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  1. Battery Monitor Shunt Wiring Best Practise

    Sorry, are you saying you have the genny connected to the shoreline at this point?
  2. Earthquake

    Shhh. Don't tell anyone. It was me. I was trying to lower the canal bed as described in another thread but it went slightly wrong.
  3. What have you fettled for the boat today?

    Nice. Where is you at, or is that your garden shed?
  4. Victron BMV 712 smart.

    Damn, Today's trousers are the ones with no pockets!
  5. Victron BMV 712 smart.

    Please, can I wait too? Can I join your gang?
  6. Trump

    Obviously it was their fault. They should have laid down a blanket of return fire immediately after the first shot, and called for heavy armour reinforcements.
  7. ammeter

    I don't think putting the shunt on top of the batt would be a good idea anyway. They can get quite warm (hot?) and putting an additional heat source near the batt seems unwise? What do the rest of the panel think?
  8. Mildew under mattress

    Quite possibly. I was lazy and bought ready-made because it was theoretically easier. However, I should have taken into account visiting IKEA so maybe it wasn't.
  9. Kids on phones.

    Spare curtains?
  10. Kids on phones.

    These are indeed the "good times'. Mr Darwin dictates that in good times any species will generate lots of variations on the base theme as they can all survive. Go to any event with large crowds and just look at the wide variety of human kind. Tall, short, wide, thin, with tremendous variation of appearance and no doubt internal features. These are definitely the good times, at least for human beings, maybe not so good for other creatures as we are their plague. Does the variety of boat types on the canal system indicate that we are in "good times" or less good times for canal boats?
  11. I expect the airflow was disturbed by a low-flying Red Baron.
  12. Your burgee is trailing the wrong way.
  13. Selling a 65 ft boat privately

    And video the exchanges.