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  1. system 4-50

    Webasto\Eberspacher 4 or 5 KW?

    Slightly aside, is this a one-pipe system or a two-pipe system?
  2. system 4-50

    Please Hoot

    or wave your knickers in the air. Or anything to indicate what you are intending to do! Gt Haywood, a few days ago. I am coming off the water point which is just above the junction, to the north, facing south, intending to turn right at the junction to head west. There is a bridge over the arm making it difficult to see round it. I give a good hoot, one for turning right, and listen. Nothing. I start the turn. When I reach 45 degs on the turn into the junction the prow of a long boat emerges tentatively from the blind junction, slightly angled to show an intent to turn north. There is room to turn inside me so no problem. I ease off and keep out of the way. He gets sufficiently clear and I resume my turn. Then a second boat appears from the junction, not tentatively at all! I am now directly proceeding towards this emerging boat and need to turn to one side or the other to avoid it. Any indication of whether he wants to turn to the left going north or right going south? Not a bit of it. I reverse furiously and gesticulate at the oncoming boat who has accelerated to try and get out of my way. Eventually light dawns and a hand signal indicates that he wants to turn right and go south. I swing my bow in the opposite direction and stop reversing with my stern against the bank, and he just manages to get past and we all resume our journies. No boats were hurt as this saga unfolded, but it would have been so much easier if a few hoots were given to indicate what people wanted to do.
  3. Is your boat an urgent requirement? If not, perhaps you could wait a couple of years and have your perfectly designed boat 3D printed? On a more serious note, I think your main problem is thinking that a bespoke "anything" is not going to cost at least 100% more than a more orthodox design. Be aware that as you describe your desires, the slightest severity in the tone of your responses will have some of the hypersensitive residents on this forum rebounding a hundred-fold.
  4. system 4-50

    Gas bottle size

    I'll worry about that in 3 years time. Perhaps he will be happy just to hit the underneath of the locker hard with a sledgehammer... Alternatively maybe I'll have a very long shower the day before BSC day and get all 4 bottles empty (nearly!). While a BSC man cannot lift bottles, the same man without his BSC hat on, for a small charge, can. If he is of that persuasion.
  5. system 4-50

    Gas bottle size

    Deleted as duplicated.
  6. system 4-50

    Gas bottle size

    I don't have to lift my 13kg calor bottles, my nice fuel boat man/woman lifts them in and out of the locker (provided I have disconnected them first (they won't do disconnections)).
  7. system 4-50

    How to light hob

    IIRC: The high pressure lines from the gas bottle to the regulator should be configured so that any liquid in the pipes drains back down into the bottle, ie slope back. My auto changeover valve came with a diagram warning how not to do it. Is this sort of thing what you are referring to?
  8. system 4-50

    Trip - Middlewich to Nantwich

    I am just about to start a return trip from Middlewich to Nantwich (via Gt Haywood etc). I've been too busy to get a hair cut and now my not very abundant hair is far too long and I need to get it cut on the trip. Can anyone recommend a barber nearish the canal that still does an old-fashioned haircut, without offering to varnish your nails and charge you a fortune for cutting each hair individually? Do any fuel boats offer haircutting? No, forget that idea.
  9. system 4-50

    How is the Erewash now?

    Of course you did, its September again.
  10. system 4-50

    Brexit 2017

    The EU may or may not have saved a few workplace lives. The more important question is, has it or will it save a few million by detering the Germans from going walk-about again.
  11. system 4-50

    Beta 43 Wiring Harness Connector

    Thank you very much!
  12. My Beta 43 has a wierd connector between the wiring harness and the instrument panel. I'd like to get another one to simplify adding wiring to the panel. Does anybody know if the connector is proprietary to Beta, or, where I can get one (both M & F parts)? I have a vague idea that I've asked Beta in the past and not got a useful response. I don't know how to describe it for an internet search.
  13. system 4-50

    Advice needed on over heating engine

    But it might be 2 blokes and 2 - oh, never mind.
  14. system 4-50

    12v horn query

    Contact your local hunt. They have less use for horns than they used to and might be able to give you one.
  15. system 4-50

    Brexit 2017

    If we have another omelette, sorry, referendum (wife interrupting re dinner schedule) then voting should be compulsory for everybody over the age of 15.

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