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  1. system 4-50

    Britain powers on without coal for three days

    I have a brilliant idea! Lets have smaller schools that are nearer their clients. Then we won't have a school run. Where's that flying pig emoji...
  2. system 4-50

    Spanish Windlass

    Its not exactly kind to the rope, but hey, its a consumable as MrSmelly would say. The essential for this to work is the fixed point in the direction that you want to move the variable point. Ideally you should carry a bollard with you just in case there isn't one where you need it. (Pins don't usually work.)
  3. system 4-50

    Hydrogen peroxide

    As a complete hammer-chewer, I would think it reasonable to expect stuff to grow where a suitable mixture of air, water, and organic matter such as some dust were present in suitable proportions. Nozzles, whether of industrial equipment or little used shower heads, would fit into that category. For water tanks, with a stable air/water boundary, no frothing, and very little organic matter, I would not expect to see disgusting bacterial growth and I don't see any in my plastic water tanks, so I happily drink it. I keep a water filter jug on board for visitors of a nervous disposition. If I stop posting suddenly you may infer that I was wrong.
  4. system 4-50

    Looking Forward to a Trump Visit .

    I hesitate to be a bit negative but whilst I'm happy with a couple of topics on major issues that are not directly connected with boating such as Brexit, I do not feel that the forum is enhanced by a multitude of topics on minor non-boating issues such as this one. How say you all?
  5. system 4-50

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    I suggest that a pot of white paint be liberally applied to the new logo by every passing boater. The media will give far more attention to a logo storm that just a simple logo, so that will help the cause, and then we can go back to the Swan.
  6. system 4-50

    Diesel fumes

    My incoming supply had a 60A fuse. I asked for the supply to be upgraded. They came and installed a 100A fuse! No other change required.
  7. As DIY fitter-outer I whole-heartedly agree with this.
  8. system 4-50

    Getting off grid

    I expect when MrSmelly wants a quiet tunnel boat trip he gets MrsS to leg it through.
  9. system 4-50

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    Its a half-full sewer pipe?
  10. system 4-50

    Women in the Workplace

    Roberts are ok. When my very expensive early DAB radio stopped working and I explained to them that I'd tried rebooting it with the pin and tried banging it on the table and it still didn't work, they took it away and fixed it for free despite being outside the guarantee period. On that basis I'd be happy if roberts took over the world.
  11. system 4-50

    rookie question - propane tanks

    I'd lend you a tanner but I have had a skinfull.
  12. system 4-50

    Not your usual towpath visitor!

    The force is powerful but intangible ... now what for a boater is that reminiscent of ???
  13. system 4-50

    rookie question - propane tanks

    Express it in £s. Don't mention groats or MrSmelly will start waxing lyrical again.
  14. system 4-50

    general questions

    The opening gambit is variable as above, but the correct response is always the same: "Half past two". (at any time of day)
  15. system 4-50

    Numax XDT30MF Tubular Plate batteries

    It would limit fishing to fishermen with short rods.