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  1. It will be a disaster either way.
  2. Now is the time for everyone who wants to realise the absurd dream of a Corbyn government to join the Conservative Party and put their weight behind Boris for Leader. A clown for a leader should finish the Conservatives for a decade.
  3. And they don't work on my Channelglaze boat windows because the groove size is appropriate to vertical caravan windows which is what they really are, not angled boat windows. They are ***p.
  4. Make a personal criticism of a mod.
  5. Have you tried the leak solution stuff on the bubble tester itself? If bubbles are visible then the gas has to be going somewhere. This somewhere is most likely outside the system and therefore must be findable by using the solution in the right place and you've tried most places, or its just gas passing from a higher pressure area (bottle side) to a lower pressure area (the pipes) and pressurizing them, in the latter case the bubble tester bubbles should stop flowing when the pressure eventually equalises. Why there might be a presure difference (unlikely) is another question but the option is listed for theoretical completeness. The above offering is from a complete amateur, with occasional arrogance.
  6. Nothing special. Just another TomTom satnav user.
  7. Remember to check that you have changed your address on all those accounts that you never refer to, as well as the obvious ones like the driving license. We were slow with one and a credit reference agency suddenly decided it didn't like us anymore.
  8. Buy the large one page map of the canals for the whole of the country for an idea of the possibilities. Use the fantastic canalplan tool on the internet to get an idea of what locks are involved for each day.
  9. "Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable said every vote for his party was "a vote for stopping Brexit"." Absolute nonsense. I voted for the LibDems for local issues.
  10. No way would I have a windlass without a roller.
  11. The earlier list is good but I thought the neutral version of Rector was Rectum?
  12. I look down the LHS and line up the edge of the gunnel with where I think the lock side is. Mostly it slides in without my being aware of any contact though I'm not saying there isn't any, just that it is not perceptible. To get comfortable with your technique I would recommend doing a number of 15-lock days not too far apart.
  13. Ooops! Maybe I should've waited for the boat to pass..
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