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  1. system 4-50

    Y1 Smartwatch

    No. Only MTB would need 3. Everybody else's are automatically correctly calibrated. (please note this is written with my serious face on.)
  2. system 4-50

    Brexit 2017

    <rant> It is absolutely absurd that the people who are responsible for the highest management of our country also have to deal with the problems of individuals with problems. It is like having the CEO of major companies also having to do meet & greet at the company stores every day. (ok, for some CEOs, at least they would be doing something useful.) Yes an MP must keep in touch, but there are other ways of doing that. They should spend more time getting legislation right. </rant>
  3. system 4-50


    All the defects that Trump has are not the main issue. The main issue is that a large number of Americans felt so unhappy with their world as it is that they voted for him. Any treatment of Trump should primarily be addressed at dealing with that unhappiness. Fix the problem not the symptoms.
  4. system 4-50

    Lack of platforms at locks

    I think the immediate working area of locks should be marked out where practical by a purely nominal fence with a simple sign saying that members of the public entering this working area of the lock whilst a boat is being locked through do so at their own risk. I am confident that the current arrangement of having industrial equipment available to possibly totally ignorant members of the general public will not persist for another decade. It is not like roads/pavements in that it can be assumed that all members of the public are aware of the dangers of these or are in the care of those that are.
  5. system 4-50

    Brexit 2017

    Right gentlemen, remembering that Theresa packed your parachutes, which were manufactured in the EU, who is volunteering to be next to bail out?
  6. system 4-50


    Can all the people who are seeing brown stuff please empty either a PO tank or a cassette into the canal and take a picture of the two side by side so we can compare them?
  7. system 4-50


    My granny had a Muslim Agenda. She was always promising to make the curtains but never did.
  8. system 4-50

    Rescue Hero Saman Gunan thank you

    Do we have any manual tunnel-boring people left over from digging our canal tunnels? Using a suitable bit of electronics the current rescuers can identify exactly where they are and a digging path from the outside can be calculated. The cost can be recovered from using the tunnel as a tourist route later. The diameter of the tunnel would not need to be 7ft of course.
  9. system 4-50

    How old is too old?

    My advice is to keep up a steady pace. Don't work hard at it for a few weeks and then do little for a few days. I find that if I slow down even for a short while it is harder to get the speed up again.
  10. system 4-50

    The Fat Ones are revolting.

    Could we get an EU grant to widen the system to take containers with an outboard strapped on the back driven by an Arduino?
  11. system 4-50

    Gas appliances and BSS

    We've been here before.
  12. system 4-50

    Gas appliances and BSS

    https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/store/product/d61%2fisv.aspx Without rereading the thread, is this of any interest? 10mm ~= 3/8" ?
  13. system 4-50

    Widebeam Hull Blacking

    Jotamastic 87 specifies that a little flash rust is not a problem.
  14. system 4-50

    Lack of platforms at locks

    If you are helping with a lot of locks, and I do mean a lot, then I suggest you get yourself some insurance. Even if you do not cause an accident, and by the sound of what you say that is unlikely that you will, it is still possible for other people to blame you even when it is their fault.
  15. system 4-50

    Widebeam Hull Blacking

    If it is epoxy then it will have been on since new. Have you asked the builder?

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