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  1. -1 for Line strip map missing, presumably stolen. -1 for mixing orange and yellow. -1 for non-moulded window surround. -1 for missing next station LED display. -2 for missing Driver Communication & Alarm. -1 for missing thermostatic bar. -1 for missing armrests. So only 992 out of a 1000 but nice to see something different.
  2. Eh? 8 hours if you don't run the engine? Gas? Use it for heating and get through a bottle in about 3 days? Phenomenally expensive.
  3. My solution to the faff that was entailed in draining my cauliflower when leaving it unheated in the winter was to get rid of it and fall back on my Morco D61B for hot water. Now, if I could only find somebody with some Calor Gas for sale...
  4. Please can you come over and read this to them? I've had to reduce the permitted headcount for the BSS because of the volume of spiders on the boat. (I've also noticed that the later in the evning/night they emerge, the larger they are. Some sort of relativistic effect I suppose.)
  5. Uphill Mon Wed Fri otherwise downhill.
  6. Make all non-river canals one way. Install stationary electric pumps and generate an artificial current of about 2pmh. Make all boat drift-able. Develop superior fendors to allow bouncing off things (TimFenders). Instal JenTractors on those sections where this is not practicable. Adapt the principle for locks etc.
  7. If I'd thought about it, I would have known that AdeE would get excited about the paintwork and I would have posted a different picture. My paintwork is uniformly bad across the whole boat as a result of family circumstances & Covid and particularly, single-handing, where I choose to let the boat suffer rather than do more work. There is a slight taper from the end of the cabin to the end of the boat, and the corners are rounded and not as sharp as some I've seen. The tiller arc does not get in the way to a bothersome extent. There is room to work on the engine on both sides and room for that essential, the Hospital silencer. I very rarely get rainwater in the bilge but my gutters are bigger than some people's. In retrospect I would have gone for better shielding around the sides for small children. I see the enthusiam for the rounded stern arising from a sense that, looking at it, it ought to be better for manouvreing. I am happy with my rear end, each to hisher own. I have no interest in selling the idea to others but I do like any discussion to have input from all sides.
  8. Well it was a bit longer than I expected.
  9. I kept my data with Yahoo, but they gave away all their customer's usernames and passwords. I kept my data in the Cloud, but Trump decided that China had infiltrated the Cloud and closed it down. I kept my data on an external hard drive, but when my old computer failed, my new one could not be connected to it. I kept my data on my computer, but Apple (or was it Microsoft?) upgraded my software and I could no longer access it. I kept my data on paper under the bed, but when they came to take me away, they wouldn't let me take the bed.
  10. How on earth do you report something like this without showing a map!
  11. How hard would it be to make Harecastle operate without human intervention? How hard can it be? If not, what are the impossible bits?
  12. All wrong. Its to celebrate the progress we've made in clean air since the Great Smog of 1952.
  13. Making space on a boat, in order of difficulty: 01. Drink the beer. 02. Take the coal out of the shower and put it on the roof. 03. Have just the one suitcase for poo instead of two or more. 04. Junk the vinyl collection. 05. Tidy up. 06. Get a cratch. 07. Get a pramhood. 08. Diet. 09. Offload the wife. 10. Offload the dog.
  14. I use an LPG tumble dryer on my narrowboat.
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