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  1. Etiquette requires that you give a long blast on your horn as you pass the worst cases of mooring in a silly place (provided there are nearby alternatives and no good reason for doing so).
  2. I think I'll add an extra nylon tie around the valve handle. (I only wear silk ties when boating.)
  3. And me. (not sure what happens if you have it closed and try to run the engine?)
  4. I've got that Petunia feeling...
  5. If you've found competent, reasonably priced, workmen at that short notice, you have a magic touch! Buy a lottery ticket whilst your luck is running.
  6. Getting back to the real world, "Pimlico Plumbers" did some works for me but non-boat. I think they will look at most things. Look at their website. The work you need will cost a bomb unless you do it yourself.
  7. Damn. All that practising pissing over the side whilst steering has been wasted?
  8. Can't see it, meself.
  9. this could go on for some time...
  10. This forum is not a good place to look for sympathy, no matter how good your case. Your overtaker was a prat for executing a dodgy manouvre in order to reach a nearby mooring a few seconds earlier. Probably excess testosterone from insufficient sex.
  11. I'm off to collect my winnings. MTB to come up with the obvious. Easy money. I must go to SpecSavers? Don't tell me, they put a tiny typewritten (sizewise) note on some obscured part of the structure?
  12. I would like to visit the Ukraine as my father was born there (when it was Poland) but I've always been put off by the idea that my hubcaps would be stolen. Is it still like that or is it now more civilised?
  13. POLICE AWARE. The police know that passers-by need to know they are aware of "abandoned" cars, and stick notices on cars, why can't C&RT do something similar?
  14. Tired after several hours of unloading stuff from the bow of my boat into the car, I cast off the boat to cruise a hundred yards back to my mooring on the other side of the canal. Then I realised I had omitted to unload a couple of bags of rubbish that were sitting on the stern. Unable to face the hassle of tying up again, I panicked and grabbed the bags and threw them onto the far side of the towpath, intending to collect them on returning to the car after securing the boat. When I did return, about 20 minutes later, one of the bags had gone. (the other bag was less obvious as it was green and had landed in the hedge.) It wasn't in the nearby bin and it wasn't in the canal, or further down the towpath. Somebody must have taken it away. So thank you to whoever tidied up. PS Could you also take the dog poo bag (not mine) that was hanging in the adjacent tree?
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