photo. There looks to be a small gap between the reed and the clip in between the pegs to put a screwdriver and gently lever the switch off. Of course I didn't realise this until I had taken the clip off. The screw is Torx by the way.
  5. No I didn't do that sounds obvious when you say it out loud but the light did work before. I'll try that before I attack the switch :)
  6. Hey wonderful thank you! I tested that fuse as well. Didn't see the screw behind it. As for fixing I can see 4 rusty screws into the deck so don't want to mess with those unless I have to. Not sure no but I taped a magnet to the reed switch and the light did not come on. I also used said magnet on the cassette and the arm lifted up and stopped in approximately the right place hence I think it is the switch.
  7. I have bought a replacement reed switch for my Thetford C200 toilet. I have checked the magnets in the cassettes with an external magnet and they appear to be working correctly. I'd like to replace it without taking the toilet out. The cassette comes out in a cupboard so it is quite a contortion to get at it. I cannot see or feel the screw that holds it in place. The diagram that came with the new one is useless. Does anyone have a decent picture of the mounting screw and fitting please?
  8. Ok thank you Welsh Cruiser and WotEver. I am going with fused cable to the batteries and a single isolator switch on the PV side.
  9. Hello everyone, I am close to buying all the parts for my solar system. Due to size constraints it will be a single panel 46V Voc type with MPPT controller. I will put an isolator switch and fuse in the PV feed to the MPPT and I wanted to route the MPPT to Batteries cable to the existing services isolator switch via a fused cable. Assuming the services to battery cables are up to it which I think they are. Now comes my problem. If I have an isolator on both feeds which I think is sensible for safety then it is possible to have both Battery and PV off and then someone could turn the PV on first. The MPPT manual says Battery should be connected first. Its a Victron but I haven't bought it yet. Is there an isolator switch which could be used that has say 3 positions which allows Battery ON / PV ON, Battery OFF / PV OFF and Battery ON PV OFF but not the 4th option? Or conversely is it safe to have a switch which allows either both ON or both OFF only? I guess this would allow some minimal time where the PV could be ON and Battery OFF as the switch contacts operate. Any thoughts ?
  10. Okay thanks for all the advice. I don't think she wants to do this regularly and as I said she is not a boater but wanted to try this out and end up with something she could use.
  11. A freind of mine, non-boater, has just asked me where she can get an old style watering can as seen on narrowboats either in base metal or plain paint that she can paint herself. She wants the 5/10 litre type. I think she is confusing this with the water jugs that you see on narrowboats as I don't remember seeing full size watering cans. Does anyone know where such a thing can be bought and what paint she can use ? Any alternatives ?
  12. I'm in the process of buying parts to add solar panels to my boat. The only place they can go is on two specially made brackets which form an arch over the pole / plank and hook. These will easily pull out parallel to the roof and therefore be accessible but they will no longer lift up directly. I just wondered if this is a problem for BSS certificate? I don't want to go to all the trouble of fitting the panels only to have it fail BSS in a couple of years. I can't see it being an issue the parts are not 'life critical' but thought I would ask first.
  13. Ok thank you everyone. Just out of interest how would I have found his details on the forum? The only member menu I can see is "Member Map" and he isn't in there, neither am I.
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