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  1. The fuel boat lifts my (4) bottles in and out, at 73 I can't do it without risk of injury. I bought a crane to do the job but I've not needed it since Halsall does it for me. Starting out at over 70, you need to get your boat "sorted" out as described above quickly. This means you will not be able to go for the cheapest option when a decision on equipment, fittings, etc comes up, you will have to go for the certain-to-work option, and you will need to get other people to do work for you that you might be able to do yourself but you would take too long. I would recommend that you go for it if: You have a fallback plan if your health takes a downturn suddenly. You have a significant degree of spare funding available to cover all well most eventualities.
  2. If the ballast you need to move is now under the kit that could be a pain. Is the old formula of 1 ton gives 1" change of depth still roughly true?
  3. I meant using the vent to determine whether there was water in there or not. I know nothing about blocked vents.
  4. Try unscrewing the vent and dipping the tank when you think it is empty?
  5. The tank will only give out water until the level in the tank reaches the level of the outlet (the take-off point). If this is too high, or had an elbow dipping down into the tank that has accidently turned up, you will get less water out than you expect.
  6. I disagree. One's instinct is to assume that posters have come here with a mechanical problem, full stop. Often they have actually come with a mechanical problem, a lack of understanding as to how to go about tackling a problem eg the need for precise information where possible, and a lack of personal organisation in getting around to providing said information. The latter maybe outside their control. They also lack the understanding that the forum needs to know the current position in that organisation eg I can't do that at the moment because... So the task of the forum is not just to solve the mechanical problem but to train said individual in the whole process of solving a problem by getting help. The latter is not nearly so much fun for the forum than the former, unfortunately.
  7. You keep referring to it as singular. There are 2 nuts that should normally be tightened equally as above. Are you adjusting the right thing(s)?
  8. Yes & yes! Sorry, its the common plastic groat, ten-a-penny.
  9. Tilley hat in pristine condition. Dinge coloured. Last seen on the river Deben at Waldringfield, on a falling tide. Sent into the water by a strong gust and recovery prevented by a multitude of non-agile dinghy occupants!
  10. I have an idea! Or maybe I have a friend who has an idea! Or who may one day have an idea! I have no experience of anything so I am unimpeded by relevant experience to that idea. I have no knowledge of any particular interest group so the question of a match is not an issue. Please fund me if you are interested. I ask to be supported because I am young, enthusiastic, and optimistic! Thank you for your time! [Copying this brief is permitted, just fill in the blanks as necessary.]
  11. This contains some facts but is a most peculiar discussion of the (my) problem. All I'm after is a way of reducing the reduction in flow due to a hose, which this does not address.
  12. I don't understand any part of your comment.
  13. corrected that for you.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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