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  1. I'm going to redo my steps soon - with a banister (?). I've had a couple of near accidents and I've decided a hand-hold is desirable.
  2. Sailaways come in many levels: Hull & Engine only Plus Flooring Plus Battening Plus Insulation/Sprayfoaming Plus Panelling Plus Windows Plus Domestic Electrics and so on. Each plus adds to the upfront cost. Some people go for a cheap hull & engine and spend their money on the plusses. If you've got the practical skills and suitable environment I would recommend going for a good quality hull & engine like a Colecraft and do the rest yourself. Its what I did. They required a 10% deposit & balance on completion. I did the first 3 months fitout in their yard. I belive they have built in excess of 1000 hulls and are still building today so they must be doing something right.
  3. Get your sailaway from Colecraft. I did. Great boats and great people.
  4. Age 71. Boat Length 60ft. Easy enough to deal with except in very strong winds which I cope with by not moving until they've died down.
  5. as long as you are not required to slow down to a crawl.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you said: YEAH, BUT NO, BUT YEAH, BUT YOUR ONE IS PROBABLY WORTH MORE THAN TWICE OUR TWO INNIT!
  7. Speak up you lot, I can't hear what you're saying above the roar of AdeE's engines.
  8. The Paloma Prayer: Please let my shower continue working at least until I have rinsed all the soap off.
  9. system 4-50


    Football: A game with a ball and rules and acting, the acting is more important than the rules. Rugby: A game with a ball and rules and rules and still more rules. Cricket: A game with a ball and rules that nobody can tell if they are being observed.
  10. if they are available on bogof terms I'll take the other one...
  11. If the bracket has a good vertical depth say 12"?
  12. Can't you glue a support bracket? I'd expect some BSS inspectors to fail a sealed bolt and most to pass it. But I would still not do it. I'd get it welded.
  13. 15psi seems a bit much: This quote from a BEngo post: I have always found a good way to find tiny leaks is to increase the pressure a bit. Take the test point out of its tee fitting and fit a Schrader valve then pump up to about 5 psi with either a foot pump or a bike pump. Don't overdo it - normal working pressure is only 37 mbar. Check the joints with leak detecting stuff (not washing up liquid and water).
  14. Can I ask where the fibreglass replacements can be got?
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