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  1. Thanks for the advice, will do.
  2. Red boatyard diesel bought in 2021
  3. I keep a 5 gallon jerry can of fuel as an emergency supply in the front of my boat. Is there any time restriction on how long you should keep fuel before using it?
  4. Just to round this topic up for anyone having similar problems. I can confirm that regardless of what is said about there being no need for a pump, my system does have one. I checked it as Tony suggested and it is working fine. I must commend Lockgate stoves for suggesting solutions for the lack of fuel problem via e mail, when these did not work I was contacted by an engineer who talked me through the process of stripping down the regulator and clearing the internal valves and filters. Stove now works perfectly. So I would recommend anyone with stove problems to make contact with Lockgate they have obviously upped their game for customer support, I have nothing but the highest praise for them.
  5. I had my canal boat blacked around 12 months ago, but the majority of the paint above the water line has now turned grey. Does anyone know what has caused this and could I just put another coat of black over the top?.
  6. I'm having a problem lighting my Reflex Stove. I follow all the manual instructions, however cannot see any fuel being released into the bottom of the pot initially. All the necessary fuel cocks are open and my fuel tank is full but I suspect the pump may not be working as I cannot hear it or feel any vibration . Does anyone have contact details for a Reflex engineer in the Warwickshire area who I could call out to help?
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