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  1. system 4-50

    Auntie Wainwright's Fundraising Auction 2018

    I bid £5 for Lot 19...
  2. system 4-50

    Plastic pipe. Does it matter what brand fittings.

    1. Speedfit supply inserts both with and without O rings. You must use the withouts for compression fittings and not the withs. Otherwise you can use either. 2. Doing my Webasto I was supprised to read in the installation manual a strong recommendation NOT to mix suppliers of pushfit. I always use all JG speedfit.
  3. system 4-50

    Webasto Thermotop C Delta T Query

    As described above, the heater has 2 fans and 2 speeds, so perhaps 1 fan at the lower speed might give a quarter of the output (other permutations are available). No calorifier. In order, Webasto discourage but don't prohibit, the forum has not produced a massive turnout yet, and the blower box seller is a car specialist emphasizing that it is a heater using heat from a hot water device, and is not a complete heat source in itself. Better off? I have a complex situation balancing numerous requirements from my visitors against for example, the physical space required by radiators, and many other factors. The more I understand about the way things work, the more likely my final choice is to satisfy most but not all of these.
  4. system 4-50

    Webasto Thermotop C Delta T Query

    The blower is: QUIET HEATER Yes - only 46db noise output - you can hardly hear it. Requires hot water feed from your engine. Supplied as shown below so it's ideal for maybe a secondary heater in the back of a limo, van or motorhome. 12½" (320mm) wide x 6" (152mm) high x 5" (125mm) front to back. Heat output 5.5 KW. Maximum air flow 250 m³/hr. Simple plumbing - 15mm inlet and outlet. High efficiency copper core matrix with aluminium fins. Two 100mm, two speed axial fans with 400mm fly leads Supplied with wiring, connectors, in-line fuse and rotary control switch. There are two moulded-in mounting brackets which are ideal for floor mounting but you can easily fabricate some aluminium angle brackets for other mounting options. Fan motor maximum current 2 amps. Weight 2Kg!! QUIET CAR HEATER #HEAT5 This may be useful. It is a question of whether I can reduce the number of radiators required, 5.7Kw from the Webasto is a lot of heat, requiring a lot of radiator. A further question if I may. Cycling a Webasto is bad for it, but what does that mean? Is it cycling between full and half load, or is it cycling between off and some load?
  5. system 4-50

    Webasto Thermotop C Delta T Query

    I've had a webasto Thermotop C professionally installed but with me doing the water side, the radiators etc. I had intended to include a car heater blower that I've bought from Car Builder Solutions but am somewhat flumoxed by the Webasto instruction manual. Despite blower boxes and a fan-assisted warm air heater (I assume these are the same sort of thing?) being shown in many of their plumbing diagrams, their Plumbing Section, Water (Hints & Tips) has the following: "Blower Boxes" "Try to avoid installing blower boxes as they are not really suitable for use with these types of heater. The problem is that nobody manufactures a blower box specifically for hot water applications. The technology is derived from air-conditioning where it is desirable to have a long winding flow across the matrix to evaporate all the gas and to dehumidify the cabin. To use this same technology for heating will never work effectively as we need a buffer of water at each end of the matrix so there is parallel flow across the whole of the matrix and therefore a small delta-T (the temperature difference between the flow and return). With the standard air-conditioning derived units the delta-T will be unacceptably large by the time the liquid has exited the matrix because of the distance the liquid has to travel." Can anybody help with: Q1. Does my car heater matrix & fan constitute a blower box to be avoided, or is there a difference? Q2. Why is a big delta-T bad? Surely that is what we are trying to achieve ie a big transfer of heat out of the pipework into the cabin? Q3. What have I misunderstood?
  6. system 4-50

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    I used to sell Duckhams when it was priced in £sd, but I can't remember how much!
  7. system 4-50

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    If every poster on this forum adopted a lock and kept it oiled and tidy, what difference would it make?
  8. system 4-50

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    I absolutely trust the people who manage landfill sites. And storage facilities for petroleum products. And nuclear plants. And ...
  9. system 4-50

    Looking for someone to interview

    I swear at it, quite a lot. I find it helps.
  10. system 4-50

    PRM 150 oil change

    Pela every time. I think (not sure) I get about a litre out per time by poking about a bit. Get the oil warm before you start. Have tissue ready to look at the dip stick when filling up as it is hard to see.
  11. system 4-50

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Very funny, but they still haven't got the message that the EU needs to change to survive.
  12. system 4-50

    What is going to happen to Kevin ?

    Its a human thing, Spock. We've been here 14 days, we have to move. Warp factor 0.000007 please.
  13. system 4-50

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    These jokes get on my wick, but I'll keep soldering on...
  14. system 4-50

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    I have some of that!
  15. system 4-50

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    Put your wheely things on your boat, throw the ballast out and everything unimportant, now your down to a couple of tons, you should be able to get sucked. We'll need a name for this arrangement, how about MotorHome?

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